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March 1 Mahashivratri 2022 : These things are to be offered on Shivling on the day of Mahashivratri, it is very auspicious.

Mahashivratri 2022

 According to Nidhi Ji Shrimali Panchamrit should be offered on Shivling. Panchamrit means a mixture made of milk, Gangajal, saffron, honey and water. Those who worship the four prayers should consecrate the first prahar with water, the second prahar with curd, the third prahar with ghee and the fourth prahar with honey. March 1 Mahashivratri 2022


Bilva Patra: – Abhishek and Bilva Patra have the first place in the worship of Lord Ashutosh. The sages have said that offering Bilva leaves to the innocent Bhandari and donating 1 crore girls to the girl child is the same. For the destruction of the sins of three births, the three-leafed bilvapatra, which is a symbol of Sattva-Raja-Tama, should be offered to Lord Shiva in the form of Trinetra by reciting this mantra. March 1 Mahashivratri 2022


Tridalam Trigunakaram Trinetra and Tridhayutam.
Trijanma Pap Sanhar Bilva Patram Shivarpanam ||


Cannabis: – Lord Shiva has drunk Halahal poison, for the treatment of this poison, the gods used many types of herbs. Bhang is also one of them. That is why Lord Shiva is very dear to cannabis, on the occasion of Shivratri, after grinding cannabis leaves or hemp and dissolving it in milk or water, anoint Lord Shiva, then one gets freedom from disease defects. March 1 Mahashivratri 2022

Datura: – Like cannabis, Datura is also a herb, Datura was also used to remove the effect of the poison that had gone on the head of Lord Shiva. That is why Dhatura is also dear to Shiva. Offer Dhatura to Shivling on the occasion of Mahashivratri. This removes the fear of enemies as well as progress in money related matters. March 1 Mahashivratri 2022

Gangajal: – The Ganges originated from the feet of Lord Vishnu and is north on the earth from the hairs of Lord Shiva, so Ganga is the most sacred of all rivers. Anointing Lord Shiva with the Ganges water brings mental peace and happiness. March 1 Mahashivratri 2022

Sugarcane juice: – Sugarcane is considered a symbol of sweetness and happiness in life. Sugarcane is considered very sacred in the scriptures. The bow of the god of love, Cupid, is made of sugarcane. On the day of Devprabodhani Ekadashi, by building a house of sugarcane, Tulsi, the goddess of Lord Vishnu Worship is done Anointing of Shivling with sugarcane brings wealth and food grains. March 1 Mahashivratri 2022


This year, on the auspicious day of Mahashivratri, 1st March 2022, Maha Rudrabhishek will be done in auspicious time in the institute of Astrologer Nidhi ji Shrimali.

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