Manglik Dosha Analysis Report

Manglik Dosha Analysis Report

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  • According to Vedic Astrology, while the planet Mars is positioned in certain houses of the horoscope of a single, it performs malefic effect on numerous aspects of the life of that specific individual. A Person having such an afflicted Mars position is well-known as a Manglik. Even Western Astrology also recognizes the cruel effects of Planet Mars conditions(Manglik dosh effects) on the marital life of an individual.

A Manglik can be a male or a female. In the case of females, it is more stressful as it makes hurdles in their wedding and getting a suitable perfect match for them. In the boy’s or the girl’s horoscope when Mars, Saturn, Sun, Rahu, or Ketu is in the dominant, 4th house, 7th house, 8th house, or 12th house then it is called Manglik dosha.

There are only twelfth houses in a Horoscope and the location of Mars in five of these houses makes an individual a Manglik. This, in turn, means that nearly 42% of the population is possible to be Mangliks.

Pandit NM Shrimali JI says Manglik dosh is reflected tougher when Mars is located in the ascendant than when Mars is attached to Moon in the ascendant. According to the Vedic Shastras the Manglik dosh of both the boy and the girl is getting canceled then they are guaranteed a happily married life. 

Mangal dosha is one of the major deciding factors in Hindu weddings. A Manglik marrying a Non-Manglik is measured terribly which can even lead to the death of one’s partner.

Now you can check Mangal dosh by giving your birth details. As per Vedic Astrology, Mars is a planet of emotions and feelings. It signifies Anger, Quick action, activeness, emotions, and aggressive nature. 

In a person’s birth chart if Mars is well placed then he or she will have control over their sentiments and anger and when Mars is badly placed he or gives much anger, over activeness and fighting nature. 

They will also have ego problems with their life partner. The placement of Mars in these houses causes a problem in marriage life due to their heavy emotional behavior and anger.

This Manglik dosha reasons a delay in wedding and many difficulties after marriage. Therefore knowing about this Manglik dosha will help you to perform remedies and reduce the negative effect of this dosha and have a timed marriage and happy nuptial life. Astrologer Pandit NM Shrimali Ji is the greatest astrologer in India, who describes the proper detail with Manglik Dosha Analysis Report and defines the accurate remedies.

Types of Manglik Dosha

High Mangal Dosha

Low Mangal Dosha

You can find out about Manglik Dosha’s high or low intensity by Pandit NM Shrimali Ji. Sometimes, it is also reflected as it the planet Mars is aspect by the benefic planet like Jupiter or Venus, then this Dosha is canceled in your birth chart.

 Remedies Of Manglik Dosh Effects

Persons born under this Manglik dosha suffer many complications regarding the wedding. They get a hard time finding a perfect match. If nothing goes well in the relationship, then it may lead to separation and divorce. Though, there are some remedies defined to nullify the negative effect of planet Mars. Pandit NM Shrimali Ji explains remedies of dosh:

  • The Manglik Dosh Effects can be nullified over the worship of Lord Hanuman on Tuesdays.
  • Manglik persons must do Kumbh Vivah. For that, they should marry first to a Peepal Tree and banana tree in order to nullify the negative effects of Mangal Dosh. It will take all the negative and harmful influence of Mars energy and the person will be free from Mangal Dosh. In the Future, they can perform a wedding with anyone without any harm.
  • A person is suffering from the “Partial or Anshik Manglik Dosh”, and then he must perform puja in any temple for “Mangal Shanti”
  • One should visit the Navagraha Temple to reduce the negative effects of Mars. It is an auspicious place to visit for the Manglik people.
  • One must do fasting every Tuesday.
  • An individual should chant Mantras and visit temples on a regular basis for improved results.
  • An individual can wear gemstones and pendants advised by an astrologer Pandit NM Shrimali.


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