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Makar Rashifal April 2021 | मकर राशि अप्रैल राशिफल – Capricorn horoscope | April Rashifal in English – Nidhi Shrimali


Makar Rashifal April 2021 | मकर राशि अप्रैल राशिफल

Makar Rashifal April 2021 – Hello welcome. Wish you all a very Happy New Year. Vikram Samvat 2077 is coming to an end and Vikram Samvat 2078 will start in April month. I will provide you the monthly horoscope of Capricorn sign for the month of April, and consider April month as very special. Our Indian New Year is about to begin. April 13 is Chaitra Navratri and you know that our Indian New Year starts with Chaitra Navratri, then Chaitra Navratri on April 13. Indian New Year Gudi Padwa and Jhulelal Jayanti. They all come together. Gangaur will be celebrated with great pomp on April 15 and it has special significance especially in our state ie Rajasthan. On this day, Suhaginis worship Gangaur Mata to wish their suhag Mangal. On 21 April, there is the festival of Ram Navami, which is considered to be a special festival of Lord Rama, and on 27 April, Hanuman Jayanti will be celebrated, then all these festivals are very special and they are all going to come in the month of April, then first of all you will get all these festivals. Along with the hearty greetings and April month, it is also known for the planets’ circumstances, because the planetary transit is going to produce special circumstances and positive conditions will come in everyone’s life, then you will go ahead and know. What will be the position of planet transit in Capricorn month in April. So first of all, in your horoscope of your Ascendant Saturn, you have become self-conscious in your zodiac sign and created a great male yoga. At the same time, with Saturn, the Guru was seated with the malefic and in your horoscope, there was a situation of disgraced Raja Yoga for the people of Capricorn, but now, after finishing the despicability of Guru, on April 6, the Aquarius sign from Capricorn. I am going to sit in your second house from your ascendant. Also, the three planets Sun, Venus and Mercury are presently sitting in Pisces. You will sit in your third house and Venus will be sitting on the 10th of April from Pisces to Aries, which is their friendly sign. On April 14, the Sun planets will sit in high positions in the zodiac sign from Pisces and Mercury planets will go from Pisces to Aries on April 16 and travel in the zodiac sign, then the combination of these three planets will be recreated in your place of happiness. Also a special event is happening more. Till now Mars’s Rahura’s Angarak Yoga was being made in many Taurus zodiac signs in your fifth house and on April 14, the day when the Sun’s zodiac sign is going to change, the zodiac sign of Mars is going to change on the same day and Mars ending the zodiac sign From Gemini, that is, you will be seated in the sixth house i.e. in the sixth house from your fifth house. At the same time, Ketu planet in your benefic house, Saturn is going to be sitting in Scorpio this whole month, then the planetary conditions are becoming very favorable. The master’s privacy is being dissolved. Mangal Rahu’s Angarak Yoga is ending. If the Sun is getting high, then we will see three important events in the month of April. Now let’s do further and know that the yoga that will be created, which is assuming the position of the planets, what will be the effect of this on your zodiac i.e. Capricorn.  – Dhanu Rashifal April 2021

Family status

Family condition very good this month. But first of all. Talking about, your personality will be very good and powerful. You will appear to be straight forward earnest hardworking and at this time you will proceed in your work with honesty with honesty. If you do the job, you will get a very good impression from the boss and your hard work will bring color. Chances will also be made for promotion. Your tuning will look much better with attention. But there is one thing that you will not tolerate any wrong thing whether it is with your relatives or with an unknown person. If there is any wrong happening or misbehaving with it, then you will definitely raise your voice. Your relations with family will be very good. Your tuning will look much better with you at this time. This time will intract with your relatives to increase social honor and respect. These times are very old, very distant relatives, whom you will see very little, and your closeness with those relatives will also be seen increasing. Tuning with siblings would be great. If there is a paternal property dispute with him, then it will end by mutual negotiation and coordination. At the same time, with their support, you will be seen to bring mother in this life, bringing the circumstances of special benefit, so that your level will increase and the circle will appear increasing. Your relationship with mother will definitely be fine, but you will have to take special care of her health. Especially if BP has a problem with them. Sugar has a problem. The thyroid problem has some problems related to the pomegranate system, or they cause a lot of anxiety. The problem of migraine should be especially noted if they have any such problem, then immediately consult a doctor and get them treated immediately as this problem may increase in future. Therefore, you should take special care of your mother’s health with full dedication towards her. You will get this mental news from the children, children will make you feel proud through art through activities through their sports. Whatever your expectation is from them, it will be seen standing on it. Relieve yourself from the child’s side. This month will increase your bonding more with your child. Will remove your worries and he will achieve the goal, he will be seen working hard and achieving the right goal. At the same time, you will get full support from your tuning Buddhist maternal grandparents. With the help of maternal uncle, your work will eliminate the situation of cluttering. You will get complete guidance from them. The month with your spouse will be good for you, but sour sweet experiences in married life deepen the sweetness of married life, so you do not have to worry about any kind from married life. You will get full support from Susral also this month and this mother will get full support from your father as well, they will form a good bonding with you and with the help of father you will be able to overcome the economic issues in your life, paving your way . If it continues to make good bonding with the father also. They will have to understand and move forward in unison. – Dhanu Rashifal April 2021

Economic Condition

We see Dhanbad to the farmer in terms of profit. Benefesh Mangal, who can sit and sit in that way, Mars is a cruel planet, and his sitting in the Sixth House will bring you happy results. At this time, you will not have to face any health related problems, so that you will be able to earn good profit conditions by doing double tasks with double zeal. At the same time, going into enemies, you will not be able to spoil anything because you will be seen defeating your enemies with your wisdom and tact. This social value will increase respect. Ketu is sitting in your XI house and. They give very good results, then at this time you will be seen deciding many important dimensions in your life, this will increase your profit more according to the month and lakh. If you are the owner of a big job, then you can also purchase new machinery at this time, there will be no shortage in your happiness. You will be able to see the pleasures such as Bhumi Bhavan vehicle. Along with increasing your happiness, your luxurious life will also increase. There is also a possibility of buying the vehicle that you want. Will increase your profit conditions Increase the benefits of the daily routine. Chances of promotion can become yours in the companion field. At this time, chances of increment can become chance of desired transfer. This time is full of achievements for you. Living financially – Dhanu Rashifal April 2021

Education, Career, And Business

Now if I talk about going ahead and education career and business, then it is going to be very good for students who are students of art classes. Through art you will see good achievements in your education. If you are connected with the field of art, then if you take any education in it, then it is a chance of completion. If you have the chances of getting a certificate, then you have the chances of winning it, that is, the time is very good for the students of the overall arts class. The students of science and commerce should also do a little hard work, they will surely be able to achieve their goals if they work hard. If you want to go out for higher education or if you want to enroll in a good college, then this time will be very favorite for you. Talking about career, it will be good for you in terms of career. Will increase your power, will increase your luck. If you want to start a new job because of luck, then you will also get help from the start of new work and at the same time there is a chance of getting very good help from you You may find that you will appear in any of the schemes of your startup, even while receiving benefits. It will make your life a lot better if you do your own business related to the boutique. If you do any of the things related to clothing related to fashion designing, related to interior decorations, related walls to related decorative items, to flower to related flowers to tuned to related to decorative fabrics. If you are involved in some work of food tiffin service or packed food or you are involved in some work related to a restaurant, then you will definitely get great benefits this month. If you want to do any work in your life, then this time is going to be very suitable and favorable for the business class, then for the business class in terms of career and education, these are very good conditions for you. Will generate You have to work hard only then you will get to see good results. – Dhanu Rashifal April 2021

Life Partner And Love Affair

Life partner tuning would be great. Your life partner’s relationship with mother will get more strong and good direction, so that there will be an atmosphere of peace in your home. The mutual tension will end. You will have a sense of sweetness with each other. Your married life will get more sweet. If you are leaving any difference related to the moon or Mahadasha is going on, then you also have the chances of marriage. If you are unmarried, then you appear to be formed in the bond of marriage at this time. After this month also for relationship, you will try to spend more and more time with your lover or girlfriend being attracted to him, and will try to understand them. If your eyes will miss you for a while, this time will be full of your feelings of love. – Dhanu Rashifal April 2021


Lord Mercury, who is the master of disease, will first sit in might and then in Pakistan. You will get to see after Mercury. Let me tell you that you have to take special care of mother’s health. From 9. Some problems can be mental stress, mental anxiety. Thinking small things very sensitive, migraine problem 9 system related BP problem, sugar problem. You may have some such problems; memory may also be a problem. Therefore, yoga meditation pranayama morning walk, whatever you exercise, you must follow it and take special care of your health only then you will be able to move ahead with health problems in your life. Will be able to sit upstairs and be able to gather in his field with double enthusiasm. So this was the monthly horoscope of Capricorn people. – Dhanu Rashifal April 2021

Let’s look at Remedies:

Within the month of April, people of Capricorn must offer green Durva over Ganesha. The name Sapta Chandi Havan is performed in our institute in Navratri. This havan will be done in our institute like every year, so for any mother whose grace you specifically want to receive, you can connect with this puja. Seeing your name as father’s name and gotra, you will leave the crisis in your name and we will start that puja so that you can get the full fruits of that puja, then you can also join us through this Sapta Chandi Puja and Havan in Navratri. . You can get your puja booked by contacting the numbers given below. Long live Shri Krishna – Dhanu Rashifal April 2021


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