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Libra Tula Rashi July 2021 Horoscope in English| तुला राशिफल जुलाई 2021


Libra Tula Rashi July 2021 Horoscope in English |

तुला राशिफल जुलाई 2021

The monthly horoscope of Libra for the month of July | Libra Tula Rashi July 2021 Horoscope in English

Family Status

If we talk about the family situation, then we will first see the sense of personality. If your Ascendant Venus, which is sitting in your karmic house with you, Mars is debilitated with Mars and is sitting with Venus, then the effect of Venus will appear to be weakening a little. The seventh sight of Saturn is falling on Venus. At this time, you should have more sluggishness. Your attention should be more towards entertainment. Distracting you from the work, deviating from the path of your duty. Getting ready to have fun, travel, you will be more focused in all these things. Attraction towards the opposite sex is also going to be your peak at this time. Having the seventh vision of Saturn, Mars of Venus is debilitated and sitting with the planet will affect your personality to a great extent. At this time, some estrangement situations may arise in your relationship as well, you may get to see estrangement from the day-to-day side. To be misunderstood by cousin. If you have any ancestral business together, then some disturbances will arise in it because you will not feel like doing your work and because of this, other people point fingers towards you in the joint business. You may have to face these many problems. If you want to avoid this, then keep your behaviour restrained. Bring a change in your behaviour, that is, give importance to your work by abandoning the tendency of laziness. Be karma-oriented. Get your work done first. After that you are ready to enjoy whatever you want. If you want to travel, you want to go out. Want to spend on entertainment. Want to bring entertainment in your life. Whatever you do, but after fulfilling your duty. If you do this then you will not face any major problem. Otherwise, these habits of your nature will be seen taking a formidable form. Your image in the family will also prove to be negative because the lord of the house of the family and the seventh house which is the house of married life, the lord of these two houses, Mars, which is lowly, sits in your karmic house. At this time, there is anger in you; the argument is that you have to do more. You have to prove your point. Due to these changes in the nature, your relation with your family may also deteriorate. The image in relatives may deteriorate. You will walk with a negative image and when we create an image in our family among relatives in our family then it becomes very difficult to erase that image. It is very easy for us to spoil the image on that day. It takes a long time to correct. Same is the case with married life. Your married life will also be full of turmoil this month. There may be a difference of opinion with your spouse at this time; if there is already a situation of separation between both of you, then this time may break your relationship with you. That is, you can separate the two. This time can increase the situations of estrangement between both of you. If a good married life is going on, then control your anger, control your aggression. Don’t always try to prove yourself right. Don’t always try to put yourself ahead. Do not try to dominate them to do your ego because it is not good for married life, it is harmful. If we talk about the place of brothers and sisters, then the master of the feelings of brothers and sisters is the Guru who is sitting in the fifth. At this time when the whole world turns against you, you will definitely get the support of your siblings. His company will be seen supporting him and supporting you everywhere. Will also try to get you out of trouble, will try to convince you, will try to move towards your duty. Their efforts will be very commendable and will always stand like a strong pillar for you, but instead of moving forward with their support, you will have to move forward in your independent works. Saturn is the yogkaraka in your horoscope, so there are chances of you getting very good benefits from both your child and mother. Financially, physically, in every way, you will get to see full support from your children and from your mother because Shani is sitting in your happiness as a self-occupied person and Shani is also creating Mahapurush Yoga named Shashana in your Kundli and Shani Yoga Karak in your Kundli. The sum factor is the owner of a center and a triangle. If you are the lord of fifth house and fourth house, then you will get to see very good results of all, you will get very good support from your mother. Children will stay at your word. Whatever goal you set for them, you will inspire them to move forward in life, they will follow the same path and fulfil your expectations. If he is in sports then he will be seen doing very well in sports. If they are doing any law related studies or are studying related to Judiciary or if they are doing some studies related to justice and are going to give some entrance exam then they will definitely get success in all those fields. If you are in job or in government job, then they will also get to see very good profit situations. So overall you are likely to get very good support from your child and mother and it is also certain. You will also have to keep tuning in with your father. Father’s full support and support will be with you, but sometimes conflicts with your father will definitely arise, but be completely silent in front of them. If they explain something to you, even if you get angry, then once you listen to them quietly, then conflicts and differences will not increase and the problem will not increase in your life, then you will have to pay a little attention to your behaviour. You will have to behave in such a way that you do not get angry with yourself and you keep moving forward on your duty path. If no one complains to you, then overall this family situation which is becoming your boundary will move ahead in your life with mixed effects. Libra Tula Rashi July 2021 Horoscope in English

Economic Condition

Talking about the financial situation, then the lord of the house of profit is the Sun, which is currently sitting in your destiny, and even after that, it will sit in your karmic house. You will get to see very good results from the Sun. This time will be a very good time for the people associated with the medical line. Nurse compounder related to pharmacy related to nursing fields, if you are doing any work, and then there is a possibility of getting very good results in that too. Also, if you do any work of gold, i.e. you are a goldsmith, if you do any kind of work-related to gold, then there are chances of you getting good success in that too. Apart from this, if you are preparing for a garment job or are engaged in a garment job, then there is a good possibility of promotion, desired transfer increment, all these things. For the overall teachers and for all those who are government servants, this time is very promising and progress. It will decide that this time will also increase your happiness. You will be seen getting all kinds of luxuries, all kinds of pleasures. If at this time you have a dream of a new house, you are going through the Antar Pratyantar Mahadasha of Shani. If Shani’s half-and-half is going on, then you will also get to see very good results. You will not get negative results. Although Saturn’s vision is not good, so if the vision is falling on good planets, then you need to pay a little attention, but overall there will be no reduction in your happiness. You will be seen achieving full of luxury in your life. Can buy a new vehicle. If you have a dream of a new house, then it can be your fulfillment. If you have liked a property and want to take it, then you will be seen investing in it too. You will definitely feel a little fluctuation in everyday pleasures. There will be a slight decrease in the benefits of the daily routine at this time. You will get support from your mother, but there is also a possibility of you losing a little in your ancestral property. If you have any such dispute, there is any dispute with a court case or there is any dispute related to ancestral property, then at this time, you should be a little careful because Ketu is also sitting in the 2nd house and its Mars is being debilitated. Problems can arise in everything. You will definitely have to do some remedies for Ketu. You must hoist the flag in the temple so that your enemy is destroyed and you can systematically make the benefit of daily routine. On the other hand, you will have to do remedies for Mars. Your financial condition is going to be good in general, but you will have to move forward with measures so that you can improve your financial condition further. Libra Tula Rashi July 2021 Horoscope in English


Educational Career and Business

If we talk about education, then the time remains very good for the student class. At this time, the guru who is sitting in the fifth house, although the place where the guru sits, definitely does harm, but at this time the guru will give you some results by sitting in your triangle, so since the guru is Jupiter, the guru of the gods on the god of knowledge, therefore this Time will be spent in studying the mind of the student class. You will not do any kind of negligence in studies, you are getting any education related to management in studies related to IT field if you are doing any preparation. If you are associated with the technical field, then you will see very good results in all these fields. At the same time, we told you about the connection that if you are doing any preparation for Judiciary, that is, if you are preparing for CLAT or doing law, doing LLM, doing LLB or if you are any RJS like any judge. If you are doing this, then you will get good results in all those areas. It’s a great time for the student class. At this time, you should divert your attention from everything. First your priority should be your goal, your future should be. If you have achieved your goal, then surely your future is going to be very bright and very prosperous. So when the time is good for a while, then a person should also know how to make good use of the time. So make good use of the time and put your mind in studies. Whatever difficulty you try to solve them is very good for you. Whatever study you do at this time will definitely bring far-reaching beneficial results for you. If we talk about career, then Moon, the lord of career house, which will support you in career, sometimes there will be frustration, but this time is going to be good for the employed people. Although, Mars is sitting in your karma. Venus is sitting in your karma. If Mars is debilitated on both the seventh sight of Saturn, then you will have to control your anger a little. You will have to walk in harmony with your fellow employees, otherwise you may also see situations of loss. Mercury being self-occupied and sitting in the place of fortune and if it is Bhagyesh, then this time which is from 7th July to 25th July. At this time your luck will support you completely, you will not face any kind of problem in your career. Unemployed will get employment. If you are trying in the IT field, then there is a possibility of getting a good job in that too. You can get a very good job in the corporate world. This is the time to move forward in finance related works as well. If you are studying CA CS, then your work in it will be over. This time is also going to be very good for the people associated with the banking sector. You will progress in your work. You will progress and the doors of your promotion will be seen opening. So this time is going to be very good and happy and prosperous for the employed people in general. This will also be a time for you to tread a little cautiously. A little effort will get you to do more this time. Sometimes there may be a situation of confusion. But you can solve all the problems with your intelligence and tact. For a few students who are moving ahead in their career, they are employed people, time is going to be careful with them. Time is not so good for the business class, see that till July 20, Mars is debilitated. Is sitting in your karma. Will continue to disturb your work. There will be ups and downs of work. If the debilitated Mars is facing towards Saturn, then at this time the businessmen do any kind of work. In all those tasks, you may get to see more situations of loss, so a little of business class will have to be cautious and at this time you should avoid the beginning of new work. Do the same tasks that are going on in your daily routine. There should be no negligence in the work. Laziness has to be given up. At this time, do not sit in my work thinking that I am not working now, everyone’s condition is the same, what to do. You will have to make efforts and if you try, then surely the result will be good for you, otherwise the result can become even more harmful and can increase the situation of loss in your life. Business can go into a lot of losses, so you have to be careful at this time. Do not work in partnership at all. If you are already running in partnership, then definitely keep tuning with your partner because this will be the time to make tuning with partner. If at this time you do not take care of your partner’s feelings, then the world has been created or the ego problem can break the partnership between the two of you. Business can go bad and it will hurt both. That’s why you have to walk a little cautiously in partnership. The time after July 20, when Mars will move to Leo and will move to your XI house, then good results will be seen after Mars. At that time, the seventh sight of Jupiter will be on Mars and Venus and due to the seventh vision of Jupiter; you will get to see the possibilities of getting very good and beneficial results. Very good, this time will be made for you at that time, then all the problems you have at that time will gradually get resolved. So work hard and wait for that time, the right time for your hard work you will start getting the best results of your hard work as soon as the right time for your hard work comes. Libra Tula Rashi July 2021 Horoscope in English

Spouse and Love Affair

If we talk about life partner and love affairs, then the lord of the seventh house is Mars, which is sitting in a debilitated state. The sight of Saturn is falling on Mars. Till July 20, Mars will be debilitated and sit in your karmic house. There may be turmoil in married life. If there is already misunderstood going on than both of you may break up. Can be far from each other. This is the time to tread very carefully in your married life. Do not allow any kind of argument, and resolve your issues peacefully. Being hyper, showing anger by showing aggression cannot solve any problem. Small things will emerge which will spoil the happy married life a bit, so you will have to walk a little cautiously at this time. After July 20 in your married life, it will be normal on its own. From the back, both of you will be seen moving forward with good understanding of each other. But this time, you have to take care of it a little because this time is very delicate. You can get cheated by your partner in love relationship too. Your heart may be sad and all your work will be interrupted due to heartache, so if you go ahead with anyone, then first test it. Whether you should move forward in that relationship or not, think from all points of view, only then you should move forward in that relationship because if you hastened, then after that you will only get sorrow and troubles from that relationship and the mind will be sad. If your breakup happen, then your confidence will also be shaken because of this, so keep your confidence, then go ahead with that person with a lot of thinking before making the wrong selection. Libra Tula Rashi July 2021 Horoscope in English


If we talk about health, then the master of disease is the Guru who is sitting in his 12th. At this time there were some health related problems like stomach problems. There was a problem related to the throat. Thyroid problem happened. You may have to face all these problems. Also, there can be problems related to weight and many other problems will also arise in your life due to weight gain. So a little, you should take care of your health. Avoid slightly fried things. Eat a moderate diet during this time. Exercise regularly. Eat more fruits and drink more juices. Try to live a healthy life. This is the time to give all these things Morning Walk Yoga Pranayama Meditation. Make it a regular process. Live a regular life the more you live a balanced life, the more you will be healthy and the healthier you are, the more you will progress in your life. Since there is a healthy body, then we try to move forward in every way with full progress in our life. If we are unhealthy, then our life gets stuck on our health, then it should be very important for you to take care of your health a little and should also be your priority. Take some care and be aware of your health.


If we talk about the remedy, first, you will have to do the remedies for Mars, because you also have the second lord. There is also the seventh lord and going to the 10th house is affecting these three places, so at this time you have to donate red things. If possible, you should recite Bajrang Baan. This is also the time for you to move forward in your life. Therefore, at this time you should visit Dakshin Mukhi Balaji. If possible, offer a paan to them. In that paan add coconut, betel nut, cardamom, this. Don’t put catechu lime, don’t put Gulkand. Put these things and make a paan of it and sell them by going to Hanumanji’s temple, these were the remedies for Mars. Apart from this, you should also donate to Shani because the sight of Saturn is falling on Mars and Venus. After that, after July 16, it will also fall on the Sun and after July 25, it will also fall on Mercury, then Saturn’s vision is not correct, so donations of Saturn are very important. So you must do this twice so that you will not get to face any particular problem in your life. So instead of the rest of the measures, if you go according to the horoscope we have told, then you will be able to remove this month smoothly and reduce the problems in your life.


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