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Libra Rashifal March 2021 | तुला राशि मार्च राशिफल – Libra horoscope | March Rashifal in English – Nidhi Shrimali


Libra Rashifal February 2021 तुला राशि मार्च राशिफल

Hello welcome Today I have appeared in front of you with the monthly horoscope for the month of March. The month of March is special for us anyway because there are two special festivals in this month. The festival of Mahashivaratri will be celebrated with great pomp on March 11, and is considered to be the biggest festival of Bholenath. Mother Parvati and Bholenath were married on this day, so this day is of special importance to us anyway. Bhole Nath is worshiped on Mahashivratri. To fight against diseases, Bholenath is the most innocent and Mahadev is the god who hears our call at the earliest. Even if we remember him sincerely, then he stands up for his devotees. That is why worship of Mahadev is worshiped on the special day of Maha Shivaratri because it is his favorite day. Holika Dahan will be specially celebrated on 28 March. This is the main festival of our India and Holika adds all our evils in the fire of combustion and the resolution of good is also taken from this day. Dhulandi will be celebrated on 29 March. On this day, Holi of colors will be played, then these two festivals are mainly in the month of March, going forward and talking about the position of the transiting planet, first of all talking to the Sun planet, which is presently sitting in the Aquarius sign and on March 14, they will You will enter Pisces from Aquarius. If you are sitting in the sixth house and they are sitting in the seventh house, the seventh house and they are going to be sitting in the sixth house, while the planet Mercury is currently sitting in Capricorn and they will enter Aquarius from March 11. . After moving from Pakistan to the fifth place, you will be seated on the way and after Mercury, you will see Chitradurga after Mercury, which is presently sitting in Aquarius along with the Sun, and they will be sitting high in Pisces from Aquarius on March 17. Will sit in seventh house. Therefore, you will get mixed results. Mars, which is creating Angaraka yoga along with Rahu inside the Taurus zodiac, this whole month, in your eighth house, Angarka Yoga will appear to be formed. Both Guru and Shani will sit in Capricorn, that is, your place of happiness this whole month. Guru will be a master of evil and Saturn will create self-destructive Raja Yoga. Ketu planet which is in the Scorpio zodiac i.e. Rahu and Ketu will remain the whole village between these two planets, then the position of Kalsarp Dosh is being made for every sign for each planet for each horoscope, then the person in the position of Kalsarp Mixed tasks are fixed and a little effort is required to be used. During the monthly horoscope, what effect will it have on your zodiac, we will tell you go ahead and know the condition of the monthly horoscope. Libra Rashifal March 2021

Family Status

Libra Rashifal March 2021 – For Libra, how is the month of March going? For this, first of all, if we talk about the state of transport, then your family status will bring mixed results, then by March 17, your ascendant who is Venus will go and sit in your fifth house. Going and sitting very well will make you powerful and will bring a lot of attraction in your personality. You will become a favorite of people at this time. Participant in Together at Social Ceremony. The effect will be increasing of female students, social honor, fame and fame will increase, then Lagnesh will go so well and sit on Mercury hole, but after March 17, things will start to change in your life. Some problems will change in your personality, some have become confident towards this, you are very stubborn in your decisions, you may find some such problems in this society. As it is, Mars is sitting in your eighth house, so if you are auspicious, then you will have to keep a little anger and control over the movement. Your grandfather will get most of the blessings but you may be worried about his health after March 17. Healthy will be seen as a little turbulent, but you will soon get health benefits due to your care. Your relations with family will be fine. Mars which are looking at their own house and hence the results obtained from Ketu, you will get to see from your family. Some good news can be found from the members of the family. You may be worried about their health, you will continue to meet relatives here. There will be traffic of guests in the house, so that the atmosphere of the house will be very pleasant. If there is any dispute related to the ancestral property, the help of someone is a matter of years. This will be the time and the conditions will be favorable for you. The tasks you were stuck on will be completed with the help of your relatives. You will get full support of your brothers and sisters this month to see that Guru is the master of the creation of Raja Yoga and the brother of the place of brother, then you will also see very good results. If you have any difficulty then they will be with you even in that difficulty. Will help you in your work, so that your work will run at double speed. If any of your business is to help them progress in taking the business forward, they will help you completely. You will get support in every way financially and mentally in the form of siblings. May Shani, the lord of Mata’s place, who will become psychic Mercury when she comes to support you this month, will have an important role in improving your relationship with Mata after snatching your tunes and also their goal in family issues of your home. He will support you fully and you will see your path of progress carved. Financially, their excellent support will be seen with you, on behalf of the child, you will receive the news that the child will make you feel strong through your activities, your sports and sports, in which your child is good, you will be Motivate in that area. Should be done so that they can perform even better in that area. You have to pay attention to him in studies but in other things also he will give you guidance from time to time and with your guidance, he will set new goals of success by setting very good goals, i.e., solve your anxiety on behalf of children. Will be done. If your child is equal to you, you will be seen helping you in your work, while taking your work further, you will see that your relationship with your spouse will have mixed results. Since the creation of Bharatpur with Rahu in the eighth house of Mars is to create a misunderstanding, do not pay attention to feelings towards each other, do not understand each other’s things, you may have to face such problems in this month, but for that you will have some hard work No action should be taken. Understand your spouse’s feelings. It will be better for you to keep pace with each other. Your tuning with the father will look very good. Full support of father is also going to stay with you. You will get good support from Nanihal, you will get the full blessings of Nani Nani and on the basis of his blessing, your work will start to become more and more. Incidentally, you will also be able to overcome the problems in your work, while there may be some differences with the well-off ones. Mars Rahu yoga may be inactive. One of the relatives can remove your secret enemy. Keep your confidential things to yourself and do not share confidential documents with anyone, then your family situation is going to be good this month and will be very good. You will have to move forward with mixed results. You will have to make synergy as much as you show maturity, the more you will be able to handle your family issues more thoroughly. Libra Rashifal February 2021

Economic Condition

Libra Rashifal March 2021 – If I talk about the economic situation of the country going forward and the economic situation, then Surya who is the master of profit. Your seventh and seventh vision of the sun is falling on the profit price, that is, going to the fifth house, Sun will very cleverly get the money for half a month. If the profit is good then you will progress in your life. Your new circle will grow this month. Saving your life from some big people will start to sit. At the same time, you will feel financially advanced and prosperous. At this time your dream of a new home will also be seen to be fulfilled. This is the time to take your life forward because Saturn’s bed is also moving but Mercury is in your horoscope, so this time you will get very good benefits of your progress, you will earn your happiness on the strength of your hard work and this happiness will give you a lot Blissful will rejoice, a sense of satisfaction will arise in you on this day due to happiness, there will be an increase in your profit as well. A lot of work will have to be done. The enemy side will try to dominate, but you will achieve the goal by defeating the enemies, so that you are not eligible for the praise of the boss, neither Julania, financially, this month is going to be very advanced and prosperous for you. Libra Rashifal March 2021

Education, Career, And Business

Libra Rashifal March 2021 – Now we move forward and know about education and business. Education Career and Business. On Tuesday, the dragon will mess up the daily routine for the students, but you will set new dimensions of your education on the strength of your hard work. You will appear to be successful in achieving the goal because Saturn, the lord of the fifth house, who is sitting free in a dry place, gets more work done, so you have to remain hard working, the more you work, the more your goal will come closer to you. Therefore, do not commit any hard work. Anyway, the condition of Kalsarp dosha remains on every zodiac sign, the condition of Bengal snake dosha is in your condition, therefore you will have to put more effort in the works, the hard work will be equally sweet, you will get group discussion at this time for the students of Kalavat. Time will be very good and full of achievement. Students of Marine Science will have to report a little, but if you work hard, you will also get the result of hard work. If I talk about career, then this month will be very good for you in terms of career. Luck will support you fully that Bhagyesh Mercury will increase your work by going in the first place and later in the fifth house. Your happiness will increase family happiness, you will get perfection, luxury will get you fullness. At this time, all the six desires that you are sitting with in your life will continue to be fulfilled. At this time you can do any work related to water, you can do any work related to water death. If you do the work of the IT sector related to me, then it also gives you very good benefits to the members. This time can become very special and prosperous for you, but on Thursday, you will have to spend your life in your work. If you start your work, then you will have to put a lot of time in that work and give a little more time and you will see very good results of the hard work you put into stabilizing this work. Therefore, do not do any kind of pity in the mind, the search for employment of youth who are unemployed will now be seen to be over and a proper job will be seen making chances of getting the job you want.If I talk about business, then the owner of the house of business will go to the eighth position of Mars and sit with Rahu and this business will be dangerous. You will work hard But the business is not catching up. Progress is a weakness in your business. A lot of work will be done in your mind due to slow progress, but a little frustration will never go away. If not today, then tomorrow you will definitely get the fruits of hard work. Just do not miss out on your hard work and without wishing for fruit, you will work continuously, God will give you the fruit yourself because if Karma is a person, we will do the same good tomorrow. Anyway, if the situation of Kalsarp dosha remains, then every zodiac will have to do karma. To get this time, you may have to struggle, so you may also have problems with borrowing, so to avoid taking loans, it is very important to bring austerity in your life. Libra Rashifal March 2021

Life Partner And Love Affair

Libra Rashifal March 2021 – If I talk about life partner and love affairs, then lord of seventh house is Mars, who will create yoga with Rahu. Not so good for you. From the point of view of life partner, this time is not bringing the conditions of benefit like that of benefesh and lagnesh. According to this, you will be able to achieve your goal in half a month, it will help your spouse in perfection. But it is not said that your anger is applied to His providence or His. Some such circumstances occurred but at this time, with the patience you can change your spouse’s life, the more you will be able to calmly engage in your actions, that’s why it is very important for you to understand the feelings of your spouse at this time, which is fragmented. Can also happen. You will also be seen spending a great time with your lover or girlfriend in love relationship. The time you spend with them will increase your love more. Your dedication will appear to be growing more, but do not let Ego’s problem in between with your lover or girlfriend, solve whatever Go’s problem is in your midst so that your relationship can move more strongly. So a little Struggle in life and love affairs, written this month, it will be better for you to think a little and be careful. Libra Rashifal March 2021


Libra Rashifal March 2021 – If I talk about health, then the master of the disease, a guru who walks in a state of disobedience and walking in a place of happiness, will increase your happiness by staying in a place of happiness, health benefits will show you that you are struggling with very minor problems related to breathing for a long time. If you do, then you will get their solution. There will be an improvement in your health and you will be seen doing your work with double enthusiasm, this time you will have to take care of your parents and grandparents. Add special attention to their health with Yoga Meditation Pranayam and also you can spread social awareness towards health. Make people aware if you are also connected to the health campaign for health or if you start a health campaign and your health. You get more happiness and happiness that if you make people aware about your health, then this month also take care of your health and health of your family members and people should also be aware of your health, then this was the month of March for Libra people. Horoscope. Libra Rashifal March 2021

Let’s look at Remedies:

Some special measures that you should take If you are not prosperous, then you have to take a crystal ring and wrap the garland of rhinestones on it and keep it in your locker in your room of worship, which will make your work angry. This will end our estrangement, the economic situation will continue to run more advanced and prosperous. It is very important to have Hanumanji’s darshan on Tuesday. If you see Hanumanji on Tuesday, then you do not face any kind of problem and Shani’s bed is distracting you, so you should definitely donate sunny. On the day of Holika Dahan, you need a black sesame black urad, if you ask for a quarter of a pound or a quarter of a kilo, take it and mix mustard oil in it and then give their sacrifices in the fire of Holika. At least 7 or 9. 11. You can offer any of these three numbers. Due to any kind of Saturn’s wrath in your life, anger is ending. If Eclipse Yoga is made of Angarak Yoga, then you will get the solution of all these remedies is very effective and they must be done on the day of Holika Dahan. Also, on Mahashivaratri, you should worship the nose on the nose again with sugarcane juice. Apart from this, your angarka yoga will be a little bit right, the condition of cancer will be fine and you will get the special grace of Bholenath, then these remedies. Make sure to sign Libra in March. Sri Radhe Krishna. Libra Rashifal March 2021


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