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Libra January 2023 Horoscope English Blog | Nidhi Shrimali

libra horoscope january 2023

Libra January 2023

May this new year be prosperous for you. You decide the path of all progress and progress in your life. Good luck in your life, this is what we wish for all of you and have brought. Monthly horoscope of Libra people for the first month of the new year i.e. January. How is this first month of the year going to be for the people of Libra , First of all, let’s know. Regarding some special festivals coming in this month, the new year will start on January 1. Swami Vivekananda Jayanti will be celebrated on 12 January. On January 14, the festival of Lohri or Makar Sakranti, both of these will be celebrated together with pomp. Mouni Amavasya is coming on 21st of January and Republic Day and Basant Panchami festival will be celebrated together on the 26th of January.

Now let us know how will be the position of the planets in the first month of the year, then first of all let’s talk about the planet Sun which is currently sitting in its best friend zodiac sign Sagittarius and on January 14, it will enter its even zodiac sign Capricorn. Here the sun will be seen being uttarayan. The festival of Makar Sankranti will be celebrated on this day. The planet Mercury will be sitting in its friendly sign Sagittarius this whole month. On the other hand, Mars is going to be sitting in its enemy zodiac sign Taurus in retrograde state this whole month. Guru will be sitting in his own sign Pisces this whole month. On the other hand, if we talk about the planet Venus, it is currently sitting in its even sign Capricorn and on January 22, it will enter its even sign Aquarius. If we talk about the planet Saturn, then at present it is sitting in its own zodiac sign Capricorn and in this month i.e. on January 17, it is going to sit in its original triangle zodiac sign Aquarius. This zodiac change of Saturn will be called the biggest zodiac change of this year. Rahu will be sitting in its even sign Aries this whole month and Ketu will be sitting in its zodiac sign Libra this whole month. So this is the condition of the planetary transits of this month. Now let us know about the conditions of these planets. What is the impact of the biggest zodiac change of this year on you this month, then let’s start with the monthly horoscope for the month of January for Libra people. 

First of all, let’s talk about your zodiac lord who is Venus and Venus is the lord of your eighth house. Being the Lord of the zodiac sign i.e. lord of the Ascendant, Venus is sitting in the place of happiness and sitting in the place of happiness of Venus will bring great results for you. Venus is sitting with Saturn in the place of happiness and has equal feelings with Saturn. That’s why the combination of Venus and Saturn will also be very good for you because if there is a combination of Sukhesh and Lagnesh at this time, it will make your marriage more powerful. However, at this time sometimes your mind will be distracted and you will feel like doing things on your own time, traveling a lot, traveling. But since Venus is the significator of luxury and is sitting with Sukhesh, then at this time you will be seen getting your desired luxury. This will increase the luxury of the month. Will increase your happiness. Your social honor will increase in respect. Will make your personality more attractive and improve your relationships. Your relations with the poor will be seen to be very good. Spiritual and religious will remain your active. Along with this, you will be seen traveling to religious and delightful places jointly. At this time, you will perform your duty but at the same time will remain very balanced. Along with the duty, you will try to fulfill your desires and with full joy, you will also fulfill your desires, then you will get to see very good and wonderful results of Venus. But there is a problem because Ketu is also sitting inside your zodiac, which creates misunderstanding, so at this time you do not need to get confused by anyone’s words or if there is confusion in any work, then you can take the help of your family. Because with the help of family, the clouds of your confusion will be dispelled and your vision will appear clear and definitely your decision making will be strong. That’s why on yourself. Don’t take any decision. You don’t need to hesitate in taking the advice of one or two people, experienced friends, experienced family members. If you move forward in your life only after taking his advice, then Venus with Lagnesh will give very good results.

Now let’s talk about the eighth house. Ashtamesh is also Venus. Mars is sitting in the eighth house, which should correct the eighth house a little, because Venus, the lord of the eighth house on the cruel planet Mars, is sitting in the ninth house from itself. Venus going to sit in the ninth from itself is going to give you results on a very good day. Venus, which is also sitting in the place of happiness, will increase happiness. At this time, if the debt situation is going on on you, then it will end. You will find yourself free from litigation from debt. At this time, there are secret enemies who can also be your friends. This time also it may happen that they too will not be able to try to interfere in your work in any way.

That means they themselves will fail in their plans. Travels will be very good at this time, but the journey will be pleasant and auspicious for you. Your coordination with the in-laws will be seen to be very good and strong. An outline of some auspicious programs can also be kept in the in-laws house and you will take an active part in it. When Venus transits on January 22, both the lord of the ascendant and the lord of the seventh house will give the best results. See, till now they were sitting in your happy place. Now they will go and sit in your fifth house, then Lagnesh sitting in the fifth house and Ashtamesh sitting in the tenth house will give very good results. At this time, if you are associated with the field of art, then this time will especially be of respect and fame for the artists. On the other hand, the students of arts stream will be seen getting special achievements at this time. You will be seen earning a very good name in your field. Videos can go viral on your social media. Your activity on social media may increase. Many of your followers can increase, so this month will give you the best results of Venus.

Now moving forward, let’s know more. Regarding the third house, but the third house is the lord. Mars, who is sitting in the eighth house, is looking at his own house. Dhanesh sitting in the seventh house from himself and looking at his own house will give very good results. At this time, if there is any dispute related to the property or if there is any dispute related to the family, then they will be resolved. Just try not to be too overdue at this point. Keep calm for a while. You don’t have to interrupt when two elders are talking. There is no need to keep calm and listen to their issues, listen to their words and if a solution is being found peacefully, then there is no need to show aggression in it. Just keep this in mind because Mars will also make you aggressive. That’s why if you want sweetness in relationships then definitely follow these things. Along with this, the works of the banking sector will be completed at your own pace. Also, if you have taken loan from someone, then you will repay his loan immediately. At this time, try not to lend or borrow from anyone, it is more beneficial for you and you will be more relaxed in this. Will live his life peacefully. Rest of the results of Mars, according to the second house, you will get to see very good ones.

Now coming to the seventh house, but he is the lord of the seventh house. Mars, which is one house ahead of itself, is sitting in the eighth house. At this time you also have to do auspicious work. Rahu is also sitting in the seventh house, so according to married life, this place will not give you such a good result, problems can increase, so be a little careful in your married life. It is not right to take ego on small things. Walk with an equal relationship and maintain sweetness with each other. If things are going wrong somewhere, then calm down or move away from that place. There is goodness in this.

The sutra of married life says that we should follow the feelings of our spouse and imbibe both their shortcomings and goodness. This is considered the formula to move forward in married life. That’s why don’t take any decision in haste. At this time, you will have to behave very gently with your life partner. If you make any investment in his name, then you will definitely get profit in it. This time will be very good for the business class, but you should not take the decision in the conditions of confusion and you should not take it even after being very competent. Be very careful while taking the decision. We told you earlier that there is no harm in taking advice from more than one person. Move forward in your life only by taking the advice of experienced family friends or experienced person. Do not start working in partnership at this time and if you are in an all ready partnership then definitely you have to respect your partner’s feelings as well. Otherwise, the partnership can get spoiled and the work made can also get spoiled, so if you move ahead in your life with a little care, then you will get the best results of Mars.

Now let’s go ahead and know more. Regarding the third place, the owner of the third place. The Guru, who is sitting in the house of disease, but whenever the Guru sits in the house of disease, he increases the disease a little. Stomach problems increase towards weight and with weight many other problems come. That’s why you have to take special care of your weight. However, according to Guru Parakram Bhav, you will get very good results. Because you are sitting fourth from yourself and Guru’s sitting fourth from you will be seen to increase your might continuously. Your tuning with siblings will be very good. Your power will increase. At the work place, the officers will do their work after asking you. Because of this, colleagues will also revolve around you. Means they will also try to take your advice in one or the other work. If the officers do not know anything, then the co-workers will definitely do sycophancy. But beware of people with such sycophancy who are flattering, stay away from them a little because they can prove to be fatal for you, not necessarily. The people who speak sweetly at all times should be very nice. People who speak sweetly are also the ones who poke daggers from behind. That’s why at this time you have to be very careful and stay away from such people. Think practically, be a little professional and try to bring efficiency in your work. Only this will be better for you. Now, since Jupiter is the lord of your diseased house, then you may have throat related disorders related to stomach and especially related to weight, which will increase cholesterol, increase BP. To avoid such problems, you should make yoga, meditation, pranayama a part of your routine, whatever you do, don’t try to do it at all.

Jupiter will give you very good results because it is sitting as a self-centered person, that is why you will get help from the maternal side. The economic side will be strong. Enemies and opponents will be destroyed and you will get victory in every area of your life. But you have to take special care of your health because the first happiness is a healthy body. If you are not healthy, then you will not be able to do any work properly and no work will be completed properly. That’s why if you take special care of your breathing, then you will be able to move forward in your life efficiently and successfully in all tasks.

Now coming to your place of happiness, but if we talk about the place of happiness, then Venus and Shani, who is sitting in the place of happiness, making yoga called Mahapurush. Shani is going to give you great results this month till 17th January. Even after that, the results of the place of happiness are not very good. Anyway, Shani is a Yogkaraka planet in your horoscope and Shani has given you very good results. Within two and a half years, Shani has given very good results and in the next two and a half years, Shani will give very good results because on January 17, Shani will change and Shani will enter your fifth house. According to this month, this time period will be very good for you. Anyway, told you that Lagnesh and Sukhesh’s alliance is happening. There are many types of happiness in terms of luxury, happiness of family, happiness of children, so you will be able to increase such happiness continuously this month. On January 17, when Shani will change, even then Shani will sit one house ahead of his own. Even then they will be seen continuously increasing your progress. This time will be very good especially for the farming class agriculture and those who are grocery traders. If you are associated with any mega mart, then surely this time is very good for those who work in petroleum products and oil, then this time will be beneficial for them too. Will decide the path of progress. Farmers will get very good profit in farming. At this time, due to the good crop, your morale will also be seen increasing. For those who work related to animal husbandry and dairy, this time will be very good and prosperous, then you will definitely see the best results of gram, the companion of Sukh Kisan.

Now coming to the fifth house, because Shani is the lord of the fifth house as well as a Yogkaraka, so the lord of the fifth house, first of all, on the twelfth from himself, a great man named Shash is creating yoga in his own house. Will get good and after January 17, it will be icing on the cake because there will be self-interested people in the fifth house and the obstacles in education will be removed at this time. Problems in studies will end. Students will get very good results and you will definitely get the fruits of your hard work. If you are confused about career

So your vision will be clear in this. If you are looking for a job, then that search will appear to be ending. That means you will get a job and you will see yourself settled in your life. That is, you will perform your tasks very efficiently. So this time will give you excellent results of Shani.

Now coming to your lucky house, the lord of lucky house is Mercury, who is sitting in his seventh house and is looking at his house. Bhagyesh seeing his own house will increase his fortune. At this time, the incomplete works will be completed quickly, those who are students of higher education will get very good benefits from abroad. Because the lord of the place abroad is also Mercury, which is its fourth daughter, then there will be very good benefits from abroad. If the students studying abroad are wishing to get a side job along with studies, then your dream will be fulfilled at this time. Economic conditions will remain strong. So financially you will not have to face any problems. Debt problem will appear to be getting eliminated from your life. Your interest in religious works will increase. You will impress people with your pen. For those who are good writers, this time will be seen as very good and paving the way for fame. This time will give you good achievements and progress. Since you have also become its Lord, then the businessmen who are working outside or by corporating with foreign countries, you do any business, whether it is import-export work, any work or work related to anything else. . If you work with foreign companies by tying up with foreign countries, then definitely you will be seen getting benefits in that. Coordination with colleagues will be good and investment in savings schemes will also be beneficial for you.

Now coming to your sense of action. Karma is the master of emotion. The moon which keeps on fluctuating, then in this age there may be problems in work sometimes. Because the seventh vision of Shani will also fall on your Karma Bhav till January 17, so do not be in a hurry while taking the decision at this time. Keep pace with the officials and do not do any work without informing because a misunderstanding gets created. With your boss and because of that you may have to bear his loss. Even if you are working with a very good mind. Work with good intentions, even then your works will be taken in reverse. Misunderstandings will happen and you never want that. That’s why work with and co-operate with your officers. Work as a teamwork so never blame your loneliness and leadership. If you try to work together, it will be better for you.

There will be arguments with the father. The time after January 17 will be very good for you.

Now coming to your profit price. If we talk about the house of profit, then Lord Sun, who is sitting in the fifth house from himself. Labhesh’s sitting in the fifth house from himself is going to increase the conditions of very good profit. Presently, Sun is sitting in your fifth house till January 14. It is the lord of the fifth house. If it is sitting in the place of Sun, then it will give good results. There will be a gradual increase in profit and businessmen who want to start new work. Want to start new business new plans new project. This time will be very good and prosperous for them too.

Now when Sun will move to your happy place after 14th January, even then they will give you good results. But at this time you have to be a little careful. Some expenses may come suddenly like suddenly the car broke down. Sudden expenditure on maintenance of the house Did any sudden investment have to be made at the work place? If such a situation may arise, then a budget should be given to control these situations. Take the decision after thinking carefully. Don’t run in haste and at the same time invest wisely in someone’s mind. Just keep this thing in mind, then this month is going to give you excellent results of Sun. Now this was the first monthly horoscope of the month of January for the people of Libra zodiac.

Auspicious dates – 1, 2, 5 to 12, 15 to 21, 24, 25, 28 and 29.

Unlucky dates – 3, 4, 13, 14, 22, 23, 26, 27, 30 and 31.

Lucky colors – black green, brown and blue.


  • Recite Shri Gajendra Moksha Stotra daily.
  • Present makeup items to a married woman on Friday.
  • Fast on Friday.
  • Do recite the Sukta of Shri Sukta Lakshmi Sukta.
  • Make sure to take out bread daily for mother cow and dog and donate silver and white items.

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