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Libra Horoscope September 2022 English blog | Tula September Rashifal | Nidhi Ji Shrimali |

Libra Horoscope September 2022

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Namaskar Swagatam Welcome We have once again appeared in front of all of you with the monthly horoscope of Libra for the month of September. First of all, if we know about some special fasts and festivals coming in the month of September, then on 1st September the festival of Rishi Panchami will be celebrated and we are feeling very happy to inform all of you that from 3rd September till We are going to do the rituals of Maa Lakshmi once again till 18th September. This research was done by us last year also and it is ritualized as a manifestation of Maa Lakshmi. That is, Mother Lakshmi was born during these days, so these days are more important than Deepawali, so if you want to be a part of this ritual, then contact our institute and get information in its details. . Also, if you want to know about this festival from my video, then you have been given its links in the description below. You can also watch its video by going there. Teacher’s Day Ramdev Jayanti and Teja Dashami will be celebrated on 5th September. On September 9, the festival of Anant Chaturdashi will be celebrated with great pomp. Shradh Paksha is starting on 10th September. Mahalakshmi Prakatyotsava will be celebrated on 17th September and on 25th September, Navratri Ghat Sthapana will be established on Sarvapitri Amavasya Ariya on 26th September.  Libra Horoscope September 2022 English blog

Now let’s go ahead and know what special planetary conditions are bringing for us in the month of September, so first of all, we will talk. The king of planets, the Sun, is presently becoming self-occupied in Leo, and on September 17, he will enter his enemy zodiac, Virgo. Talking about the planet Mercury, he will remain exalted in his zodiac sign Virgo for the whole month. The planet Mars will remain in its friendly sign Taurus for the whole month. This whole month, Jupiter will be sitting in his own zodiac sign Pisces as a self-gracious person. If we talk about the planet Venus, then at present he is sitting in his very enemy sign Leo and on September 24, he will be sitting in his debilitated sign Virgo with Mercury and will form a low Bhang Yoga. If we talk about the planet Saturn, then he will be sitting in his own zodiac sign Capricorn during this whole month in a retrograde state. Rahu is going to sit in his even sign Aries and Ketu in his even sign Libra. If we know about what is going to be special for the people of Libra this month, then let’s start. Monthly Horoscope of Libra for the month of September. Before starting the horoscope, let us tell you that the horoscope is given to you, it is based on lunar calculations and is equally effective according to both your zodiac and ascendant, so you can see this horoscope according to both of you.

Let’s talk first. Your zodiac lord Venus, is currently sitting in your beneficial house. It is very good to sit in the beneficial house of Venus, it will increase the situation of your profit. Will progressively increase your profit positions. At the same time, the combination of Lagnesh with Lagnesh, this combination will be material welfare for you this month. Your personality will be very attractive. The same will also increase your speed. You will see progressive gains of benefits. Chances of your promotion increment will be seen in the workplace. Social prestige, respect and fame will increase. At the same time, the business class will be seen deciding the path of progress. At this time, many new schemes will be implemented. By applying some new creative ideas in your field, you will also be seen getting a lot of benefits from those ideas. You have to remove the fear that is there in the mind for a little bit. Keep your confidence which you always have and also with a bearing with decision making I want you to make decisions in your life and execute your tasks in a very powerful way. Only then will you be seen setting new dimensions of success.

Now Venus is your ascendant. On September 24, you are becoming debilitated and will be sitting in your twelfth house by being low. But there is already lord of the twelfth house, Mercury is being exalted, then Venus will combine with Mercury to form a low fracture yoga and anyway Venus gives very good results in it, then your foreign trips can be possible at this time. You may have to go out somewhere in connection with work. Anyway, the lord of the eighth house is Venus, who will get more trips done, but for whatever purpose, that journey will be. That purpose will be seen continuously making you successful and achieving success in it. In this you can get hurt by animals, so be a little careful with animals. Proceed with sincerity and efforts in your work. By the way, at this time any of your envious people who are colleagues with you or neighbours, relatives, friends, or friends, no matter how much they try to advise, they will not be able to disturb your work. The sources of receipt of secret money will be seen opening and meeting you. At the same time, because of your alertness, you will achieve success in every work you do. If your management will be worth seeing in routine life, then you will be able to see the best results of Venus this month. Libra Horoscope September 2022 English blog

Now coming to your second house. If we talk about the third house, then he is the lord of the second house. Mars is also the seventh lord and according to the seventh house, he is sitting one house ahead of himself. According to the third house, if you are sitting in your seventh house looking at your own house, then Mars seeing your own house will help you in disputes related to your ancestral property. The support of elders will bring success and the blessings will be with you. You will gain respect and fame in the family. There is a possibility of getting very good benefits for the people associated with the technical field, so at this time you can intensify your efforts. You will be able to see the status of profit equally fast in your life. Travelling will be more at this time, but the purpose of the journeys will appear to be meaningful. The work will be completed at your speed and the obstacles and problems coming in the work will end at this time. All problems at work will end. At this time, if there is a litigation or court case going on with someone, then if his decision is to come, then that decision will be seen going in your favour. At the same time, this is the time to do something new in the job too. Will be very active. You and because of that, the officials will also try to entrust you with any big responsibility. At the same time, the business class will be seen implementing new schemes while making good progress and good growth in business. Anyway, Mars is the lord of the sense of business and is sitting one house ahead of you, so at this time you will progress progressively in business. However, you should avoid starting any new work in partnership because Rahu is sitting in the house of business. So don’t work in partnership. Do not talk with your life partner in a fit of rage, otherwise, your relationship may deteriorate. If you want to have gentleness in your relationships, if you want to have good bonding, then you have to handle your relationships very politely. Have a lot of maturities. Do not try to be short-tempered too soon and try to move ahead in your karmic field in your business with consistency, then only you will be able to achieve success and you will get the taste of that success.

Now go ahead and find out. Regarding the third house, which is the lord of your sixth house, that is the guru, then the third and the guru is becoming self-occupied in the sixth house. But talking about the third house, according to the third house, it will give you good results. Your bonding with siblings will be very good. You will get to see the maturity level. You will be seen impressing everyone from the maturity level you have within yourself and your stagnation. At this time, there will be an increase in social honour and respect. Your participation in social programs will increase. On the other hand, if you have a hobby, then you will also be seen gaining fame through your hobby at this time. Some challenges will definitely come in front of you in the workplace, but you will also be seen deciding to face these challenges with equal enthusiasm. At this time, along with your siblings, along with the cousins, the planning of going out somewhere will also be seen.

Now, since Guru is the lord of your seventh house, then, according to the sixth house, he will bring a reduction in your diseases, but since Jupiter is the lord of the disease house and is sitting in the disease house, then you may have some problems related to weight. Try to take care of your weight a little bit. Cholesterol obesity or stomach-related problem thyroid, BP problem, sugar problem or throat related cold, cold and any heart-related problem suddenly you can get to see this type of problem. So be a little bit aware of your health. Yoga, meditation, pranayama, morning walk, whatever you want to do, by being a little aware, connect yourself with these things. If you have not added then definitely read, and if you have added then you have to do these things regularly. Only then will you be able to move forward in your work area with a healthy body and mind. You will get financial assistance from the maternal side i.e. Maternal side. At the same time, the enemy side will work for you. At the same time, you will show a lot of alertness in the work related to money, so that you will be able to prevent situations of loss. At this time, you will not take any decision in haste and if the decisions taken wisely will prove to be very positive for you, then the results of the Guru are very good for you. Libra Horoscope September 2022 English blog

Now go ahead and find out. About your happiness place, you are the owner of your happiness place. Venus, which is making a great man named Shesha, is becoming retrograde in the place of happiness. On the other hand, Saturn is in your fifth house along with Venus, so the results of Saturn will be very good according to the loss. Financially you will be stable. There will be some expenses and some problems, but you will manage these expenses. At the same time, you can buy any luxury item in your home. The purchase of a new vehicle is possible through you. You can invest in a new property at this time. Your dream of a new home will appear to be fulfilled. Whatever you plan for yourself at this time, in that planning you will move ahead with full devotion and because of this divination, your planning will also be seen to be realized. Spiritual feelings will arise in you on the weekend of every week of this month and due to spiritual feelings, you will be seen engaging in religious activities in some religious rituals.

Now, since Saturn is the lord of your fifth house, you will get very good results according to the fifth house. But the student class will have to work harder at this time. You will definitely get results according to hard work, but do not be careless in hard work. Otherwise, you will miss out on the results. This mother will get to see the conditions of good profit in agriculture for the farming class. On the other hand, if you work related to animal husbandry, milk and dairy, then some problems and difficulties may come in your business. At this time people associated with the literary world will get respect. On the other hand, students who are studying justice related to Judiciary, for them this time will be goal-oriented, then you will definitely be able to achieve your goal, then if we talk about Shani’s result, then he is giving you mixed results this month.

Now let’s talk about the place of your destiny, the owner of the place of fortune. Mercury is the lord of the twelfth house and exalted in the twelfth house. The exaltation of Mercury will give very positive results to the people associated with the IT field. At this time, if you plan to go out and do a job, then that planning will also come true for you. People associated with IT field will get promotions and increments at this time. On the other hand, if you are working in the areas related to CA, CS, Accounting, Finance related, Banking sector, then you will definitely become worthy of praise from the officers and your work will be appreciated all around, which will also give you far-reaching beneficial results. At this time the merchant class can spread its business abroad. Time is very suitable for him. On the other hand, there can be far-reaching travel or trips Abroad in connection with work. At this time your interest in your religious activities will increase. Luck will favour you and with the favour of luck, you will also get benefits from risky activities like share market, lottery, and digital currency. At this time, your financial plans will come true and in the economic policies that you will make, you will be seen getting very good benefits and positive results too. This time is very good for young men and women. The job search will end and you will see that search and job getting you good. If you have to switch jobs in employment, that is, you are in some job and want to do some other upgrade job, then you will get better options for that too at this time. At the same time, you will be engrossed in religious tendencies and your interest in religious activities will increase. Libra Horoscope September 2022 English blog

Now let’s talk about the tenth house. Talk about the tenth house, which is Karma Bhava, then it is its owner. Moon, on which the curved aspect of Saturn is falling on the tenth house. Need to tread a little bit. Sometimes getting emotional can take the wrong decision. That’s why don’t get emotional. Be practical and move forward in your decisions and there should not be any shortage in hard work because Shani is the giver of karma. The harder you work, the better results you will get. Do not try to work hard by adopting the same wrong path. That is, if you tried to take a bribe or tried to earn money in the wrong way, then definitely you will be seen becoming a part of the penalty. You may have to face ups and downs with your father. Sometimes they will be very soft with you and sometimes they will stay in the house with you, then your relationship will go ahead with such ups and downs. But try to be a little restrained and keep your behaviour polite with the father so that the distance between the two of you does not increase too much.

Now come on profit rate. If we talk about the house of profit, then the benefic Sun will sit in the house of profit till September 17. The benefit of the Sun will further enhance the conditions of sitting in the house. You will implement some new plans in the business. Social honour and respect will increase. Along with siblings, there will be a fine-tuning with relatives. The movement of guests in the house will continue this month, due to which the atmosphere of the house will be seen to be very healthy. Your circle will increase further. Dignitaries will be entered in it and they will also be seen helping you well in your business in the coming time, so this was the monthly horoscope for the month of September for Libra people. Libra Horoscope September 2022 English blog

Auspicious dates – 1 to 6, 9 to 15, 18 to 25 and 28 to 30.

Noteworthy dates – 7, 8, 16, 17, 26 and 27.

Lucky Colors – Bottle Green, Green, Blue and Shining Color.

Special Measures

  • You must definitely worship Goddess Lakshmi. If you want, you can also join our Mahalaxmi rituals.
  • Donate white clothes.
  • Some part of the food must be taken out for the cow and for the dog.
  • Fast on Friday Take two pearls and float one of them in running water and keep the other pearl with you always.


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