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Libra Horoscope 2023 | Tula Rashifal 2023 | तुला राशिफल 2023 | Tula Rashi – – Nidhi Shrimali

LIBRA yearly horoscope 2023

Libra Horoscope 2023

May everyone have a moment of auspicious new year,
May the future be golden and happy, may it be bright for all.

First of all, Happy New Year to all of you. Today, the new year i.e. year 2023 has appeared in front of all of you with the annual horoscope of Libra people. This year is very good and prosperous for Libra people. Venus is the lord of the people of Libra zodiac and the person whose lord is Venus likes to live a very joyful life. Bhog Vilas means watching movies, roaming around, wants to fulfill all his luxuries. He is also associated with the field of art in his life. He excels in doing creative work. People of Libra zodiac are going to be very relaxed this year because Saturn’s dhaiya is coming to an end at the beginning of the year itself. For two and a half years, you were suffering from the shadow of Shani and you were facing many problems in small tasks. Now that problem will go away from your life and will go away in the beginning of the year itself. That’s why the whole year will be very good and full of luck for you.

Venus is the lord of Libra and it is considered the lord of both Taurus and Libra. Venus shows the effects of low in Virgo and shows the effects of high in Pisces. If Venus sits in the center as a self-placed or exalted person, then a great man named Malavya also creates yoga. Now if we know about this position of Venus, then from February 15 to March 12, it will be sitting in its exalted sign Pisces and will sit in your seventh house. This time will bring you respect and fame because the conjunction of these two planets, Venus and Jupiter, will also take place at that time. If Jupiter is sitting in a self-contained position and Venus is exalted, then this time will give you big and good success in your field of work. If you have a big hotel or a youth, if you do any big work on this day, then your management will be very strong. At this time people will be influenced by you and will try to do their work by taking advice from you. Then from April 6 to May 2, your zodiac lord Venus will be sitting in Taurus as a self-obsessed person. That is, in the seventh house, there will be selfishness. Although the eighth house is not considered good. Venus is a benign planet and does not give such good results sitting in the eighth house. But since it is sitting in its own house, you will get to see good results of Venus. Travels will be very successful at this time and as you have dreams of travel that I want to roam here, I want to go here, those dreams of yours will be seen to be fulfilled at this time. At this time, you will be seen to be a little private in your work, but Venus makes a person a little indulgent and a little distracted from duty. So you have to remove laziness from your life. You have to give up because you will be able to take advantage of this good opportunity only when you can get rid of laziness in your life.

Now from 3rd November to 30th November, Venus will be debilitated and will sit in Virgo i.e. your twelfth house and this time will not give you good results of Venus because when Venus is debilitated in Virgo, it will cause family discord somewhere. The conflict between the wife becomes too much, due to which the situations of debt arise and this is not essential, it is only what you want because your mind is not in control. You bought clothes, bought jewellery, bought cosmetics. Spent a lot on outings. Means you have lost all the remaining money and have spent it, then you will definitely see such situations. At this time ladies may also have to face some problems related to Venus. So take special care of your health. You may have to face problems like PCOD or periods. So this is your Rashi Swami’s will remain till the end of the year.

zodiac change of saturn

Now from 3rd November to 30th November, you should be a little careful. Rest of this year will give you very good results of Venus. Now coming to the three main big planets which are going to change zodiac sign this year and the impact of these planets can be seen very deeply on our life because they stay at one place for a very long time. Among these three planets, Saturn is the first planet, which is going to change the zodiac sign of the biggest year. That is, at the beginning of the year itself, on January 17, while changing the zodiac sign, Saturn will enter its original triangle zodiac sign Aquarius from Capricorn and there Saturn will give very good results that it will sit as a self-obsessed person. Anyway, you all know that Shani increases the place where he sits, so if we talk about you. That is, if we talk about Libra, then Saturn is also a yogkaraka planet in your horoscope. He is the lord of your happy place and fifth house. That is, the owner of a center and a triangle and being self-possessed in the triangle is sitting. By the way, I have seen that whenever Shani goes to the fifth house of the zodiac, it gives a little mixed result. That is, they do not give such good results. But since the native is in the zodiac sign of the triangle, sitting in his own house, then the results of Shani will not be so bad. This time will increase your happiness. Your relationship with mother will be more intense. If the situations of estrangement are going on, then it will end and economic benefits will also be seen from them at this time. There will be an increase in your social respect. There will be an increase in your happiness. At this time, whatever work you will take in hand, the officers will also stand with you in that work. That is, they will be seen helping you in that work, due to which that work will be completed quickly.

Now, since Venus is the lord of your fifth house and is self-governing in the fifth house, then this time will give you good results according to the fifth house as well. Means the children who are studying. You are involved in any legal studies. If you have set a goal, then this time will give you success in this study. On the other hand, they can be selected from CLAT students this year. Intensify your efforts. I always say that even the planets support only those people who become karma pradhan. That’s why we will make ourselves karma pradhan. If you work hard, you will definitely get results from the planets and you will get very good results from Venus this year. At this time you will be seen making good progress in the fields related to literature. At this time you will get good news from the children also. Sitting in your fifth house and these visions will be seen falling on your third, seventh and tenth visions, your seventh place, your profit house and your second house throughout the year.

First of all, if we talk about the third vision, then Rahu is sitting in the seventh house. Rahu is being aspected by Saturn and the seventh house is being aspected by Saturn. Lack of mutual coordination or ego problem, you want to say something. Your tuning is not able to sit with your life partner. They are taking your words in other words or ideological differences have come between you two. That’s why a situation of tension will arise. Such a possibility may arise, but time will be good for those in a love relationship. Now even in business, those who are grocery traders or farmers, they have to take a little care. At this time, you have to step slowly. Don’t take any decision in haste because if you take any decision in anger or confused, then that decision will not go so well for you. You may have to regret that.
Now if we talk about the seventh house, then it is falling on the house of profit and due to Saturn’s aspect on the house of profit, this house can bring situations of loss somewhere in your profit. Somewhere profit can be seen fluctuating. That’s why you have to pay a little attention to your savings plans. While investing, you have to be very careful that where to invest and where not to invest. Don’t say your money anywhere by getting into someone’s words, don’t lend it to anyone or borrow it from anyone. With such a property, you will have to move ahead in the new year only then you will be able to achieve success. At this time auspicious programs will definitely take place in your house, but there may be some difficulties regarding small things in them too. You have to complete your tasks with caution.

Now the tenth aspect of Saturn is falling on your second house, which is the house of family, and here relations with family may deteriorate. An atmosphere of tension can be created with a relative. Misunderstanding can be created. You are going to think good for someone but that person is taking your words in the wrong way. Even then the possibility of false allegations, false slander or defamation will be seen forming at this time. Daily profit will also be seen fluctuating. There can be situations of conflict in the process of earning money, so you have to be a little careful about these things.

zodiac change of guru

Now the second zodiac change which is a very important planet. Devguru Jupiter is the Guru of the benign planet deities, he is going to change the zodiac on 21 April. Till now he was sitting in the seventh house as self-possessed and now he will enter your seventh house. For you i.e. Libra, Jupiter is Tritiyaesh and Jupiter is Shasshesh. That is, he is the master of mighty house and disease house and is sitting in the seventh house. It is very good for Jupiter to go and sit in the seventh house, because Jupiter gives very good results in the center, so sitting inside it. Guru to the obstacles coming in marriage. will do. Since the third vision of Shani was falling, but the Guru will break this vision by going to the seventh house. Means difficulties will come but the obstacle coming in marriage will definitely be removed. This year you will definitely get good news related to your marriage. Misunderstanding will continue in married life as well, but you will be seen gaining control over the situations in due course of time.

Now, since Guru is the master of mighty spirit, he is sitting in the fifth place from himself. You will also get to see very good results in the sense of might. At this time, there will be an increase in might with the support and co-operation of brothers and sisters. Your wishes and desires will be seen to be fulfilled this year. This time will bring you fame in your artistic fields. The work stuck in politics will be completed at your speed. Whatever journeys you undertake at this time will be pleasant and auspicious for you. Since the master of diseases is also sitting one house ahead of you, then you will be seen getting benefits progressively even in diseases. Enemies will be afraid of you. You will achieve good success in every moment of your life and in every field. Your understanding and management will be so good that now you will complete all the tasks in an orderly manner. So no one will get the opportunity. To interfere with your work in any way. You will also get freedom from this debt. If any loan is going on or you have given loan to someone, then at this time that loan of yours will be repaid and you will also get freedom from debt.

Now coming to Jupiter’s vision, if we talk about Jupiter’s vision, then the fifth vision is falling on your profit house, which is seen balancing the Saturn’s vision, then the conditions of profit will be back where the expenses will be. Will be compensated. Means you spent many and some stuck plan or it worked and you got money back from it. These will solve your money related problems from somewhere. Your money flow will continue and because of that you will not face any kind of problem.

Now the seventh vision of the Guru is falling on your Ascendant, then the seventh vision of the Guru will fall on the house of your personality. It will make your personality more powerful and an inscrutable intelligence will be seen increasing in you. You will handle your work very wisely. From Dihal, your relations will be seen to be very good and strong. If we talk about the ninth vision of Guru, then nine visions will fall on your strength, which will be seen to increase your strength, and if we talk about the vision of Guru, then this time will be very good according to the vision of your Guru. Throughout the year, happiness from brothers and sisters, cooperation of brothers and sisters, economic condition will become strong and bad things will start to become. Personality will become very strong. Will become powerful. People will try to do their work by taking advice from you and the conditions of profit will also be good. So these were the results of the Guru.

Now Guru is sitting with Rahu and in that Guru Rahu Chandal Yoga is also being formed which can sometimes bring the problem of stagnation. The third vision of Shani is falling on both Guru and Rahu, which is further strengthening this yoga. That’s why you don’t have to take a decision in haste. Make your decisions wisely and don’t make any work your poetry. After thinking carefully, sit quietly and see the complete account of that work. Have a full discussion about it. Then go ahead. Also, don’t increase differences with your spouse by being raw in haste. Because there will be no dearth of instigators in this. People will definitely try to fill you in on you. Will try to provoke you, but you should not let anyone come between you and your spouse.

Rahu’s zodiac change

Now come on 30th October, on 30th October, Rahu is changing its zodiac sign and the Chandal Yog of Guru Rahu which is being formed will end and Rahu will move to your system house. Till now, sitting in the seventh house, he was bringing matters in business and when the Guru came, such situations were being created due to Chandal Yoga and problems, problems in small works. But Rahu in the Sixth House will give you excellent results. At this time, if you do any work related to risky work trading, involve yourself in risky work, do lottery work. Share market works for share market or if you are already doing any work related to liquor or you have any business then definitely this year will bring auspicious news for you. Work will be seen getting good recognition and good growth at this time. At the same time, Rahu will destroy your enemies as well. Will also balance your expenses. Will get rid of debt. You have to take care of your health a little. There may be problems related to infection, so be a little careful about it. So this is roughly the yearly horoscope for the year 2023 for Libra people.

Remedies for 2023 that will make your life more prosperous and progressive. First of all, Saturn’s vision is not good. That’s why definitely do remedies for Shani.

  • You must feed the fishes.
  • Same you must feed the ants by mixing sugar inside the flour.
  • Make arrangements for food and water for animals and birds.
  • Now, if you see a dog shelter home somewhere near you, then do donate there according to your convenience according to your budget.
  • Visit the temple of Bhairav ​​Devta on Sunday and supply a coconut dry coconut there. Means offer it there.
  • Venus will also have to strengthen its zodiac lord and for this, if you have Shreeyantra Meru Shreeyantra on Friday, it is very good, you install it in your worship room or in your business place in the north-east direction and recite Shree Sukta daily. Recite sitting in front of him.
  • Avoid sweet things on Friday. If possible, do fast for Vaibhav Lakshmi on Friday. Along with this, you must also visit the temple of Maa Durga.

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