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Leo Singh Rashi July 2021 Horoscope in English| सिंह राशिफल जुलाई 2021



Leo Singh Rashi July 2021 Horoscope in English |

सिंह राशिफल जुलाई 2021

The monthly horoscope of Leo for the month of July | Leo Singh Rashi July 2021 Horoscope in English

Family Status

If we talk about the family situation, the owner of the personality sense, which is your ascendant, the Sun, is sitting in the twelfth from itself. Situations For you as a personality, being a little aggressive, a little straight forward, it shows that you are dominating with your actions. Your personality will be a little dominating. You have to make your own point of view. You won’t listen to anyone. Furthermore, you will try to convince every one of your point. He will try to dominate people. You may also get to see some negative consequences of this. Ddihahal can spoil the tune with grandparents because when a person becomes arrogant, his or her ego becomes high. If a little dominating nature comes in him, there is a tendency to suppress others, then people shy away from him a little. Trying to run away a bit, no one wants to sit with him because such a person proves to be negative for everyone because he wants to keep his point. Then pay a little attention to this personality a bit. Don’t let your ego dominate you at all. Increase your pride so much that people start shying away from you. Your family members may also steal your eyes from you and try to stay away from you. You will remain completely alone and isolated, so you will have to pay a little attention to your personality, especially this month. Your tuning from Dadihal will be very good. You will also get special support from the day-to-day side. Your respect in the family will increase and your tuning with family members will also be fine. But this tuning is going to be for you till July 25, after that some misunderstanding was created, a situation of estrangement with a relative, and receiving bad news from the family. You can definitely see some such problems. Because the seventh sight of Saturn is going to fall on Mercury, and because of that many relationships will be seen deteriorating for you, so you will have to pay special attention to your work during that time period. Do not get entangled with anyone, do not balance with anyone at all. Whatever your mind level is, maintain your mental level. Walk with some balance. If it is not right to be too aggressive or too calm in any matter, then keep a little balance in your life. It is very important to strike a balance in a relationship. If we say with brothers and sisters, then this month half a month is going to be a little typical for you. Venus will sit on the 12th, and Venus gives very good results in it, but Venus, the lord of the house of brothers and sisters, is looking at you and Saturn. Due to the presence of Saturn in the seventh aspect, tuning with siblings can be disturbed. You will also have to face the ego problem with them, and as we told you earlier, you do not have to be arrogant and arrogant, work prudence and balance because this time can separate you from your family too. Due to this nature, you may be farthest from your circle from your relatives to your colleagues. Therefore, at this time you will have to handle your relationships with a lot of discretion and patience. Although, siblings will not stay away from you for long. After July 17, when Venus will come and sit in your ascendant, then you will get to see the situation of very good benefits from them, you will get to see their important role in increasing your might. Special care will have to be taken for the health of the mother because this time remains very typical for the health of your mother. Your mother may also have to face problems like the coronavirus. It will definitely save them from this virus. Because the lord of the mother’s house is Mars, who is sitting low. Ketu is going to sit in your mother’s house, this time is not so good for you. Be a little careful till July 20 because there will be a lot of disturbances in their health, and you will be worried about them, going to the hospitals, taking their medicines, serving them and special things. When we can never see each other, each other, our mother said and was upset. It becomes great irony for every child that they are unable to do anything for their parents. If they are upset, and they are not able to remove their problems, then this is the time for you to be very aware of your own problems. Take care of your mother’s health. Keep them at home and follow some guidelines. Follow social distance by wearing a mask continuously. You have to repeat the process of washing hands and sanitizing several times a day, and also tell your mother. If you take care to take care of all these things, then your mother will not have to face such a big problem. You will also have to take a little care of the health of the father because Rahu is sitting in the father’s house and Venus is also having the sight of Saturn. Then take a little care of the health of the parents, your tuning will be good with them, you will not face any problem. You will have to do However, you may have to face some differences with your father because Saturn’s vision will be on the Sun, and if the Sun is your ascendant, then you will have to take special care at that time. The time after July 16 is a bit typical for you, there may be distance from father, there may be differences with father. You can go away from your father. You may have to face many such problems. Likewise, you will get good news from the side of children, she will always stand with you. If it gets you solved in your works, if you are equal to you, and if you have small children, then through studies, through activities, through activities, through art, you will definitely make you proud. And they will also move forward in their life, they will progress, they will get fame, due to which there will be no place for your happiness, you will feel very proud towards them. If we talk about the life partner, then the lord of the seventh house is Shani, who is sitting in his 12th, although sitting as a self-gracious person, but the life partner, i.e., the guru sitting in the seventh house also, is a little misunderstood with the life partner, a bit of estrangement in this relationship. May aggravate the situation. This time can be very up and down for you, so you will have to be careful in the matter of your life partner. Overall, you will get very good support from your in-laws and maternal grandparents, then family situations will progress with your mixed influences. Leo Singh Rashi July 2021 Horoscope in English

Economic Condition

If you talk about the financial situation, you will see the profit house, you will see the happiness place, you will see the money house and both your Dhanesh and your benefic are Mercury, which will become self-possessed on 7th July. After becoming self-gracious, very good results of Mercury will be seen. Especially those who are associated with the IT sector are associated with finance. The time will be called the best time period for anyone who is associated with the banking sector or for all those people who are involved in any work like CA CS accounting. There will be chances of your promotion at this time. Chances of getting an increment will be made; the chances of increasing your salary will also be seen in your making. The financial situation will go on becoming very good and strong, but after July 25, when Mercury will sit in your 12th house, at that time you will have to control your expenses, at that time your financial situation may be turbulent. Budhaditya Yoga of Sun Mercury will be formed, but it will be formed in the 12th house. Mercury is a benign planet, if you sit and save in expenses, then it will not give good results, and Saturn’s seventh vision is going to fall on this yoga as well as the Sun on Mercury, so at this time you will have to complete your tasks very cleverly. Do not be negligent in any kind of work. Do not bring excess in expenses in your life. Do not spoil the budget because first you will get to see good profit situations. Because of that, you will feel where to spend. You will come in overconfidence and after that, create a situation of expenditure, but you have to be careful. As much as you remain calm, rotating that money in your work itself and rotating it in the right direction is also very important. For this, you can take the advice of a guide from the elders of your house who play the role of a guide in your life. So go ahead after taking advice from such people. There will be no reduction in your financial condition although there will definitely be a decrease in your happiness. As the car got damaged and you had to spend on the car, or you had to buy a new vehicle. Electronic gadgets in the house got damaged. Money was spent on the maintenance of the house. You may definitely have to face such problems, that is, if there is lack of limits in your pleasures, then you will have to balance your expenses and move towards increasing the situations of profit, only then will you be able to keep your financial condition strong. Because time is very good, but it depends on your discretion where you invest that money. Share Market Gambling Satta Lottery Right now all these areas will be beneficial for you as much as you can because instead of profit in these areas, the situations of loss will be seen more, and your money which you have earned with your hard work, that money will also be spent by you. If it happens, to keep the financial situation right, you will have to maintain your balance mentally. Expenses have to be limited and your sources of income will have to be increased. Leo Singh Rashi July 2021 Horoscope in English


Educational Career and Business

Talking about education, career and business, this time remains good for the student class. You will get to see very good gains in your studies. Whatever subject you are sitting for, or you are a student of the 10th grade, then all the subjects increase if you are a student of the 11th-12th grade. Whatever you have taken, you will get success in all those subjects, but at this time you will have complete knowledge from your guru. You have to earn, don’t do any destruction at all. Do not bunk any classes and carry out your studies regularly, then surely the results will be very positive for you because time remains very good and beneficial for you. Then if you get good results, get positive results for yourself, brighten your future. If so, you do not have to do any kind of negligence in hard work at all. Especially those who do any study related to management in higher education. Those students will see the possibility of positive results making very good gains at this time. Even if you are from the field of management and you work there, then you will see the possibility of a very good profit this month. If we talk about career, then Saturn, the lord of the tenth house, Venus, the lord of the tenth house, will sit in your 12th house till July 17th, in the 12th, Venus gives very good results. But the sight of Saturn is also falling. At this time you have to give up laziness because Venus is sitting in the 12th, if there is vision of Saturn, and then it can make a person a little lazy, so give up your laziness at this time. Concentrate in your work and go ahead while concentrating on the work, work hard because the time is very good, so if you work hard, you will get the same good result. But this time you don’t have to be confused. If there is a situation of confusion, then you should take the advice of the elders of your house or take the advice of someone who plays an important role in your life. If there is a source of inspiration for you, then you can go ahead with advice from that person. There is no work related to your court at this time. If any cases are pending for a long time, their decision has to come, then that decision will definitely go in your favor, but you will have to walk a little cautiously in your work. From a career point of view, this time should be karmic for you because luck will not support you so much at this time. The more karma you provide the more favorable situations you will be able to earn. For the business class, this time will go ahead with a little mixed effect. However, those who do any work related to grocery or do any work related to agriculture. This time remains good for all those doing any work related to minerals, but apart from this, if you are doing any business, then you will definitely have to put some effort into it, you will also face difficulties to move forward in your business. But on the strength of your courage, you will definitely reach your destination by overcoming those difficulties. It is definitely certain, so this is the time for the business class to put a little effort in, but the more effort you put in, the better results you will get.

Spouse and Love Affair

In the matter of life partners and love affairs, this month will go ahead with a little mixed effect for you. The seventh Lord Shani is sitting in his outer tenth, although being a self-occupied but also a guru in the seventh house, and the guru goes and does harm to the place of that house, then at this time you have to control your anger a little bit. At this time, no such atmosphere of discord should be allowed to arise in married life. If you cut small things out of them, then the atmosphere of the house will be very good and the atmosphere of the house will be healthy. Your children will be as strong as you will be, your family environment will also be good, and you will also be strong. Confidence in a person comes from his or her family from his or her married life. If his married life is happy, then the person is very strong, no one can defeat him, then you will have to move forward only with the feelings of your spouse. But yes, if you are having Guru’s Antar or Guru’s Mahadasha and you are eligible for marriage, then you will definitely get to see the chances of getting married. At the same time, this time will also move ahead with mixed effects for love relationships. At this time you have to do a lot of thinking while choosing your partner. Do not do any such carelessness or do not do any such carelessness that will push you towards the wrong path by choosing the wrong partner. You can be cheated on, your heart can be broken. Therefore, if you are going to choose a partner, then first test it completely, check it, after that you go ahead with it. Nowadays, there are many different ways to test. So try those methods a little, try the technical field, and after that, go ahead with them so that you do not have to regret it later. If your heart is not broken later, then in the matter of life partners and love affairs, you should be a little careful and with caution. You have to move forward.


Talking about health, the lord of disease, Shani, who is self-gracious and sits in the house of disease, will bring reduction in diseases. If you have any problem related to bones, then now you are going to get relief from it. Surely it is. If you are not careful while driving, then chances of surgery can be made for you. Take special care while driving. Take care of the health of the parents. We told you that there may be a possibility of the mother getting corona, so let’s be a little careful. Don’t let any kind of fear creep into your mind beforehand. This is not a disease that cannot be solved, but it will definitely have to be fired. We are warning you, we are not scaring you, so take care of your health, take care of the health of your family members. Connect yourself and your family members with Yoga Meditation Pranayama and make morning walk a part of your life.


We are moving towards measures with mixed effects in family situations, and some feelings of concern about your mother’s health may also build up in your mind about your father’s health, but ups and downs are justified in everything else. But the ups and downs in the relationship break the person. So let there be no distance between you at all. You must do the Havan with camphor every day at home. Take a small amount of coconut camphor, black pepper, cloves, cardamom, all of these in it and make a havan from it. Whatever smoke he has in the house, he will spread it in the whole house, this will bring positive vibration in your house. You definitely have to put black horseshoe after the house. The black dog has to be fed bread with oil every day, if possible, then after getting your mother’s hand, then feed the bread to the black dog. You have to take care of the health of family members, and you can also donate red things to diseases. Have darshan of Hanumanji. Together with your family members, you have to recite Sunderkand daily, you must do Shani’s donation. Because the sight of Saturn which is falling first on Mars and Venus, then on Sun and Mercury, then that vision is not good, then if you must donate Saturn, then these are some measures which you must do.

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