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Leo Rashifal March 2021 | सिंह राशि मार्च राशिफल – Leo horoscope | March Rashifal in English – Nidhi Shrimali


Leo Rashifal February 2021  सिंह राशि मार्च राशिफल

Hello welcome Today I appeared in front of you the monthly horoscope for the month of Leo. This month, two special festivals which are known as our national festival, this festival is celebrated on March 11, one of the important festivals of Indian culture, it is considered to be the biggest festival of Bholenath. On this day, we worship Bholenath. Mata wishes her happy married life to Parvati and Bholenath. Pray for the destruction of diseases and worship them. The festival of Holika Dahan will be celebrated with great pomp on 28 March and on 29 March, the festival of colors Holi i.e. Dhundi will be celebrated with great pomp. Anyway, due to Corona, in 2020 we could not celebrate any festival with much fanfare. We celebrated that festival very moderately. But after that these are not new years with new hopes, so this time we will celebrate these festivals with great pomp. Let’s go ahead and know how the position of the planets will be in the month of March, because the horoscope depends on the arrangement of the planets. That is why we know the condition of the planets, first of all, the Sun planet, which is presently sitting in Aquarius, and on March 14, they will enter Pisces from Aquarius, that is, they will enter the eighth house from your seventh house which is Mercury planet, Currently sitting in Capricorn, which is sitting in your education and on March 11, they will enter Aquarius from Capricorn and they will become wayward there. You will be sitting in your seventh house. After Mercury, you will get to see Venus at this time, which is currently sitting in Aquarius. Mars is sitting in your seventh house and on March 17, Venus will be in the eighth house from Aquarius Aquarius, which is sitting high in Pisces. The planetary planets have also been considered and going with Rahu in Karma will create a slightly different form of Angaraka yoga. Will cause confusion but you will get very good results of Mars. Both Guru and Saturn are sitting in Capricorn as Saturn in Capricorn and Guru is seated in Capricorn through lowlight. Sitting of these two planets in the Sun system in your eighth house will bring mixed results for you. We will know what the results will be seen during their horoscope, but before that, let us tell you that if you want to know about the arrangement of planets in your horoscope, you are worried about your future. If you have some questions about the future, then you can get benefit from sitting at home by analyzing the horoscope. We have made a registration facility for you. I will do a complete analysis of your horoscope. I will answer your questions and tell you right so that you can get the solution to the financial problems in your life and get the proper solution, then contact us at the numbers given below and book your result today. Go ahead and know about the monthly horoscope of the March of Leo sign. Leo Rashifal March 2021

Family Status

Leo Rashifal March 2021 – If I talk about the family situation, the sun will sit in the seventh house for half a month, sitting in the first seventh house, because these times seem very good from your family point of view. Look at your own house, that is, the Lagna. This time will add four moons in your personality, will increase your sphere of influence, will increase your intensity, then after that, the sun will remain in the eighth house, and in the eighth house, your daily routine will work to correct your deterioration. You will get very good results of the Sun ascendant this month. Very good relations with Vidya will be seen in your making. Uncle you with some money from your mind. The possibility of receiving Tau grandparents from them remains at this time, this mother will appear to be strengthening your family relationships more. Your relationship with family will get mixed results first. Got some good news from family. You may get some bad news about the health of a relative, that you will get the lord of the family of the house of Mercury, who will sit in your house and then you will start your month with some such news, but 10 days in the beginning of the month you will be a little cautious. After removing it, time will be very good for you, you will get a lot of family support. If you are unmarried, then your relatives will be supported to get married. Very good relationships will be offered to you from their side, that is, these days, social values ​​to increase respect in a very good family will create a separate identity in your society to get respect. By chance, you have a money dispute. If there is a dispute regarding a family problem or their ancestral property, then those disputes will be resolved. You will get very good support of siblings at this time, with the help of siblings, you will also be able to get the solution of the problems coming in your life. If you have a joint business to move forward with them, then their very good support in that business will be in advancing you, you will be in your progress if you do a job, then if there is any obstacle in your path or any problems like problems, then those She will fully help you in fighting the crises, but getting guidance from a person is very important in your life. Many times we are unable to decide in many places whether we will make the decision or not. Is appropriate for us or not. Confusion situation comes in our life even though we know everything, but with the support of your siblings, the family proves that by which we can take advice, then you will do your work by taking advice from them, then your condition of confusion is over. Will go. You have to take care of your mother’s health at the time. However, the owner of the mother’s house is Mangal, who is also looking at his own house sitting in Karma, so you will get very good support and support from the mother, you will also get great benefits from them, that is, financially also your full Will help, but at this time, you will have a feeling of worry about their health, you may have to visit the hospital for their health because they can choose from infection-related problems in the place of Ketu Mata. If infected diseases can bother them, then your relationship with your mother will be good, but you will have to take care of their health. This time is not so good for you from the children, you will be worried about his future, you will be worried about his studies, in the coming time, you can remain worried about his behavior regarding his habits at this time. But if you sit and explain, you will get the right guidance, no matter what kind of person if he gets proper guidance in the right way. Not to get angry at all. Resentment tends to dominate the children of the parents with rebellious instincts, so calmly handle them with restraint and provide them guidance by sitting very comfortably. If you go to their level and become a fan, they will guide you, then they will understand your words and will follow the path of your saying, then you will have to do this work with priority. You will have to focus on your family before leaving all work. Virgo: You will get very good support Nana Nani will be blessed. Their health insurance will be nothing. Therefore, you will create a feeling of satisfaction in your mind that at least your grandparents are healthy and their blessings are on you, uncle, you will get very good support. The spirit of financial cooperation will be there for you. With the help of maternal care, there is a possibility of getting support in all ways, mentally and financially. Your mother, who is very fine-tuning with her life partner, will move forward by making a very good rapport with your life partner and if you do any work with them, then you will get great benefit in that work too. Your tuning with the father will be good, but after half a month, after March 17, Venus, the lord of the father’s house, who will sit in the eighth house, then though Venus will sit high, the result of Venus from sitting in the eighth house will give you. If you get to see, then you will be in a situation of ups and downs that will be made with your father. Mars Rahu’s yoga may also create some problems in the spirit of the father in the midst of both of you, but this problem will not last long because your mother’s blessings will give you complete fulfillment and with the help of them, you will eliminate the distance between you. If you appear successful, then your family status will be very alert from your parents’ side, from very acidic children. Take care of the health of the mother, take care of the life of the child, she should be guided. Of any type. When we manage our balance due to balance in our family situations and there is no problem in our work, then you will have to follow the balance. Leo Rashifal February 2021

Economic Condition

Leo Rashifal March 2021 – Moving forward and I will talk about the economic situation of the country for the economic situation, firstly we will look at the farmers and money prices with profit, then the beneficiaries and Dhanesh are your Mercury, which is in the beginning of the mother and education is sitting in it a little bit. The dominance of the enemy about unrestrained tension work, the conspiracy of the enemies against you is a colleague of your own, he will also plant some plants against you, being the victim of some wrong habits. Excuse money like water over him. Because of this, your financial situation can be disastrous, so you have to be very careful on these 10 days, that is, you do not have to be in the wrong habit to avoid wrong association and who should be very alert in your work place also It can be harmful for you to trust anyone more, so keep your confidential things and confidential documents in a safe place by telling the next person as much as you need and do not share confidential things with anyone financially. Do not choose these 10 days ahead for you, after that when the owner of your profit house and the owner of money will sit on Mercury, then your financial situation will improve, whoever has taken a loan in your debt problem. You will also be seen borrowing. The financial condition will continue to reverberate and by the end of the month you will feel financially very rich and advanced. There will be no reduction in happiness. Although sometimes in the middle you may get some electronic problems such as an electronic item gone bad, minor problems etc. But your happiness will only increase because Mars, the lord of Pakistan, who is looking at his house sitting in karma If you continuously increase in happiness, then this time will be very good from the point of view of happiness and from the financial point of view, the mess you are seeing will also be corrected. Leo Rashifal March 2021

Education, Career, And Business

Leo Rashifal March 2021 – Now we are ahead and if I talk about education career and business, first of all education career and business, then the time will not be so good for the students. The ups and downs will be full because the Guru of Panchesh sits one house ahead of himself, but sitting in the seventh house through lowliness will confuse your knowledge. At this time there will be a situation of confusion, you remember everything you are sitting in and you will not remember things, you are getting confused and you have written a wrong answer which will spoil your paper, then all your hard work of your year has been wasted. Some such situations may arise in front of you. You have to face these situations by being a little aware. Sometimes you will be successful in achieving your goals in your studies, otherwise, you may get a little frustrated by the goal you have set, but do not let despair take any place in your life because the fruits of hard work are not there today or tomorrow. It will definitely be seen, especially for those students who do studies related to accounting, those who do some studies related to management, this can be very straggling time for those students. Therefore, think carefully, take this time out of moderation. If I talk about the career, but Venus, the lord of career, who is sitting in your center by March 17, sitting in the seventh house, it is very good to say that your partner, Karma’s companion, Mars, who is sitting in your karma, and Rahu, who is Mars. The power of Angarak yoga is why I have Mars on the Mars orbit of Banaras, in your horoscope, the planet Yog is the farmer and Bhagyesh Mars. Sitting of Sukesh and Bhagyesh Mangal in Karma will increase happiness. Luck will support you, but Rahu and Mars’s embers will definitely try to push back, but you will definitely achieve your destination on the strength of your hard work. On the other hand, if there is any litigation going on you, or in your business, there is a case going on in a court in your work, if there is a decision punching, then if their decision is yet to come. Those decisions of the court case will definitely go in your favor. In the case of court cases, you will get complete victory in this way, so if you want your case to be resolved a little bit, then you want to get that speedy solution, then at this time you should give your case a little double speed and tell your lawyer that If it is dealt with immediately, then the decision will be in your favor. In terms of career, this month will bring mixed results for you. After March 17, though Venus is going high in the eighth house, still a little work will be found in your works. You feel more food than laziness in you. I will not do this work today, tomorrow. Such situations will come in you and you will try to postpone your work. Investing in the fun market, investing in the lottery, investing in the lottery, such things will be more awake in you and you can increase your expenses by investing in them. Therefore, you have to be very restrained in the end of the month. Keep a little control over yourself as well. Do not let laziness dominate you, because if the person who receives the fruits of karma wants his fortune and he does not get results on the fate of his sitting, then it will be decided that karma will remain dominant. This time remains a bit critical for the employed people. If I look at it professionally, these times will gain a very good profit position for the business class. At this time, Saturn, who is the master of your seventh house, sits in the system of sentiment and if you sit as an eclipse of Saturn, it will bring a lot of challenges to your business. You can do any metal-related work related to metal or you do any work related to groceries. If you do any work related to minerals, then you can get very good success in it, but if you do these tasks individually, the same will be more for you. If you want to add someone’s name to your work then you can add the name of your life partner. This will help you grow your work more and you will earn success quickly. Jeevansathi nursery education career and business, if I look at these three, then this month has brought mixed results for you. Leo Rashifal March 2021

Life Partner And Love Affair

Leo Rashifal March 2021 – Go ahead and if I talk about life partner and love affairs, then if I talk about life partner and love affairs, then Saptamesh Saturn will sit in the system and will give very good results according to married life. If Mercury also comes in the seventh house, then this time will be for you to extend your work with the help of your spouse. You can also take help of your life partner in your work. If you are unmarried, if you are looking for a life partner to get married, then maybe you find a person of CA CS level while doing accounting work, then you can find a little more justice connected with the justice system. Therefore, you can try in these areas that you will find a life partner if you too are looking for your spouse from it and if you are tied in the sweet bond of married life, then your married life will be happier. Good bonding will be formed with At this time, you will also be engaged in spiritual programs, the outline of religious rituals and mangalik programs can be prepared in your house and you will get full support of your partner in it. Talking about love relationship, you will become very good bonding with your partner. If you like someone and want to propose it, then it will not hit your proposal. So this time is going very well. At this time, you can propose to your love partner, so according to the married life and love relationship, this month will be a very good result for you. Leo Rashifal March 2021


Leo Rashifal March 2021 – Now go ahead and see about breathing, if I talk about the health, then inside the sense of mind, sitting through the Guru, there is a slight stomach problem, weight gain, excessive weight gain, throat related problem, thyroid coming. Solving problems like system ie BP sugar thyroid, problems like obesity, abdominal pain, some such problems may surround you. Therefore you have to take special care of your health. You will also have to take special care of your mother’s health. If possible, when you do not take them along on the morning walk, then you should also go and take your mother with you and ask them to walk for a little walk. Join yourself to Yoga Meditation Pranayam and connect them as well. Join them and your whole family, they will take care of their health, take care of their body only then we will be able to do all the tasks smoothly. You have to bring this action in your life, for healthy you will avoid little fried things because the Guru also provides cholesterol, so the exertion can increase. That is why you will have to avoid fried fried things at this time, if they grow with some measures, then there will not be any problem in your health. So this was the monthly horoscope of the month of Leo for the people of Leo. Leo Rashifal March 2021

Let’s look at Remedies:

Now, look at the great remedy. Look at the special festival of Mahashivratri and Holi coming in this month of March, then you and I are in the path of disease of our actions, which you also have a little breathing problem with your mother If you can join the idol of Giloy on Bholenath on the day of Mahashivaratri, then you can also get anointed from your mother, then surely you will get special benefit in breathing in diseases. Apart from this, if you want the student class to achieve victory in their studies, then on the day of Holika Dahan, you should take five-seven black pepper 2 small coconuts and five gomti chakra. You believe it in a bundle in your house of Holika Dahan and rotate it throughout your house. Turn over the study table in the study room and then take seven rounds of Holika’s fire and make all these things flow in Holika’s fire. This is a surefire solution and every student should do it. Time is getting mixed results for the students, so you want to move forward in your education, you want to get new dimensions in education, if you want to achieve your goal, then you must adopt these measures, be healthy, stay busy, keep smiling always Om Adoration to Lord Shiva. Leo Rashifal March 2021


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