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Leo Rashifal June 2021 | सिंह राशि जून राशिफल – Leo horoscope | June Rashifal in English – Nidhi Shrimali


Leo Rashifal June 2021  सिंह राशि जून राशिफल

Hi. Today, I have once again appeared before you with the monthly horoscope for the month of Leo in front of you. This month is coming with a special festival, which is the festival of Nirjala Ekadashi. The fast of Nirjala Ekadashi is going to come on June 21, but this Ekadashi is considered to be the biggest Ekadashi among all the Ekadashi of such importance. Amra is also known as Ekadashi. On this day, mangoes are distributed to the sister daughters of the house, their blessings are taken and their fruits are obtained, as well as charity is of special importance to the needy people. If you have not done this Ekadashi 12 Ekadashi in the whole year and if you do it only on this Ekadashi, then this Ekadashi is considered to be equal to 12 Ekadashi giving you fruits. So if you can fast on the day of Nirjala Ekadashi, then definitely do it. If you cannot stay hungry, then do charity charity because we get to see many times more results of charity. We get the result of charity equal to 12 Ekadashis. Go ahead and know about the position of planet transit. It is also important to know this. Depends on the monthly zodiac at the position of the planets, then it is said that the kings of the planets from the beginning sun are currently sitting in Taurus and on June 15, they will be seated in Gemini from Taurus, which is their friend. So sit in it and then after that you will move into it. Mars will remain in this entire mother Cancer sign. Mars is sitting in Gemini and on June 2, that is, at the beginning of the month, he will move from Gemini to Cancer, which is his debilitated sign, and will be debilitated. According to your zodiac sign, Mars was in your horoscope and you will be sitting in the Gemini sign, and on June 3, they will be sitting in the west through Gemini and going to the zodiac, which is their zodiac sign. At the moment, they will sit in your destiny place and on June 3, they will be seated in your place of karma and will sit with Rahu and create a yoga set with Rahu. At present, the planet Jupiter is sitting in Aquarius and this entire mother planet Jupiter is sitting in Aquarius, which is her friend’s zodiac, your seventh house, Venus is currently sitting in Gemini and on June 22, she will move from Gemini to Cancer. That their very enemy is the zodiac sign and they will be seated in it and Saturn is self-conscious and is sitting in your system house ie Capricorn. At the same time, Rahu and Ketu will be sitting in Scorpio, then the position of these planets will be seen in this month, along with the use of Sun Venus eclipse yoga postures, you will also get to see Ishma, the Buddha Yoga 3 of the Sun Mercury. Apart from you, the Guru’s vision will be on the Ascendant and on your mighty spirit. On the other hand, the sight of Shani will remain on your eighth house, on your 12th house i.e. on expenditure and on your mighty house. – Leo Singh Rashi June 2021 Horoscope

Family Status

Ascendant Sun will sit in your karmic house for the first month and after half a month i.e. on 15th June, he will sit in your benefic house. Sitting inside the Lagna Kendra will do more for your Ascendant. At this time the sphere of influence will increase in your sharpness. Social honor and respect will increase, people will get influenced by you and try to conduct their work by taking advice from you. Time is going to be very good for the officers associated with the garment job. At the same time, the relationship with the grandparents will be more intimate. If you have any kind of estrangement at this time, then you will be seen making efforts to establish a harmony back by removing it. This month is going to be very favorable for you in every way, in which Deendayal’s father will improve your relationship with children as well as your family, but at this time, do not talk about anything that will spoil your image in your relatives. At this time, you have to control your speech and control your anger, you will have to bring these two weapons in your life. Your mother will stay on these two things. The more you keep calm, keep restraint on your speech, the more you will continue to earn success. Your image in relatives should be visible very well. At this time, you will also be seen helping you in your work in intellectual intensity with an important relative. Siblings will see your love after tuning your Isma. If there is any dispute related to ancestral property, then it will be resolved only by mutual coordination. The dispute will escalate. During mutual conversation, getting an accurate and good solution will also be seen. Special care has to be taken for the health of the mother. Mars, which is the lord of the mother’s house, is sitting in you during Mercury’s low, which is a place of expenditure, which is not considered a good place and along with Ketu, which is sitting in the house of the mother, can affect the health of the mother somewhere. And the effect of Ketu is bad, so you will have to pay special attention to their health this month. Also, Mars, which is the lord of mother’s house, can create a little distance between you, can create misunderstanding, but if Mars misses, Mars is debilitated in it and even if it sits in it, it will give a little good, it will deteriorate a lot. The mutual discord will not worsen the discord too much. Although you will definitely go up and down in speaking, you will do something that will hurt them, but then you will also realize your mistake and improve your relationship back with them, apologize to them, such a process has reduced a little bit this month, but later you will Will keep going between the two, you are also Manglik, so do as much control as you can on your anger-charge forward because this control can make your life more easy and can keep your relationships good and healthy. You will get happiness news from children. The child will act as a strong pillar for you, helping you in every way in your life. If your equal will help you at your workplace and with the help of his new technology that you will apply, you will see the possibilities of very good profit. Small ones of sacrifice will make you feel proud through studies. At this time, whatever MBA Technical MCA does any work related to it, if you want to put your children in any work related to management, then your child’s selection will definitely be done in it and he will get success. Relation with maternal grandmother will be very good, maternal grandmother’s health will be good. You will become a partner of his full love and dedication and the more you are devoted to him, the more he will be devoted to you and shower affection on you. With your life partner, you will move forward with mixed results. If the Guru is sitting in the seventh house and in the seventh house, the feeling of the life of the couple is disturbed. Do you know that when the Guru sits, he loses the place of that place, then you will have to be a little careful and sit with your spouse next. Nothing is a big problem, but a little will definitely control your speaking. You may have differences with your father, but your father will definitely support you. There is some misunderstanding and lack of coordination on small matters, it is natural to have ideological differences, because in the house of the father, three planets are being combined and these three yogas are also formed, the world of postures Sun becomes Budhaditya Yoga of Mercury and Sun Make Rahu planetary yoga. These two yogas which combine the Sun beings, both of them will definitely reduce the synergy with your father, but father and you support financially, standing behind them like a strong income for you. You will definitely get this, so respect your father. If you ignore any small things at all, you will go ahead and then you will be able to move forward in your life, parents should always be respected by every person. Told the in-laws about Mars because of your quote, Mangli definitely needs to control her anger a little bit, then if you control your anger in it a little, then the family situation will remain in your happiness.  – Leo Singh Rashi June 2021 Horoscope

Economic Condition

If we talk about the financial situation, then we see the profit sentiment. We will look at the place of wealth, but both the lord and dhanesh are Mercury, which, after being benefic from itself, will retrograde Mercury and form a yoga with Rahu, then you are going to get the mixed result of Mercury. Along with this, Dhanesh is also Mercury, which is very friendly with Rahu to make Jagat Yoga, and if Mercury is sitting, then you have so much space. You will only be able to earn the position of the mother you will find in your field of work. You will not have to present any problem in it, but there will definitely be a decrease in your happiness. Getting small or getting spoiled, small expenses suddenly come into your life, expenses on diseases or expenses on maintenance of the house, many such expenses will suddenly come in your life. You will keep struggling with those expenses. Sometimes, sometimes some such situation will arise in your life which you will see while getting irritated with a little irritation, but if you do not get disturbed and be neutral and move forward in your field of work, then your life will be better If you take strong, then you strong will not spoil your decision in any way. There will be no shortage of happiness. You will definitely get the support of the family so that if you are struggling with such problems with such happiness, then your problems will not become big. Your family’s participation in this will be very important. – Leo Singh Rashi June 2021 Horoscope

Education, Career, And Business

First of all, if you talk about the student, then you will not feel any kind of shortage in this month of Buddhist phase for the student class. On the contrary, you will do your things very well at this time so that your teachers will be impressed by your principal, your parents, your studies. You will be able to move forward with a lot of sincere dedication and hard work. At this time, banking business by doing any work related to technical field related to MBA MCA or management, now teaching business, you will be seen to be achieving good success in all these areas even if students who are preparing something related to all these fields are preparing for them. For this time, this month will be very good and give good results. If there is no one, then it does not matter, but this month, your studies clear your knots. This month is very meaningful, so do not spend this month at all and your full concentration will be yours on your studies and if you try to increase your concentration further, then you will definitely see good success in the coming future. Talking about career, Venus is the lord of the house of career, which is the lord of karma and is sitting ahead of you, since then Venus will give you very good results in both the houses. A very good name in career and will be seen improving his image further. But Venus can increase a little bit, laziness in doing a little work will make your friend tomorrow work the day after tomorrow. Such a situation may arise, but if you call, do it today, tomorrow and today, so now if you follow this policy, then any kind of problem will not come in your life. Very good in career you will get achievement if you end up looking for jobless job you will get a good job. If you want to do some work of your own then you will get good progress and progress in your work. But in the karma sense, Sun will also be the leading yoga of Rahu and the Mercury Yoga of Sun Mercury is formed and the sum of Sun and Sun Mercury and Rahu will also be there for the whole month, then you will have to increase concentration concentration and do any kind of negligence in a little work. Do not have any kind of deficiency in you at all. Luck will not support you, but if you want, you can bring your luck in favor on the basis of your karma and it all depends on you. I always say that a person should always be karma-dominated. Luck should not remain dominant. Luck always supports only those people who work hard and leave no stone unturned in hard work. Luck will favor you. For the business class, this month will move forward with a mixed effect. Although you sat through Saturn, the owner of the trading house, but if you sit as a self-proclaimed, then for the business class, the continuous process as if your work is going on now. Although your work will continue, but Jupiter sitting in the seventh house is doing damage to that place, it will definitely bring some ups and downs in business. You will not get the benefit as expected. But even then, you will definitely work hard, the tasks of your daily routine are those of you which you should avoid. No big investment you have to make time for. Just like you do your work every day, you will move forward with your work, your work will definitely go on and the good time to come will give a boost to your work and your work will move forward immediately, so with patience and patience, you will get this time. Remove and. By being very systematic, you should proceed with your work in an organized way so that you do not have to borrow from anyone because the financial condition is good, so you should not face the problem of borrowing, but if you made unrestrained investment then you may have to borrow and Loan troubles the person, so if possible this month, do not take loan at all and keep running your work as it is going. – Leo Singh Rashi June 2021 Horoscope

Life Partner And Love Affair

If I talk about life partner love affairs, then you will get full support of life partner this month. You will not have to face any kind of problem in married life, but sitting in the seventh house of Jupiter, therefore you will have to control your speech a little. If you are a manglik too, then there is a little more Mars too, so if you put the handbrake on the head of your good car, then do not let the beggars tell you the misunderstood in your midst with your speech. Seeing that the atmosphere of the house is spoiled unnecessarily, the mind will not be engaged in any work. I know that if there is any kind of disturbance in married life, then we do not feel in anything and especially for women, the words of their life partner matter a lot and for those who are housewives, that house means a lot. Does not get out of Today is the husband who moved out of the house and went to his work place. They forget to say anything, their attention goes to those things, but women kept thinking of those things. So be careful. Take care of the women of your home, your wife and her feelings, if you feel bad about anything, then you can now explain in peace. Every issue can be solved peacefully. It will remain the same in love relationship as well, your partner will have to understand you and keeping in mind their feelings, you will have to move forward by tuning, otherwise a good relationship will be spoiled. The extravagant distances will come in between each other and as you move through a continuous process by holding each other’s hands, then it is better to ignore such small things. In the relationship too, you have to move ahead by maintaining a bit and increasing the maturity level. – Leo Singh Rashi June 2021 Horoscope


If I talk about health, then Shani, the lord of the disease house, who is self-occupied, is sitting in the disease house. But this Saturn’s will not bring any kind of disturbance in your health. Sunny being self-indulgent and no person is bad for his house. There may be some problem a little bit, if you drive the vehicle a little, then drive the vehicle slowly. Since the risk of accident remains. Don’t ignore small problems. For example, if you are deficient in vitamin D and lack of meat, then do not ignore it. Get treatment immediately. If you take pills after consulting a doctor, you can also sit in your house in Germany, if you go to the hospital and get advice only then you can take advice on the phone. Get the test done so that you do not have to go through any such problem and whatever your food is drinking at home, then use healthy things so that you do not get any kind of problem especially related to the bone related to diseases. If you take care of your taste, then there will be no problem of any kind. It has been told to you to take special care of your mother’s health at this time. Your mother’s entire servant should take full care of her and you go in development to get her out. He will take care of you as much as you do. So this was the monthly horoscope of Leo sign – Leo Singh Rashi June 2021 Horoscope

Let’s look at Remedies:

Whatever troubles you can bring in your life by going in the sense of mother, then if Mars is low, then first of all you should donate red things and recite Hanuman Chalisa from the natives. Numbly you must recite Hanuman Chalisa once in your home. If possible, you must also recite Sunderkand on Thursday. This will remove the problem in your life. You will definitely get the blessings of Hanuman ji. You can donate red things on Tuesdays and Saturdays and don’t forget to offer vermilion to Hanumanji at all. Also, if possible, if there is any dog ​​etc. inside your locality, then you must feed roti with oil to any slumdog. Due to this, the risk of infection will come out from your mother and if you get this work done by your mother’s hand, then it will be even better, then these are some benefits that you must do. Have a healthy mind and keep smiling always. Shree Radhe. – Leo Singh Rashi June 2021 Horoscope


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