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Leo March 2022 Horoscope English blog | Singh Rashi March 2022 राशिफल | Nidhi Shrimali


Leo March 2022 Horoscope English blog

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Ups and downs come in the life of every person and their solution is possible with the right guidance. So let us solve every problem. Hello, today we have been present in front of you with the monthly horoscope of the people of Leo zodiac for March. In this i.e. on 1st March the festival of Maha Shivratri of Bholeshankar is coming and like every year we will organize Maha Rudrabhishek inside our institute for the happiness of all Bholenath, so by being a part of this event, this event will be meaningful and made successfully. Falgun month is going to start on 3rd March. The same Holashtak is being held on 10th March and after Holashtak no auspicious work is done. On 17th March, the festival of Holika Dahan will be celebrated with great pomp and let us immerse all our evils in the fire of Holika. Such is our desire and our wish that we all take a vow of goodness by burning our evils in the religious fire of Holika. On 18th March, the festival of Ghulandi will be celebrated with great pomp which is the festival of colours and such colours are scattered in your and all of our lives and we desire that our life be filled with colours. If the festival of Sheetlashtami will be celebrated with great pomp on March 25, then it is some special fast and festival because this mother should be made even more special. Leo March 2022 Horoscope English blog

Let us move ahead and know-how will be the position of the planets in this month that the monthly horoscope is given based on the position of the planet transit. First of all, let’s talk about the Sun, the king of planets, which is currently sitting in your zodiac sign Aquarius and on March 15, he will enter his friend’s zodiac sign Pisces. The planet Mercury is also going to change the zodiac twice this month. Presently he is sitting in his enemy sign Capricorn. On 6th March they will enter their friendly zodiac sign Aquarius and on 24th March again they will change their zodiac sign and enter their debilitated sign Pisces. Capricorn will remain exalted for the whole month from the planet Mars. Jupiter, who is sitting in his friend’s zodiac Aquarius for the whole month, will be in Capricorn, which will remain in his zodiac signs and he will enter Aquarius on the last of the month i.e. on 31st March. The planet Saturn will remain in Capricorn for the whole month. Rahu and Ketu are going to sit in Scorpio. Also, when Sun and Mercury will enter Pisces, then they will have to face the third rate of Saturn, then will there be an effect of Saturn’s vision. What will be the vision of the Guru? Will we get to see the result of the turmoil of these planets this month? Leo March 2022 Horoscope English blog

First of all, let’s talk about your zodiac lord, your zodiac lord is the sun and the zodiac lord sitting in the seventh house and looking at your own house, for half a month, you will get to see the result of a very spectacular sun. At this time, your might will increase in your brilliance, your influence on the people will be seen increasing. In social respect, your increasing fame, fame and fame will be seen spreading all around. At this time people will try to do their work after taking advice from you but this tenure will be till 15th March because on 15th March the Sun will enter the eighth house from your seventh house while changing the zodiac and since the Ascendant ascendant will sit in the eighth house and the Sun, By the way, we will correct the eighth house a little because those cruel planets will correct that place, but since the Sun is the Ascendant and sitting in the eighth house, you will not see its results so good and good. At this time, you have to tread carefully and avoid any risky investment. Before doing any work, think about it thoroughly and then proceed. There can be a difference of opinion with Dadyal, so make tuning with your cousin. Don’t be a part of an argument with anyone. At this time, you will move forward in the work with conscious thought and you will get success in the tasks you have planned. You will get very good results in hard work, but if you try to earn money dishonestly, then definitely action can be taken against you. You may also face a jail visit. You will also have to take special care that there is no financial condition so that you do not have to take a loan from anyone. Leo March 2022 Horoscope English blog

Now let’s go ahead and know about the second house. This is both your second lord and benefic Mercury and Mercury is going and sitting in the seventh house, at the beginning of the month, the arrival of Mercury in the seventh house is very good and till March 24 i.e. for a period of about 15 to 20 days, Mercury will sit in your seventh house. . This time will be very good because Mercury will increase your business by sitting in the seventh house. Your respect in the family will increase. At this time, if you do any work related to your speech, whether it is the work of imparting knowledge, leaders in the teaching profession, actors, artists or any politician, then this time will be good for all those people. Be it debates or media persons, this is going to be a time of fame for them too. You will get the best results in no time. Your officers will also look happy with you. There will be chances of your promotion and good growth in the job as well. A new responsibility will be assigned to you. Disputes related to ancestral property will end only by mutual negotiations between your family members. The same benefic Mercury will increase the profit. You will increase your profits at this time so that your financial condition is saved from fluctuation. In finance, you do not have to see anyone’s face and which is the time from March 6 to March 24, in this you will get to see progress and progress in your business. The evening will be seen opening a new branch of his business, but on March 24, when Mercury changes its zodiac sign and enters its debilitated sign, if it sits in your nature, then Mercury is facing the sight of Saturn sitting in the eighth house. . The results of Mercury in the eighth house are not good and after that, it is their debilitated place. So if you do this behaviour in the same way, then from March 24, you should be very aware of any risky investment Don’t get into investment. Do not fall prey to wrong habits and do not try to earn money in the wrong way because this time can give you many problems. If you go on walking in the normal way, then not much problem will come in your life and you will eliminate minor problems with your hard work and dedication, but if you have done something wrong in the process of adopting big hands and shortcuts, then you can get stuck. . If you have to take special care of this, then you will get to see the results of second and benefic Mercury in this month. Leo March 2022 Horoscope English blog

Now coming in the third place, the lord of the third house is Venus, which is the lord of your karmic house and Venus is sitting in the 6th house and Venus is stuck with Saturn and Mars because Venus is a benign planet and both Mars and Saturn If there is a cruel planet, then talk about might, then you might not be able to express yourself at this time. People want that you also want to keep your feelings in front of some strong people. But somewhere your words will get buried. You will feel unable to express your feelings in front of people. Even if power is used, it will be used in negative works. A legitimacy will come into your nature. The tendency to work will decrease. At this time, disputes with siblings should be avoided because they are your well-wishers and what will happen to you will tell you your mistakes too. At this time, if they speak bitter to you, then do the work of thinking and understanding their words and not going against them. If you go against them then surely you will get away from your relationship as well. At this time, you just have to go on doing your tasks honestly in the normal way with hard work and dedication. Some of your work may get stuck in politics. A big project can get you stuck in politics. If you take active participation in politics, then at this time you will not get such good results from politics. Venus is also your Karmesh and the lord of Karma Bhav is sitting in the disease house in the 6th house. Due to health-related problems, you will not be able to do your work smoothly or you will be worried about your father’s health and will keep circling you about him because this work will be your effect because Rahu is also sitting in the karmic house which is misunderstood. and invites diseases. You will have to build a good bonding with your father, because if your father will sometimes speak bitter words to bring you on the right path, then do not argue falsely with him. Arguments will give negative results. So avoid these debates for a bit. That would be better for you. If you want to get your father’s support and companionship, then you will have to walk a little cautiously. You do not have to argue with anyone even at your workplace. Work like teamwork If you work as teamwork then you will get success. But if you do not do this, you will be left alone because colleagues will not get the support of Kaling. They will not say anything in front of you but will not support you and because of this, you will not be able to complete your work alone. Therefore, it would be appropriate for you to proceed with a little caution in your workplace. Leo March 2022 Horoscope English blog

Now comes the fourth house i.e. at the place of happiness, both your happiness and your luck are Mars. Mars is also a yogic planet in your horoscope and Mars is sitting in the sixth house. It is okay for Sukhesh to sit on his third day, but since Mars is sitting in the sixth house, then you will get to see some fluctuation in your pleasures at this time. Be careful while buying a vehicle. Fraud can also happen with you because Ketu is sitting in the place of happiness. At this time there are possibilities of change of your place. A lot of money can get stuck, so be careful while investing your money. If you are doing any work, then proceed only after taking the advice of your family members or taking the advice of an experienced person or friend. If you are going to invest in property, then first read the paper and then sign on them, otherwise, fraud can happen to you. Now keep calm for a bit. Rest this time will not give you such negative results with your happy place. For this period to give good results for you, you will have to move forward with tireless efforts. Revolutionary Yoga of Shani Mars is also being formed. So this is the time to bring change in life and you will also try to move forward in your life by bringing some changes. Time will be very good for farmers. You will get the correct assessment of the crop. Mars is sitting exalted, so it will give you very good results. At the same time, for those who are working related to animal husbandry, milk and dairy, this time will also be very good and give good results. Leo March 2022 Horoscope English blog

Now talking about Bhagyesh Mangal, then this time will strengthen your luck even more. There is a benefit in long term investment, so if you want to invest your money in share market lottery or any work then do long term investment. Avoid short term investments. This time will give you great benefits. If you do only stock exchange related work, then do not be in a hurry to invest in it thoughtfully. If you want to take the lottery at this time, then you can also take it There will be chances to open. Young girls who are looking for jobs. Their search will end and you will get a good job this time. You have to work hard. You have to make effort. You have to become karma-oriented, only then you will be able to achieve these things. You can enjoy this time. Your participation in social programs will increase. If you join the works of Dharma Karma and leave your family as well, then overall you will get the result also fine because Mars is sitting with Shani. Mars is a cruel planet in the sixth house, that is why it will give good results and anyway if Mars is exalted, then Mars will give good results. Leo March 2022 Horoscope English blog

Talking about the fifth house, the fifth lord is the guru who is the lord of your eighth house and the guru is sitting in your centre. According to the fifth house, the Guru will get very good results because the fifth lord is sitting third from himself, then the time is going to be very good for the student class. Group discussion can benefit you. So try to study in groups. You will learn many new things from this, but instead of talking and another gossip, pay attention to your studies. Join a group where only study-related talk is there. This time will remove the worries related to children and you will see very good gains in his career. Your children will get positive results and you will feel proud of them. Time will be good for the students studying management. You can get very good results time in studies and from child side. On the other hand, if you do work related to any of your art in literary creation, then surely your fame will be seen increasing in that too. A little spiritual inclination will increase in you at this time because if the Guru shows interest in spirituality, then at this time your mind will also be engaged in the works related to God. Your participation and activity in religious rituals will increase. Leo March 2022 Horoscope English blog

Talking about the eighth house, then the eighth lord is sitting 12th from himself because the result is good in the centre of the guru, so there is not so much trouble, but you do not have to work in a hurry. Do not try to take any work and any decision in a hurry. You will get success in completing your tasks peacefully. But if you make haste then the result can also turn out to be negative. Be alert and careful with animals as animals can cause injury. People associated with marketing can benefit a lot at this time. You can get to see the very good benefits of Guru at this time. Your wishes will be fulfilled and you will get back the stuck money. There is also a possibility of getting secret money. Do not try to earn money in the wrong way at all, because if you can get stuck badly in it, if you walk a little cautiously, then you will see very good results of the Guru.

Let us know about the sixth house, the sixth lord is Shani, who is sitting as a self-gracious person and is the lord of your seventh house, first of all, let’s talk about the diseased house. Will bring down your diseases. If you have a problem related to bones, then you have a problem related to muscles. If there is a major incurable disease in your life, then you will get to see a lot of relaxation in it, but you have to be careful about blood disorders. Be careful if there is any important problem related to boils, pimples, blood or fluctuation of BP. Also, take special care of personal hygiene of your hygiene. You have to be especially careful about the internal parts of the body. Have to be very hygienic. Take special care of their cleanliness. Especially in ladies, there is a problem of periods, at that time you should take special care of yourself because there may be problems related to it. Having problems with hair loss, having eye disorders, having any problem related to the skin can increase these problems, so be a little bit aware of your health. Leo March 2022 Horoscope English blog

If you tell the result according to the seventh house, then this time will get you to victory over your enemies. You will achieve success in all your auspicious works and you will have more faith in hard work and you will also achieve success based on hard work. Your life partner’s full support and cooperation will be with you and he will support you both in your personal and professional life. The possibilities of financial benefits from the spouse will also increase. Do not be adamant about anything in married life and do not try to impose your feelings on your life partner. Just keep this in mind. For the people associated with a love relationship, this is the time to keep a little in mind that ego should not come between the two of you. If the problem of ego comes, then the relationship will be affected and even if you want, you will not be able to pursue your relationship healthily. So you should tread a little cautiously. This time is going to be very good for the business class. You will be seen making good progress and progress in the business. You will see a good profit situation in business. Especially those who work related to agriculture. Vegetable related work. If you do food-related work or do grocery business or mega mall if yours is this time will benefit you, then the people of Leo zodiac will get to see the overall mixed results this month. Leo March 2022 Horoscope English blog

Auspicious dates :- 1st to 3rd 6th to 13th 16th to 22nd 25th to 30th

Inauspicious dates : – 4th, 5th, 14th, 15th, 23rd, 24th and 31st.

Lucky Colours :- Pink and Red.


  • You are Ganapatiji who is the obstacle. The lord of the planet Mercury is also the deity. Worship of him is to be done regularly or recite Ganesh Stotra, who loses debt.
  • Offer Durva to Ganesha every day.
  • Donate white things on Friday. Donating sugar and rice would be appropriate.
  • Worship Maa Lakshmi and eat food without salt.
  • The recitation of Shrisukta and Purusha Sukta will prove to be very beneficial for you.
  • Leo people should wear Leo Ascendant Rudraksha pendant. It will strengthen your Ascendant, your fifth house and your destiny. By which you will achieve success in your life and you will stay away from the problems that come.


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