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Leo January 2022 Horoscope English Blog | Nidhi Shrimali


Leo January 2022 Horoscope English Blog


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Happy new year to all of you. We have brought the monthly horoscope of the Leo zodiac for January 2022 as the first month of the year, so this month is special anyway and some special fasts and festivals are coming in this month, about which we know first. New Year is also starting on 1st January. Along with that, the festival of monthly Shivratri is also coming on January 1, and this day will be a very auspicious day for us anyway. One must worship Lord Bhole Shankar on this day. Please him so that his grace remains with you for the whole year. Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti is coming on 9th January, Swami Vivekananda Jayanti will be celebrated on 12th January. On January 14, the festival of Makar Sankranti will be celebrated with great pomp across India. On this day, when the Sun moves from Dakshinayan to Uttarayan, the festival of Pongal is celebrated in many places. The festival of Lohri also comes on this day and Makar Sankranti is celebrated with great pomp. Republic Day is our national festival on 26 January, so if we all the people of the nation celebrate it together, then some of these festivals are especially special in January and increasing its importance more. Leo January 2022 Horoscope English Blog

To know about him, first of all, let’s talk about the Sun, the king of the planets, which is currently sitting in the most friendly sign of Sagittarius and on January 14, he will be sitting in his enemy sign Capricorn from Sagittarius. Mercury will remain in Capricorn for the whole month and till March 5, he is going to sit in conjunction with Saturn in his enemy sign Capricorn because Saturn will remain self-gratuitous in Capricorn for the whole month. The planet Mars is currently sitting in its zodiac sign Scorpio and on January 16, it will enter its friend sign Sagittarius from Scorpio. The planet Jupiter will be sitting in his friend’s zodiac sign in Aquarius for the whole month. Venus will remain in its friendly sign Sagittarius, and Rahu in Taurus and Ketu will remain in Scorpio for the whole month. Guru’s fifth vision is falling on your house of profit, on your ascendant and your mighty house, then this is the position of planetary transit which we will get to see this month and to a large extent, its effect will also be on your life because of the position of the planets. It is based on our monthly horoscope and this horoscope which we tell you. It is equally effective on both Moon sign and Ascendant.
Horoscope for this month. First of all, if we talk about your zodiac sign, Sun, which will sit in your fifth house for half a month. Sitting in the fifth house of Ascendant will bring progress in your work. You will get very good results in your studies. For medical students, this time will be very good and give good results. If you want to get any result now then the result will be very positive for you. Your tuning will be very good with your family. Your relations with Dadyal will be very good, your personality will be very impressive, with a strong personality, you will move forward in life and will go on influencing people. Many people will consider you as their idol and many people will try to do their work after consulting you, but the time after January 14, when your zodiac lord Sun will enter your seventh house from your fifth house, then a little personality aggressive, a little bit everyone. But becoming the dominating nature, trying to ruin everyone by yourself, your influence will start getting negative even among your loved ones. If you go to correct, then it will be opposite for you, so at this time you will have to work on your personality, meaning you stay calm. Speak thoughtfully and do not allow too much aggression and anger to take place in your life. Will take a little restraint and solve your issues wisely. If you do not rush and do not dominate too much, then there will be no conflict situation in your relationship. You will go on becoming successful in life. Sometimes speaking less and we can explain more to the next person is not necessary for that. We are using anger and aggression, so after 14th January, you have to control what can change in your nature. Leo January 2022 Horoscope English Blog

Now let’s talk about money house i.e. 2nd house, the lord of 2nd house is Mercury, who is sitting in your disease house and will sit in disease house after conjuncture with Saturn for this whole month, then it’s time for you. For the family will be full of fluctuations of money, you will have to be a little careful in the bid, but you will have to do a little work, as we told you earlier that since the Sun is a very fast planet, it burns with its brightness, it is considered a slightly aggressive planet. A little warm mood is considered a planet, so you have the same qualities in your nature, you have to take these qualities positively, do not negatively take them, you speak your words in the family, but you should say your words in peace, nothing is necessary. It is that by hurting someone’s heart, you show their shortcomings. this is not right. No one accepts these things. If you calmly talk to a small child with love, if you talk to us in peace, then he listens to us. If we try to be dominating on them, we get angry when we explain something to them, then even children do not understand, so there may be differences with a little family, pay attention to your speech and speech, then all your problems will be solved. . If there is any dispute related to ancestral property, then it can deepen at this time, so try to remain calm in such disputes a bit and do not give rise to such disputes. At this time you will have to face the displeasure of the officials at the workplace too. Your efforts will not be visible to them, but you should have quality. You can slowly tell them about your work. How hard are you working and if you work hard, then you will get the result not only today but then the officials give bigger than us and if you get angry with us, then you will have to manage this thing. Leo January 2022 Horoscope English Blog

Now let’s talk about your mighty house, then see the mighty Venus is sitting in the fifth house. With the Ascendant, the zodiac is sitting in conjunction with the lord, it is going to be a wonderful time for you, there will be an increase in might, there will be a sharp increase and we have already told you this thing that your sphere of influence increases over the people and the people You appear as an idol. But in which direction you have to turn it negative or positive, depends on you and this month you will move towards your positivity. Your siblings will have great cooperation. At the workplace, the situation will go in your favour, some obstacles that you had to face displeasure with your officers or if any obstacle was in your way, you will also get rid of those obstacles at this time. Your wishes will be fulfilled at this time. Your interest in hobby-related work will increase. Your social respect and respect will be seen increasing, while if you are associated with politics, then your hold in politics can also increase at this time i.e. you will be seen becoming a favourite of the people. Leo January 2022 Horoscope English Blog

Now let’s talk about the happiness of Sukhesh, the lord of the place of happiness is Mars, who is sitting in the place of happiness, as well as the time, is going to be very good according to your property. Ketu is increasing the power of Mars by sitting together, Ketu is equal to Mars, so this time will remove the obstacles coming in the purchase and sale of your land. Also, you will fulfil the dream of taking property. The dream of a new house will be fulfilled, your wishes will be fulfilled. You will be seen living a luxurious life, financially you will not have to face fluctuations. Your relationship with your mother will appear to be getting more cordial during this time. At the same time, this time is also going to be very good for the student class. Whatever education you are taking in this period, you are giving any exam or any project that is in your hands or you are preparing for any competitive exam in your life. In all these things, you will get to see very good and positive results because your Panchmesh Guru is sitting in your seventh house and Jupiter is going to get very good results in the seventh house, sitting in the centre is considered very good. The problems coming from the side of the child will end this time. If the couple who are wishing to have a child is making efforts, their efforts will be successful. At this time, you will be seen receiving good news from your children. Along with this, this time will also be full of spirituality. Your mind will be very much engaged in devotion, emotion, bhajan, worship, kirtan of God. An atmosphere of peace will arise in the mind, due to which your confidence level will also increase and this time is going to be best for you from the side of children and the side of spirituality for the students.
Talking about the disease house, then the lord of disease house, Saturn, who is sitting as self in the disease house, Saturn sitting as a self will bring a reduction in your diseases. At this time, any bone-related problem of yours can be overcome. You will see getting rid of debt. All the work related to money, which was stuck for you or your money was stuck, you will be seen getting that money back, that is, at this time you will get good results in your health as well. On the enemy side, nothing will be able to spoil you even if you want, you will defeat them with your intelligence and tact and you will be seen moving towards victory in every field of life. The confidence level will be worth seeing, your relationship with your spouse will also be strong because Saturn is in your seventh house. Although Jupiter is doing damage by sitting in the seventh house, Saturn is the seventh lord and is sitting in the seventh house, then any minor conflict will go along with the spouse, but this conflict will not last long, you will get your relationship back to normal soon. And we believe that small and small nocturnal in life increases the love of married life more. Brings each other closer, that’s why this conflict should not take a big form, just keep this in mind and as we have told you that your zodiac lord is changing after January 14, then at that time a little anger on you. If you will be more straightforward, then at this time you have to move ahead with your life partner. Not only in a life partner, but in all relationships, you have to move forward thoughtfully. This time is going to be very good for the business class. The business will see progress and progress. But take any decision carefully. Take advice from an experienced person so that you do not harm yourself by getting caught in the wrong decision. Keeping this in mind for a little bit, you have to move forward. If you work in partnership, then understand the feelings of the partner. Make tuning with them because if good business is going on in partnership and there is a misunderstanding with the partner or both of you get separated then it will definitely hurt the business, so do a little tuning with your partner too. Leo January 2022 Horoscope English Blog

Now the lord of the eighth house is sitting 12th from himself, it is not good for you to sit on the guru going 12th from you. Your problem may increase during this time. You may have to face difficulties in small things in everyday small matters, so be a little aware at this time and there is no need to get confused. Many times in a hurry, instead of doing the right thing in the right way, we turn it upside down and that reverse brings harm in our life and we are not able to complete that work. So keep calm. Little things happen in our lives and these difficulties give us the courage to move forward. So try to complete your work by remaining calm. Be careful with animals because animals can get hurt. At this time, you have to live your life in a normal way, time can be very good for the employed people because Mars is a Yogakaraka planet in your horoscope and is sitting in a happy place as a self-gracious, later they will go to the fifth. If you are the lord of your destiny, then it is very good for Bhagyesh to sit in ninth place with you and it is even better for Mars to sit in a happy place in the first centre. That too by being self-assured, your luck will support you completely, that’s why at this time take any decision thoughtfully, there is no need to make hasty decisions and after consulting your parents with your family, go ahead after that. At this time, you will be associated with the work of dharma and karma. You will be involved in the work of human service and public welfare and this will increase your social value and respect, while the youth who are unemployed are looking for jobs, their search will end at this time and you will see a good job getting you. At this time, all your unfinished tasks will be completed at a fast pace. This period of Mars will come into your life, that very wonderful whole month will be very good for you. After January 16, the time is going to be even better because at this time Mars will be lucky and will sit on the ninth from itself, which will increase the speed of your work. At this time if you want to make a share market lottery or any risky investment, then feel free to your luck will support you. Leo January 2022 Horoscope English Blog

Now let’s talk about if Rahu is sitting in the karmic sense of karma, then it can disturb the work a little, you may face difficulties, confusion can be created in the work, but Rahu gives very good results in the 10th house. When any court cash is going on you, some case is going on, and it decides to come, then that decision will go in your favour. You will never get negative results in that decision. If you have any hearing this month, then the hearing will go in your favour. If any decision has to come from your court, then it will also be in your favour and anyway, the lord of your karmic house is sitting in the fifth house, then at this time the hotel industry which is associated with the hotel business. The period is very good for all those who have a hotel, Flowers, Flowers Interior Decoration, Decorative Wall Pieces, Clothing, Imminent Jewellery, Fashion Shoes, if you do all these things, then you will get the best results in all these areas. . If you want to start your own business. In all this, feel free to put such thoughts in your mind and when the planet which we consider to be powerful and that planet is sitting in a good position, then such thoughts create such situations in the person’s life and the person is on that side. It turns on itself. That is why in our astrology, we pay very special attention to the events of the planets and such a time comes in the life of every person, then such a time is going on in your life too that you must be thinking something like that to start a tiffin service or Then start another hotel business. If I start a clothing business then all these things are going to be very positive with you. At the same time, you will get very good support from your father, but you will have to take care of his health, his health may be a little turbulent. Leo January 2022 Horoscope English Blog

Now let’s talk about the benefit of the house of profit, which is sitting in the house of your disease, then you may get fluctuations from the side of profit, but the fifth vision of Jupiter is also falling on the house of profit, which is very good, which is beneficial in situations of profit. There will not be a lot of fluctuation, that is, the financial condition in your life will not fluctuate too much. Now you will feel financially secure. It is just that if anyone is going to invest, then go ahead after thinking a lot about that investment. Lest that one wrong investment equalize your profit positions and you come to neutral. Such a situation should not arise, so you have to take special care of this. If you are the owner of big industry, then at this time you can buy some new machinery to increase your work. By taking back a new place for yourself, you can establish your industry there. Some such situations can also arise in your life this month. The first month of the year is going to be very good for you in terms of work and finances.Leo January 2022 Horoscope English Blog

Now let’s talk about the cost of spending, this month will be fickle for you. You will have to bear small expenses, but the 6th and 7th of the month is very special for you because at this time Moon, the lord of spending house, will make Gajkesari yoga inside your centre and Gajakesari yoga is being formed in the centre. At the time, you may get to see situations of sudden monetary gains, which are working related to import-export. You can get a big order on these dates. You will keep this in mind and if any opportunity comes to you at this time, then do not let it go from your hands.

Now some dates can prove to be very lucky for you according to your month and any auspicious work can be completed on this day. 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12 and 20, 21 and 22 These dates are very good for you. Your auspicious colours are going to remain in this month, you have to use this colour, whether, in the form of a handkerchief or the form of clothes, you have to always keep yellow and orange colour with you, it will be auspicious for you.

Leo Horoscope January 2022 Remedy

  1.  Offer Arghya to Sun God because it is very important for your zodiac lord to strengthen you.
  2.  Must recite Aditya Hriday Stotra. After giving Ardhya, you should recite this. Not too long it will take you five to 7 minutes. But if you do this then you will see very miraculous results.
  3.  At the same time, you must offer the approval of Tulsi to Lord Vishnu. This will be very beneficial for you. You will get to see very good results of Guru because of this and the time which will remain for you will be very good. If Jupiter is your fifth lord, then the fifth house will be more advanced and stronger. This is a very good solution for the student class, so it should be adopted.
  4.  You have to keep fast on Sunday and chant the Beej Mantra of Sun God. At least you have to do one rosary if you love and can do 11 rosaries. But at least you have to do one garland.
  5.  Must wear red and saffron colours on Sunday

These measures can make your month even more successful and if you are getting any negative results then you can make it positive. Your nine years will be very good. You go on making progress. Your life will be filled with happiness. Happiness and prosperity will reside in your life. Leo January 2022 Horoscope English Blog

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