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Leo Horoscope July 2022


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Ups and downs come in the life of every person and their solution is possible with the right guidance, so let us solve your every problem. Hello. First of all, if we know about the fasting and festivals coming in July, then on July 13, the festival of Guru Purnima is coming and this festival is dedicated to the Guru. A person’s life without a Guru is like a boat that is rudderless and cannot reach the shore. That is why if there is no guru in your life, then definitely make a guru in your life. On July 28, the festival of Hariyali Amavasya i.e. Shravan Amavasya will be celebrated with great pomp. Donating fruits of drinks and fruits on this day is especially beneficial and on July 31, the festival of Hariyali Teej will be celebrated by all married people. This festival is kept by the honeymooners for the long life of their honey. So here are the special fasts and festivals coming in this month which are making this month of July even more special. Leo Horoscope July 2022 English blog

If we move ahead and know how this month is going to be important according to the position of the planets, then Sun, which is currently sitting in its friendly sign Gemini, and on July 16, they will enter their very friendly zodiac Cancer. The planet Mercury is currently sitting in its very friendly zodiac sign Taurus. They will enter their zodiac sign Gemini at the beginning of the month i.e. on 2nd July. That is, even after going there, they will be self-occupied and after that on July 17, they will again sit in their even zodiac sign Cancer, after changing zodiac. Even when Sun and Mercury are placed in Gemini, they will still form Budhaditya Yoga and after that in Cancer also they will be seen forming Budhaditya Yoga after half a month. For the whole month, Mars will remain self-occupied in its zodiac sign Aries, which is also your zodiac lord. The planet Jupiter will be sitting in its zodiac sign Pisces as a self-occupied person for the whole month. Venus is currently in its zodiac sign Taurus and on July 13, it will enter its very friendly sign, Gemini. The planet Saturn is currently sitting in its original triangle sign Aquarius this month and on July 12, after changing the zodiac, it will again become self-gratified in Capricorn. Rahu will remain in his even sign Aries for the whole month and Ketu will remain in his sign Libra for the whole month. The month of July is also very important according to the planets because the influence of the huge planets Saturn and Saturn remains very much on our life and on the 12th of July Saturn is going retrograde. They are going to Capricorn again and as soon as they go to Capricorn, they will again feel dhaiya in Gemini and Virgo and Sagittarius since Saturn’s half-century has been removed. Again, Saturn’s Sati is going to be felt by the people of Sagittarius, then there is a change in the zodiac sign of Saturn, it is going to be very important and important for all the zodiac signs. However, this month, four planets are sitting as self-possessed, which Guru Shani, Mars and Venus will be sitting in this month as self-occupied. In which Venus is going to sit as a self-occupied person for half a month, that is, to sit as a four-and-a-half housemate and the change of the big planet Saturn’s zodiac change back to Capricorn, will this put on your life this month? get to know about him.

Let’s talk first. Your zodiac lord Sun will be at the beginning of the 11th month from yourself. By July 16, he will sit on the 11th by himself. Sitting in the benefic house of the Sun will give you very good results. Enemies will also try to become friends with you and your relationship will be stronger at this time. You will get to see situations of special benefit from Dadihal. Your social prestige will increase. Your fame will appear to increase further. At the same time, due to the increase in your sphere of influence, many people will follow you this time and many people will consider you ideal. You will win in relationships. At the same time, you will also decide the way of good progress and progress in your work field. If you have tried a government job, if any result comes before July 16, then the result will be positive for you. Now after July 16, when the Sun will move outside of itself, that is, it will not be good for the Lagna to sit outside of itself. However, while reducing the cost, he will fix the outside. Will manage your life properly. Will get you rid of debt situations. There will be beneficial finance for you in every way. But personality-wise, it can slightly increase your aggression and anger. The work being done by you can get spoiled. With your words, you can spoil the work that you have made. You have to control your speech a little. Anger and aggression have to be put to the side. We cannot speak our minds by showing aggression everywhere all the time. Sometimes we have to take the work of difference in material, price and punishment. To move forward in your life, keeping a little restraint on your speech, and keeping your anger calm, you will decide with a lot of maturities and if you do not decide due to anger, passion and haste, then you will face any kind of problem. Don’t have to. So this time has come for you with mixed result lagnesh. Leo Horoscope July 2022 English blog

Now come in second place. Look, he is the lord of the second house. Your Mercury, which is sitting in the house of profit, is self-occupied. Sitting with the second lord will increase your wealth even more. Daily Marra’s profit will increase. Will fix whatever is wrong with your accounting. Someone falsely accused you. If you are going through some false allegations, then definitely you will get good results from Mercury and this will give you a clean chit. Respect will increase in the family. You will be seen captivating everyone with your speech. Your work will appear to be completed at a fast pace. For those who are associated with the IT sector at this time, time will create very good conditions. If your promotion is stuck. If any work is stuck for you, then your work will be completed at a faster pace. On July 17, when Mercury will sit in your spending house, then you will get some mixed results. However, if the owner of the house of wealth sits in the 11th from himself, then the circumstances will balance. But at this time you go on completing your normal tasks. Try to reduce the list of pending tasks so that you do not face any kind of dilemma. Do it only when you shorten the list of your pending tasks, and complete those tasks. Only then can you start new tasks.

Now Mercury is the lord of your beneficial house and the lord is sitting in his house as a self-occupied person. Will keep profit conditions the same. At this time your profit will increase in reverse. The work which was stuck for you, the schemes in which your money was stuck, that money will also be released. If you have given a loan to someone, then that person will repay your loan, due to which feelings of happiness will arise in your mind. You will be seen working on many plans to increase your work further. You can make some big investments at this time. You can also get very good benefits from this. At this time, your well-thought-out plans will gain momentum in a good way and you will get to see good benefits in it. Your circle level will increase and some such people will join you in the circle level, who will be seen helping you in your work area in the coming time. The number of friends will increase and good people will appear to join you. The circle of friendship will sit and you will get success in whatever work you take up at this time because Mercury benefic will sit in his own house and after that on July 17, when Mercury will sit 1 house ahead of him, even then Your progressively increasing profit positions will appear.

Now go ahead and find out. About the third house. He is the lord of the third house. Venus is also the lord of your karmic bhava and is sitting in karma bhava as a self-occupied person. The planet Venus, sitting in the karmic sense, will increase your might. If Ketu is in the mighty house then your political contacts will be seen increasing. Your hold in politics will increase. If you are a big politician, then at this time you will be seen as becoming popular among the people and you will have to sit with big leaders. You will be counted among the big leaders. This time is increasing in your might. Will increase your sphere of influence. People will consider you ideal. Many people will try to follow you. You will be involved in the works of public interest and you will be ready to do good to the people. You will also get success in work during this time. Karmesh Shukra will bring you success, especially in the works related to your Venus. For those artists who are associated with the field of art, this time will bring good fame and profit. Your identity will increase. The branding will appear to be yours. As a great artist, you will establish your prestige and prestige. At this time Venus is related if you do restaurant work or parlour work. Cosmetic clothing, fashion designing, interior decoration or if you are associated with a travel business or you work in tiffin service working in packaged food, then you can get success in all these areas, then if you have a desire to do some work. If you are planning then this time is very suitable for you. To implement this work means that you do not plan now. Get this work done. You will see success in these tasks and the future will appear to be very bright.

Now coming to your fourth place. The lord of the fourth house is Mars, which is the yogic karaka planet in your horoscope, that is, you are also your happiness and your fortune is also there and Mars is sitting in the house of destiny. However, Angarak Yoga also remained with Rahu. You will get your happiness with difficulty. In whatever house you want to mobilize the resources of comfort, the time is very suitable for it. If you want to change your house, that is, you want to get a bigger house than the one you currently have, the dream of your home is yours. If you live in rent, then that dream will also be seen coming true for you. At this time, the work related to the property will be done at your own pace. That is, all the obstacles in their purchase and sale will be removed and you will get success in such works. If you are going to sign any paper, then be a little careful. Leo Horoscope July 2022 English blog

Read those papers and then sign them so that there is no possibility of any kind of fraud with you. You have to be careful about this. However, if you are associated with the field of engineering you have done. Joining any technical field, associated with the IT field or in high administrative posts like police army navy, you are sitting. If you have IAS and IPS then definitely you will get to see very good results on Mars. Chances of desired transfer will be made. Chances of promotion will be visible. Chances of increment can be made, then this time will get you very good progress and progress. That’s where your luck will favour you. At this time you have to do any work, if you want to make any risky investment, then do it a little cautiously because Rahu is also sitting with Mars. Angarak Yoga is also being formed in the place of luck. That is why if Mars has to make you powerful, then you have to pacify Rahu and for that, you have to take a very thoughtful decision and do not be overconfident at all and be careful while making the decision. Secret enemies may arise, so beware of such opponents as well. If you are investing then do long-term investment. You have to avoid short-term investments at this time as such investments can prove to be harmful to you. Your interest in the works of wealth will increase, but being cautious in such works, you may get false allegations and your image may get spoiled in it. So you will need to tread very carefully. If possible, try to do your tasks in a normal way. Put a little hand into risky work. Yes, there is a bravery in you to do every task and you do that work many times which a common man does not do. But at this time, avoid such tasks a bit.

Now let’s move on. About the fifth house, The fifth lord is your guru and the guru is sitting in your eighth house as a self-occupied person. According to the fifth house, you are going to get the best results from Jupiter. At this time your work will be completed very fast. You will see some new plans coming to you. The burden of work will be slightly more. You may feel tired and weak because of that, but despite that, you will look happy. You are making very good progress and good progress in your life. The growth that you were looking for in your life, the period for that growth has come. There is no shortage of hard work at all. Go on working hard. Without wanting the fruit of the action and when you do it without the desire for the fruit of the action. If you do it without desiring the fruit, surely you will get the fruit even sweeter. This time is going to be very good for the students. The problems faced by you in your studies will go away and you will get the support of your teachers your studies. You will also get the full support of your parents at this time and you will make your teachers and parents feel proud by achieving your goal. Group study can prove beneficial for you at this time. That’s why you should try to study in the company of friends, but you should go on focusing a little more on this, talking less and studying more. That is, choose such friends who study with the spirit of studies and not just waste their time gossiping. You should stay away from such friends. At this time you can be appreciated for your works in the field of literature. You can be given a medal. You can be honoured. That is, this time will be very good and full of positive results for people associated with literature and writing.

Now the Ashtmesh Guru is sitting in his house as a self-occupied person, so till now your life which was going on in your turmoil, the imbalance was going on, it will be balanced and will do its work. Due to this people with you will also be surprised how this person is progressing so successfully. Just be careful not to take on too many tasks at once and don’t try to do all the tasks. You are not superman. Do the previous task, then start another task. After that start the third task. In this way, as soon as you do the organized work, then all the work will be completed smoothly. When it comes to travel, religion will be more for the journey. Your interest in the works of Dharma Karma will increase and you will be seen making efforts for mental peace continuously. You will have more tendency to do those tasks in which you get peace of mind. At this time the circle of friends will increase. Your tuning will be even better and you will get full support from family and you will be seen getting full support from in-laws. For those who are associated with religious work, this time will generate very good and beneficial situations.

Now moving on and about the sixth house. If we talk about the sixth house, then Saturn is the lord of the sixth house, which is becoming self-occupied on July 12 in its own house, that is, sitting in the sixth house. Saturn is retrograde. You need to take care a little bit in this period. Be careful while travelling. There may be a problem related to bones. Be a little careful but Saturn will destroy your enemies. You will get victory over your opponents. In each of your areas, you will do your work with caution. If any work related to money is stuck for you, then those workers will now be completed at your speed. At the same time, you will also be seen getting financial support from your maternal grandmother. If you are facing any problems at this time, then you should go ahead by taking advice from your family or by asking an experienced person. The problem in that work will go away. His advice will be of great use. If you work hard to move ahead by being cautious this month, then you will get the pleasant results of hard work. At this time you will see your finances doing a little more systematic. Your financial condition will improve and you will get rid of debt situations. On the other hand, Saturn is in your seventh lord and is sitting in the seventh house as a self-occupied person. Later on 12th July, you will go out of yourselves, so the time after 12th July is not a bit good in terms of married life. You should tread lightly. Don’t try to take the little things extra. Try not to overthink. Take care of each other’s feelings and don’t let ego get in the way of your relationship. You just have to take special care of this thing, and then the car of married life will continue to run smoothly. Otherwise, this vehicle can get stuck and if it is damaged then it can also be broken. Grocery and those who are farmers run their business from farming. Fruits Vegetables Do any work related to vegetables. For them, this is the time to move forward consciously. Losses can happen at this time, so avoid storing excess grains. At this time you should do individual work. Working in partnership is not beneficial for you and if you want to work in an already ready partnership then do it a little cautiously because at this time there may be differences between the two of you and work will be affected by it. The business will be affected and partnerships may get fragmented, so if you walk a little cautiously then you will be in profit. There will be movement of guests in the house, due to which the atmosphere of the house will be seen to be fresh from time to time. You will get to see the circumstances of good special benefits from your brother-in-law to your nephews.

Now comes your twelfth house. See, at this time you will remain under a lot of mental pressure. There will be a lot of mental pressure. The pressure of work, the pressure of paying EMI, the pressure of running the house, if you want to start a new work, then the pressure of funding will dominate your mind too much. Keep your mind cool and complete your tasks in peace. If you are going to tie up with a big company, if there is a foreign company, then go ahead with it after doing a thorough investigation. Don’t take any decision in haste. Go on with your normal activities. Start a new task only when your old tasks are being completed systematically, then at this time you will have to keep pace with your co-workers. If you do not have to argue with anyone at the workplace and keep calm and go on making your work without aggression and anger, then this is the monthly horoscope for July for Leo people. Leo Horoscope July 2022 English blog

Lucky dates – 3 to 9, 12 to 17, 20 to 27, 30 and 31.
Noteworthy dates – 10, 11, 18, 19, 28 and 29.
Lucky colour – red.

Special Measures

  • The people of this zodiac should put something sweet in their mouths and come out of the house only after drinking water. If
  • Possible, go out after eating jaggery.
  • Get up regularly and take the blessings of your grandmother or elders.
  • Fast on Sunday and offer Arghya to the Sun God.
  • Make maximum use of red-orange clothes.
  • Establish the Yoga Nivaran Yantra for Mars Rahu’s Angarak Yoga in your worship room, otherwise visit it.
  • Chant the mantra between Mars and Rahu after sunset.

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