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leo yearly horoscope 2022

Leo Horoscope 2023

May everyone have a moment of auspicious new year,
May the future be golden and happy, may it be bright for all.

Happy New Year to all of you. Today we have presented in front of you the annual horoscope for the year 2023 for the people of Leo zodiac sign. Sun is the lord of Leo, we have always seen people of Leo around us. Daring takes place there. There would also be a little dominating. He listens to everyone and does what he wants. Like how a lion lives in the jungle that he listens to all the animals. Walks in his heady gait and does what he likes, King like you guys live. The sun which provides light to the luminous planet earth, but we should learn this from the sun. People with Leo zodiac are such that they are hardworking and they also spread light in the world. Their sphere of influence is huge and people get influenced by them a lot and very quickly. There is no lack of any kind in their social respect. Sun shows high effects in Aries and low effects in Libra, so now they increase. Let us know further that what this year 2023 is bringing for Leo people.

First of all, we would like to discuss your Rashi Swami only because our Rashi depends on the Rashi Swami. To a large extent, our life also depends on them, so in the year, your zodiac lord Sun will transit from Sagittarius to Sagittarius and whenever Sun transits, it is called Sankranti. That means there are 12 Sankrantis in a year anyway and the Sun will move from Sagittarius to Sagittarius in the year 2023. From April 14 to May 15, the Sun will be sitting in its exaltation sign Aries. On the other hand, from August 17 to September 17, your own zodiac sign, Leo, will be sitting in its own house, then when the Sun will be high, then those young men and women who are preparing for administrative services, that time will be very good and successful. You will see the best results of Sun at that time. Anyway, if you sit high in your lucky place, then your fortune will increase. Will complete your unfinished tasks. You will definitely get success in any special work during this time period. Those young men and women who are preparing for government jobs, that dream of them will also be seen to be fulfilled at this time. And from August 17 to September 17, when the Sun will be in its own house, it will increase your brightness. Your social values ​​will increase in respect. Will increase your sphere of influence. Whatever decisions you take at this time will turn out to be very accurate and successful for you. Many people will consider you ideal. Many people will take inspiration from you and try to do their work. Means your social respect, fame, fame will be seen spreading and increasing everywhere. On the other hand, from October 18 to November 17, Sun will be debilitated and will sit in the third house of your strength. Means Libra will be debilitated and at this time the results of Sun will not be so good. At this time, the anger and passion within you will increase and due to this, the good works which are being made and your works which are about to be completed, those works may also remain incomplete.

There is a need to maintain more peace and restraint. Means this time period will be of one month. At this time, you should be very restrained and do your work. If you see a power in you, do not take that power in a negative way. Turn it in the positive direction and put it in good works so that you can make good use of this power. At this time also, a situation of debate can arise with siblings regarding one thing or the other. If there is any dispute related to ancestral property going on in your family, then that dispute can also emerge now. Means this time period will remain. At this time you have to walk very carefully. By the way, Sun will give you good results throughout the year, but this time period from October to November, at this time you should be a little careful. Now on to the three important planets which have a profound impact on our lives as these planets stay at one place for a very long time. These three planets are Guru Shani and Rahu.

Zodiac Change Of Saturn

First of all, at the beginning of the year, Saturn is going to change its zodiac sign. On January 17, Saturn will enter your seventh house. Till now he was sitting in retrograde position in your sixth house i.e. in the disease house, and on January 17, he will come and sit in your seventh house, which is the sign of his original triangle, and here he will become a great man named Shash. Will also create yoga. This time will give you excellent Shani results. You will get to see very good results of both these places because the lord of the sixth house is sitting one house ahead of you and the lord of the seventh house is creating a Mahapurush Yoga named Shash in his own house. If he is sitting in the center as self-possessed and is sitting in the seventh house, then this will be the position of Saturn. Will give you excellent results throughout the year. You all know that Saturn stays in one zodiac sign for two and a half years, so when it enters Aquarius, the people of Leo zodiac will get to see the results of Saturn. Merchants will progress progressively in business. With your hard work and dedication, you will make many plans to expand your business. You will be seen having tie-ups with big companies at this time. If you do any work related to Saturn, whether you are doing any work related to land or any work related to petroleum products or you are doing any work related to agriculture. This year is going to be very good for the farming class. All the farmers with Leo zodiac sign should be happy. If you will get better crop evaluation than your crop, then the best results of Shani will be seen according to the seventh house. This place of disease loan Ripu is the sixth house and the owner of the seventh house is also going ahead of his home. At this time you will get freedom from your debt. Have taken loan for a long time. Worried about paying it. He is not paying. The situation of debt is increasing in your life, so now debt will end from your life. That means you will get freedom from debt situations. You will be relaxed Opponents who try to disturb your work somewhere. If you are not able to stop them by trying anything, then now the opponents will automatically calm down and you will get freedom from whatever health related problems were going on in your life till now. Immediately you will feel yourself fit and healthy and when a person is healthy, he works harder and tries to do his work with more enthusiasm. You will see the same situation this year according to the seventh house and sixth house of Saturn.

If we talk about the visions of Shani, then the third vision of Shani is falling on your lucky place and on Rahu. On the other hand, the seventh aspect of Saturn will fall on your ascendant and the tenth aspect of Saturn will be seen falling on your happiness. All these three places are going to be affected this year. I told you that Saturn’s vision is not good. As everyone knows, the aspect of Shani on Rahu at the place of luck and the aspect of Saturn at the place of luck also, which will further increase the intensity of Rahu. At this time, you will sometimes see a little fear, a little difficulty in work, confusion, an involuntary fear and a lack of confidence. However, further we will tell you which places will be balanced for you due to the vision of the Guru. According to the vision of Shani and Guru, at present it will fall on Rahu and on Bhagyasthan, so before doing any risky work or making risky investments, it will be very important for you to have a good knowledge about that work. Do not take any decision in haste, try to solve your issues very calmly. At this time, be a little careful with strangers who may try to confuse you, so be careful as far as you stay away from such people. You will find less situations of loss in your life, do not invest more and if you need to be a little careful in risky investment then try to avoid it.

The seventh aspect of Saturn will fall on your Ascendant, which can increase your straight forward nature. Sun, the lord of your zodiac sign, anyway makes a very bright person. Makes you very aggressive and from above Saturn is aspecting the Sun on your zodiac sign, so there will be a possibility of some differences with your father. But at this time, social respect, a little aggression, anger can become a rage on you, if you do any work, then you will become a dominating person. Will become stubborn that I have to get the work done. I have to do this work. Everyone will say that you should not do this work. but you have to do that . So, such a trend can come in you, due to which you are getting to see the best results, that too can be negative. That’s why you have to work on these things this year.
If we talk about Saturn’s Dasham Drishti, it will fall on your place of happiness, which can bring slight fluctuations in happiness. The relationship with the mother can also fluctuate a bit, that is, it can fluctuate, so at this time you have to maintain a little coordination with the mother. At this time, if any unnecessary expenditure comes in your life, then you have to take out a liquidity for that. You should always keep some money for such works which are spent unnecessarily, so that your budget does not get spoiled. By the way, where Saturn is sitting, it is going to give you excellent results.

Zodiac Change Of Guru

Now the second zodiac change is going to happen. Guru’s and Guru who is the deity of spiritual knowledge, Guru is associated with the work of management. Jupiter is fifth lord in your sign and is the lord of eighth house. Jupiter will enter your lucky place on 21st from your eighth house. This time period of 21st April is going to be very good for you because see, he was sitting in the eighth house, he was sitting in self-interest, but when he was sitting in the eighth house, Jupiter is a benign planet. No matter how much you do in the eighth house, it is your own place, you will not spoil it. Will give good results but we cannot call the result the best. Will give very good results because Jupiter is sitting in a benign planet and in a bad place. This place is not considered good, so the results of Jupiter in the eighth house were not so good. As you will now see in Bhagya Sthan but there is some problem here too. There are problems. Which will be with the Guru because the third vision of Saturn will fall on the Guru and Chandal Yoga of Guru Rahu will be seen to be formed in the place of fortune. So at this time also you have to walk carefully. However, the Jupiter coming here in the fortune place will give you good results even according to the eighth house, because by going one house ahead of you and with the fifth house, you will get good results. The lord of the fifth house is sitting in the fifth house. Means the lord of the triangle is sitting in the triangle. The student class is going to get this very good result this year. That is, whatever goal you have made, whatever target you have set for yourself. Every student walks by making an M for himself that I have to achieve this in this year and bring very good numbers in it and study very well, then for all those students the best results this year will fulfill your dreams. . At the same time, in career too, it will be seen giving you very good results. Those who are studying management, doing MBA and MCA, who are engaged in management related work, this time is also very good for them. So all the students have to become more goal oriented for themselves. That I have to achieve the target this year. When good times come in our life, then we should know how to capture that good time, that is, make good use of it. Only then we can get its benefits properly.

Now see it is the lord of the fifth house. Sitting on the fifth house from myself and the ninth vision of the Guru is also falling on the fifth house, so the situation has become icing on the cake. The couple who wish to have a child. This year your dream will be fulfilled. You will get a healthy and good child. Jupiter is the lord of your children’s house and Jupiter is in a very good position, sitting in the fifth house from you, Jupiter’s vision is also falling on the fifth house, then problems related to children will end. The desire to have a child will be fulfilled. This time will be very good and full of good news for those in love relationship because see your love will get the approval of marriage from your family members and you will definitely get your love. If you really love someone, then this year you can propose him. Accepting you will move forward in your life and both will support each other. In career also, you will try to take each other forward while supporting each other, then according to Jupiter, this year will give you excellent results.

Now if we talk about the aspects of Jupiter, then the fifth aspect of Jupiter is falling on your Ascendant. We had told you that at the time of Shani’s visions, where will Jupiter’s vision fall, then if there is a balance according to that, then this year is very good for you because Saturn’s vision is falling on the Ascendant and Jupiter’s fifth vision will also fall on the Ascendant. That will balance the vision of Shani. That means you will not get very harmful results. Look at the circumstances, life is full of difficulties and when challenges do not come, life will become very boring. If you do not get the courage to move forward, then Shani can bring challenges, but Guru is solving those challenges quickly. That means this year is very good for you. Challenges will also be received and you will also be seen giving courage to move forward from the challenges, then the fifth vision of the Guru will fall on your Ascendant, which if you have been spoiling your relationship since your old days, then the Guru will restore those relationships. Social honor and respect is deteriorating somewhere due to your speech, then Guru will be seen to rectify those situations too, then in this way the vision of Shani and Guru will be balanced. Now the seventh vision of the Guru will fall on your third house, which will increase your might.
Ketu is sitting here in the third position. Let us tell you that Ketu gives very good results in the third place and then on the third Ketu of Jupiter. So you will get more good results of Ketu. This time is going to be very good for politicians.

If you are interested in politics or if any of your work is stuck in politics, then at this time your work will be completed in an orderly manner. Political contacts will be made for you, the benefit of which you will be seen taking advantage of in your work area later in your life. That is, this year will bring many wonderful and golden opportunities for you. There you will connect with spirituality. A little Ketu is considered to be the provider of salvation and the problems you were facing in your work by sitting in Ketu third house. A little bit of your distraction was going somewhere else, then they would connect you more spiritually. It is said that we have to do the work of reforming this world and the next in this world only, so we are doing our work but we will also be involved in spiritual works. If we remain connected to God, then these are our good deeds. Only this can make us attain salvation. So this year will connect you with such tasks as well.

Now we have already talked to you about the ninth sight of Guru that the ninth sight of Guru is icing on the cake, the owner of his own house is sitting in the fifth place from himself. The lord of the triangle in the triangle, the aspect of the lord of the triangle is falling on his own house, then the aspects of the Jupiter will give great results to the people of the fifth house. Let me tell you one more thing, this time is going to be very good for those who are associated with literature and art, and for those who are associated with writing, then after April 21, you will see very good results of Over All Guru. However Chandal Yoga of Guru Rahu is the third aspect of Shani. That’s why you should do your work by being cautious. You will be relaxed on 30th October because whatever little hindrance you were getting in the result of Guru, that hindrance will also end. Rahu will change on October 30 and till now Rahu was sitting with Jupiter in your house of fortune. Used to sit in the place of luck and will come in its eighth house. But Rahu was not giving you good results till now in the place of fortune. Somewhere they were fluctuating their fortune. They were trying to bring down the Guru as well. But now he will come in the eighth house, so he will fix that house. How would you think that the eighth house is not right. But Rahu himself is a cruel planet and if he sits in a place which is considered to be a house of sin, then if a dacoit sits in a dacoit’s house, he will do good there, if he does well then Rahu will make you travel by sitting in the eighth house. . But that journey will be pleasant and auspicious for you. You will be associated with religious works, at this time the sources of getting your secret money will open. Source of getting secret money means suddenly you made some investment. The forgotten investment suddenly turned profitable. Some work of yours was stuck for a long time. That work was suddenly completed for you. Rahu will bring situations of such sudden monetary gains in your life. That is, if we talk about this year over all, then this year is no less than a golden year for the people of Leo zodiac sign.

Because the results of Sun are also better, Saturn’s results are also very good and Jupiter’s results are even better and you are also getting very good results of Rahu, so this year will be very good for you.

  • Now to make this year better and better, we have brought special measures for you, which can make your year even more auspicious.
  • First of all, donate Shani, because Shani’s vision is not good, then Shani’s donation is very important, so you must donate black things on Saturday. If possible and if you can do Tuladan, even better. Due to this, you will not have to face the wrath of Shani’s sight throughout the year.
  • Since your Guru is a spiritual deity, you should worship Lord Vishnu on Thursday.
  • You must light a lamp of ghee under the banana tree and recite the story of Satyanarayan every Thursday by lighting a lamp of ghee near the banana tree.
  • For the Chandal Yoga of Rahu and Guru, you should install Guru Rahu Chandal Yog Nivaran Yantra in your worship room and visit it regularly. If possible, you must also chant Guru Rahu.
  • You must chant Rahu Beej Mantra after sunset. This will give you freedom from Rahu’s wrath.
  • If Mercury removes the defects of Rahu, then on Wednesday, offer Prasad of Modak to Ganesha.
  • Now your Rashi Swami should also prevail, then you have to offer Arghya to the Sun God daily.
  • If you can, recite Aditya Hridaya Strot.
  • If possible on Sunday, you must feed bread made of wheat to the cow or you can donate wheat to a needy Brahmin in the temple or to a needy person.

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