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Leo February 2023 Horoscope English blog | सिंह राशि फरवरी राशिफल | Nidhi Shrimali

Leo February 2023 Horoscope English blog

Namaskar Swagatam Welcome we have entered the year 2023 and a month has passed. We are moving towards the second month. Today we have brought in front of you the monthly horoscope of the second month of the year i.e. February of the people of Leo zodiac and we should know how to move with the time which person does not move with the time. Time slips out of his hands and after that the person has to repent. That’s why walk with time, don’t run, don’t be greedy. Your life is busy, but you should develop the habit of moving with the cycle of time. Keep moving forward on the path of your karma, time will automatically become supportive for you. Let’s move forward and know more. Regarding some special fasts and festivals coming in the month of February, Jaya Ekadashi fast will be observed on February 1. Pradosh Vrat is coming on February 2. Magh Purnima fast will be observed on February 5. Kumbh Sankranti will be celebrated on 13 February. Vijaya Ekadashi fast will be observed on 16th February. On February 18, Mahashivaratri, the biggest festival of Lord Bhole Shankar, will be celebrated. Falgun Amavasya is coming on 20 February. So here are some of the fasts and festivals that are making this month special Leo February 2023 Horoscope English blog

Now let’s know about the position of planetary transits of this month, first of all let’s talk about the planet Sun which is currently sitting in its zodiac sign Capricorn and on February 13, it will enter its most enemy zodiac sign Aquarius. On the other hand, if we talk about the planet Mercury, then it is currently sitting in its friendly zodiac sign Sagittarius and will enter its friendly zodiac sign Capricorn on February 7 and will again enter Aquarius on February 27 after changing its zodiac sign. If we talk about Mars, then it will remain seated in its friendly sign Taurus this whole month. If we talk about the planet Jupiter, it will remain seated in its own sign Pisces this whole month. If we talk about the planet Venus, it is currently sitting in its even sign Aquarius and will enter its exalted sign Pisces on January 15. On the other hand, if we talk about the planet Saturn, then this whole month, it will be sitting in its own zodiac sign Aquarius and for your zodiac sign i.e. for the people of Leo zodiac, it will also create a Mahapurush Yoga named Shash. Rahu is going to be sitting in its even sign Aries and Ketu in even sign Libra this whole month. So this is the position of the planetary transits of this month and the month of February for the people of Leo will be based on this position only.

  Let’s start with the monthly horoscope for the month of February for the people of Leo zodiac sign. First of all, at the beginning of this horoscope, let us tell you that the horoscope we are telling is based on lunar calculations and it is equally effective according to both your zodiac sign and ascendant, so first of all your zodiac sign comes on Swami, which That is Sun and till February 13, he will be sitting in your sixth house i.e. disease. It is not so good for ascendant lord to sit in the sixth house, but the sun is very good for the sixth house, because if the sun burns a little where it sits, it will burn your disease. But at this time you should not bring aggression and anger in your personality. Solve your issues by remaining calm. You have to increase your maturity level a bit. Whatever work you do at this time, you will see the result of that work for a long time in this month and you will deeply realize these things in your life. Will suffer the consequences of this. That’s why you have to go on doing very good deeds. You have not taken out any such speech from your mouth, which will hurt the hearts of your near and dear ones. Maintain good coordination in the family and try to solve your issues peacefully. The time after February 13 is going to be very good for you because the lord of the ascendant will move to the center in the seventh house. Along with this, you will make an alliance with Saturn, both Saturn and Sun will be aspecting your Ascendant. Since Sun is also aspecting its own house along with Saturn, that’s why this vision will be seen to be a little balanced. If any estrangement and tension was going on in your relationships till now, then that tension will end now. You will feel a little relaxed. You will complete your upcoming work at a fast pace. Problems and troubles in work will end and you will move forward with a good bonding in your relationships. The elders of your house will provide you the right guidance which will make your vision more clear. Leo February 2023 Horoscope English blog

Now let’s go further and know about the second place, now talking about the second place, then the lord of the second house is Mercury, who is sitting in a diseased house along with the Sun, and this whole deity is going to sit here. Mercury’s zodiac sign is going to change twice. Mercury will first change its zodiac sign on February 7 and enter your disease and then again on February 27. Most of the time will be spent in your illness. At this time, be a little careful about breathing problems. Especially nervous system, memory can be a problem, so be a little cautious. You will definitely get respect in the family because second lord is sitting in the fourth house from you, then you will get full support of your family, increase in respect, increase in might. Your participation in social programs will be seen increasing. On the other hand, you will be seen doing the work that you have taken in your hands very sincerely. You will become dutiful at this time. At this time, if any work in the banking sector is stuck with you, then it will also be seen to be completed at a fast pace. You will make steady progress in everyday profit. At the same time, do not be negligent in your work and instead of putting your work on someone else, try to do your work by standing on your own. Now since Mercury is the lord of your benefic house and lord of the house is sitting in the eighth house from it. Although Mercury is also sitting in the house of disease. That’s why you can get some negative results of Mercury. There may be some financial problems at this time. Before buying any big item, do think again about it. Avoid investing in the things you need without bringing the same things you need. If you follow the budget then it will be very good for you because earning is one sided. Earning is a different thing and saving the earning is also a different thing. Keeping your financial condition unstable is also a different thing, so don’t mix these two things. The sources of income are very good. You are also earning a lot of money but how to save this money and where to spend it. You should know where to save it. If you get money management, then surely there will not be any kind of problem in your life. You should also avoid taking loan this month. Neither lent to anyone nor borrow from anyone. Leo February 2023 Horoscope English blog

Now we come to the third house, which is the place of brothers and sisters of bravery and Ketu is sitting in the third house, who is defeating your enemies and opponents, cooling them down. Calm them down. So Venus is the lord of the third house, which will first sit in your seventh house and then Venus will become exalted in your eighth house. Sitting in the 5th house from itself and sitting in the 6th house for half a month, both the situations will be good. Although Venus will sit in the sixth house, you will think how good it is, but since Venus is getting exalted, you will see a very strong position of Venus. Your love for siblings will increase. Especially any kind of differences are going on with younger siblings. Whether it is a dispute related to ancestral property, these disputes will definitely be settled. At this time you will look very relaxed and this month you will try to please your mind with your hobby and we must steal some time for ourselves from the run-of-the-mill life. If you steal time for yourself and invest it in things of your choice, then it helps in your motivation. Helps in increasing your positive energy and boosts self-confidence. Along with it also increases happiness. That’s why you must take some time out of your life everyday for yourself. Now the misunderstanding with brothers and sisters has ended. Increase in social respect and work stuck in politics will be seen to be completed at your speed. On the other hand, when Venus becomes exalted on February 15, then you will definitely get sudden successes. Suddenly you have made some investment in your life, you will get some good news. This month will be filled with some good news for you related to family, work related to politics. Now, since Venus is the lord of your house of action, and Karmesh will first sit in the tenth house and then sit in the eleventh house. Sitting in the tenth house from you, Venus will make continuous progress in your work. Along with this, the spread in work will also increase. Will definitely get the cooperation of the officers. At this time, it is very important for you to leave laziness and move forward on your work path because as soon as the sun will be high after February 15, a little lazy tendency will come in you. You will give less priority to work and more priority to your hobbies, but a person should know how to keep balance and you will have to learn this balance this month. How do you strike a balance between your desires and your duties in work and hobbies? If we give more or less priority to any one, then definitely we have to bear its loss. At this time you will also achieve good mastery in technical works. Your tuning with the officers will be better. Leo February 2023 Horoscope English blog

Now coming to your dry place and the master of the place of happiness is Mars, which is also Bhagyesh, that is, Mars is a Yogakaraka in your Kundli and Mars is sitting in the House of Karma, then the owner of the place of happiness will see his own house from the seventh aspect. Keep watching Which will increase your pleasures like land building, vehicle and disputes related to property will end. Will finish them off. At this time your relationship with your mother will be more intense. His important role will be seen in increasing social respect. Whatever work you take in hand, you will complete it at a fast pace. This time is very good for the farming class. Especially good for those who work related to mining. And for those who are associated with construction, this time will be very good and full of excellent results. Now, since Mars is a Yogkaraka planet in your horoscope as well as Bhagyesh, then sitting one house ahead of Bhagyesh will increase your fortune continuously. He will make your dreams come true. At this time in professional life, you will see your stuck increment stuck promotion getting back. At this time you will be entrusted with a big responsibility by the authorities and you will also be seen performing this responsibility well. Means this time will help you completely in your responsibilities. Will give you more strength.

Now coming to the fifth house, if we talk about the fifth house, then the lord of the fifth house, who is in the fourth house from himself and in your eighth house, is becoming self-governing. You will get to see very wonderful results of Jupiter in both the circumstances when the Jupiter sits in its own position and its fourth and fifth house sits fourth from itself. If fifth lord is there then it is the planet that gives knowledge, the obstacles coming in education will be removed. The vision will be clear, the goal will be achieved. If you are preparing for any exam, then you will get good marks in it. Group study will be beneficial. Women’s concern related to children will be mitigated. You will also get good news from the children. Children will make you feel proud. Your interest in spiritual works will increase this month. You will be seen performing some big religious ritual with your family this month. That means your desire will end. The mind will calm down a bit and you will be seen creating a positive aura around you by being a little engrossed in devotion to the Lord. Since Guru is also your eighth lord and is becoming self-possessed in the eighth house. At this time your journey will be more towards religious works. Romantic trips to natural places will also be possible for you. A plan to go out with the in-laws can also be made. While traveling at this time, do not use your own resources, that is, do not drive yourself, but use the resources of traffic. At this time you should avoid risky works. At the same time, you should also avoid new investments which are going on for routine work. Try doing the same things. Leo February 2023 Horoscope English blog

Now let’s talk about disease on the sixth house, then it is the master of disease. Shani, who is becoming self-obsessed in the seventh house. And when Saturn is self-occupied in the seventh house, making a Mahapurush Yoga named Shash will prove to be very meaningful in your diseases. Will get freedom from big diseases. You will feel very relaxed. Even incurable diseases will appear to be ending. You will feel absolutely fit. Since Shani is the lord of your seventh house and being in the seventh house, a great man named Shash is forming yoga. That is why you will make good progress and progress in business as well. Especially farmers doing work related to petroleum products or doing grocery work. Do farming work or do vegetable fruit work. You will be seen getting special beneficial conditions in all these areas. At this time, you should avoid situations of debate with your father and focus should be towards your goal. If you do this then definitely you will be seen getting the proper solution to the problems. You will get very good results of Shani. You will get the fruits of hard work. Your hard work will be praised all around and at this time you will have to fulfill big responsibilities in your area of duty. There will be very good bonding with the spouse and whatever work you do together with them, you will definitely get success. If you have made any investment in his name, then you will get good profit in that also. Leo February 2023 Horoscope English blog

If we talk about expenses, then the mind remains fickle and the expenses become more. You will have to save a little from these expenses. Control your mind. Buy as much as you need. Avoid unrestrained shopping and try to do your work by walking a little systematically. The more you control your expenses, the more you will reach the pinnacle of success. At the same time, maintain a good rapport with the colleagues and keep the tendency to work. Give up laziness.

  Auspicious date:- 1st to 3rd, 7th to 13th, 16th, 17th, 20th, 21st, 24th to 28th

Inauspicious date :- 4 to 6 date 14 15, 18, 19, 22 and 23 date.

Lucky Colours:- Yellow, Lemon Green and pastel shades.

Measure :-

  • Worship Lord Vishnu on Sunday or Thursday.
  • Control anger and recite Hanuman Chalisa daily.
  • If you are suffering from any difficult problem or ill, then you must recite Aditya Hridaya Stotra.
  • Starting from Sunday, do offer Arghya to Shri Suryadev everyday.

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