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Leo February 2022 Horoscope | By Nidhi Shrimali


Leo February 2022 Horoscope


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Hello Welcome, we are present with the monthly horoscope of February in front of you. Now talk first. The owner of the owner also says that it is becoming a horoscope according to the horoscope of Sirius personality Can increase. A little bit will be done on February 13, when the sun amount will go to your seventh. Then there will be four moonlight in your personality. All stupid work will be completed. In the works, the conditions, the promotion is halted and in the Government Job, you want to support the car on the desired car or the promotion of high officials. All such incidents will appear to be positive for you. If the master’s vision is also falling on your marriage, then the period will be your over-prosperity in your life will increase your social value respect. You will be able to see the prospects of special benefits from the Dadiheal side. This month will bring happiness to you good luck and prosperity but a little bit till 13th February, let’s go ahead in your life by controlling your anger and awards. Complete your actions with a little patience. Leo February 2022 Horoscope

Now talk about the second house . The secondary is not good to sit in the virtue of the dysfunction that I have sitting in the virtuous feeling of virtue. At this time you will have to face a few of your relatives. There may also be a Miss Understanding and the controversy can also increase. From the time you can reach your honour, it will be very careful. A large debate will save as much as possible. Work in the banking sector can be stuck. Be a little bit of it. You will feel a little difficulty at the benefit of the Daily Routine at this time. Yet, with the cooperation of the high officials you will make the conditions of your profits, i.e. continuous efforts, the problems will not come much. At this time you will have to control restraint and anger on your speech, which I have already said while selecting a lot of words, talk time because your word can hurt someone. You can spoil your form. By focusing on your words, you will go ahead with very restraint. Leo February 2022 Horoscope

Now talk about the third price. Let’s talk about the third quote, thanks to the owner of Parakram, which will be able to sit in the third and sit in the fifth house to sit in a fifth house. At the same time, the ninth sight of the master will be able to look at your conclusion, then this time will increase your political successes. If you are connected to politics, very good if you have a connection to politics then your connection will become more powerful. Very strong will be reinforced. If any work is stuck with politics, then that work will be prosperous. Your plan has been a victim of politics, she will see a clean chit. Your tuning with siblings will appear very better. The older siblings will be received and in collaboration with their cooperation, you will have good advancement and progress in your business. His Advice will get you a lot of work. This time will also solve the parental property disputes and show solidarity, the whole family will be seen again in a formula. At this time you will be attached to your mind, that is, only work will not be made. Whatever you like, you will also conclude such actions that you can get happiness and this month will give you happiness in such activities.  Leo February 2022 Horoscope

Now move forward and know. Fourth sense. If you talk about the fourth house, the year is Mangal, which is going to go ahead a house by going in a fifth house and it is very good to be sitting and Mars is also a good result. If you go, then you will give more a lot of resort. This month will be very good for you. The land building will remain perfect with pleasures because you have also been considered Mangal land, then the factor of land building vehicle has been considered to be a planet Mars. In these works, you will see very good progress and progress. If you have a dream of your own home then that dream will now appear. Your relationship with your mother will be even more reinforced. The social value will increase respect. At this time, any situation of your stagnation in the income field will end. This time will also be very good for the employed people, but this time will also create difficulties because if Ketu is sitting on or on, it confuses a little person and scares a little, so at this time you have to walk a little cautiously. Which can also become the sum of their transfer in the job and the government job. You may also have some concerns about the health of the mother, so be a little careful in this matter. Leo February 2022 Horoscope

Now let’s talk about the fifth house, but if we talk about the fifth house, then going from the fifth lord to the third house of the ideological guru and sitting third from you, it is very good for you, especially for the students, this is the time to provide very good knowledge or to take knowledge. If you do the work, then you will get the desired success in these areas as well. For students, this time will be united for group study, but you will benefit so much that you will not even imagine that you will be able to see better results in your studies. Time is very good and beneficial for the students. You will also get good news from your child’s side. If you have a desire to have a child for a very long time and keep making efforts for it, then these efforts will prove to be worthwhile at this time. This time will complete your works like literary creation. You will tend to carry the quality of leadership from within you as well as your family. The activities of spiritual and religious work will increase in your life and you will be seen organizing any religious ritual at home. Leo February 2022 Horoscope

Now let’s talk about the sixth house. If we talk about the sixth house i.e. disease, then its lord or Shani, who is sitting in his own house as a self-gracious person, sitting in his own house as a self-occupied person will bring down your diseases. However, be especially careful while driving at this time because there are chances of vehicle accidents and chances of surgery, so be a little careful in this matter. Make sure to take care of your health, especially with yoga, meditation, pranayama. Powerful instincts will come in you. You will be seen achieving victory over the enemies at this time. Money-related obstacles will go away for you, if you have a loan on you, then you will see that you are getting rid of that loan as well, that is, this time you will get help from your mother’s side as well. He is going to be beneficial in every way. Leo February 2022 Horoscope

Now let’s talk about the seventh house. The lord of the seventh house is Shani, the people of which being self-occupied inside the house, sitting in the seventh house of the guru will increase your knowledge. You will get the art of handling the business related to management very well. Leadership Quality You will know how to get the work done from your staff and you will also be seen achieving the required efficiency in it and on this you will complete your tasks in a very well-planned manner so that you can set very good dimensions of business success as well. will appear to do. Your bonding with your spouse will appear to be improving. If you are unmarried, then your chances of getting married will be visible, while love relations will get more momentum and strength. If you want to propose to someone then you can feel free to tell him your mind. They will not turn down your proposal. This time will be for the movement of guests in the house. Manglik programs can be outlined in the house and the atmosphere of the house will also be seen happening very quickly, then you will feel very strong and empowered by family and professionals. Leo February 2022 Horoscope

Now let’s talk about the eighth house. The eighth lord is the guru who is sitting on the outside of himself. Sitting on the outside of the Guru can disturb your routine life a bit, so do your work with restraint. You can spoil many of your works within the circle of doing it in haste and haste, so this time do not rush at all. Complete one task, do that task calmly, then start a new task. Only then will you be able to achieve success in all your endeavours. Your daily life routine will not be disturbed but this time may sour your relationship with your in-laws a bit. A little can create differences, so be a little aware of your in-laws’ relationships. You will need to be very careful in their relationships. Enemies may conspire against you at this time, so beware of such secret enemies, which can interfere with you and your work. You can’t even recognize them. Give them a lot of thought while doing new and risky work. Take the advice of an experienced person, after that complete those tasks cautiously. Leo February 2022 Horoscope

Now in your horoscope, Mars is yoga karaka and Mars is also Bhagyesh. Bhagyesh’s ninth sitting on his own will be very good for increasing your luck and this time will complete all your work. Will remove the obstacles coming in the works, at this time you will be associated with work like public welfare. You will be associated with works like human service, those young girls who are in the field of engineering, they will get to see very good results. People associated with the technical field will get a lot of benefits from this. Your happiness will increase. You will see better job options being available at this time. At this time, your family members will also be seen helping you in your every work. This time will increase your happiness, good luck and prosperity. Luck will support you completely, so if you invest in lands at this time, then you will also see very good profits. If you are connected to the construction line, then your work will pick up the pace at this time. Leo February 2022 Horoscope

Now let’s talk about Karma Bhava. Talking about Karma Bhava, Karmesh Venus, which is sitting in your fifth house by conjunct with Bhagyesh, sitting in conjunction with Bhagyesh and sitting in the fifth house will lead to progressive progress in your work. Work-related to boutiques which are thankfully related to fashion designing, you will get success in whatever work you do. But since Rahu is sitting in your karmic house, it will create difficulties in many work, but you will also overcome these difficulties easily. There will be more support from the father. Sometimes you will not obey or disregard your father’s words, but you must obey your father’s words, then everyone will definitely consider his words and if you follow the path shown by him, then you will double your level of profit. will do. If court cases are going on you or any work related to those courts, your work will be completed smoothly this month.

Now come on profit rate. Talking about the house of profit, then the benefit is Mercury, which is sitting and standing, ie in the sixth house, at this time in the sixth house, what conditions can be full of fluctuation. However, the fifth aspect of Jupiter is falling on your profit house, which will keep these situations under a little control so that you do not face the problem of debt. The financial situation should not be full of fluctuation and you should be saved from taking wrong decisions because the vision of the guru is very good. That’s why at this time you have to walk by weighing. If you show a little awareness in your actions and do your tasks with awareness, then surely you will be seen achieving success. Situations of sudden monetary gains can happen in your life. You should avoid short term investments at this time. Make long term investments Don’t invest short term. At this time, while making any investment, you should proceed with the advice of an experienced person. Leo February 2022 Horoscope

Now let’s talk about the cost. If we talk about the expenditure, then its lord is the Moon, which keeps on destabilizing your mind. All the time forces you to spend on unnecessary things. If you waste it, then at this time you should be a little careful. Go after watching your budget or else the financial condition can be critical and because of that due to debt situations you may have to take out one loan and you may have to take another loan, so be a little careful this is my opinion. Maintain a good relationship with the officials for a while. Don’t argue with them. Do not disregard their words, because if you disregard them, then you may have to face the consequences very sad, action can be taken against you and you can also be fired from the job, so a little bit you have to build a good and strong relationship with the officers. Leo February 2022 Horoscope

Lucky Dates :– 1 – 3 , 7 -13 ,17 – 25 , 22 , 25 – 28 |

Noteworthy Dates :– 4 – 6 , 14 -16 , 23 , 24 |

Lucky colour – lemon yellow, light yellow, golden colour.




  • Feed the black dog bread with oil.
  • Do feed the birds.
  • Worship Lord Ganesha and consume green leafy vegetables in your food.
  • You should also donate green leafy vegetables on Wednesday.
  • To increase the degree of your Sun, you should also wear a good quality ruby ​​to make it stronger.

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