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LEO horoscope december 2022

Leo December 2022 Horoscope

Namaskar Welcome. Today we have come before you with the monthly horoscope for the last month of the year i.e. December for Leo people. Now let’s go ahead and know which special days and festivals are coming in this month which are making the last month of this year special. Annapurna Jayanti will be celebrated on 7th December. Along with this, Lord Dattatreya Jayanti is also coming on this day. Christmas Day will be celebrated on December 25, the main festival of Christians. Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti will be celebrated on 29 December and on 31 December we will say goodbye to this year and get ready for the arrival of the new year. So these are some special days of the last month of this year. Now let us know further that what is the special position of the planets bringing for us in the last month of the year.

First of all, let’s talk about the king of the planets, Sun, who is currently sitting in his own zodiac sign Scorpio and on December 16, he will enter his best friend zodiac sign, Sagittarius. If we talk about the planet Mercury, then it is sitting in its enemy zodiac sign Scorpio and on December 3 itself it will enter its friendly zodiac sign Sagittarius. If we talk about Mars, then this whole month it will be sitting in its enemy sign Taurus in its retrograde state. If we talk about the owner of your zodiac sign, then he is going to sit in your own zodiac sign for the whole month. Venus is going to change zodiac sign twice this month. The first one will be on December 5 when they will enter from their enemy zodiac sign Scorpio to their friend zodiac sign Sagittarius and the second will happen on December 29 when they will be seen entering Capricorn from their friend zodiac sign Sagittarius. The planet Saturn will be sitting in its own zodiac sign Capricorn this whole month and Rahu and Ketu will be sitting in their own signs Aries and Libra this month, so this is the position of the planetary transit of this month. Now let’s start by knowing about the effect of this position of these planets on your zodiac sign this month. Monthly horoscope for the month of December for Leo.

First of all, let’s talk about your Rashi Swami. If we talk about Sun, who is the king of the planets, then for half a month, he will sit in your happy place and on December 16, he will move to your fifth house. In both the circumstances, you will get the best results of Sun. Since you are the lord of the zodiac, you are also the king of the planets. Tejwan planets are the planets that increase happiness. At this time, instead of sitting in his fourth house, the lord of the center is sitting in the center, so he will give you very good results. Also, when the Sun will move to your fifth house on December 16, then it will make the students get the best results. The problems in studies will go away and the dream of main job will be fulfilled. Happiness will increase. The situations of stagnation will end from life. Any big property transaction is possible this month. At this time, you will definitely get success in whatever work you take in your hand. Received will appear. Now, along with your social respect, the outline of some auspicious programs can also be made in your life this month. Guests can come in the house, due to which the atmosphere of the house will be seen to be very healthy. You will see conditions of special benefits from relatives, especially from the maternal side.

Now coming to your second house. If we talk about the second house, then it is second lord and your lord lord. Mercury and Mercury are sitting in your fifth house. You are going to get excellent results from Mercury because the lord of the second house will sit one fourth from you and they will continuously increase your wealth. to everyday profit situations. If any of your work is stuck in the banking sector, it will surely be completed. If the loan problem is going on then your loan will be passed. At this time, the dispute of your ancestral property will be seen to be resolved with the help of the elders of your house. You will be seen receiving special money, gold ornaments and jewelery this month. This time is going to be very good for women. Your family members will fully support you. Whether you are working or a housewife, they will understand your importance and will also try to understand and accept your words. Your respect will increase in the family this month and you can be invited as a guest in any social function. Means you can be called as chief guest.

Now coming to the profit price. So Labhesh is Mercury and the lord of Labh Bhava is sitting seventh from himself. If you are looking at your own home, you will see the praise of benefits increasing progressively. The results of Mercury will also be seen to be excellent in terms of benefits. Now both Dhanesh and Labhesh are Mercury, so if there is an increase in wealth everyday, then the conditions of profit will also increase. The business class can open a new branch of their work. You can get a good promotion in the job. People associated with the field can get some big and special opportunity at this time. There are full chances of getting promotions for the people associated with the banking sector. There are also chances of desired transfer. At this time you will also get the happiness of your officers. Your works will be appreciated. Your participation in social programs will increase and you will also get special benefits from your elder brother. Means this time will increase your profit progressively. The circle and level will also appear to increase.

Now coming to your third house. The lord of the third house is Venus, who is the lord of your house of action, and the Lord of Karma and Lord of Powers, Shukra, are sitting in your fifth house. It is very good for the lord of the place of love to sit in the triangle and the lord of karma to sit inside the triangle, that means Parakramesh is sitting third from you and you will also get good results from Venus. Especially those who are artists. Earn from your skills in the field of art. They have made profession a skill and have made a skill a profession. They will get all the fame at this time and also get money from fame. At this time, you will be seen getting full support from your siblings’ family. The journey will be pleasant and auspicious. Will give a new identity to the skill. If you put a video of your skill on social media, then it can go viral and your fame can increase further. The respect of artists will increase and fame will be at its peak. Your stuck work in politics will be completed at a fast pace. You will have to sit and stand with the politicians. Enemies will be finished or whatever the opponents do against you, they will be unsuccessful.

Now Karmesh is Venus and the lord of Karma Bhava is sitting in the fifth house. Sits great. If the lord of the center sits in a triangle, then it gives good results. Although Karmesh is sitting in the eighth house from himself, but in spite of that he is sitting in a triangle, then you will get good results from Venus in terms of career. If you are a struggling artist. If you struggle in your career, you will get work in it. If you do some work related to Venus, like if you work in hotel management or you have a restaurant business or do some work of packed food. Saliva works as a perfume. Used for imitation jewellery. Works for decorative wall pieces or fashion designing. If you work, you are associated with the travel business. All these are the works of Venus, so the people associated with all these fields will get great recognition. If you will get respect and you will also get full chances of getting money, then this time is going to be very good for those who do work related to Venus. Along with this, Mars is also sitting in the house of action and looking at the place of happiness, which will increase your happiness. Along with this, Mars, which takes you to the technical field, then technically your work will be very good and clean. You will not see any kind of negligence and problems in your work.

Now come to your happy place. We are talking about Sukhesh, Sukhesh Mangal is sitting seventh from himself and is looking at his own house, so it is good for Mangal to look at his own house, since Bhumi is the son, then at this time you will be seen buying new properties. The dream of a new house will be fulfilled. If you want to upgrade your house, then the totals for that are also made at this time. Your wishes will be fulfilled at this time. There will be an increase in luxury. If you want to buy a new vehicle at home, then this time will also create very good and profitable conditions for you. Because Mars is also sitting in the house of action and Mars is a yoga karak planet in your horoscope. Yogakaraka planet Mars sitting in the house of action. Will give you very good and excellent success in your works.

Now, since Mars is the lord of your destiny, then according to destiny, it will give you the best results. If you invest in the stock market at this time, do work related to trading, then you should invest money related to technical companies that work in machinery or are big manufacturers. You should invest in those companies, that money will earn you good money. The young men and women who are present at this time will be seen to be a little confused. But if you make efforts, your job is possible with efforts. Will settle in a good life. If you want to do some work of your own. Obstacles will definitely come because Rahu is sitting in the place of fortune, which can cause others to get stuck. But in spite of that, if you remain karma-oriented, then luck is in a very good position and it will give you the best results. So you will get very good results from Mars also.

Now coming to your fifth house, about the fifth house. If we talk about it, then fifth lord Jupiter, who is self-occupied in the eighth house, fifth lord is also sitting fourth from himself. And the eighth lord is also in the master and eighth house, so according to the fifth house, the problems in education end. Student class can go somewhere outside related to education. You can get admission in any desired college, but due to this your happiness, your confidence level will be seen increasing. This education will only support you in your career. At this time you will impress everyone with your knowledge. People associated with the field of literature and art will get respect. Medals and medals can also be found. At the same time, you will also be seen receiving news related to children. This time is bringing good results for the students studying management. At the same time, time will be excellent for the students of arts stream from the field of commerce and arts. Along with interest in literature and art, you will also be filled with spiritual feelings and your interest in religious works will also increase. At this time, you can also organize any religious ritual in your home. You will get to see the best conditions in that too.

Now since Jupiter will fix your eighth house as well. Will be seen balancing the routine life. Very strong management will be yours and you will not feel in any kind of life at this time. The path of progress will keep opening. You will keep moving forward. Sources of getting secret money will be found and secret enemies will end at this time. You will be very confident in your work, but at this time you have to keep your confidential matters to yourself and keep confidential documents in a safe place. Be a little careful with animals as animals can cause injuries. Now your disease is the master of disease. Shani who is sitting there and is sitting there as a self-possessed person, then there will be reduction in diseases. Although Shani increases it when he sits, but he is sitting in his own house. That’s why you will feel improvement in health. If you are struggling with a major disease, then at this time you will definitely get good news related to that disease. The problem coming in health will end. Confidence level will increase and your concentration will pay off in whatever work you do at this time. The obstacles coming in the work related to money will be removed. You will be seen getting full support from your maternal grandfather at this time and you will go on completing the work you have decided in your mind at a fast pace. Now, since Saturn is also your seventh lord, it will improve your tuning with your life partner. At this time they will help you in your work and especially they will take special care of your health. Merchants can undertake long distance journeys in business, but those journeys will bring you pleasant and positive results in Mars. So this is the monthly horoscope of the last month of the Leo zodiac i.e. December

Auspicious dates – 1, 4 to 11, 14, 20, 23 to 28 and 31.

Unlucky dates – 2, 3, 12, 21, 22, 29 and 30.

Auspicious colors – You can use yellow and red, orange, queen i.e. bright and dark colors.

Special Measures

  • Make sure to feed bread smeared with oil to a black dog.
  • Feed the helpless and needy people.
  • Make a gold sun on gold and wear it around your neck or wear the Surya Yantra pendant around your neck.
  • You must irrigate a plant of a certain size continuously on six Sundays in the afternoon.
  • If you can wear One Mukhi Rudraksh around your neck, then definitely wear it.

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