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Leo 13 April 2022 Guru Rashi Parivartan English blog | Leo Guru Transit | Leo Prediction गुरु बृहस्पति


Leo 13 April 2022 Guru Rashi Parivartan English blog

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Astrology is a science and if it is understood deeply then change in life is possible. So come on, we will solve every problem, Namaskar Swagatam, today we have appeared in front of you with the information about the change of zodiac of Dev Guru Jupiter and till now we have given you the effect of this zodiac change of Devguru Jupiter on the people from Aries to Cancer. informed about it. Today we will tell you what will be the effect of this zodiac change of Dev Guru Brihaspati for the people of Leo. Anyway, during our annual horoscope, we told you that in April, the zodiac signs of three big planets are going to change. In it, the information of Rahu’s all-ready zodiac change has been told from Aries to Pisces. Devguru Jupiter will enter Pisces in Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra from Aquarius just one day after Rahu i.e. on 13th April in the morning i.e. at 7.28 am and for about a year i.e. till 22nd April 2023, he will be self-occupied in Pisces. Will be seated Sitting in Pisces, being self-gracious to the Guru, will give good results in your life because Guru is a planet giving best results, the lord’s influence is more inauspicious works. Guru is considered to be a planet for scholars and as it is in his name, we see him as Gu means ignorance and Ru means destroyer, that is, destroyer of ignorance. This is a male planet. The planets are also considered to be the causative planets of humility, seriousness, justice, wealth and good fortune. Jupiter is the planet that brings wealth and sons and children and is also seen as the planet of marriage. That is, if we want to see the attainment of children in your horoscope, then we first see the planet Jupiter. The position of Venus and Jupiter are both considered for marriage. The strength of the Guru is seen at the time of marriage. The planet Jupiter is the lord of the morning. The north direction is considered to be their right over the old man and the business class. If Jupiter is placed in the male sign in the horoscope, then the person does independent business from the very beginning. 10. Mast Guru gets the job done, however, the results of the Guru are seen very well in the centre place. Progressively better results are obtained from the lord in the seventh house from the ascendant and the seventh house from the seventh house. The planet Jupiter is the lord of Sagittarius and Pisces. High in Cancer and low in Capricorn. If Jupiter is self-gracious or exalted in the centre place, then it creates a Mahapurush Yoga named Hans and also creates Gajakesari Yoga with the Moon. Jupiter has power over the liver, skin and obesity. The authority of the Guru is more on the people who are after the first year of age, that is, the influence of the Guru on their life is seen very much. Guru’s vision is considered auspicious and the place where the fifth, seventh and ninth vision falls gives auspicious results. Leo 13 April 2022 Guru Rashi Parivartan English blog

Know what effect did Guru bring for Leo zodiac sign i.e. change of zodiac sign of Guru, what effect will it have on Leo zodiac, so let us tell you that for Leo zodiac, Guru is the fifth house and eighth house and is sitting in the eighth house as a self. Only the Guru will get the best results achieved. By the way, the eighth house is not considered a good house and if any benign planet is sitting in it, then it does not get good results. Since the Guru is sitting in his own house and no one wants to harm his house. Therefore, the Guru will be self-gracious and correct the eighth house. IQ level will increase. It will protect you from your opponents, will get you good results in work. Will get you the secret money. Destroy secret enemies. Travels will be made in the works of religious deeds. Will spend in the works of religion. will provide knowledge. You will get very good results in these areas. Will be seen improving and improving the life of daily routine. Since Jupiter is also your fifth lord and is sitting as a self-gracious person, you will get to see the best results of the fifth house as well. Time will be very good for the student class, it will be the best result if you are giving board exams, then you will get good results in it and if you are surrounded by any kind of problem in your life, do not feel like studying. If you are deprived of your goal, then you will get success in achieving your goal. This time will be very good for young women making a career. You will get the best results of Guru and whatever career you will choose if you do management work or you are doing an MBA or you want to do some research work as a career. If you want to do any work of medical line or if you want to join the teaching business. Guru’s best results will be obtained in all these areas. Obstacles coming in getting children will be removed and every worry related to children will end. This time will be famous for people working in the field of literature and writing and you will be dominated on social media. Time will be very good for the people associated with the field of art. Leo 13 April 2022 Guru Rashi Parivartan English blog

Let’s talk about the vision of the Guru, how many auspicious planets have been considered in the Guru itself. If the Guru is sitting self-graciously, then he is giving very good results and at the same time, the vision of the Guru is also good. Which is bringing very good results for all the zodiac signs. The fifth aspect of Jupiter is falling on your 12th house. That is, it is falling on expenses, which will bring a reduction in expenses. Will fulfil the dream of working abroad. Will remove obstacles coming in foreign travel. If the visa problem is going on then it will end it. Will remove the problems coming in the job. Will get rid of debt. On the other hand, if you have been implicated in any false allegation, then now you will be seen getting a clean chit in that too. Time will be very good for the business class because if the fifth sight of Jupiter is falling on your 12th house, then you may have co-operation with foreign companies. Dream of working abroad Your dream of spreading your work abroad will be seen to be fulfilled. Whatever works like import-export will get momentum.

Talking about the seventh vision of the Guru, then the seventh aspect is falling in the place of your 2nd house i.e. speech and money, which will make your speech more effective. People related to you will be seen getting influenced by you and will try to do their work after taking advice from you. You will fascinate everyone with your speech. Social prestige will increase and you will be seen creating a positive image by making a different place in the family. At this time, the work related to the banking sector will be done at your own pace. If you take a loan and till now your loan is stuck then it will pass. You will get success in court related works. If there is any dispute related to ancestral property, then that too will be resolved. You will appear to be acquiring permanent assets at this time. Teaching Profession Research Center Media Personnel Leader Actor Time will be very good and prosperous for all of them. Fame will continue to increase. That is, if your speaking work is more in your job in your business then people associated with these fields will get very good success this year. This time will be seen teaching new dimensions of fame to the people associated with all these fields. If you will add four moons to your fame. Manglik programs will be outlined at home. You will get respect from the women of the house. Leo 13 April 2022 Guru Rashi Parivartan English blog

Talking about the ninth vision of the Guru, which is falling at the place of happiness, it is increasing your luxury, it is improving your financial condition further. If your financial condition was going through ups and downs then now it will improve. The relationship with the mother will appear to be getting stronger. There will be an increase in pleasures, there will be an increase in luxury, you will be seen gathering new electronic gadgets in the house, luxury and means of convenience. Your dream of a new vehicle will come true. If you dream of buying a luxury vehicle too, then that too will be seen to be fulfilled this year. After the change of Jupiter’s zodiac sign, your dream of a new home will also be fulfilled. If there were problems in the new house too, then it would appear to be going away. At the same time, the obstacles coming in the purchase and sale of the property will be removed and will also be seen while building a new property. That is, due to the excellent results of the overall Guru, these zodiac signs will be seen. Leo 13 April 2022 Guru Rashi Parivartan English blog


  • To strengthen the Guru, you have to recite this mantra Om Gram Green Grow Sah Guruve Namah on Thursday. If you do it daily then it is very good, but if you are doing it on Thursday only, then you should do 2, 3, 5 or 16 rosaries only. In the morning, you have to sit on a yellow seat, wear yellow clothes and chant the Guru’s mantra with the garland of the Guru.
  • Anointing Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi by filling rice in the conch shell in the south.
  • Offer yellow clothes to Lord Vishnu. Offer clothes to the priest in the temple.
  • On Thursday, mix turmeric in flour and mix gram dal and feed it to the cow.


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