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Kumbh Rashifal April 2021 | कुम्भ राशि अप्रैल राशिफल – Aquarius horoscope | April Rashifal in English – Nidhi Shrimali


Kumbh Rashifal April 2021 | कुम्भ राशि अप्रैल राशिफल

Kumbh Rashifal April 2021 – Hello welcome. Wish you all a very happy Indian New Year. This new year is coming, may you progress in the month of April. If you achieve victory in every field, success will kiss your footsteps. This is my wish. Today I have brought before you the monthly horoscope of Aquarius month of April. For the information about fasting festivals coming in April, we will start first to know about the monthly horoscope for the position of planetary transit. From the fasts and festivals, as I told you that the new festival will be held in April, i.e., Vikram Samvat 2078, then on 13 April, the day of Ghata Navratri is the day of establishment, our Indian New Year would begin on the same day. Is and Vikram Samvat 2077 is coming on the same day, as well as the festival of Gudi Padwa will be celebrated on this day and the festival of Jhulelal Jayanti will also be celebrated on this day. The festival of Gangaur will be celebrated with great pomp on 15 April. This festival is of very special importance especially in our state ie Rajasthan. On this day, all the Suhaginas wish Gangaur Mata their longevity for their longevity and fasting and celebrate this fast in our state with great pomp. On April 21, the festival of Ramnavami will be celebrated with great pomp and this time there will be a special boom of this festival. Ram temple is going to be built in Ayodhya and special celebration of Ram Navami is going to happen this time in Ayodhya to commemorate the construction of the grand Ram temple. If the festival of Dhanwan Jain is celebrated with great pomp in our entire India on 27th April, then it is the state of fasts and festivals that we will get to see in the month of April. Let’s move forward and how will the position of the Jain planet transit this month. The position of the planets is going to make some special changes and these changes will prove very positive for all zodiac signs. Let me tell you the first change. The Guru’s planet, which was still sitting in Capricorn with Saturn till April 6, will break their privacy on April 6 and they will enter your zodiac sign Aquarius from Capricorn. Saturn is residing in Capricorn on Friday. Along with this, the Sun Mercury and Venus planets are also presently sitting in Pisces, where Venus will be sitting in your third house in the Aries zodiac sign from Pisces on 10th April itself. The Sun planets will sit high on Pisces on April 14 from Pisces to Aries and Mercury planets are going to sit in their zodiac sign ie Pisces on April 16 from Pisces. May Mangal Rahu’s Angaraka Yoga was being formed in the continuous Taurus sign. That yoga will end on April 14 because Mars changes its zodiac sign from 11 to 14 April and will enter bright zodiac sign in Scorpio zodiac sign entering Taurus and Rahu who is in Taurus zodiac sign will have positive planetary conditions. It is the master’s sluice. Mangara Rahu’s Angarak Yoga is over. Many such positive conditions of the Sun High will be seen in the position of the planet transit. This mother is very special, is of special importance. Due to special festivals and due to the planetary positions, let’s put the position of these planets in which these major changes are going to take place, what will be the result of this on your zodiac sign or Aquarius sign?  – Kumbh Rashifal April 2021

Family status

Your family situation will be very good. Personality will appear to be very powerful at this time and since Saturn is the master of your personality, sitting in that which was self-centered, you will sit in it and cut your expenses multiplied by the amount of money. Fair loyalty true loyalty will appear in your life, but no miss should be created with family members. One has to take care of this and too much state wind blows someone’s feelings. We should not take such things out of our mouths. You may have a little temperament in the month of April because the Guru sits in your ascendant and disturbs that house a bit by sitting in the energy, then if you do not like anything about the personality, you will be straight forward. Will pass through If you keep such things a little inside you, it will be good for you or there are different ways. If you can keep your talk in front of you very peacefully and with love, you will have to move ahead with your time keeping a little restraint on your speech. This time can also set the tuning of your family issues with relatives a bit, so at this time you will have to move forward with your relatives by keeping control of voice and restraint on speech. Social honor and respect will increase and if you keep sweetness in your speech then everyone will be affected by your speech. Will be attracted to you and will take advice from you and will consider doing its work. At this time, there will be a traffic of guests in your house, so that the atmosphere of the house will also look very healthy and pleasant. The blessings of the elders will be seen with you at this time. Your tuning with siblings is going to be very good because the Sun, Venus and Mercury planets of all these planets are going to be in your power house after 14 April. 14 16 and 10 April when Mercury Venus Sun will change the zodiac sign of these three, then the circumstances will be in your very heart because there will be a combination of two triangles and one master of the center. Your fifth house lord Saptamesh Surya and Bhagyesh Shani Venus, the combination of these three planets in your mighty spirit will give you very good support and guidance from your siblings, if you grow, then you will be seen helping you in your work in particular. This time will go ahead with them, that is, you can share any type of officers with them on your workplace, take guidance and take advice from them and do their tasks. Your social honor and respect will also increase and your hold in politics will also appear to be strengthening. Your relationship with mother is going to be good, but you have to take special care of her health. There are chances of having a healthy discharge. In Rahu Mata’s place and affect their health a little bit. Hence a bit carefree. You will have to stay for health or else you may have to go to hospitals, you will also be upset, because you will also be upset because if any of our family members are suffering from health related problems, then they will suffer all the physical, mental and economic problems of the house but The rest of the members also go through mental and financial stimuli and if you do not want to face these days then you should take special care of your mother’s health by staying in advance. The problem related to children will be solved. If your child has any result at this time, even if someone is enrolled in an important college from the board in school, then your child within all those areas Will achieve the goal Will generate new dimensions of success. New dimensions will be touched, which will make you feel proud of him. This time or this month, which will make your relation pearl good with your maternal grandmother, your relationship with your maternal grandparents will be stronger in your relationship with your maternal grandmother. Your tuning will look very good with your spouse. At this time you will walk with each other step by step. There will be no place of any kind of misunderstanding in your married life. Stay a little carefree with your father, you have to take special care of them. You have to specially address the health of both parents. By the way, when Mars, the owner of your father’s house, changes your zodiac sign on April 14 and finishes the Angaraka yoga of Mars Rahu, then you will sit in your fifth house and then you will see the possibility of very good benefits from your father in the field. With in-laws, your relationship limit will be seen to be getting better. If this month will be seen to make your family situation stronger and stronger. – Kumbh Rashifal April 2021

Economic Condition

This month, benefiting from your financial terms, it is beneficial for sitting in the lagna to sit in the lagna with the Sun of the place of happiness and Mercury i.e. 2 2 8 points sitting in a central place and a triangle with the lord of the place. Will increase Your wealth will increase in spirit and then your happiness will increase. Economic position will increase in your honor of living very well in April. You will get to see a lot of economic benefits at this time. Your work will progress. Planning to extend the work, you will be seen making this time, you can think of opening a new branch. If you do the job, the chances of promotion are the chances of you getting a full transfer, the chance of getting any transfer you want or any big increment you are waiting for at this time, any contingent benefit is also given to you by the stock market lottery or you have lent it to someone. If you have to repay your loan, there is a possibility of sudden benefit also from some such incidents. This time will increase your happiness. You can shop for a new vehicle in April. If you have a roof of a new house, then your desire for a new house can be fulfilled and you can get success in the matters of property transactions. You will be able to earn good profit conditions at the work place as well. This time is going to be very favorable for you, so this time will be fully supported from the financial situation and you will see this value prove to be decisive in your progress in moving forward. – Kumbh Rashifal April 2021

Education, Career, And Business

The master of the sense of education, who grew up in your wealth, may be able to sit in it and then later you will sit in it and sit there in a sense of might. This time is going to be better for you because Mercury should pair with Sun and Venus. Sun your seventh. Venus, your causative planets, I can say that by doing yoga, you are the lord of a center of the planet and a triangle, the lord of the runaway place towards the dry place and the three planets who are sitting in mighty sense, because of this, because of this, your There will be an increase in might. At this time, whatever you want to do in your career, if you want to make an identity through studies or if you want to make an identity through sports, then you will see your identity attaining its destination. This team will also be a group study, especially for all the students who are getting technical education related to commerce, this time is going to be the best and best result for all. If I talk about career, then this time for career will be very perfect for you. At this time, luck will support you fully, your happiness will increase and whatever work you have started, it will not take much time to gain momentum, but you will have to work hard. The stars and stars all support us only if we do not have any deficiency in our karma, then through hard work this month is going to help you in realizing your hard work. At this time, your career will also look more perfect. All problems in career. Your decision is very strong, your power will increase. People will be impressed by you and you will achieve the best results in your work. At this time if you are doing any work related to engineering or you are associated with IT sector or security advisor or you are engaged in administrative work like Police Army Navy, then you will see good success in all those areas this month. Will get The promotion chances have been told to you earlier. You can get increments and the amount of transfer you want is also becoming this mother. Keep a little confidence and move forward in your field with confidence to destroy your enemies who are jealous of your progress and progress. So do karma without wishing for the fruit and you will get such good fruit of karma as you had not imagined. This time will be very good for the business class, whoever does any work related to gold and silver, then time will be very best for them. At this time gold and silver purchases will be very high and you will also see good profit conditions. If you do any work related to performance related medicines related to medical science in the government job, then you will get great benefit in all those areas also. Good prospects Bandaria eye specialist for you in all these areas, especially this time will increase your fame. If any of your own clinics have any work of your own, then that work will definitely be seen progressing, and this time will be very good for the business class and the business will be flourishing. With the new strategy planning, you will move forward. You will definitely get a new direction in your work. You can get help from this time. You will be seen getting help through any kind of garment through the tender. You will be seen working on a big project at this time, you will have an operation with big companies at this time, then this month will be perfect for the Aquarius people for education, career and business. – Kumbh Rashifal April 2021

Life Partner And Love Affair

This month, there is a possibility of reconciliation with your life-partner. They can get an increment, they can get good benefits in their field. Promotions can be made in the workplace. You may get some such good news, you will get job this month. Today, your love will increase more with your spouse. You will be seen moving along, creating tuning with each other. In love relationship too, you will support your partner and because of that support, he will appear to be successful in achieving his goal in his career. This time to increase your power with your spouse, that is, they will create your support system, which will also increase your power. If you want to do some work, then you can see their great support in it. If you want to start some work in partnership with them in your field of work, then whatever name you will work in their name, will put their name with you. Nothing can stop you from progressing in that work. Therefore, this mother will be the perfect and best result for you in the case of life partner and love affairs. – Kumbh Rashifal April 2021


The master of disease. When the Moon is there, you may face some health related problems when there is a little bit of confusion and a little bit of decisional power. Sometimes you may have to face such problems in your mind due to restlessness, mental state is disturbed. You do not like the environment of stability in a little life. Your concentration may get a bit disturbed by your work. These possibilities remain, but you will not have any major problems. For this, you should associate yourself with the Yoga Meditation Pranayam Morning Walk, as well as wearing two Mukhi Rudraksha of good quality, that will also give you comfort in your health. Your concentration will increase. Mental worries will be respected and an atmosphere of peace will be established in your mind, so you will have to be fully alert towards your health, then it was the monthly horoscope of the Aquarius month for those who grow. – Kumbh Rashifal April 2021

Let’s look at Remedies:

What measures should you take for those who are your enemies who are jealous, so what should you do to go to any temple in the temple on Tuesday and then go to Balaji’s temple on Wednesday and hoist the flag in Ganesha’s temple to regulate you. Is forbidden Whenever you go to any temple, visit Shaktipeeth, then give a call to Shakti to Maa Durga. During the month of Chaitra Navaratri which comes specially in April, during this Chaitra Navaratri, you can consume nine power. You can chant Om MRM clean baby and you can join us through Sapta Chandi Puja and Havan to Havan, then you must get the benefit of all these remedies this month because these measures will remove the financial problems in your life. And you will get great results. Now I give this speech to my voice. Healthy Home Minister and always be smiling. Jai Maa Ambe – Kumbh Rashifal April 2021


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