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Kanya Rashifal February 2021 | कन्या राशि फरवरी राशिफल – Virgo horoscope | February Rashifal in English – Nidhi Shrimali


Kanya Rashifal February 2021 | कन्या राशि फरवरी राशिफल

Kanya Rashifal February 2021 – Hello, today, I have brought before you the monthly horoscope of the female zodiac in February. This month is a special month in itself as there are two special festivals this month. Gupt Navratri will start on 12 February which will last till 21 February and on 16 February is the festival of Basant Panchami. Whatever is the spiritual practice performed during Gupta Navratri, the mantra is the best time for them, Gupta Navratri and we get many more results and many more results during Gupta Navratri. Also, the festival of Basant Panchami signifies the arrival of spring. Worship of Maa Saraswati is performed on this day and a boon of learning is sought from Maa Saraswati. So whatever is the student class and those who are working in the fields of education, they are studying or any profession they have created in the field of learning, the festival of Basant Panchami has special significance for all of them. Moving forward and know how this month is special for the Virgo zodiac. How will the position of the planets be made for the Virgo zodiac and what is the change in the zodiac sign due to the transit of the house this month? It is known that the first thing we talk about is the position of planetary transits of the planet Mercury, which is sitting in Aquarius in the present, and on February 4, they will enter Capricorn from Aquarius. Mercury which is your ascendant is also Karmesh and when you are seated in Aquarius, then you will be sitting in your sixth house and after that when you enter Capricorn from Aquarius then you will be sitting in your fifth house which will give you very good results. One is the giver of Lagna and karma. Now let’s move on to the Sun planet which is the sole factor and the world spinach planet. So he is currently sitting in Capricorn and on February 12, he will enter Aquarius from Makar i.e. in your fifth house, and on February 12, he will be sitting in the sixth house from the fifth house. If you own the place of your house and sit in the sixth house, then you will control the expenses a little bit. But at this time you may have to face some problems with diseases. Especially the eyes. Venus which is presently sitting in Capricorn, that is, sitting in your fifth house, and on February 21, they will enter Aquarius from Capricorn, that is, they will be sitting in your sixth house. Mars, which are presently self-occupied, are seated in your eighth house i.e. Aries, and on February 22, they will be seated in Aries from Taurus to your destiny. The planet Saturn, which is seated in Capricorn during this whole month i.e. in your fifth house, the same guru, who is low, will also sit in conjunction with Saturn in Capricorn, ie in your fifth house. Rahu is seated in Taurus and when Mars comes to sit with Rahu, then he will definitely create Angarak Yoga in the place of fortune. Ketu planet is currently sitting in the Scorpio zodiac. They are going to be sitting in the might of this month. So these are the positions of some planets that we will get to see this month. So we understood the system of a planetary transit. Now know how the horoscope is going to be this month. It is important to know about the system of a planetary transit. We make horoscopes based on them. So now we know about the monthly horoscope. – Kanya Rashifal February 2021

Family Status

Kanya Rashifal February 2021 – So first I will talk about the family status of Virgo zodiac signs. See the person’s life from the family. The person exists from the family and the person does every work for his family, if the family remains his priority, then this month also sees mixed results in your family situation. First is Mercury, who is sitting in your sixth house in the Aquarius sign. You will not get good results at the beginning of the month, but on February 4, Mercury is going in your fifth house and sitting in the triangle of Lagna i.e. the center is a very good and auspicious sign for you. Very good results of Mercury will be seen. Mercury is also your karmas, that is, the lord of karma and both of your conditions will appear to be getting better. The relationship with the father will be very good. Personality will improve immediately. The social values ​​of your intelligence will be known all around, your behavior will be seen. Your family. All those in your circle who meet you will try to do their own work by asking you. The iron of your intellect will ring everywhere and because of your intellect, you will be seen attracting people towards you and also impressing them. You are going to have a very good relationship with Dadial at this time. Relationships that went away from you a little bit, some distance was ahead, those distances will end. You will get full support from family members. Relations with Dadial will get stronger and stronger. At the same time, Venus, the lord of your family, who is sitting in Capricorn and sitting in your fifth house, and will remain in the fifth house till February 21, then you will get a lot of synergy with the family. Parental property disputes and arbitration of anyone will be resolved. But after 21 February, circumstances will change a bit. When Venus enters your disease, you may get some bad news from your family. But, do not bring despair in your mind at this time, but instead of being their strength, you should stand with them. This will be the time to stand in a precarious situation with family members, relatives with family members. Your tuning with your siblings will be seen to be very good as Mars is the master of the spirit of valor i.e. siblings who will go to the eighth and on February 22 in your destiny place, then your destiny will be stronger. Although you will get to see some bad results of Mars, Mars is self-occupied, so if you do not do so much damage in your life, then you will get very good support in your brother’s place on behalf of your siblings. You will get their special help in the work and with their help, you will be able to see the conditions of good profit in your field of work this month due to the collaborative tendency. Your tuning with your mother is going to be good. By the way, the master of the mother’s spirit is sitting one house ahead of her. But with Saturn in the house of Saturn, there will be a situation of low dissolution Raja Yoga, so your tuning is much better than mother, so they will support you everywhere and anyone in the name of the mother if you do property work or property dealing. If you are, then you will also see a situation of special benefit in it. Good news will be received from the children. Between 5 February to 12 February, you will get good news from your child in between. You will become tension free regarding his career. You will feel proud of its performance. You will get very good results from the children this month. On February 6, when the moon will go to your child’s house for your benefit, then you will see a good state of benefit from the children. If your child is equal to you, it will make you have good conditions in your field. If we talk about life partners, then the master of life partner is also a master who will go to Saturn and will go to a triangle that is creating a situation like a disordered Raja Yoga, but Saturn is self-respecting, then you will get good results also. Will see. Although the third sight of Saturn is falling on your married life, you will have to face some mixed results. If you understand their feelings and walk by tuning, then no such big problem will come in married life. There will be great support from Nanihal. There is a possibility of you getting very good benefits from your in-laws also. Ancestral property At this time, if you want your mother-in-law for a very long time and waiting for that property, then that ancestral property will be seen getting you with the help of some elder. At the same time, turning from your father will be better this month, you will get their full support and guidance, so your family situation is going to be good. – Kanya Rashifal February 2021

Economic Condition

Kanya Rashifal February 2021 – Now about the economic position of moving forward and moving. Talking about the economic situation, the lord of the benefic sense Moon, who will try to improve your profit conditions more. At this time, if you hold anything in silver, use silver items in your hand or as jewelry. In the form of emerald or if you cannot wear anything, then you keep silver with you. This will increase your benefit conditions quadruple day and night. This month will be very good for you in terms of your conditions, because the master of the place of happiness, the master who is sitting with Saturn, Venus is also in the fifth house, which is the conjunction of planets in the fifth house, it will increase the conditions of your benefit and On February 10, you will also see the receipt of contingent benefit. Your financial position will look very good and strong this month.- Kanya Rashifal February 2021

Education, Career, And Business

Kanya Rashifal February 2021 – Now we talk about education, career, and business. See, if I talk about education, career and business, then first comes the student class. So time will be very good for the students. This month will give you favorable results in your studies. Panchamesh will be self-aware and will have five planets in their own place. The five planets ie Saptamesh Sukhesh Karmesh Lagnesh and Ganesh and your second Dhanesh and the lord of luck place i.e. Venus who are sitting together in the fifth house after doing Yuti Kar, then time is going to be very good for the students. If you have prepared for an entrance exam and if you are waiting for its result, then that result will go in your favor. That is, this month is going to be very good for you. Your chances of going abroad for higher education remain. You can have collaborations with foreign companies, can be appointed by foreign companies, you can work on the method of work from home. You and the student class will see very beneficial situations. Those who are preparing for higher education, preparing for a Ph.D. level or any major diploma or professional degree, you will also get good benefit in that professional degree. You will pass with a good score. Your selection will be done to that degree. So overall this time will be good for the student class. Now we talk about karma means career. Career If I talk, the lord of career sense is Mercury, who is going to give you the result by going to the fifth house. If you are engaged in tasks like CA CS accounting administrative services or journalism writing then you will definitely get very good results. Mercury is an expert in intelligence, so for those who are students of maths in science, they will continue to do very well in a very brilliant career. If you are associated with the IT sector, you will make a good name in your field. If you prepare for such a job, then your selection will be done. You will get the job you want and if you want to do any work of your own, then the business factors are considered to be the planet Mercury and Mercury is sitting very well for you this month, then you can start any of your own work. If I talk about business, then the master of the seventh house, who will give you very good success in business here. At this time you will see a good place in the business. Your personality will become absolutely powerful and powerful and if you like working in partnership too, then you can get benefit in partnership. But you have more advantage in working alone. There is no problem in partnership, but if you do university then you get more benefit in it. But in whatever business you do business, do not follow the straight path in that direction, try to pursue your work in a straight and right way, because the third sight of Saturn is also falling on this sense, so if the attempt to work wrongly That Shani Dev can also punish you. That is why try to grow properly in your business, if you do the work of grocery then surely the work of adulteration will not be good for the people of the groceries, so you will honestly move forward in your work. – Kanya Rashifal February 2021

Life Partner And Love Affair

Kanya Rashifal February 2021 – Now let us move on and about life partners and love affairs. If I talk about life partners and love affairs, then lord Mercury of the seventh house is sitting and sitting in the fifth house. The master of the seventh house is the guru who is sitting in your fifth house and the guru is lowly, but with Saturn, he is also creating a situation like a disordered Raja Yoga. So you will get very good results from Guru this month. That is, Saturn’s third sight is falling on the seventh house. So do not argue with your spouse, do not lie to them, do not quarrel, do not make any argument at all, your tuning will be much better. If you hide something from them and later find them, then that thing can take the form of hazing. May turn into a quarrel. In a love relationship also you have to do honesty and loyalty with your love partner. If you have a relationship, then your partner will be as loyal as you are in the relationship. Therefore, understand your partner’s feelings even in a love relationship. Do not try the wrong way at all, do not try to cheat them at all because if you cheat, then you will be harmed, they will not be harmed. So you will see mixed results in a life partner and love affairs this month. – Kanya Rashifal February 2021


Kanya Rashifal February 2021 – Now go ahead and learn about health. Talking about health, Shani, who is the master of disease and is going to sit in seventh place. If the Sun is sitting with Guru, Mercury and Moon are sitting with them, then some mixed results will bring health for you. So you have to take care of your health a little bit. There may be pressure on some work, mental anxiety, depression remains the chances of dominating you. So in this, you have to keep your depression and mental tension on the side and to maintain your confidence, you should worship Ganesha so that your confidence will remain and you will overcome the adverse circumstances and keep your health in your people and keep your goals right. Will be able to achieve So a little care will be taken towards your health. So this was the monthly horoscope of the female zodiac in February. – Kanya Rashifal February 2021

Let’s look at Remedies:

We move towards a great solution. What to do? If you should worship the worship of Ganesha, then mental concerns will be resolved in your diseases. You will not have problems like depression, but even married life should bring mixed results. Therefore, you must make donations of Shani. If you want to keep the sweetness in the marriage, then donate to Shani. On Saturday, both of you husband and wife together offer oil to Shani Dev and after that, if any needy person sees you outside Shanidev’s temple, donate things related to Shani to him. So you should definitely do these measures so that if any problems do not remain in the horoscope of the Virgo zodiac, then by following these measures you can move forward. Radhe Krishna.


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