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Kanya Rashifal April 2021 | कन्या राशि अप्रैल राशिफल – Virgo horoscope | April Rashifal in English – Nidhi Shrimali


Kanya Rashifal April 2021 | कन्या राशि अप्रैल राशिफल

Kanya Rashifal April 2021 – Hello welcome. Happy New Year to all of you. According to the Indian calendar, our Indian New Year is starting on the day of Chaitra Navratri, that is, April 13. This coming year is a blessing for all. Every person gets progress towards progress and progress in life. These are my best wishes. Next will know the monthly horoscope of the Virgo zodiac signs for the month of April. This month is special anyway because the position of planet transit is going to be very variable. Also some special fasts and festivals are also coming. Let us begin with some special fasts and festivals, on 13th April, Jhulelal Jayanti Gudi Padwa is going to start the Chaitra Navratra and Indian New Year and is also the day of the establishment and on Chaitra Navratra we invoke Shakti and invoke the Navdurga. All sorrows from our lives, all suffering end. We wish the newborns such that we have the power of nine powers. On April 21, the festival of Ramnavami will be specially celebrated. In the midst of it is the festival of Gangaur on 15th April which is specially celebrated in our state in Rajasthan. It is considered to be a festival of special importance, especially fruitful for the Suhagins. Hanuman Jayanti is also coming on 27th April this month. Vikram Samvat is going to start from 2077 to 2078 and we know that the position of planetary transit will also be seen very different and very positive in April. I will tell you how. See, Saturn was seated in Capricorn, making a great man named Shash, but now the Guru is seated with him in the form of lowliness, and the situation of the disintegrating Raja Yoga is also being created. But now on 6th April, the Guru is going to enter the Aquarius sign, eliminating the badness. Along with this, these three planets Sun-Mercury and Venus are currently sitting in Pisces, where Venus, which will enter their friendly zodiac sign Aries from Pisces on 10th April itself. Mercury which will enter Aries from Pisces on 16th April and Sun which will be seen ascending into Aries sign on 14th April will be higher than Pisces. On the same side, Mars also changes the Sun sign. On 14 April, the position of planets entering Gemini sign breaking Mars Rahu, which had been made as Angarak Yoga in Taurus till now. Rahu’s calculations which we will get to see this month. If Ketu is sitting in the Scorpio sign, then the end of Guru, the end of Mars Rahu’s Angarak Yoga will be seen this month.  – Kanya Rashifal April 2021

Family status

The person who is the owner of your sense of personality, that is, Mercury,  this time will not be so good for you. However, for half a month, as long as the Mercury is sitting in their seventh house, they are looking at their own house i.e. the Lagna, at that time your personality will look very good, you will see a different sharp intelligence in you, people will increase your intelligence. We will discuss this with you and try to conduct your work. At this time, you will receive social honor. You will also be able to overcome the estrangement that has come in your relationships and move ahead with the relationship in a firm manner. This is going to be very good for you as a personality. But after 16 April, when the zodiac sign of Mercury will change. Mercury will go from your seventh house to the eighth house, that is, to the expenses house, and the eighth house is not considered good, you will sit in it, then a little wisdom is confused, taking the wrong design, getting to see the conditions of loss at the workplace, even some loss in business. Can be seen. Such situations may arise due to the arrival of some new problems in your life. Therefore, do not talk about the time after April 16 that you will have to take special care of at this time. You should be alert for any such incident that does not happen to you, which does not hurt the heart of the people. Do not make any argument with your boss, not with your colleague, otherwise, you can loose your job. You have to walk a bit in terms of personality. Venus is the lord of the family of the family, who will go to the eighth. 10 April Someone else will look at his own house. Seating of Venus will not be considered good, but your wealth will increase by looking at your house. You will keep pace with the family. At this time, you can go on a religious journey with your family. You can go on a loan, this time will be for you to move ahead with understanding. Disputes related to ancestral property will also be resolved in time. There will be traffic of guests in the house, so that the atmosphere of the house will appear healthy and pleasant. Your tuning with siblings is going to be very good this month because Mars, the lord of the place, who was making Angarak Yoga with Rahu till now, is now going into your karma bhava in the tenth house, eliminating yoga from your ninth house. There will be those who will increase your work, increase your power. At this time there will be chances after getting your promotion. If you do any work of your own, then with the help of siblings, you will also be seen progressing in your work. Your bonding with them will be seen to be much better and stronger, but before you will be a little careful do not hurt their feelings, do not show the mind of elder siblings. Put the parental property dispute on a little side. Do not let any kind of estrangement come in between your relationships, but the relationship will not remain the way you look and the misunderstanding will go on growing more and more. Your relations are going to be very good, but at this time you have to take special care of your mother’s health. You may have to visit the office in their health, you may have to take care of them, you may have to serve them, so even if you feel a little low in their health, consult a doctor immediately and treat them in time. Get it done. Otherwise, you will have to go through many hospitals, your daily routine and a little work will be considered your life routine, you will be mentally disturbed and your mother may also have to face a lot of problems, so take care of them a little. Take care of your health and move forward keeping them alert. You will get very good news from children. As the lord of Saturn’s child and being self-conscious, he is seated in the house of the child, therefore, whatever tension you had with your child at this time will end, the results will be very positive. There will be controversy in studies. If that other activity like sports or a contest has taken place, it will also show its talent, so that you will see yourself feeling proud for your children. Your relationship with will also be mixed results. At this time you will have to take care of their health a little bit. Do not be careless at all. Anyway, if your relationship with your spouse is not good, then you will have to walk together. Relations with your maternal side, along with your maternal grandfather from your maternal side, are going to be mixed a bit. This time that is going on in your life, it is very important to control your speech with restraint and anger, only then you will be able to keep pace with your relationships.  – Kanya Rashifal April 2021

Economic Condition

You will get very good benefits. You will not feel any kind of deficiency or deficiency, but this month you will see your defect in happiness. Spoil the item in a small house. Some maintenance work is required in the house, the mechanic has to be called, the plumber has to be called, some such work will go out of the way and suddenly the life of the daily routine will appear to be slightly disturbed from your life. At this time, you will also need someone’s help financially. At this time, chances of getting very good help from your friends are being made, but the more economical this time is, the better it will be for you. Make a budget and budgeting is limited by spending your budget only when you are financially secure Will appear and there will be no need to borrow from anyone. Otherwise you may have to run your loan business. You will have to be a little bit financially this month too. – Kanya Rashifal April 2021

Education, Career, And Business

Time is very much better for the students. If you do any studies related to Judicial or if you lock then you will see very good results. If you prepare for the RJS exam, then you will see that you will get a lot of results, then this time will be full of better and enjoyable results for the students. Your hard work will bring color and whatever you have worked so far, you will definitely see the fruits of it. If you want to study outside for higher education, then this time is also very suitable for that. Time after April 14 will be very good. At this time you can go out for higher education. The sun is sitting in the eighth, but sitting in the eighth through high, the sun can give you the results of Mercury and the lord of the house of foreign travel is also the sun, so it is very favorite for you. If I talk about career, then in the career perspective, good results are not decided for you. You may have to do a bit of struggle in your career. There is a possibility of unemployed continuing to search for jobs. If you have done any work of your own, you will have to work hard only then you will get results. If you do not work hard or do even a little bit of carelessness in your work, then you will not get the results you want to get. If you do not get the expected results around you, then you will have to go a little careful in the matter of career, as Venus, the lord of the fortunate place, who goes out from himself and sits in your house only after April 10 to April. Sitting in the eighth is not going to be good for you, sitting in the ordinance anyway. Rahu’s sitting in the destiny place will bring a state of Confusion in your life. Even in career, you will not be able to decide what you do, do your own work, do a job or go to the option that you are looking for. If you will not be able to take such a decision, then you will get to see a situation of little confusion at this time, so it is not going to be good for the careers. But this time will also be a time for the business class because the master of the sense of business, who goes out of his business, remains a possibility of straggle in your business as well. At this time, if you work in a personal partnership, then your partnership is going to break, so the more you work the individual, the more you will keep progressing, then run your routine as a little continuous process in your honesty. Do not start a noble cause and try to complete old pending tasks. If you try this, you will definitely get success. – Kanya Rashifal April 2021

Life Partner And Love Affair

If I talk about life partner and love affairs, then this month is not so good with married life. You will not give such a good result about Guru Jo, the master of maritalism, but after the turmoil in your married life, if you are unmarried, then you will be bound in the bond of marriage, the dream that you dream will not be fulfilled at this time i.e. in the month of April. . You may have to face a bit of disappointment. At this time, it would be appropriate for you that as your routine does not become part of any kind of debate with your spouse in your married life, nor do you do anything that will make their mind miserable. This time is also not so good for love relations. If you are going to propose your partner, then identify him in a little bit, then later if you propose him, then he will not hit your proposal but after taking a little care you will have to take steps with understanding and support each other in an emotional way only then you will If you will be able to move forward in your life and make your married life more happy, then you have to be careful in your life and move on to married life. Even a little anxiety about the life partner’s taste can arise in your mind. The owner of the husband’s house is sitting outside, so you will have to take care of your spouse’s health a little bit. – Kanya Rashifal April 2021


Lord of Saturn is the master of disease, who is giving rise to diseases. Therefore, at this time you have to take special care of your health and that of your family members. In particular, your mother has to take care of your spouse and your own health for the health of the three. There may be some such problem. Cold cold fever throat problem, throat infection, you can choose from such problems. You have to be especially careful in the stomach problem, anyway, it is natural to have a problem related to the stomach, a problem related to the throat. Therefore, the more you spend this month, keeping your health in mind, avoiding fried fried things and eating healthy things this month, the more you will remain alert in your health and you will not have to face any kind of problem. This Puri has applied to your whole family, that is why you should take special care of yourself and your family members’ health at this time. – Kanya Rashifal April 2021

Let’s look at Remedies:

This month, for the first time, you should chant the Mahamrityunjaya mantra regularly, you should chant a garland. Offer the Bilva Patra to Bholenath. At this time Chaitra Navratra 11 then invoke the Navadurga. This will remove all the problems in your life and your life will be more advanced. Problems will end, your confidence level will also be buildup, then you should definitely take these measures. Sri Radhe Krishna. – Kanya Rashifal April 2021


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