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Kanya Rashi Virgo March 2023 Horoscope English blog | कन्या राशि मार्च राशिफल | Nidhi Shrimali

Kanya Rashi Virgo March 2023 Horoscope English blog

Happy Indian New Year to all of you. Today we have brought the information about the monthly horoscope of March for Virgo people and this month is very special because two big festivals are coming in this month. The first festival of Holi, which we wait for the whole year. Through colors, we forget all our hatred and complaints and color everyone and these colors should remain in our lives. This is also what we pray to the Lord. This festival of colors teaches us a lot that we should not keep any enmity or any enemy in our life. Enmity should not be kept in our mind for anyone and if colors are not there in our life, then our life will become empty. The second big festival of Chaitra Navratri is coming. The day the Indian New Year will also begin, now let us know about the date of these two festivals and which other festivals are going to come in this month. Pradosh Vrat will be observed on 4th March. On March 6, the festival of Holika Dahan will be celebrated with great pomp and on March 7, the festival of Purnima and Dhulandi will be celebrated. The festival of Sheetla Ashtami will be celebrated on March 15. On March 22, the festival of Chaitra Navratri will be celebrated with great pomp. The Hindu New Year is also going to start from this day and the festival of Gudi Parva will also be celebrated on this day. The festival of Chaitichand will be celebrated on 23rd March. Ramnavami is coming on 30th March and Chaitra Navratras will end on 31st March.

Now let us know about how this month is special according to the position of the planets. First of all, let’s talk about the king of the planets, Sun, who is currently sitting in his worst enemy sign, Aquarius, and on March 15, he will enter Pisces. On the other hand, if we talk about the planet Mercury, then it is currently sitting in Aquarius and on March 16, it will enter Pisces. On March 31, they will again enter Aries. Talking about Mars, it is currently sitting in its friendly sign Taurus and on March 13, it will enter its most enemy sign Gemini. If we talk about the planet Jupiter, it will remain seated in its own zodiac sign Pisces this whole month. The planet Venus is currently exalted in Pisces and will enter its friendly sign Aries on March 12. If we talk about the planet Saturn, then this whole month, being a self-planet, it will remain seated in its original triangle sign, Aquarius. If we talk about the planet Rahu, then this whole month it will be in Aries sign and its equal sign and Ketu is going to be sitting in its equal sign Libra this whole month, so this is the position of its planetary transit. Now let us know about the effect of the positions of these planets on you this month.

Now let’s know about the monthly horoscope of the month of March for Virgo people, first of all let us tell you that the horoscope which we are giving you is based on lunar calculations and according to both your zodiac sign and ascendant. Even if it is influential in form, then your zodiac lord talks about Mercury, which will change its zodiac inside the current i.e. in the beginning of the month, on the 16th, then till then it will be sitting in your disease and with Saturn and Sun in the disease. Will make an alliance. Here the lord of ascendant will be seen to be suppressed. The position of Mercury here will be such that you are intelligent but will not be able to speak your words. That means you will appear a little weak in terms of your expression. At this time someone else can take the credit for your hard work. At this time, even in your work, you may have to face small problems and problems in small tasks. There can be a problem related to memory. That’s why take decisions in your life after thinking carefully. Do not take any decision on yourself, you can take the help of family and there is no need to take the environment on yourself. If there is anything in your mind, there is some perception of someone. If you have an idea in your mind that you want to express, then there is no need to hesitate in it. Keep your thoughts openly in front of people. Present it. Since Mercury is your Ascendant and on March 16, it will change and sit in your seventh house, changing the zodiac. Here the results of Mercury will be very good because there will be a conjunction of Mercury with Jupiter. The aspect of Jupiter will be on your Ascendant and here the aspect of Mercury will also be seen on your own house i.e. on Ascendant and here at this time you will feel a different change in your personality. Fascinating everyone with the expression of speech, making every person one’s own, increasing social respect, taking decisions with wisdom and things which were going on or had deteriorated till now. In improving those things, you will be trying to a great extent and will also be successful, so this time will be seen to ensure your success. in front of you this time. There will be an increase in respect. That is why any important decisions have been taken. Have to make any big investment. If you want to do any important work, if possible, you should do it after March 16. With this, you will get very good and excellent results in that and that work will be seen to be completed for this reason. Now since you also have Karmesh and Karmesh will go and sit ninth from you. Sitting in the ninth house of Mercury will be beneficial for you. But since Karma is suppressed between Saturn and Sun, here also you may have to face some challenges at your work place. Sometimes there can be an argument with the father about something. You don’t have to argue with them. Listen to their point of view and try to find a solution through mutual discussion. Situations of aggression, anger or debate with them can prove to be harmful for you and can also prove to be a hindrance in your work. That’s why keep a little distance from it. After that, this time will also motivate you for some challenges. But if you move forward in your life by accepting those challenges, then you will be seen to ensure success. At this time you do not have to lower your morale. You have to maintain your confidence and with that you get down to your ground. Get into the field of action because the field of action is the field of greatest duty and we have to perform actions in it. Here, where it comes to karma, Shri Krishna repeatedly told Arjuna, Yada Hi Dharmasya Agra, now lamp donation if fish provider is considered. Hum Paritran Sadhu Naam Vinashaya Pranam Dharma Sthapana, Dadi Vyayam, Sam Brahmasmi Yuge Yuge. By giving such sermons, he was inspired to work so that work is the most important and Lord Shri Krishna has given this purpose not only to Arjuna but to the whole human race. That’s why don’t try to be afraid of karma at all and move forward in your life with karma, then you will be seen finding such adverse situations favorable for you. Now Buddha, who will come to your 7th house on March 16, will go here in Karma Bhava and make alliance with Guru. This time will be very good. At this time you will achieve good success in your work. Till now your increment promotion was stuck, someone else was taking the credit for your hard work, all those problems will end and the officials will also recognize your ability. You will not get caught in any controversy at the work place, you will be seen getting a clean chit from it and you will definitely get this moment for the hard work you have done.

Now coming to the second house, if we talk about the second house, then Venus is the second house and after going and sitting in the seventh house, Venus is also making alliance with Jupiter in the seventh house. Here the second system is sitting on its own, but the combination of Venus with Jupiter and Venus in the center will be seen to increase your wealth continuously. At this time you must respect your elders. Do not argue with anyone in the family. You have to pay special attention to this. Disputes related to ancestral property have to be kept aside because Ketu can create sensation somewhere by sitting in your house of wealth. Do not allow any debate with your officers and keep anything very clear. Keep crystal clear and listen to their words and try to follow them. If you do this, then you will get very good and best results of Venus. On the 12th, when Venus will change and after changing i.e. changing zodiac sign, it will sit in your eighth house. Then you will get even better results of Venus because here Venus will aspect its own house. But the thing to be noted here is that Venus will also create yoga with Rahu, so at this time you have to be very careful in money related work. Haste in such works is not good for you at all. It can prove to be harmful, so don’t take any decision in haste. You will have to be careful while traveling during the transit of Rahu and Venus in your eighth house. Although Rahu will make you travel a lot, will make you travel far away from home, but if possible, do not go on a drive. Use public transport or own vehicle. If you are taking, then keep a driver because your own morale dropped due to the chances of having an accident. If you go on the drive yourself then there is a problem, problems can increase. Now you have to take care of your belongings in traffic, if your belongings can be stolen, that’s why now walk very carefully because the journey will be very successful, but there is a possibility of untoward incident in the journey. That’s why you have to travel very carefully. At this time, sources of getting secret money can open, but secret enemies can also arise equally. That’s why try to move ahead in your life by being a little careful towards your secret enemies. Now, since Venus is also your Bhagyesh, the lord of the place of fortune is sitting 11th from itself, it is going to stay till the 12th and Venus will go and sit with the Guru. Means if you want to do any work related to luck. If you want to try your luck, you can do any work related to your luck before 12th. After that you should not do because your money can get stuck in risky works, the situations of loss can increase. At this time, your interest in religious works will increase. However, Manglik program programs will also be outlined at home. If you are eligible for marriage, then you will be seen receiving invitations related to marriage like marriage, engagement. At this time, you will also be associated with works like social service and will be ready to help people by going on auto, then you will get very good results of Venus.

Now coming to Parakram Bhav, if we talk about Parakram Bhav, then Parakramesh is Mars and Mars is sitting in your lucky place. Luck will increase and at this time your work will be completed at a fast pace. Your tuning with siblings will be very good. At this time stuck in politics and your work will be seen to be completed. There will be an increase in social respect. At the same time, you will also be able to fulfill your wishes at this time. But when Mars will come in your house of action on the 13th, sitting in the house of work, Mars will be able to become eighth from itself and sitting in eighth house from itself in Assam will not be so good for you. At this time you will need to be careful. Do not get caught in any controversy. Avoid situations of debate. Walk in tuning with your siblings. You will have to take special care of yourself while traveling and if there is any politics going on at the work place, then do not make yourself a part of politics at all because it can prove to be harmful for you. Now, since Mars is your lord as well as your eighth lord and the lord of the eighth house is sitting one house ahead of you. That’s why I told you that the journey will definitely be pleasant and auspicious for you. But we have already told you that the inertial yoga of Venus and Rahu is being formed in your eighth house. That is why there is a possibility of untoward incident in the journey. Be a little careful now, because on the 13th, after changing, the eighth lord will sit third from itself, and at that time also you have to be careful and complete the routine tasks. Instead of putting your hand in risky tasks, you will definitely get good success in completing your normal tasks, routine tasks.

  Now coming to your place of happiness, Sukesh and Saptamesh Guru and the master of the place of happiness, a great man named Hans is forming yoga in the seventh house. Sitting in the seventh house of the Guru, forming a great man named Hans Yoga will make continuous progress in your happiness. Now how can there be happiness, the happiness of the family, the happiness of the home, the happiness of the car, the happiness of the luxurious items, the happiness of some good work, the happiness of a big property, there are many types of happiness and you can enjoy these happiness this month. Will find you able. Very well you will enjoy these pleasures. Here you will get full support of your mother. At the same time, you will get full support of your officers in your work. This time will be very good and progressive for the people associated with the field of management or associated with the teaching profession. Since you are the Guru sitting in your relationship, if the great man named Mahapurush Yog is being maintained in your relationship, then first of all Venus will sit with the Guru and that too will give very good results till 12th. After that Sun and Mercury will come and they will also give you very good results because Mercury is your Lagnesh, Jupiter is the 7th Lord and also Sun is conjunct with Lagnesh Karmesh and Sukhesh Saptamesh, so you can control your expenses a little. Will get this month means will be saved from unrestrained expenditure. Nothing in business, plans will be implemented. If you are connected with medical line or connected with any technical field. The work of counting is done by the banking sector. If any work is stuck with you, then this month all your work will be completed at a fast pace and you will also get good profit in it, then you will get to see very good results of Jupiter this month.

Now let’s talk about the fifth house on your fifth house, if we talk about the fifth lord Shani, who is sitting one house ahead of us. Sitting one house ahead of Saturn, the lord of the fifth house, will remove the obstacles in your education. Will increase your hard work. At this time, you will also be seen getting the fruits of your hard work. Some good news related to children will be received in your life and with those good news you will make better progress and progress in your work. Your confidence level will appear to have increased. In the field of literature and art, you will be seen getting respect. There will be a rise in fame, you will dominate the social media and your videos can go viral. Now, since Saturn is the master of your house of disease and is sitting in the house of disease. At this time you may face problems related to the eyes. Also, there can be a problem related to the nervous system ie BP, so you have to be a little careful in both these problems. However, you will also recover very quickly. You will not have to face any major breathing problem and if you have any major disease then you will get relief in that too. But since Saturn is sitting in its own house and Sun and Mercury are sitting together, you have to be aware of these troubles. That’s where your secret enemies will end. You will get success in your every work. You will also feel relaxed in work related to money. However, if you have lent or borrowed money to someone, then there may be some difficulty in returning or getting that money back. But this difficulty will not last for long. Soon you will get your money back and if you have to pay money to someone, then you will also pay that money, then you will get to see the results of Shani very wonderful this month.

Now coming directly to your profit rate, the conditions of profit will be very good for you this month. The situation of expenses will also remain, but you will try to increase the situation of profit and will also achieve success in it to a large extent. He is the master of expenses. Sun which is sitting in your disease. From the seventh aspect, Saturn and Sun are looking at your expenses and the aspect of Saturn and Sun on it will give you success in your work related to import and export. At the same time, if you want to do any medical related work in collaboration with outside companies, then you will see the best chances of success in that too. On the other hand, on the 15th, when the Sun will change and will sit in your seventh house, then it will pave the way for continuous progress and progress in your work in alliance with the Guru. But want to go out in connection with some project. want to work. His wish will be seen to be fulfilled at this time. On the other hand, if you are a gold trader or you do some work related to stocks, then you will be seen achieving good success in that too and this month is going to be very good for electronic traders. If you keep any electronic item related to foreign companies in your showroom, then they will sell quickly and their sales will increase, due to which the speed of your profit will also increase. So this was the monthly horoscope of Virgo people for the month of March.

Auspicious dates: – 1st to 5th, 8th to 14th, 17th, 18th, 21st, 23rd and 26th to 30th.

Inauspicious dates :- 6th, 7th, 15th, 16th, 19th, 20th, 24th and 25th.

Lucky Colours:- Green Yellow and Red.


  • Make a ring of five ratti emeralds in Pushya Nakshatra and wear it on Kanishka finger.
  • Tie a round piece of bronze and silver in a green cloth and keep it in your pocket on Wednesday.
  • Never keep a broken idol in the house.
  • Never collect torn, religious books or any poster or any picture in your house.
  • Keep fast on Wednesday and feed soaked green moong to the birds.

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