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KalSarp Pooja Vidhi-English | कालसर्प पूजा क्यों की जाती है और कैसे की जाती है विधि जाने | कालसर्प दोष |


Kaal Sarp Pooja Vidhi – English | कालसर्प पूजा क्यों की जाती है और कैसे की जाती है विधि जाने | कालसर्प दोष |

Kalsarp Yog

Kalsarp yoga If the condition of Kaal Sarp Yog remains in your Kundli also, this condition is created when all the planets come in between these two planets Rahu and Ketu, then the condition of Kaal Sarp Yog is formed. Sometimes Kaal Sarp is complete and sometimes partial Kaal Sarp Yog is also formed in one’s horoscope. If these yogas are in your horoscope, then surely you must be feeling the situations of disorientation somewhere in your work. The person who has the position of Kaal Sarp Yoga in his horoscope, the work of that person gets stuck. He has to put a lot of effort to complete his work. Many times your work gets stuck by going to 99 and because of that, the person has to start the work from zero again. The life of a person becomes a little struggling. Now how to get freedom from Kaal Sarp Yog. How many types of it are there and how its worship method is done, etc. will provide you all the information. First, we want to tell you that there are 12 types of Kalsarp Yoga. 12 types are as follows- KalSarp Pooja Vidhi English

  1. Anant Kalsarpa Yog
  2. Kulik Kaalsarp Yog
  3. Vasuki Kalsarpa Yog
  4. Shankh Pal Kalsarpa Yog
  5. Padma Kalsarpa Yog
  6. Mahapadma Kalsarpa Yog
  7. Takshak Kalsarpa Yog
  8. Karkotaka Kalsarpa Yog
  9. ShankhChud Kalsarpa Yog
  10. Ghatak Kalsarpa Yog
  11. Vishdhar Kalsarpa Yog
  12. Shesha Nag Kalsarpa Yog .. KalSarp Pooja Vidhi English

these 12 types of Kaalsarp Yog are found in the horoscope of the person and in astrology we discuss 12 types of Kaalsarp Yog. We told you about the effects that this Kaal Sarp Yoga has in our lives, now what should be done about it. KalSarp Pooja Vidhi English


The most effective remedy for Kaal Sarp Yoga is to worship it. It should be redressed so that the work of the person starts. Let him grow in his life. Reach the pinnacle of progress because if this yoga is not remedied, then the situation of struggle arises again and again in the life of a person. Work is done by getting stuck, that person is not able to progress in his life. Now in our institute, worship of Kalsarp Yog Nivaran is done especially by our block pundits. Our pundits who do this worship according to the law. Now we are going to tell you its method today, if you want, you can come here to our institute, and you can worship Kalsarp Yoga, and if you are unable to come like many of our clients who are from out of India and because of distance. If they are not able to come, then this worship is done by us online. Now the host himself is present through video call while getting it done online, if you want, you can sit and get the benefit of this entire worship through video call and if you are unable to sit for the whole time, then you can do this worship by taking a resolution. After that, this worship is done by our pundits by law. Its full video is sent to you. KalSarp Pooja Vidhi English

Process of Worship


  1. You should know your name, your father’s name, gotra. At that time, as the Pandit Ji speaks the resolution, in the same way, the resolution is also called to you. That is, the host is called and after that, the worship is started, then first there is a process of resolution.
  2. then after that Ganesh worship because you all know that without invoking Ganesh Ji, the fruit of any worship is not obtained. That is why the first worshiper is called first.

Shodash Matrika

  1. After that, Shodash Matrika is made and the Shodash Matrika is invoked, which includes sixteen deities, including the Kuldevi of the host.
  2. Along with the worship of those Shodash matrikas, the worship of the Kuldevi of the host is also done. After that, Nine planets are created. Navagrahas are established by rice, those nine planets are invoked.
  3. The nine planets are worshipped. Sarp Devta Puja is also done after that all the deities are invoked. Now see that inside the worship we offer this method in every worship, this method is done in every worship. Because when the nine planets were called, they joined our worship. All the deities joined in the worship.
  4. Our sixteen matrikas i.e. sixteen goddesses, including the total deities, all join in the worship, then our worship is completed smoothly, and we invoke them so that our worship is completed smoothly, and the host can get the adequate result of that worship.

worship the Nine planets

  1. Now when we worship the Nine Planets, after that the yantras which we keep in worship are worshiped according to the law, they are installed so that that life can be revered, energized, and proven.
  2. After the worship, those yantras are delivered to the host, they install them in the worship room of their house so that their area of ​​influence will be affected by that worship, and they also get very good results from the daily darshan of those yantras. His problem goes away.
  3. After that, the Adi Devta Pratidi Devta Rahu and Kaal are worshipped. After that Nag Devta because worship of Nag Devta is very important in Kalsarp. This Kaal Sarp Dosh is believed to be due to their names. Therefore, in the horoscope, it is very necessary to invoke the snake deity and worship him.
  4. Digpal etc., the Pratyashi Devta and the Nag Devta are worshipped.

Havan Process

  1. After that, the Havan starts and in the Havan, offerings are made by the mantras of Rahu Ketu, Nag Devta, and Grah Shanti.
  2. Also, lentils with urad lentils and curd are offered in the havan.
  3. after which the havan is performed in which the mantras of the serpent god Rahu and Ketu and the mantras of Grah peace, lentils with urad dal and curd. Offerings are made and Havan is performed.
  4. after that sacrifices and small Abhishek are done and after that, the silver serpent which we keep in the whole worship is flown in a holy lake or river or pond.
  5. After that, an apology and concluding this worship is done. In the end, we apologize because there has been an error in the chanting of mantras during the worship, if we have made some mistake while worshiping, then we call upon the deities to grant us the fruits of this worship and grant us forgiveness and bless us After that, the host is blessed by the Brahmins for the purpose of getting the fruits of this worship and this worship is performed. When we perform this worship with a lot of rituals.

we keep some things in mind even before starting this worship. The most important thing is that after seeing the auspicious time in the name of the host, seeing the right day and seeing the appropriate Choghadiya according to that worship, after seeing the date and wise, we organize this worship. This worship is done in the name of the host so that its effect is very good on the host, and they get good results of this worship. Anybody you do Havan in your home. Even if you do any auspicious work, you will see that there is a positivity in your house, and you get the result of that worship very soon, it has an effect on you, so worship is very important and worship is very effective, that’s why most First, if possible, you are capable and can get the worship done, then you should solve your problem only through worship and when big defects occur in the life of the person, then those defects can be removed only through worship. Shree Radhe. KalSarp Pooja Vidhi English

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