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Jupiter’s zodiac change 21 March 2023 in English | Guru Rashi Parivartan 21 March 2023 |

jupiter transit 2023

Jupiter’s zodiac change

Namaskar, welcome.

Who does not know about Guru and the effect of Guru is very much seen on our life. Just as Shani and Rahu affect our lives, in the same way, Guru also affects our lives a lot because Guru sits in a zodiac sign for almost a year, then his number is considered among the planets that sit for such a long time and The effect of Guru is also because Guru is considered to be the factor of knowledge. Along with this, Jupiter is also associated with married life and the planets responsible for progeny are also considered as Jupiter. Guru connects us with spirituality. On the other hand, the opulence of life, fame, respect, respect, all these are seen from the planet Jupiter and if in someone’s horoscope, the planet Jupiter, being a very good and very exalted self, is sitting in a very good position forming a great man named Hans Yoga, then that person He gives everything in life. Gives knowledge, gives happy married life, gives good children and gives respect, fame and everything. Jupiter’s zodiac change 21 March 2023 in English

Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius and Pisces and shows high results in Cancer and debilitated in Capricorn. Now if we talk about Jupiter, then its fifth, seventh and ninth vision is very good and beneficial. Means the vision of the Guru was seen very well. But they also harm the place of the house where the Guru is sitting. So this is the effect of the Guru, so you should understand that a very deep influence of the Guru is connected inside the horoscope. Guru definitely shows his influence at every interval in a person’s whole life. Guru’s Mahadasha is of 16 years and from 26 to 24, 44 years, the effect of Guru is highly visible on our life. Now this change of Jupiter’s zodiac sign, what effect will it bring on our life?

What will be the result of this for Aries people? Guru who is currently sitting in his own sign Pisces as self-possessed. On April 21, at 08:43 pm, they will change zodiac sign and they will enter their friend zodiac sign Aries. But the thing worth seeing here is that already Rahu is sitting in Aries and when Jupiter will move to Aries then it will create Chandal Yoga along with Rahu. That’s why the time till October 30 will be worth paying attention to for all zodiac signs. Must be very careful. Now till May 1, 2024, Jupiter is going to remain in Aries sign only. That is, if we believe in Guru’s opinion, then this gap is of one year. This Guru will decide in Aries. Jupiter’s zodiac change 21 March 2023 in English

Now the zodiac sign is of the commander of the planets Mars and will go here and sit with Guru Rahu and make Chandal Yoga. So let’s talk first of all. Today, the people of Aries, what effect will the people of Aries get to see from the change in the zodiac sign of this Guru and what events will happen due to the effect of the results of the Guru and what kind of results will the results of the Guru bring in your life? Now we will give you all this information about how it will affect you. Now the Guru sat here. In Aries, Mars, which is the commander’s planet, is a cruel planet, in its house and Jupiter is sitting there. With Rahu and with Rahu, Guru created Chandal Yoga here. Now Saturn, which has entered Aquarius on January 17, and Saturn’s third vision was falling on its Aries sign and Rahu sitting in it. Now, as soon as Jupiter changes its sign and enters your sign, then Saturn’s third vision will fall on Jupiter and also on Rahu, and due to the aspect of Saturn here, Jupiter will not be able to give the result it should give and this situation will continue. . Till 30th October, you have to move ahead in your life with a little bit of caution because whenever Rahu sits somewhere, they show impact like Shani and when Shani is aspected, it will become even stronger. Jupiter’s zodiac change 21 March 2023 in English

Since Guru is sitting together, Chandal Yoga is being formed and Saturn’s aspect on Guru is not beneficial. The sight of Shani is not beneficial at any place anyway. So now talking about Chandal Yoga of Guru Rahu here, then somewhere you should be careful in taking decisions. Where does one get confused? When he thinks whether I should do this work or not. Whether I will benefit from doing this work or not. Or people are telling him not to do this work, but he does that work, then he comes into confusion and Rahu does the same thing. This Chandal Yoga of Rahu, the master of confusion, can lead to failure in work even after efforts. That’s why you just have to use your discretion and intelligence to avoid the side effects of this yoga. Neither to be confused nor to take your decisions means you have to be very careful while taking decisions. While taking a decision, you have to keep in mind whether this decision is appropriate for me or not. Should I decide or not? At this time, if you take a decision after thinking carefully, then you will get success, otherwise, if you find more situations of loss, then at this time you can see the effect of the Guru’s result. But the time after October 30 will be good for you because Jupiter is sitting in Aries or Jupiter is sitting in the center and here when Jupiter is sitting in your center, coming inside the Ascendant then Jupiter will give you good results because Jupiter You get good results in the centre. But still be careful in too many relationships. Especially in recent relationships, whatever effort you have to make to maintain social respect, be wise. Do your tasks with patience. Don’t take any decision in haste. Work by asking two people and asking an experienced person. Just keep this in mind. Jupiter’s zodiac change 21 March 2023 in English

Now coming to the vision of the Guru, then the fifth vision of the Guru is falling on your fifth house. The seventh aspect of Jupiter is falling on your seventh house and the ninth aspect of Jupiter is falling on your lucky spot. Here, since Rahu is sitting together and Rahu’s aspects are also fifth, seventh, ninth towards Jupiter, but Rahu’s aspect is not good. But if the vision of the Guru was good, a balance is visible here. In terms of visions, you are going to get the results of Jupiter openly after 30th October. Now the students will definitely get the result of their hard work in their exams. But many times such situations of confusion will surely arise in which you will think what to do. There will be a situation of confusion in your life. But here you have to work after asking your teacher and your parents. Do not do any work in haste. Do it calmly. If you get too tense and take wrong decisions in haste, then it is time for the students to move ahead after thinking carefully. You will definitely face difficulties in the matter of children. Those couples who wish to have a child or are doing IVF, they will definitely have to face some difficulties. But since there is also the vision of the Guru, therefore ultimately the result will be positive for you. When the seventh aspect of Jupiter will fall on the seventh house, then there will be some misunderstanding in the marriage. There will be ups and downs but the obstacles in marriage will be removed. Finally you will definitely find your life partner. There will definitely be challenges in the work of management, but by accepting those challenges, you will move forward in your life and will be successful in achieving your goal.

The ninth aspect of Jupiter will be on your lucky spot and here it will be seen brightening your luck. At this time all your stuck tasks will be completed. The problem of stagnation in work will end and your mind will be more engaged in spiritual work. Anyway, Guru is the god of spiritual spirituality and connects us with spirituality. Now here the ninth sight of Guru which is falling on the place of luck, which is also the place of spirituality, it will definitely turn you towards spirituality and your mind will find peace in spirituality and mind should also be engaged in such works. Just keep in mind that it should not be excessive because you have to perform the duties of your householder’s life as well. Now the time after October 30, then Guru will come openly because Chandal Yoga will end and Rahu will move to your twelfth house. After October 30, the Guru will openly lead you towards very good and positive results and in all these areas four students are thinking of six children. Be it married life, whether it is your business, whether you have luck related work or your religious work. You will surely get success in all these. Jupiter’s zodiac change 21 March 2023 in English


  • Since this Guru Rahu Chandal Yoga is being formed, therefore you should serve animals and birds. Feed the ants. Make arrangements for food and water to the animals and birds.
  • Along with this, you have to feed the fishes on Saturday as well.
  • You must do some remedies of the Guru. Mix turmeric in water and take a bath with it. At least you have to do this work from Thursday to Thursday.
  • Apart from this, turmeric Ganesh comes. Wear that turmeric Ganesh around your neck in the form of a pendant. With this, you will get even better results of the Guru and the grace of the Guru will always be with you. Your respect and fame will increase.
  • Along with this, if possible, you must recite Vishnu Sahastranam daily. You must donate seven paddy. Due to this, the effect of Chandal Yoga being formed by Guru Rahu will reduce in your life and you will start getting more good and positive results of Guru in your life.

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