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Importance of lamp and know which type of lamp will please which deities – Importance of Deepak

Importance of Deepak

Importance of lamp and know which type of lamp will please which deities – Importance of Deepak

Importance of Deepak Guru Maa Nidhi Ji Shrimali has told that the lamp is considered to be of great importance in the worship of God. Lighting a lamp on the threshold of the house every evening has been a part of our ancient tradition. Light is the energy of motion in the entire universe. The main source of which is the Sun God and the light emanating from the wick of the lamp is considered to be the element of fire or sun in the Vedas. There is a special importance of lighting a lamp in the worship of Gods and Goddesses. Those who are not able to worship according to the rules and regulations, they can worship only by lighting a lamp in front of God. Aarti is performed with a lamp. The rituals of worship are completed only after the Aarti. Generally, there has been a tradition of lighting a lamp of ghee or oil. It is also very important to know how the lamp should be at the time of worship, how many lights should be there in it. This information becomes the reason for the grace of that deity and the fulfillment of its purpose Importance of Deepak .

 religious significance of lamp Importance of Deepak

The lamp is a symbol of knowledge and light. The lamp is considered a symbol of positivity and a remover of poverty. The reason for lighting the lamp is that we should make effort for the light of knowledge in our lives by dispelling the darkness of ignorance. According to our religious scriptures, it is considered mandatory to light a lamp at the time of worship. Generally, the tradition of lighting an odd number of lamps is going on. Lighting a ghee lamp brings happiness and prosperity in the house. Due to this, Lakshmi resides permanently in the house. Ghee has been considered as one of the Panchamrit i.e. five nectars. Ghee lamp is used to get the full result of any Satvik worship and oil lamp is used to make Tamasik i.e. Tantric worship successful. Importance of Deepak

benefits of lighting a lamp

There are many benefits of lighting a lamp in front of the deities. This pleases the deities. There is positivity in the atmosphere and the atmosphere is pure. It is believed that the Gods and Goddesses are pleased by lighting a lamp in the house. Mother Lakshmi always resides in the house by lighting a ghee lamp especially in the evening. Along with this, many Vastu defects of the house are removed.

Ghee or oil, which lamp is more auspicious to light?

According to Guru Maa Nidhi Ji Shrimali, lighting lamps of both ghee and oil gives benefits, but different rules have been given for both. Ghee lamp should always be lit on the right side of God, while oil lamp should be kept on the left side of God. It is auspicious to light a lamp of jasmine oil to Hanuman ji and mustard oil to Shani Dev. Apart from this, it is best to light a lamp of cow’s ghee to please most of the deities. Especially to please Maa Lakshmi, only ghee lamp should be lit. Importance of Deepak

how to light a lamp to please the gods

To get any kind of financial benefit, according to the rules, a lamp of pure ghee should be lit in the temple of your house. If the person is suffering from enemy pain, then it is better to light a lamp of mustard oil in front of Bhairavji. Light a mustard oil lamp for the happiness and grace of Lord Surya. Saturn is pleased by lighting a lamp of sesame oil. For the longevity of the husband, a lamp of linseed oil should be lit for the life of Mahua and for the planet Rahu-Ketu. Pure cow’s ghee or a flower lamp or a sesame oil lamp must be lit in the worship of any deity. Especially at the time of worship of Bhagwati Jagdamba, Durga Devi, two faced ghee lamp should be lit at the time of worship of Mother Saraswati and for getting education. Light a ghee lamp with three lights to get the blessings of Lord Ganesha. For Bhairav Sadhana, it is better to light a four faced mustard oil lamp. Panchmukhi lamps are effective for winning the case and pleasing Lord Karthik. Use pure cow’s ghee for Lord Karthik and light a yellow mustard lamp. Eight and twelve faced lamps are for the pleasure of Lord Shiva. They should be lit in yellow mustard oil. For the happiness of Goddess Lakshmi, a seven-faced ghee lamp and a ten-faced lamp should be lit during the Dashavatar worship of Lord Vishnu. It is beneficial to light a regular lamp of oil or ghee in front of Lord Shankar. 11 or 21 wicks are considered auspicious during the Aarti. Use a deep and round lamp for desired accomplishment, knowledge. Use a lamp raised from the middle to remove enemies and objections. To get Lakshmi, the lamp should be normal deep. Use triangular lamp for the happiness of Hanumanji. Importance of Deepak

Types of Pooja and Deepak

   Guru Maa Nidhi Ji Shrimali has told that in Hinduism, an earthen lamp is considered the most sacred for any worship lesson. But for many rituals and wish fulfillment, lamps of metals like gold, silver, bronze, copper are also lit. If you want God’s blessings in worship, then know which lamp to use in which worship. Importance of Deepak

flour lamp

A flour lamp is lit for any kind of spiritual practice or accomplishment. For example, flour lamp is lit for debt relief, delay in marriage, for job and business, to have a child, domestic discord, to improve the relationship between husband and wife and to get rid of financial crisis. People light a lamp made of flour as per their resolution. This lamp is considered best for worship Importance of Deepak .

kerosene lamp

Earthen lamp is considered most sacred for any worship. By lighting an earthen lamp, you get the blessings of Saturn and Mars. But keep in mind that once lit, do not use this lamp again. After lighting the earthen lamp, it should be flown in some running water.

gold lamp

Gold is related to the Sun. On the other hand, Sun and Guru reside in the golden lamp. Lighting a golden lamp brings progress in life.

silver lamp

Moon and Venus reside in the silver lamp. By lighting this metal lamp, there is never any shortage of wealth in the house and the grace of Goddess Lakshmi remains.

copper lamp

Mars resides in copper metal. Burning it increases morale. Sesame oil should be lit in a copper lamp.

brass lamp

The planet Mercury resides in a lamp made of bronze. Burn sesame oil in a bronze lamp for stability of wealth and sufficient wealth.

cast iron lamp

Shani Dev resides in iron metal. Put mustard oil in an iron lamp on Saturdays and Tuesdays and burn it by giving a seat of urad dal all around. By doing this the person is protected from accidents. Importance of Deepak

According to Guru Maa Nidhi Ji Shrimali, keep these special things in mind while lighting the lamp- Importance of Deepak

  • A broken lamp should never be lit in worship. Otherwise, instead of getting auspicious results, you may have to face problems.
  • Keep in mind that the lamp should not be extinguished in the middle of the worship. This is considered inauspicious. It is said that when this happens, the full fruit of worship is not attained.
  • If there is a lamp of ghee while worshiping, then light it towards your left hand only. If the lamp is of oil, then light it towards your right hand.
  • Keep in mind that the lamp should always be placed right in front of the idol of God. Many times, instead of lighting a lamp in front of the idol of God, it is placed somewhere else, then it is not right.
  • Use only white cotton wick for ghee lamp. Whereas red thread light is best for oil lamp. Importance of Deepak

In which direction to light the lamp-

By the way, the darkness of the ten directions ends when the lamp is lit. But according to Vastu Shastra, lighting a lamp in every direction of the house has different meanings. A lamp lit in different directions gives you different results.

  1. The lamp lit in the east increases the age
  2. A lamp lit in the west increases sorrow
  3. The lamp lit in the north direction brings wealth.
  4.   The lamp lit in the south direction causes loss of money and people. Importance of Deepak

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