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How to Use Diwali Puja Pocket in Diwali Puja

How to Use Diwali Puja Pocket, in Diwali Puja

How to Use Diwali Puja Pocket, in Diwali Puja Diwali is a festival of light. Diwali means row of lamps. According to tradition people would put small oil lamps outside their homes on Diwali and hope Lakshmi will come to bless them. Diwali is considered the king of Ayodhya Sri Ramachandra had returned after his fourteen year exile. People of Ayodhya happy with the arrival of the king’s heart was his soul mate. People of Ayodhya the oil lit lamps to welcome Lord Rama.

How to Use Diwali Puja Pocket, in Diwali Puja Mahanishith noun is provided on the night of Diwali. Featuring live worship Lakshmi Diwali concerns. Every house this day, the family, the office was received in the form of Lakshmi is worshiped by law.will  laxmi aadi shakti swaroopa, all of which provide physical comfort. This diwali you can get your house grace of mata mahalaxmi .For this ritual to worship with them we have created for you a whole packet Diwali puja .Which you will find:-

Worship material –

20 Energised Products in 1100/- Poojan Packet

1)Laxmi Ganesh Yantra (3×3 Inch) 2)Coloured Hakik Pathar 3)Gomti Chakra (7Pcs) 4)Astha Gandh 5)Abhimantrit Sarso 6)Laxmi Dayak Kodi (Yellow 7pcs) 7)Sphatik Shri Yantra (25gm) 8)Haldi Mala (108 beads) 9)Abhir 10)Kumkum 11)Laxmi Charan Paduka 12) Rudraksha Shiv Shakti Mala 13) Shri Sukt Pustak 14) Mehndi 15) Mitti Diya 16) Panchmeva 17)Moong danna 18) Aakhe Danne 19) Ganjal 20) Itra

23 Energised Products in 2100/- Poojan Packet

1)Laxmi Ganesh Yantra (3×3 Inch) 2) Coloured Hakik Pathar 3)Gomti Chakra (7pcs) 4)Supari Ganesh 5)Laghu Nariyal 6)Laxmi Charan Paduka 7)Sphatik Shri Yantra (25 gm) 8)Abhimantrit Sarso 9)Laxmi Dayak Kodi (7 Pcs) 10)Red Hakik Mala (108 beads) 11)Abhir 12)Kumkum 13)Astha Gandh 14)Kapur 15)Shri Sukt Pustak 16) Rudraksha Shiv Shakti Mala 17) Mehndi 18) Mitti Diya 19) Panchmeva 20)Moong danna 21) Aakhe Danne 22) Ganjal 23) Itra

34 Energised Products in 3100/- Poojan Packet

1)Sthai Laxmi Prapti Yantra 2)Haldi Ganesh 3)Kumkum 4)Sphathik Mala 5)Gomti Chakra (11 pcs) 6)Laghu Nariyal 7)Honey 8)Yatra Pavitra Janehu 9) Laxmi Charan Paduka 10)Sindoor 11)Kali Haldi 12) Sphatik Shri Yantra 13)Astha Gandha 14)Abhimantrit Sarso 15)Hakik Pathar 16)Abhir Gulal 17)Laxmi Dayak Kodiya (Yellow 11pcs) 18)HalDi 19)Supari Ganesh Big 20)kamal Gatha 21)Shri Sukt Pustak 22)Diwali Poojan Vidhi  23)Silver Swasthik (Tiny) 24)Chawal 25)Agarbatti 26) Rudraksha Shiv Shakti Mala 27) Crystal Pyramid 28) Mehndi 29) Mitti Diya 30) Panchmeva 31)Moong danna 32) Aakhe Danne 33) Ganjal 34) Itra

43 Energised Products in 5100/- Poojan Packet

1)Supari ganesh 2) Shri Laxmi Kuber Yantra 3)Parad Laxmi Ganesh (40gm) 4)Sphatik Shri Yantra (25gm) 5)Gomati Chakra (11 Pcs) 6)Long 7)Elaichi 8)Agarbatti 9)Dhoop 10)Kapur 11)Rui 12)Moli 13)Laghu Nariyal 14)Honey 15)Yatra Pavitra Janehu 16)Kamal Gathe Ki Mala 17) Laxmi Charan Paduka 18)Haldi Ganesh 19)Sindoor 20)Kali Haldi (30 gm) 21)Astha Gandha 22)Naag Kesar 23)Abhimantrit Sarso 24)Colured Hakik Pathar 25)Laal Chandan 26)Abhir Gulal 27)Laxmi Dayak Kodiya (yellow 11pcs) 28)White Metal Shri Shri Yantra 29)Panna Ganesh  30)Shri Sukt Pustak 31)Diwali Poojan Vidhi  32)Silver Swasthik (Small) 33)Chawal 34) Rudraksha Shiv Shakti Mala 35) Crystal Pyramid 36) Dakshinavarti Shankh 37) Mehndi 38) Mitti Diya 39) Panchmeva 40)Moong danna 41) Aakhe Danne 42) Ganjal 43) Itra

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