Guru Ketu Yog Nivaran Pooja

Guru Ketu Yog Nivaran Pooja

Guru Ketu Yog  Nivaran Pooja – This Puja will be done through our Vidhavan Pandits. This puja can be done online (video call) or offline (at your place).

Jupiter (Guru) and Rahu‘s plan are called Guru Chandal Dosh. According to Astrologers, Jupiter is called Sanskrit Guru and the scandal (Melki) means villain or demon. Therefore, they are called Guru Chandal Defects. In the horoscope of any person, Jupiter has a key role behind being Guru Ketu Chandal.
To reduce the effect of ‘Guru Chandal’ yoga, the turmeric should be set on the forehead. Yellow objects should be donated by wearing yellow clothes on Thursday. Giving the blessings of the teacher should respect them. Also chant the mantras of Rahu.

These measures should be taken to avoid the inauspicious effect of Chandal Yoga, Guru-Ketu

– Wake up early in the morning of Lord Vishnu and worship Vishnu Vishnu Sahasram pages.
– The lessons of Sri During this project will also be beneficial.
– Chant this mantra- ‘Om Grand Groove: Gurava Namah:’

This time will be normal for Taurus. These measures to avoid the inauspicious effect of Guru-Ketu’s Chandal Yoga

– Hold the Panchamukhi Rudraksha in this time, worship Narayan every day.
– Take the blessings of the elderly of the house and keep the parents happy.
– Chant this mantra – chant 108 times of Mahamritunjay Mantra.

Gemini will be auspicious for this time, to avoid Chandal Yoga, these measures

– Wrap the root of bananas in yellow garments in the morning on Thursday.
– Worship Radha-Krishna.
– Prevent male self and SRIST.

This time will be normal for those who have cancer. These measures to avoid Chandal Yoga

– On Thursday day to avoid inauspicious fruits, feed the cow and jaggery.
– It will be auspicious to read the parent.
– Read Ramayana and Gita on Thursday.

The lion will remain for those who will be auspicious time, to avoid Guru-Ketu’s Chandal Yoga.

– Worship Lakshminarayan in this target period. Burn the lamp of ghee.
– Topaz’s Total Ratna Indepener to build a ring in the finger.
– Chant this mantra – Om Grand Green Groove

This time will be mixed for the girl amount. These measures to get auspicious fruits

– During this time you fast on Thursday, apply tilak of yellow sandalwood.
– If there is a basil plant in the house then give regular water and show sunlight.
– The chanting of the Mahamritunjay Mantra will be auspicious.

To avoid Chandal Yoga with Libra zodiac, these measures-

– Perform Radha-Krishna duly.
– Time to read Vishnu Sahastram pilot, auspicious.
– Do not suffer anybody in this time.

To get an increase in the inauspicious fruits and goodwill of the Chandal,

– During this time, Goddess Armor, Rivet and Argala will be auspicious.
– Take blessings from parents and gurus.
– Chant 108 times of this mantra – ‘Om Brew Thursday Namah:’

This gun of Jupiter will be auspicious for Sagittarius. Make this take to increase in it …

– Worship banana tree on Thursday. Feed the cow jaggery and gram.
– Looking for Vishnu Sahasraman will be auspicious.
– Take blessings of big elders and parents.

This lock is providing ominous fruits for Capricorn. Change inauspicious and take these measures for peace …

– Lakshminarayanji should worship.
– During this time, read the Sri Sridi, the benefit will be.
– Chant this mantra- ‘Om Brew Thursday Namah:’

This blot has brought auspicious fruit for Aquarius. Try these measures to increase this auspicious fruit

– Worship Radhakrishna and hold Seven Rudraksha.
– It would be auspicious to worship the banana tree.
– Take blessings of parents and elderly, do not controversy.
– Chant this mantra – ‘Om Namah: Bhagwati Vasudave’

This time will be auspicious for the people. These measures to reduce the inauspicious fruits of Chandal Yoga

– Lakshminarayanji should worship.
– Topaz or Topaj’s ring for the index finger.
– ‘Om Brew Thursday Namah: Chant 108 times every day.

Do this puja from astrologer Nidhi ji Shrimali at a very nominal cost to Guru Ketu nivaran Puja as soon as possible.

The person who is doing the puja, already the pandit takes Sankalp in his name and as we all know, every puja or auspicious work is always done by lord Ganesh puja. So Guru Ketu Nivaran Puja also starts with the consecration of Lord Ganesh Puja, we need to please him first.

Abhishek will worship the 9 Navagrahas after the will of the pandit, and after that, he will appease the 12 deities (mothers), one of whom will be your Kuldevi.

After all, the main Havan of Puja begins, in which the pundits start chanting mantras for you, and you keep on saying swaha with our pandit ji. This havan includes a mantra related to worship, and they chant it with swaha.

After each puja, the customer will get a free yantra to keep at home for the puja.

Astrologer Nidhi ji Shrimali ji explains and guides the proper Guru Ketu yoga nivaran Puja remedies. If you want to do Guru Ketu Yog Nivaran Puja, then astrologer Nidhi ji Shrimali is the best choice in India.

For any assistance or confusion regarding Puja, contact us by clicking below. You can also WhatsApp us on this number. Our team is always there to assist you.


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