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Gemini Rashifal June 2021 | मिथुन राशि जून राशिफल – Gemini horoscope | June Rashifal in English – Nidhi Shrimali


Gemini Rashifal June 2021  मिथुन राशि जून राशिफल

Hi. Today I am present in front of you with the monthly horoscope for the month of June. Nirjala Ekadashi has its special significance on June 21 in the month of Nirjala Ekadashi. On this day, Lord Shri Krishna is worshiped by staying waterless. This day is also called charity. It is also known as Aamra Ekadashi i.e. Ekadashi. The custom of distributing mangoes to our sisters and daughters remains on this day. The goods of need are delivered to the needy people and this leads to the attainment of virtuous fruits. If we get the blessings of sister daughters on this day, then Nirjala Ekadashi is an Ekadashi of special importance in itself.
Let’s go ahead and know about the position of planetary transit, first of all talk about the Sun of the planetary planet, which is currently sitting in Taurus and Gemini on June 15, which is their friend, sitting there. Mars will be seated in Gemini and Mercury under its lower zodiac sign on June 2, which is currently sitting in Gemini and on Aries on June 3, Aries will be in Gemini zodiac sign, which is their best friend today You will be enthralled through it. The planet Jupiter is seated in its zodiac sign i.e. Aquarius and Venus is in Gemini and on June 22, they will enter Gemini sign from Gemini, which is their enemy sign. Saturn will remain seated in Capricorn and Rahu and Ketu will remain in Scorpio. Apart from this, when the Sun enters the zodiac for 15 days, on June 15, then the eclipse yoga of Sun Mercury, the eclipse yoga of Sun Rahu, and the three yogas of the world worth of postures, will be seen in all zodiac signs this month. Will it fall on all the zodiac signs? – Gemini Mithun Rashi June 2021 Horoscope

Family Status

The family status or mixed results of Gemini people will go ahead with the results because you are the owner of the personality sense, Lagnesh and Sukesh Mercury, sitting out of their Lagnesh and also spending suitcases with farmers leaders making yoga to the feminine world of yoga. Because of the results of Mercury you will get to see the happiness, there will be a little fluctuation. This month is not going to be good for all those who are associated with banking business in the field related to IT sector related to accounting. Be careful, be careful. Any kind of negligence is neither your own health nor your own health in your business, because in some way your happiness will definitely be seen in fluency. A little bit about myself will weaken your memory. Slight mental anxiety, disturbed or worsening of nervous system, BP, sugar, you may get to see some such problems this month, then you will have to move forward in your life with a little care and caution, Dayal Relation At this time, you will have mixed results. Will move along because the relations with the pressures will not be good. Those things can be debated, differences can happen and relationships can get spoiled, so at this time it would be appropriate that you control your speech as little as possible and control your speaking. Do not do anything that makes you feel bad in your relationships. Relationships with family members will be seen in the family having a different image and a positive image. Your respect for social honor will increase, but at this time you have made a strong belief in anyone with any power in the state power. You can also keep that perception in your mind, you can test it. If your belief is wrong then the quick reaction that you give by your nature, do not give it to the people at this time. You have to stay away from it. It will remain a little careful. If you take a little care, then you will not see any kind of problem even in relationship. Your tuning in siblings is going to be good because the masters of the sentiment of siblings will give you a little for half a month. Rahu’s Eclipse Yoga is also being formed, so the blood of these little beings will also fall on your body, but after 15 June, the time after June 15 will be very good support from older siblings, they will calm you a little everywhere, while handling your relationships and keeping your words. Taking care of you financially, you will be seen supporting you in every way. These times, seek guidance from older siblings to achieve their relationship. Do not make any kind of argument too much. When our elder brothers and sisters are trying to tell us something, we are not necessarily right all the time. We must listen to their words many times, assimilate. It is possible that if you make a mistake somewhere, then you make an overconfidence. Listen to their words, get their guidance and try to improve them by correcting your mistakes by following the path given by them. Your differences with your mother will be seen this month. In a little bit I told you that the owner of which farmer also has wisdom, who is making yoga while climbing with Rahu in the sense of expense, then there can be a demonstration in happiness. There may be some differences, ideological differences between the two of you, so at this time, as carefully as we walk with our mother, the more you will have to take special care of her health because I will be a little careless about my health. A little awareness will be less in their mind and they will consider your words even less, but depending on you, how do you explain to them with love and get them treated and take care of them. However, in this whole world, the place of parents is placed on top of God among the Gods, then parents are God forms for us. Our birth is our birth. We are going to bring us to this earth, so please consider your parents here, do not disobey their words at all. You will receive good news from the children, the child will keep your words, whatever your opposite time, no matter what your support will definitely be. With her help, if she is big and if she can help you in your work, then with her help you will appear to be doing a good profit situation. But at this time you should also keep a little friendly treatment with your child so that he can keep his talk with you in the comfort zone in front of you. New technology can apply new information in your field and help you by filling it. Children will also stay in your direction. Be obedient and will always support you. At the same time your tuning with Nanihal will leave the Buddhist, but there may be some concern about the health of Nani Nani, this time is also due to fear of infection, so refuse them to go out of the house at all. Take full care of them and if possible, while making any effort for them, take care of them on time and get their treatment done. This work should still be on priority for you because our maternal grandparents and grandparents love their children’s children more than their own children, do not give them too much, that is, they have a different behavior with grandchildren and grandchildren. So they need to take care of you at this time. They may not listen to their children, but they will not listen to you at all. Therefore, explain them, tell them to take full care of them in order to keep them at home. At this time you will have to keep this month is very good according to your life partner. They will increase your luck. If you are unmarried and are still tied in the bond of marriage, then your luck is going to open later in the marriage. This month, your spouse’s full dedication, love support, all of them will be seen coming from you this month. Your tuning with father is also going to be very good. If you get their guidance, then you will overcome even the biggest difficulty. You will get support from your spouse and father in improving your relationship, especially this month, so if the family situation is present for you this month with mixed effects, then take care of it a little like say to take care by keeping the precautions. You will have to move ahead with your family.- Gemini Mithun Rashi June 2021 Horoscope

Economic Condition

You will see the profit rate, you will see the dry place, and if you talk about the money house, if I talk, then you will benefit by going to the benefic money house, even if you will get the contingent benefit you get this month. If you are associated with any type of Bering job, you do your own work of mining, you do any mining work, you are an engineer or you are an engineer or you are a mechanic in the IT sector. If you do any type of mechanical work or electronic work, if you do any such work of any kind, then surely this month has brought what is beneficial for you. Surely you will get good profit which till now the pace of work was still slow, now that speed will increase rapidly and in the opposite time you will see chances of good profit. There will be a little fluctuation in happiness. At this time, small things go bad, expenses in household work, some electronic items go bad, you may have to face such problems, but you will get very good conditions for oral benefits. Because of this, your financial condition will also improve. Financial condition will not be your fault and you will not be able to borrow from anyone. If I talk about everyday, then everyday profit is also going to give you right this month and till now you were facing loss situations, now you will come out of that loss situation and you will do your best to get good profit situations. Will try You will work very hard and with hard work you will be able to earn a good profit status. – Gemini Mithun Rashi June 2021 Horoscope

Education, Career, And Business

First of all, we will talk in the student’s student class. This month will be very good for the students of art class, for those associated with the field of Buddhist art, if you want to get PhD degree in any kind of art then it will be a very good opportunity for such students too. You will also be seen earning good success in your education, you will also get good news from your children, she will make you feel proud through your art. At this time, whatever work you want to do student class, you will have to bring a little more dedication in it. Keep recalling things. If you are forgetting anything, then through a video, through the guidance of your friend, through the guidance of your gurus, you should remember that thing again and again. If you travel, then you will not give any problem related to travel, you will have to practice more at this time. It is very important to practice continuously for those who are connected with the field of art, and if you will be connected to these things, you will be connected with your art and keep trying continuously, then this month can bring a golden opportunity for you. Now we go ahead and know that if I talk about the career, about the career, then there will be a little time for career related people, but you will also be able to earn success in your field. Whatever work you do at the moment, you have to do a little bit of hard work and you will have to do more work related to the management. For those who work, this time will come with a little straggle. Struggle will have a hard time of leisure, that is, it will not be against you. But more efforts will have to be made and those who are connected to other fields also will have to move forward on their work place keeping a little open to themselves at this time, keeping their ear open and careful of their secret enemies. This can be a good achievement for job-connected people, but you will have to make efforts. Luck will support you fully and you will be able to complete your work efficiently on the strength of luck. Your interest in devotion, human service and spirituality will be seen increasing this time, you will help people, which will also increase your social honor. For working people this time will work more hard, but sometimes it happens that if you do not get the fruits of hard work, then there is no need to be disappointed. When the right time comes, you will definitely get enough of your hard work. Therefore, do not let your hard work fall short of any kind. Your business is going to be a great time for the merchant class anyway. Will come out for a very long time, you have been facing ups and downs in your business. This corona infection is also due to which many people are struggling with ups and downs, especially the businessman has the most effect. This is going to be a good time for all those who do business. New hopes will be filled. You can start your work back in a new way, you can start with new vigor and if you do your work properly then you will definitely get good success in your work. Therefore, you should not do any kind of negligence in your work, you will continue to do your work with continuous efforts, you will definitely get success in your work. At this time you do not have to go to any meeting wearing any black clothes. You have to avoid black in any work that is important in your life, only then you will be able to do that work smoothly. Black color is not a lucky color for you. – Gemini Mithun Rashi June 2021 Horoscope

Life Partner And Love Affair

This month will be very good for you in terms of life partner and love affairs. Life partner will get full support if you are a newly married couple, then you can do some work in their name. Immediately after marriage, the problems that will be related to the career in your life will end. If you are a businessman then the business will go on. Even if you have been married for many years, you should take any new project or their support in your work in the name of your spouse. If you do this, then you will definitely see the special advantage situations you create. This time will increase your synergy more. Will increase your mutual love more. If you are unmarried, then you will get a good life partner to get married in the bond of marriage, it can be the life partner management’s puppies again. Keep this in mind that this time is going to be very good for you also for love relationship. Your tuning with your partner will be very good, both of you will be seen doing a lot of support to each other in the career. You will complete the work that was left incomplete by mutual cooperation with each other and at this time you will start to know and understand each other so well that by moving forward with each other, the life partner’s dream will also be with each other. Looking at, ie, deciding the direction of your future with each other, it will be seen that this month is going to be very good for you in life partner and love relationship. – Gemini Mithun Rashi June 2021 Horoscope


This month will be a little bit for you in terms of health, because corona infection can reach your home, your family members may be alert and your maternal grandmother will take special care of the elders of your home too. Because it is not good for you. If you are in health, then take care of your health a little bit first, whatever guidelines you follow, protect yourself from minor germ infections. Keep the house clean with cleanliness. There should be complete cleanliness in your surroundings. Be hygienic. If there is a mistake, then immediately wash your teeth. Do your cleaning so that you do not have to deal with that big problem. Your family member should regularly take Yoga Meditation Pranayam in your life. If you feel some problem related to breathing, then you can also do Kapalbhati Kriya. You will get instant benefit from this, so all the home remedies that can be taken care of your health first, after that, you will have to take care of your health and your family members’ health in all the work. This month especially you should also take care of the health of the elders of the house, maternal grandparents and grandparents. A small blood can cause a related problem, but it is not a big one. But the risk of getting infected at this time is high, so if you have to take special care of it then it was. Gemini’s monthly horoscope for Gemini people. – Gemini Mithun Rashi June 2021 Horoscope

Let’s look at Remedies:

Chant Mahamrityunjaya Mantra. If you have the seventh vision of Saturn on Mars, the lord of disease, then you will also get rid of the wrath of Saturn and you will get special benefit in diseases, secondly you should avoid black things and donate black things more and more. At the most, you should have black sesame urad mustard oil, spleen oil in mustard oil, which are in the bottom of the mustard oil, you should worship Lord Shani after sunset on Saturday and put a lamp of oil after sunset in the peepal tree. There are some small remedies that you must do. If they will give you relief from breathing problems, then keep this remedy in mind and BSF also stay alert stay at home stay healthy and how can you stay healthy. You need to stay at home as much as possible. Exit only when there is a lot of need, otherwise do not go out of the house at all. Always keep smiling Shree Radhe. – Gemini Mithun Rashi June 2021 Horoscope


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