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Gemini March 2023 Horoscope English blog | मिथुन राशि मार्च राशिफल | Nidhi Shrimali

Gemini March 2023 Horoscope English blog

Happy Indian New Year to all of you. Today we have brought the information about the monthly horoscope of Gemini people for the month of March and this month is very special because two big festivals are coming in this month. The first festival of Holi, which we wait for the whole year. Through colors, we forget all our hatred and complaints and color everyone and these colors should remain in our lives. This is also what we pray to the Lord. This festival of colors teaches us a lot that we should not keep any enmity or any enemy in our life. Enmity should not be kept in our mind for anyone and if colors are not there in our life, then our life will become empty. The second big festival of Chaitra Navratri is coming. The day the Indian New Year will also begin, now let us know about the date of these two festivals and which other festivals are going to come in this month. Pradosh Vrat will be observed on 4th March. On March 6, the festival of Holika Dahan will be celebrated with great pomp and on March 7, the festival of Purnima and Dhulandi will be celebrated. The festival of Sheetla Ashtami will be celebrated on March 15. On March 22, the festival of Chaitra Navratri will be celebrated with great pomp. The Hindu New Year is also going to start from this day and the festival of Gudi Parva will also be celebrated on this day. The festival of Chaitichand will be celebrated on 23rd March. Ramnavami is coming on 30th March and Chaitra Navratras will end on 31st March. Gemini March 2023 Horoscope English blog

Now let us know about how this month is special according to the position of the planets. First of all, let’s talk about the king of the planets, Sun, who is currently sitting in his worst enemy sign, Aquarius, and on March 15, he will enter Pisces. On the other hand, if we talk about the planet Mercury, then it is currently sitting in Aquarius and on March 16, it will enter Pisces. On March 31, they will again enter Aries. Talking about Mars, it is currently sitting in its friendly sign Taurus and on March 13, it will enter its most enemy sign Gemini. If we talk about the planet Jupiter, it will remain seated in its own zodiac sign Pisces this whole month. The planet Venus is currently exalted in Pisces and will enter its friendly sign Aries on March 12. If we talk about the planet Saturn, then this whole month, being a self-planet, it will remain seated in its original triangle sign, Aquarius. If we talk about the planet Rahu, then this whole month it will be in Aries sign and its equal sign and Ketu is going to be sitting in its equal sign Libra this whole month, so this is the position of its planetary transit. Now let us know about the effect of the positions of these planets on you this month.

Let us start with the monthly horoscope for the month of March for Gemini people. First of all, let us tell you that this horoscope which we are telling you is based on lunar calculations and is equally effective according to both your zodiac sign and ascendant. So, first of all, let’s talk about your zodiac lord, which is Mercury, who will sit in your lucky place for half a month. Sitting in the lucky place of your Ascendant will increase your fortune continuously. By the way, Mercury will sit with Saturn, if a benign planet sits with Saturn, then it gets suppressed due to Saturn’s slight default, so at this time you have to stick to your devotion to duty. Do not let your intellect get confused and try to do quality work while walking on the right path. The more you do quality work, the more you will get to see benefits this month. You will get very good results of Mercury. Coordination and harmony in relationships will be worth seeing. Luck will support you. All your unfinished tasks will be completed smoothly. From Didihal, you will also see circumstances of special benefits. If you are planning to go somewhere far away, then that plan of yours will also be seen to be coming true at this time. But you will not be able to stay away from your home for a very long time. Means it is also certain that Mercury will make you lucky. You will get success in your work, but you will get success only if you stay connected with your family. Now Mercury is going to change zodiac sign on 16th i.e. on 16th March and will sit in your work house. Sitting in the house of Mercury will give benefits to the people associated with IT field. Will benefit people associated with the banking sector. On the other hand, if you do any work related to finance account and CA, then definitely this time is going to be very good for you. People associated with consultancy service will see this time progressively getting profitable situations. You will get the promotion increment, the stopped money, at this time, the boss will look very happy with you. Now, since Mercury is also your happiness and if you look at the results according to your sense of happiness, then Mercury has gone and sat in your lucky place. Venus sitting in its own system will not give such good results. That is, till October 16, according to the place of happiness, the results of Mercury will not be so good. If you dream of a house, then you may get stuck a bit. This time. If there are any property related differences then try to remain calm as these differences will not be in your favor for now and these differences can become deeper. At this time, you will have to maintain vigilance in the work related to money. On March 16, when Mercury will change its zodiac sign and enter your karma house, then all your problems will be solved. You will get full support from mother. Financially you will appear to be secure. The financial condition will be seen to be fine and you will be seen to be able to fulfill the dream of the house. All the stuck work related to the property will be completed by you at a fast pace. Very good profit to the farmers in farming. The farmer will get very good profit. On the other hand, for those who are working in milk, dairy and animal husbandry, this time will also be seen to be very good and gradually creating profitable situations in your life. At this time, you would not want any of your work to be such that even those works are not being done by you. Very well you will complete your works in Organize. But whatever important work you are going to do, do it only after 16th March. Don’t do it before that. Gemini March 2023 Horoscope English blog

Let’s go ahead and know about the second house, if we talk about the second house, then the fluctuation of money will continue little by little. But this time will be beneficial for you. You will be seen getting respect and fame in the family. You will also have a different place in the society. Officers will be pleased with your actions. Some of your journeys will also be completed, but those journeys will be in the context of auspicious works. At the same time, you will try to please the women of your house. You can give them some gifts this month and if you have younger brothers and sisters in the house, then you will be seen receiving and meeting some relations related to their marriage and engagement.

Now coming to your third house, if we talk about the third house, then the lord of the third house i.e. Parakramesh is the Sun, which will sit in the seventh house from itself for half a month. Karma will come into effect on 15th March. Sitting seventh from you and looking at your own house by Parakramesh will increase your prowess progressively. Although there is aspect of Saturn along with Sun, but these aspects will definitely bring positive results for you. The ongoing differences with your siblings will end. The works which were to be done by you stuck till now, will now start happening smoothly. At this time, you will also be seen creating a separate identity for yourself with your hobby. On March 15, when the Sun will enter your Karma Bhava, then Budhaditya Yoga will be formed again with Mercury and the results of the Sun will be very good according to Karma. That is, according to the house of action, the sun will give good results, but according to the house of might, the results of the sun will not be so good. At this time, you have to take a decision after thinking carefully. Do not do any work in any haste. If you are going to sign any paper, then sign it only after reading that paper first, otherwise you may be cheated. At this time, do not take any such decision in haste, about which you will have to regret later. You have to move forward with a good bonding with the family. Though petty squabbling will continue with siblings, but do not let this squabbling turn into a big fight. With your understanding only you can handle your relationships and maintain them. That’s why you try to make every possible effort to build your relationship. Gemini March 2023 Horoscope English blog

Now coming to your fifth house, the lord of the fifth house is Venus, which is sitting in your work house. Sitting in your sixth house of fifth lord is not so good for you. At this time you will not get so good results of Venus, but this time is going to last only till 12th. After March 12, Venus will change and will sit in the seventh house from itself. Will see your house. At this time you will get very good results of Venus, but avoid taking any important decision till March 12. Student class withdrew from company restriction. There is no need to be confused even if someone tries to confuse you. You may receive some inauspicious news related to children. At this time you will get some worrying news related to your children while being a little worried and you will show some concern for them. At this time, artists may also have to struggle a little in the field of their art. But if you make continuous efforts, definitely the time after March 12 will be very good for you. You will get very good results of Venus and under these results you will get good success. Artists can get some big work. You can be honored in the field of art. This time will be full of great achievement for the students of art class. Students who remain focused will get to see very good results in their life. At the same time, whatever work you take in hand, you will be able to complete it quickly. Now, since Venus is the lord of your twelfth house i.e. the house of expenses, and the lord of the house of expenses is sitting 11th from itself. After that, the owner of the house of expenses will go and sit in the bar, then Venus, the owner of the house of expenses, will sit in the house of work and spend the expenses. There also you will invest wisely so that you can get good profit. This time will be very good for the business class. Whatever investment you have made, you will see double of that investment. That means you will get double the profit of that investment. Can’t move forward in life without some downfalls. That is, the risk factor is very important in our life, but you have to decide how much risk you want to take. That’s why take risk after thinking about the risk so that you open the way to move forward, but if the conditions of loss increase, if you move forward carefully after thinking a little, then you will definitely get success and the way of progressive progress in your life will also keep opening. So, according to the place of the result of Venus, you will get very good results till March 12. After that, Venus will go and sit in the twelfth place from itself, then sitting outside of itself can disturb your work. Can increase the expenses a little more. Expenses can be very high and they will be only on your hobbies and entertainment. That’s why be a little careful. Keep your mind under control a little, be controlled and walk with restraint. Let’s see the budget, the more you work, the more you will be able to double the success. Do not do anything beyond the budget. This may increase the problem. That’s why this time will be a bit tough for you. From the economic point of view means you have to think about where you have to spend, where not to do it, where you have to save, where you don’t know where you don’t want to go or if you have to walk with some certainty, then you will walk as balanced as you can. Will get such good results of Venus. Gemini March 2023 Horoscope English blog

Now coming to disease, Mars is the master of disease and Mars is the master of your profit. Mars, the lord of disease, will sit in the seventh house from itself and Mars will look at its own house, so problems related to blood disorders can increase at this time. Be a little careful. At this time, you have to be very careful while driving because the chances of a vehicle accident may increase. If possible, do not drive this mother anywhere and do not decide long distance journey yourself. There are means of transport. If you use them more and more often, it will be better for you. Do not associate with such friends who try to mislead you. Our soul would definitely speak. If your true friend is not your true friend or is only keeping fake friendship with you, then it is like this. If we evaluate within ourselves, we would come to know, so at this time you have to be very careful. Be a little aware of health related problems in friendship as well. If you keep this much in mind then you will not have to face any kind of big problem. No matter how hard the enemy tries, you will definitely get success in your work. But when Mars changes, it means zodiac changes. This zodiac change of Mars on March 13 is going to be very special. Because at this time the lord of disease will sit in his eighth house, so you have to take special care. Enemies can increase. There can be problems in work. Money can get stuck and health problems can occur, so you have to move forward with a little caution towards all these.

Now coming to the house of profit, because Lord is also auspicious. The lord of benefic house is sitting one house ahead of him. Rahu is sitting in benefic house. Venus will also come in benefic house later and any other planet sitting there would give very good results. The results of Rahu are very good in 11th house. At this time, there are many shortcut methods of share market trading and getting any profit and getting profit. In which we say do quality work. That is, do such a work which takes less effort and you can make good money by using your intelligence. You will get very good success in such works this month. Along with this, Mangal Labhesh, who is sitting one house ahead of you, will be very beneficial for those people who do work related to Mars. If you are a manufacturer related to iron, any big machinery is your work, then definitely this time is going to be very good for you. This time will bring great and big orders for the manufacturers. Now when Mars will change and sit in your Ascendant, then at that time also you will get very good results of Mars. On March 13, if Mars enters your house of personality, then you will get very good results according to your profit. However, a little bit of furious angry spirit will come in you more. A little control will have to be exercised on this because it can spoil the work done by you, so very limited friends should remain a little calm and solve their issues. At this time, do not run too much on yourself because if it goes away then there will be a problem of man power, then such problems can also affect your own personality and can spoil your work, so you do not have to compromise in that. To do. If you have to handle these situations with a little care, then you will get very good and excellent results of Mars and in terms of lakhs, this month will be very good for you. Circumstances of sudden profit will also be good in your life. Gemini March 2023 Horoscope English blog

Now let’s go further and know about the seventh house, the lord of the seventh house, Jupiter, who is sitting in the house of action, and first Venus is with the Jupiter, later Sun and Mercury will come and all of them will make alliance with the Jupiter. Lagnesh Sukhesh Parakramesh will be here. Saptamesh and Karmesh are the two lords of the four center places useful for all of them and they both will sit in alliance with each other. It can give you excellent results. Consultancy work, teaching business, you have opened your own technical work and you handle the management work in it. handle the staff. Manage your company. Surely this time will be very beneficial for you in that regard. Large orders are available. You can get a big job. Big plans can be implemented. You can also get government assistance. You can also get support from the government. You will definitely get the guidance and support of your father, you will stand with the family and the family will stand with you. But along with this if you get more sources then surely you can achieve very good success. So this is going to be very successful for you, because a great man named Hans has created yoga and is sitting in Guru Karma Bhav as well, so time is very good for employed people as well. If you wait for your promotion from them, that dream will come true. The dream of desired transport will be fulfilled for those doing government jobs. If you want to switch jobs at this time, then that too will fulfill your dream. If you are doing management related work then you will get success in that also. If you have given any entrance exam related to teaching line carefully, then you will get success in that also. If any result is to come, then the results of the Guru will keep you enthusiastic in every way, boosting your confidence.

Now coming to your eighth house, let’s talk about the eighth house. Shani, the lord of the eighth house, is sitting one house ahead of him. Suddenly the sources of getting wealth, wealth and hidden wealth will be seen opening at this time. Secret enemies will end. With your alertness, you will achieve success in all your works. The tension which was going on till now in everyday life will end. Life will appear to be a balance and a lot depends on you that how you balance your life by solving your problems with your intelligence. It is very important to bring a balance in relationships as well and if you do that this month, you will definitely get better and better success. Since Shani is in your Bhagyesh, the lord of the house of fortune is sitting in his own house as self-possessed. This will also progressively increase your fortune. The incomplete works will be completed at a fast pace. People who specifically look for jobs, their search will end and if you want to switch jobs, you will see better options for that too. You will surely get success in the work related to judiciary. Your interest in religious works will increase and you will be filled with spiritual feelings. Any big religious ritual can also be performed in the house this month. So the results of Shani will be even better and better for you. So this was the monthly horoscope of Gemini people for the month of March. Gemini March 2023 Horoscope English blog

Auspicious dates: – 1st, 7th, 11th, 12th, 15th, 16th, 19th to 25th, 28th to 31st

Unlucky dates: – 8th to 10th, 13th, 14th, 17th, 18th, 26th and 27th. ,

Lucky Colours: Green and Red


  •    Make sure to feed the pigeons after soaking them.
  • Must wear a silver ring in the left hand.
  • Worship girls younger than 12 years and take their blessings and especially gift them gifts.
  • Do offer Durva to Ganesh ji.

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