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Gemini March 2022 Horoscope English blog | मिथुन राशि मार्च राशिफल | Nidhi Shrimali


 Gemini March 2022 Horoscope English blog

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Ups and downs come in the life of every person and their solution is possible with the right guidance. So come we will solve every problem. Hello Welcome Welcome, today we have appeared in front of you with the monthly horoscope for March for the people of Gemini. First of all, at the beginning of the month, the biggest festival of Bhole Shankar i.e. the festival of Mahashivratri is coming and like every year, Mahashivratri will be organized in our institution, so participate in maximum number and enjoy this worship. . Falgun month is going to start on 3rd March and Holashtak is starting on 10th March. No auspicious or auspicious work is done after the start of Holashtak. On March 17, the festival of Holika Dahan will be celebrated by the whole country with great pomp. It is known as one of the important festivals of our religious festivals and on 18th March the festival of elevation is coming. It is the festival of colours which is loved by more and more people, so wish you all the best on this Holi festival. Sheetla Ashtami will fast on 25March  and this festival will also be celebrated with great pomp, so here are some fasts and festivals which are making this month even more special. Gemini March 2022 Horoscope English blog 



We would have known how the position of the planets will be in this month and what will be the effect of the position of these planets on your life in this month. First of all, let’s talk about the Sun, the king of planets, which is currently sitting in its even zodiac sign Aquarius and on March 15, he will enter his friend sign Pisces. The planet Mercury, which is also your zodiac lord, is going to change the zodiac twice this month. Presently he is sitting in his enemy sign Capricorn and on 6th March i.e. at the beginning of the month, he will enter his friend sign Aquarius from Capricorn. Till March 24, he will be sitting in Aquarius and then he will be seen entering his debilitated sign i.e. Pisces on March 24, then you will not get such good results from your zodiac lord because at that time the third sight of Saturn will also fall on Mercury. The planet Mars will be exalted for the whole month and will be sitting in Capricorn. The planet Jupiter is going to be sitting in its friend zodiac Aquarius for the whole month and the planet Venus is currently sitting in its even sign Capricorn and on 31st March i.e. after the end of the whole month i.e. on the last day they will enter Aquarius. The planet Saturn will remain in Capricorn for the whole month. If Rahu, Taurus and Ketu will be sitting in Scorpio, then this is the planetary upheaval that we will get to see this month. Gemini March 2022 Horoscope English blog 

Now, what is the effect of Saturn’s vision of these planets on the life of the Gemini zodiac sign? Let us know about it, but we have given you the horoscope. It is given according to the moon according to the calculations of the transit.

Let us know the condition of the monthly horoscope, how will this month of March be for the people of Gemini. First of all, your zodiac lord has Gemini on your zodiac sign, then the lord of your personality’s house is also Mercury and Sukhesh is also Mercury. 4 are the lords of the central place, 2 who are sitting together at the beginning of the month, you will get to see very spectacular results of Mercury in your destiny. First of all, we are talking about the personality of your zodiac owner and happy place, then both Sukhesh and Lagnesh will sit in your destiny. Also, their combination with your Karmesh and Saptmesh and their combination with Parakramesh will be worth seeing. At this time, with your intelligence and tact, you will complete all your tasks smoothly. Discussions of your intelligence will be seen everywhere. Social honour and respect will increase, people associated with the IT field in private jobs will get special benefits at this time. All the work related to the banking sector will be completed smoothly for you. Financial conditions will be very good for you this time. Mercury will remain in your destiny till March 24 and after that, if it will enter its debilitated sign Pisces, then they will sit in your karmic house, then Saturn has third vision and is sitting in the debilitated sign, then you will get to see its side effects. You have to finish the important and urgent tasks before March 24. You have to take this time very carefully. Whatever good you go to do at this time will also backfire on you. People will miss your words. There will be some memory-related problems. Whether it is an excess of work or education, you will not remember anything for a very long time and because of that, you will also face loss situations in many works. At this time the financial situation will also be full of ups and downs. At the same time, this time will also affect the relationship with the mother in the family. There may be an argument with your mother at this time. At this time you may get cheated in property-related works or your money may get stuck in property related works. There may be obstacles in buying and selling. You should also avoid buying a new vehicle at this time. There may be some differences between the father-in-law and your relationship with your cousin, with your father-in-law’s elders i.e. uncle tau aunt and grandparents may deteriorate. A little after 24th March you should be very cautious and move forward in your life. Only then you will be able to get positive results from your zodiac lord and your ascendant Mercury because both the Kendras are ruled by Mercury. That is why this month is bringing you many mixed results according to the owner of the zodiac.  Gemini March 2022 Horoscope English blog 

Now let’s talk about the second house and respect will increase in the family. Your family members joining you will make you more powerful. You will get freedom from ancestral property-related disputes at this time. You will get to see a good bonding in your family. Your rapport with relatives will become even deeper and stronger. Your coordination with the officials in the workplace will be worth seeing. This time will be to fascinate everyone with your voice and this time will also be very good for artists and to achieve fame in the field of art. Gemini March 2022 Horoscope English blog 

Talking about the third house, the lord of the third house is the Sun, which is sitting in the first ie the place of luck and is looking at his own house. This time will increase your might. Your bonding with siblings will further strengthen. Your tuning will increase with elder siblings. You will see a lot of respect from younger siblings. Your participation in social programs will increase. In programs related to social service, you will actively participate in programs related to public welfare. At this time you can get some big achievements at the workplace as well. After 15th March, the Sun will sit in its friendly sign Pisces. Although the results of the Sun will be good in the sense of karma, Saturn will have a third vision, that is, at this time there may be a difference of opinion with your father about something or the other. Sometimes the tuning will appear to be deteriorating. You will not get their support and you will have to manage your tasks alone, so you will get such situations from your father and the third house this month.  Gemini March 2022 Horoscope English blog 

Let us know about the fifth house, the fifth lord is Venus, who is sitting in the eighth house, is the lord of your fifth house and Venus is the owner of your benefic house. The lord of both these places sits in the eighth house and Venus is a benign planet. Venus has also been a victim along with Saturn and Mars, that is, trapped between them, you will not get the result you want. Especially students of a small art class may face problems. They will face some problems in achieving their future goal in their project. At the same time, this time is not overall good for the student class. With a little distraction, your mind will remain ready to be ready to roam around and apart from this, there will be a lot of laziness in your mind. If the desire to study will be less, then due to these tendencies you will get confused with your luck, then this month you should move ahead with a lot of concentration and when your mind says that you will do it later, then you have to speak with your mind. Whether or not I have to do this work from now on. Only then you will get success in your work. You will be able to achieve your goals, otherwise, this month can get you negative results. You will also be worried from the side of the child, due to his wandering or because he became a wrong friend or friends of the wrong opposite sex, you may remain very upset. This time is also to be aware of problems related to children and this time will be very special for the parents as they have to handle their children with utmost restraint and patience. Due to Benesh also being Venus, your profit house will also be full of fluctuation. You will get to see some fluctuation in your profit. This time will bring ups and downs in your profit margins, so avoid new investments. Before making any investment, go ahead after discussing it thoroughly. Do not take any decision in haste as it can prove to be harmful to you. This time can also harm you in the programs related to your family. At the same time, this time can increase your social infamy. Honour can bring down respect, so be a little careful with yourself so that the more restraint and patience you work in this negative time, the more you will be able to face this adverse time firmly.  Gemini March 2022 Horoscope English blog 

Now talking about the sixth house, then the lord of the sixth house is Mars, which is also the lord of your benefic house, then both the lord and the sixth lord are Mars. Mars is sitting in the eighth house and sitting in the third place from yourself means that Mars sitting third from you will improve your health in your work. But still, you have to avoid virus related problems at this time. Problems related to infection will have to be avoided. You have to be a little careful about blood disorders. There may be a problem related to blood. Be a little careful with germs at this time. Take special care of the hygiene around you. At the same time, Yoga Meditation Pranayama has to be made in its day to day routine. Give your body as much as you can for one and a half-hour in the morning. Also, this is the time to be careful of enemies. Although you will defeat your enemies on the strength of your power, still you have to be aware so that your enemies cannot harm you. Avoid the company of wrong friends. You will get very good support from Nanihal and if you need any kind from him, whether it is financially or mentally he will support you. You are sitting in Labesh Mangal VIII and the conjunction of Saturn and Mars with Saturn and Venus creates a revolutionary yoga type this revolutionary yoga tries to make some changes in the life of the person but this change can be the opposite from the society. And can harm your life, that’s why it is not right to always have such an ideology. Sometimes we have to walk with people too. So increase the maturity level inside you. Only then you will be able to increase your social honour and respect. This will be the time for you to invest wisely because if there is even slight ups and downs in the investment, then you will see negative results. For the people involved in the use of IT field, technical field or engineering, this is the time to tread a little cautiously. Having a mind tea transfer, arguing with the boss about something, lack of coordination with your co-workers, such a problem can arise. But at this time you have to take a lot of steps so that you can avoid these problems, then work with restraint and patience. If you do not understand anything about your boss, then talk to him calmly. Try to keep your words calm in front of them, maybe they will understand your words. This is the time for you to concentrate and move forward in your work and not get confused and take wrong decisions. That is why do not let situations of confusion arise in your life.  Gemini March 2022 Horoscope English blog 

Know about the seventh house, see that in your horoscope, both the seventh house and the karmesh are gurus, the results of the seventh-place are good, but you will get the results of the place of karma. If the seventh lord is sitting third from himself, then the lord of two central places will sit in the fateful place and sit in conjunction with the Lagnesh, you will get very good guru results. But according to the seventh house, the results will be excellent. Your marital happiness will increase during this time. If the problem related to marriage was going on then it will go away and you will get your perfect life partner. At the same time, this time will be very good in love relationship too. If you want to keep your mind in front of someone, then feel free to keep it, he will understand your words. At this time to the business class who are associated with the management company. Very good for this period is going to be there. You will see good progress and progress in your work. Consultancy Service Teaching Line The work of providing knowledge You will be seen making very good achievements in all these areas. Profit conditions will also increase during this time. If you want to start a new work, if you are doing a big business partnership then take your partner. Respect their feelings. Just keep in mind that there will be a great atmosphere in the house. There will be good coordination among family members. Especially you will get to see very good support of your life partner.  Gemini March 2022 Horoscope English blog 

Now let’s go ahead and know what will be the results of the Guru according to the karma, then Karmesh Guru is sitting twice from himself. Time is full of ups and downs for some employed people. You will not get as much fruit as you work hard. There may be some disappointment, but the fruits of hard work will be available tomorrow if not today. Thinking about this, keep working hard now, then you will find your results positive if not today or tomorrow. At this time, you have to keep a balance with your father as there is a possibility of differences with your father. If you are doing business, then make bonding with your staff and try to bring some positive changes in it by looking at the way you work. Only then will you be able to achieve success and complete your tasks.

Now let’s talk about the eighth house on the eighth house, then you have Shani from both the eighth house and the Bhagyesh, which is sitting in the eighth house as a self. Saturn increases the house in which it sits, that is, sitting in the eighth house can disturb the life of your daily routine a little, but since you are sitting in your own house, you will not want to harm your house, you should also pay attention to this. have to keep. At this time, you will get very good success in whatever routine activities or activities are there. Now walking with your balance will bring success in your work. You will also see a good balance in relationships at this time. You will also see a very good balance in your professional life. If you are going to do any work at this time, then proceed wisely while investing. You will benefit from long term investment. You will get a good profit in the share market lottery. Since Saturn is in your fortune and the Budhaditya yoga of Sun and Mercury is being formed in your destiny. There are two centres of the three Kendra places and the combination of the lord of one mighty house is happening in your place of luck, which is increasing your luck. The list of unfinished tasks will become shorter and at this time your tasks will be completed smoothly. Due to success in a particular task, your confidence will also be seen increasing at this time. This time is going to be very good and prosperous for you. You will get to see very good results of Shani. You will put yourself in works like human service in the works of public welfare and you will get spiritual satisfaction by helping people. At this time, the outline of religious rituals can also be made in the house or you can go on a religious trip with the family. Gemini March 2022 Horoscope English blog 



  • You should chant Om Gana Ganapataye Namah more and more times this month. You can use turmeric beads. You have to chant this while sitting on the seat in front of the idol of Ganesha.
  • You have to offer Ganesha the Durva routine.
  • If you recite the debt remover Ganesh Stotra, you will get very good results. It can also remove the problems coming into your life.
  • Wear Ganesh Rudraksha around your neck. They will remove your obstacles and will give you accomplishment in all tasks.
  • You can wear whatever comes of Lagna Bissa Pendant Rudraksha around your neck.

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