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Gemini Horoscope January 2022 English Blog | Nidhi Shrimali


Gemini Horoscope January 2022 English Blog


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Best wishes to all of you in the new year. Today we have appeared in front of you with the monthly horoscope of Gemini people for January. It is the first month of the year and everyone is excited about how this month will be for us. In which month, what are the fasts and festivals which are coming especially, then on 1st January the new year is starting and monthly Shivratri is also coming on this day. This is a very big incident, worship Bholenath on this day and get the blessings of Bholenath while doing water Rudrabhishek on Shivling. Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti will be celebrated on 9 January. Swami Vivekananda Jayanti is coming on 12th January. On January 14, the Sun will move from Dakshinayan to Uttarayan, that is, the special festival of Makar Sankranti will be celebrated on this day and the festival of Pongal will also be celebrated on this day. The festival of Lohri will be specially celebrated on this day. Since Republic Day is our national festival on 26 January, we will all celebrate it with great pomp, so these are some special fasts and festivals which are going to come at the beginning of this year. Gemini Horoscope January 2022 English Blog 

First of all, let’s talk about the Sun, the king of the planets, who is currently sitting in Sagittarius, which is his most friendly sign, and on January 14, he will combine with Saturn in Capricorn, which is his most enemy sign, from Sagittarius. Will be seated. Mercury will remain in Capricorn for the whole month and the conjunction of Sun, Saturn, Mercury will happen after January 14. Where the Budhaditya Yoga of Sun and Mercury will also be formed in Capricorn and till March 5, Mercury will remain in Capricorn. The planet Mars, which is present in his zodiac sign, will be sitting in his zodiac sign, and on January 16, he will move from his zodiac sign Scorpio to Sagittarius, which is his most friendly sign. Jupiter will remain in the Aquarius sign for the whole month, which will remain in his friend’s zodiac. This whole month of Venus will remain in its friend’s sign Sagittarius and will remain self-gracious and will remain in Capricorn. Rahu will remain in Taurus for the whole month and Ketu will remain in the Scorpio sign, then these planets are transitory which we will get to see this month. Gemini Horoscope January 2022 English Blog 

Now let us see what will be the effect of this transiting planet on the first month of your year i.e. in January, so let’s start straight away. First, let’s talk about our monthly horoscope. Your zodiac sign is that of lord Mercury, who is going to sit in the eighth house, which is personality-wise, you will be seen failing to explain your things to people, at this time there will be a state of confusion. You will not remember things so quickly, due to which many problems may arise in your life, but the fifth vision of the Guru is falling on the sense of your personality, due to this your problem will not take a very big and formidable form. You will get full family support and support. Whatever decision you take with their cooperation, that decision is going to be very positive for you. The conjunction of these two planets, Ascendant and Bhagyesh are happening in the eighth house, but this combination will be very beneficial for you. Investments made at this time will create profitable conditions for you. You will be seen eliminating the problems in your life with your understanding with the help of your family, so overall this period will be yours, it will be for you to move forward with your family and with your family. Gemini Horoscope January 2022 English Blog 

The second house of your family, house of speech At this time, the relationship with your family will become stronger and stronger. You will be seen captivating everyone with your speech. Social honour and respect will increase. At this time, all your stuck work will be completed at a fast pace, you will get very good support and cooperation from the officials. Your time will be spent more and more in dealing with the work related to the banking sector. At the same time, you will be seen progressing and making good progress in the field of work. Time is going to be very good for those people who do work related to study, teaching, are connected with media line or whose speech work is more.

The lord of the third house is the Sun, which is sitting in your seventh house and till January 14, the Sun will sit in your seventh house. The seventh vision of the Guru is also falling on your third house i.e. your mighty house. Your might will increase during this time. Your understanding with siblings will be seen to be much better, your tuning will be good with cousins ​​as well. You will achieve social honour, fame and fame. At this time, all your work related to politics will be seen being completed at a fast pace, but after January 14, when the Sun will sit in your eighth house, then it will form Budhaditya Yoga with Mercury, but Sun and Saturn are also sitting together. Because all the three Saturn, Mercury and Sun are sitting in the eighth house, then at this time there may be some dispute with your father. There may be some differences. Some tuning with siblings, some family disputes may emerge. That’s why at this time you have to think a little and be careful, after weighing your speech, you should not take out such a thing from your mouth, which hurts the heart of your loved ones, then you should walk carefully for a while. At this time, if anyone is going to sign your paper or sign any big documents, then read those documents first. After that sign on to them because there may be fraud with you, then this time which will be after 14th January will be for you to proceed carefully and cautiously. Gemini Horoscope January 2022 English Blog 

Talking about a happy place, the owner of a happy place is sitting fifth from himself, that is, with Mercury sitting fifth from himself, then sitting in conjunction with Bhagyesh, having a combination of Parakremesh, Bhagyesh and Sukhdev increases your happiness very well. will appear to have happened. This month will be very good for you. Financially you will be seen making good progress and progress. Your tuning will be even better with your mother. They will play an important role in increasing your social honour. Any work related to property, which was stuck till now, will be seen being completed at a fast pace. If any kind of obstacles were being faced in the purchase, sale of the property, then those obstacles will now be removed and you will see a right solution to your problem getting the right solution at this time. Your dream of buying a new vehicle will come true this time. Gemini Horoscope January 2022 English Blog 

Talking about the fifth house, then the fifth lord Venus is sitting third from himself, which will increase your power. At this time students will get very good results. By performing very well in education, you will be seen making your teachers proud by becoming the favourite of your parents by becoming the principal. Any problem coming from the side of the child, you will get the solution of that problem at this time. People who are associated with the field of art, such as film actors, musicians or any type of dancer, playing musical instruments or if you perform any type of art and if you are earning from it, then such People associated with the fields are also likely to get very good benefits this month. Your fame will increase further. There will be four moons in fame and your videos can become viral on social media. You can get fame on social media, you will be dominated.

The lord of the disease house of the sixth house is Mars, which is sitting in the disease house itself, Ketu is also sitting in conjunction with Mars, which is increasing the power of Mars more. If there is any problem related to your diseases at this time, then you will get the solution to that problem. You are suffering from a very incurable disease and you were trying to get health benefits till now, so now you will get the right direction and you will get good health benefits, you will find yourself fit and healthy. If there is any kind of problem in your life related to blood disorders, boils are happening. If you are facing the problem of a blood clot, then you will get rid of such disorders at this time. At the same time, your enemies will not be able to harm you even by your side, you will be seen defeating your enemies with your intelligence and tact. On January 16, when Mars will sit in your seventh house while changing the zodiac, then even sitting one house ahead of the owner of the disease house will also give benefit in your diseases. This is the month you will get very good results from Mars. At this time your health will be very good, even after wanting the enemy side, nothing will be able to harm you. Any work related to your money is stuck and will be completed at a fast pace. If there was any problem going on in your life till now related to the loan or the loan could not be repaid, now those loans will go on getting repaid slowly. This month will also get you free from your debt. Gemini Horoscope January 2022 English Blog 

Now let’s talk about the seventh house, the lord of the seventh house is the guru who is sitting third from himself. Sitting in the place of luck, it is very good to sit in the place of fortune of the seventh lord. But this time will be full of ups and downs for the married couple because Venus, which is sitting in the seventh house and bringing the state of emotions to the factors, can create turmoil in married life somewhere. If you’re ready misunderstood is going on then that misunderstood can increase further. Your relationship will also appear to be a little sensitive at this time, so if you want to share your experiences with married life, go ahead. If you want to live life with a life partner, then definitely you need to be very careful. Pay a little attention to the words. Control anger a little because after January 16, when Mars will come in your seventh house, then you will be a Manglik, then a little more problem can arise in life, ego crash can happen, anger can come to its peak, small things can happen. If there is a misunderstanding, there will be a lot of quarrels, such situations will create Mars, so you have to be very careful at this time, so this period is for married people, it will be very little sense. Will be full of ups and downs. Gemini Horoscope January 2022 English Blog 

If you talk about the business class, then you will get good profit in business. At this time your responsibilities will increase, at this time your power will increase, you will emerge as an influential personality. Whatever meeting you have, whether there is any important work, important travel, then it will appear to be going smoothly. Luck will support you and even based on luck, your unfinished work will be completed quickly, then the business class will get a very good profit, but for those who are in married couples or love relationships, this time will be full of ups and downs. could.
If we talk about the eighth house, then the eighth lord Shani is sitting in his own house, he is correcting the eighth house, this period will be very good for you. Whatever work you have stuck at this time will be completed smoothly. There was a problem in the work of daily routine, those problems would go away. Since your zodiac lord Mercury is also in the eighth house with Shani, because Shani is also Bhagyesh, the eighth lord is also sitting in conjunction with him, then at this time the IQ level will be good, six senses will be better on your side. You will be able to identify your enemies and enemies you cannot see. That is, secret enemies who can be in the form of your friends and relatives can also be in your circle, colleagues. You will be able to identify such an enemy. Decision power will increase, so you will hide your decision a bit. Take a little bit effectively so that your enemies do not interfere in any way in your work. Gemini Horoscope January 2022 English Blog 

Now let’s talk about Bhagyesh Shani’s 12th sitting from his own house, but Shani is sitting in his own house, then when Shani is sitting in his own house and Bhagyesh is there, he will give you good results. Your problem will not increase this time. The situation of stagnation in your work will also end. You will get good profit in share market. You will be associated with the works of dharma, the quality of honesty, integrity, which will attract everyone towards you. Everyone will be very impressed with you. If you are doing a job then the officers will be happy with you. At this time, your work will be completed at a fast pace and young girls who are looking for a job can get a good job at this time. Your employment search will appear to be ending this time. Religious programs will be outlined at home. The Guru who is sitting in the place of fortune can be full of many ups and downs, but the place where the Guru sits, connects that person with religion and connects them with religious works, then you will be full of spirituality at this time. At this time, the outline of religious rituals can be made in the house. Your proficiency in teaching and studying any religious text will also be seen increasing at this time. There will be movement of guests in the house, due to which the atmosphere of the house will be seen to be very nice and pleasant. Gemini Horoscope January 2022 English Blog 

Now let’s talk about Karma Bhava, if we talk about Karma Bhava, then Parameshwara Guru who is sitting in 12th from Himself and Saturn is having a third vision on Karma Bhava which will disturb your work a bit. At this time, employed people have to be a little cautious, there may be some false or false allegations against you. Colleagues can conspire against you by collaborating with you. A lot of responsibilities can be put on you alone, due to which you will not be able to complete your tasks at the right time and because of that you may get to listen to the boss’s scolding. This month you will have to face many challenges in your field of work. These challenges will also give you the courage to move forward because if you get distracted at this time, then you will not be able to complete your tasks at the right time. You will become a victim of a little depression and the person who overcomes the difficulty and moves ahead sets new dimensions of success in his life. He doesn’t get stuck anywhere and we get a lot of new experiences. There is no need to be afraid of these difficulties at this time. You will have to walk alone but you alone are equal to 10, if you do your work with so much confidence, then no one will do anything against you, you will go on moving forward in your life. No one will be able to stop your progress, so take a little care during this period, but especially those who are associated with consultancy services, those who are associated with the teaching line, those who are associated with the business of lectureship. If you are a scientist or related to research, if you do any work, this is the time for all of them to be a little careful.

Now let’s talk about the house of profit, the benefic Mars is sitting in the eighth house. The time of the month till January 16 i.e. almost half a month will be very good for you, at this time your profit will increase progressively. Your profit will be at its peak. The tasks which were stuck for you will also be completed at a faster pace. Especially if any matter related to your money was stuck, that is, then that matter will be cleared by now and the decision will appear to be going in your favour. After January 16, Mars will come into your seventh house. Sitting in the seventh house of the benefic, anyway, good progress in your work will bring good progress. At this time, you will make good progress and create situations of sudden monetary gains. There will be chances of opening the lottery. If you have lent to someone, you will repay your loan yourself. Feelings of happiness will arise in your mind. Your level Your circle will appear to increase. With many such VIPs, your identity will increase, which can benefit you in the future. At this time land, building, the vehicle will get all the pleasures. Your financial conditions will be very good and perfect.

Now let’s talk about the 12th house of the 12th house is considered to be the twelfth expenditure place. Its lord is Venus which is sitting in the seventh house. Sitting on the eighth house from the lord of the twelfth house can bring a slight fluctuation in expenses. Although the lord of your twelfth house is inside the centre, then you will travel to natural places. At present, the expenditure on your clothes might be more than on your cosmetics but you have to cover these expenses a little as per your budget because if you go out of budget and get attracted towards these things and buy the same things then your budget may get spoiled financially. You may have to face problems, so to fulfil your desires, you had to borrow from someone, this is not right, so you have to spend a little bit carefully at this time, just keep in mind that Rahu is sitting in the 12th, which is the cost. So they will get it done, but they will get them spent on the works of Dharma. Your expenditure on spiritual work will be high. Take some care of your belongings in travel as there is a possibility of your luggage being lost. This will be a cautious time for the employed people, but this time will be very good for those who are doing business. At this time, if you do any work related to import-export or if you are doing any chemical work, then you can get a very good profit from it. If you want to expand your business by going out and want to increase your work Abroad, then you will feel a very good speed in your work at this time in your business. But if you take any decision, there is no need to get confused. The fear that comes from within one’s mind spontaneously removes that fear, this fear can bring negative results in your actions. That is why to maintain your confidence if you face any problem, if you feel that there is a little confusion, then you go ahead with advice from an experienced person. But take a wise decision because this decision will decide the direction of your future. This month is bringing mixed results for the people of Gemini, you may have to face many types of situations this month. Gemini Horoscope January 2022 English Blog 


1. You should recite the debt harta Ganesh Stotham regularly.
2. If you have borrowed something from someone, then you have to pay off that loan on Tuesday and you have to take special care that you do not have to lend to anyone on Wednesday and Sunday.
3. You have to worship Ganesha on Wednesday and you must also donate red things.
4. Have darshan of Hanuman ji and make the seed of cloves, cardamom and betel leaves to Hanuman ji and offer it to him.

May this whole year be wonderful for you. You make progress in your life. May prosperity and happiness be the only happiness in your life.

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