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Gemini Horoscope December Horoscope 2022 | Monthly Horoscope 2022 | Astrologer Nidhi Ji Shrimali |

gemini december 2022 horoscope

Gemini Horoscope December Horoscope 2022

Namaskar Welcome. Today we have come before you with the monthly horoscope for the last month of the year i.e. December for Gemini people. Now let’s go ahead and know which special days and festivals are coming in this month which are making the last month of this year special. Annapurna Jayanti will be celebrated on 7th December. Along with this, Lord Dattatreya Jayanti is also coming on this day. Christmas Day will be celebrated on December 25, the main festival of Christians. Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti will be celebrated on 29 December and on 31 December we will say goodbye to this year and get ready for the arrival of the new year. So these are some special days of the last month of this year. Now let us know further that what is the special position of the planets bringing for us in the last month of the year.

First of all, let’s talk about the king of the planets, Sun, who is currently sitting in his own zodiac sign Scorpio and on December 16, he will enter his best friend zodiac sign, Sagittarius. If we talk about the planet Mercury, then it is sitting in its enemy zodiac sign Scorpio and on December 3 itself it will enter its friendly zodiac sign Sagittarius. If we talk about Mars, then this whole month it will be sitting in its enemy sign Taurus in its retrograde state. If we talk about the owner of your zodiac sign, then he is going to sit in your own zodiac sign for the whole month. Venus is going to change zodiac sign twice this month. The first one will be on December 5 when they will enter from their enemy zodiac sign Scorpio to their friend zodiac sign Sagittarius and the second will happen on December 29 when they will be seen entering Capricorn from their friend zodiac sign Sagittarius. The planet Saturn will be sitting in its own zodiac sign Capricorn this whole month and Rahu and Ketu will be sitting in their own signs Aries and Libra this month, so this is the position of the planetary transit of this month. Now let’s start by knowing about the effect of this position of these planets on your zodiac sign this month. Monthly horoscope for the month of December for Gemini .

First of all, let’s talk about your zodiac sign. Since Mercury is sitting in your seventh house, it is sitting with Venus and on December 16, Sun will also enter your seventh house. Where Sun and Mercury’s Budhaditya Yoga will also be formed. Now since your Rashi is Swami, Lagnesh, then your personality will be made more powerful because you are looking at your own house. At this time, you will get success in all your bad work plans which were stuck in your plans for a long time. On the other hand, due to the successful completion of a big project, this last month of the year will be very happy for you. Your happiness and confidence level will be seen increasing. There will be discussions of intelligence everywhere. There will be an increase in social respect. Those people who till now did not count you anywhere, those people will also start believing you now. You will also be successful in convincing them of your intelligence. Your relationship with Dadihal will be more intense and you will get the blessings of the elders of the house. Wherein Mercury is also your happiness, then the lord of happiness is sitting in its fourth and seventh house. Sitting in the seventh house of Sukesh will continuously increase your happiness. If there is any encroachment property then it can either be sold by you or you can buy it. Problems related to buying and selling will end. You will get the happiness of the land, the happiness of the vehicle. If you want to buy a new vehicle then this time is very good for you. You can buy a new vehicle. At the same time, this time is also going to be very beautiful for you financially. You will feel yourself very strong. At this time, along with the increase in your happiness, your confidence level will also be seen increasing and the tasks which are left incomplete will also be completed at a faster pace. Relationship with mother will be more intense and planning will go on. You can get great help from them this month. Now the people associated with the banking sector will get very good benefits at this time. Chances of promotion or the sum of desired transfer will be visible at this time. Mercury, which is your zodiac lord, is going to give you very good results this month. Good results of Mercury will be seen making you stronger as the year goes on.

Now coming to the second house. Moon is the lord of the second house. So this money situation can be full of slight fluctuations for you. But if you have stabilized your mind because Moon is the factor of mind, mother and brain. If you do any work with a balanced mind, you will definitely get double the success for yourself. At this time you will be seen mesmerizing everyone with your speech. Will be rich in attractive personality and at this time if you are unmarried then you will also get your desired life partner. At this time, there will be intensity in the marriage relationship and if you are in a love relationship, then you will see getting the consent of your family members in that too. At this time you will get success in your research related work. So you will also get very good results of Moon.

Now coming to the third house. Sun is the lord of the third house and it is sitting in your sixth house. The sitting of the third going to the fourth from itself will bring reduction in your diseases. There will also be an increase in your might. At this time you will feel very powerful. The work will go on at a rapid pace. There will be support and cooperation of brothers and sisters and the time after December 16 will also be very good for you. Because at this time you will get the help of your brothers and sisters in your stuck situations. Tuning in with the cousins would be great. There will be an increase in social respect. At this time your wishes will be fulfilled and you will be seen gaining fame through your hobby.

Now coming to your fifth house. If we talk about the fifth house, then Ketu is sitting in the fifth house. That’s why the pregnant ladies have to be very careful. If the planets are favorable for children, then there are chances of miscarriage, be very careful and take care of yourself and move ahead. The lord of the fifth house is sitting third from himself and conjunct with the lord of the ascendant. The combination of Lord of the fifth house and Lord of the ascendant will be very good for you for a very brilliant student class. This is also a good time for the young men and women who want to start their own startup in their career. If you want to do something new in your career, then this time will create many new opportunities for them. At this time, due to the fulfillment of your wishes, feelings of happiness will also arise in your mind. On the other hand, the love relationship will be seen getting the consent of the family. If you want to convert your love into marriage this month, then this month is very suitable for you. On the other hand, the students of art class will also get the desired success at this time and especially those who are associated in the field of art. If any kind of talent is inside you then surely your videos can go viral on social media. Your art will get respect.

Now, since Venus is the lord of your twelfth house, then the lord of the twelfth house is sitting in the eighth house from itself and this time is not so good for you. There may be an increase in expenses and due to unrestrained expenditure, your financial side may be shaky. And how to spend on fashion things on yourself. You will come to buy what is not there. Expenses on perfume, cosmetic, clothes, jewelery can be high. So you should especially control your expenses and especially you should also control your spouse. Allow a little balance to walk. They say that you should go after seeing the budget. Only then you will be able to control your expenses. Traveling can be spent on fun and entertainment. Although Mars or other planets are retrograde in you, then they will balance your expenses a bit. But still you need to proceed with care. You will get to see a lot of coordination with your colleagues at the work place. You will also get the guidance and cooperation of the officers.

Now coming straight to your seventh house. The seventh house means the disease on the disease. If we talk, then disease is the master of emotion. Mars, who is sitting in the twelfth house and sitting in the seventh house from himself, is looking at his own house. Mars aspecting its own house will reduce your health related problems. Anyway, the Sun is a killer in the seventh house, which will cure your disease. You will get good news related to breathing. Your reports will come normal. If you are going through a major illness, now you will feel relief. The problem related to blood disorders will end. The same enemies will also get cheated by you. That means they will be defeated by you and you will be seen achieving victory in every area of your life. At this time, you will be saved from bad company and you have to always keep learning a little from that incident about something in life, only then we can improve ourselves, then if you have the company of wrong people, then you have to keep in mind that Such people should not come again in your life.

Now since Mars is the lord of your benefic house and Lord Mars sits one house ahead of you. According to the sense of profit, the result of Mars is very good. The conditions of profit will be progressive. But come on, you have to be a little careful because we just blow away our hard earned money to earn profit. If this is not a good thing, then control your expenses and walk. At this time the circle and level will appear increasing. Social circle will increase. At this time you will get good benefits from risky works. That is, if you want to invest in shares, you have done it in lottery, you have to do it in crypto. Or if you have done any other risky work, then definitely your investment will grow. Means now you will get profitable conditions in it. At this time, guests can come to your house, due to which the atmosphere of the house will be seen to be healthy.

Now coming to your seventh house. He is the lord of the seventh house. The Guru who is sitting in your Karma Bhava being self-absorbed and the Guru sitting in your Karma Bhava being self-absorbed creates Mahapurush Yoga named Hans. Anyway, the guru in this work of the center gives very good results in it. That’s why you will get success in every way related to Jupiter. Those teachers who are associated with the teaching business, do you have your own coaching center or are you doing some work related to education. Surely you will get great success. If you are in the field of management then definitely your management will be appreciated. Officers will appreciate your work. You will get respect everywhere and many of your plans will be seen being implemented successfully. Now in whatever house the Guru is sitting, he will increase the house of work.

Now in whatever house the Guru sits, he will increase the house of work. Will give you good growth in that. Your tuning with your spouse will be very good. Although Venus is sitting in the seventh house, since the seventh lord Jupiter is in a good position, therefore small disputes will end. There will be no big quarrel and there will be no difference of opinion with each other. There can be differences but there should not be differences of opinion. That’s why walk with each other and don’t leave space between each other.

Now coming to your eighth house. Lord of the eighth house is Shani, who is sitting in the eighth house as self-possessed. Sitting retrograde in the eighth house of Saturn will be seen balancing your everyday life. The work will prove meaningful. All the problems in work will end. The journey will be pleasant and auspicious for you. You will travel with auspicious works. The plans that have been made will be implemented. You will get sudden benefits from the workplace. Secret enemies will end and you will be seen setting new dimensions of success. Now since you have Bhagyesh also, Bhagyesh is in his bar but Shani is sitting in his own house. You will have to become Karma Pradhan and Karma Pradhan is also there. If the planetary constellations are good and we have not done anything then how will they support us. So make yourself work-oriented, only then your luck will support you, but invest wisely. Don’t invest too much in haste. Avoid investing in haste. Will be filled with spiritual feeling. Your interest in religious works will increase and air and water travel is possible at this time. So this was the monthly horoscope of Gemini people for the month of December.

Auspicious dates – 1st to 6th, 9th to 16th, 19th to 24th and 27th to 31st.

Unlucky dates – 7, 8, 17, 18, 25 and 26.

Lucky Colours- All shades of Green, Yellow, Golden.

Special Measures

  • Eat only after taking out cow grass before eating on Friday.
  • Worship Lord Ganesha on Wednesday.
  • Wear Emerald stone.
  • Offer water to Lord Shiva daily.
  • You must definitely take the blessings of the gurus.
  • If there is no Ganesh ji in your worship room, then establish coral Ganesh and worship him.

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