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gemini yearly horoscope 2022

Gemini Horoscope 2023

May everyone have a moment of auspicious new year,
May the future be golden and happy, may it be bright for all.

Happy New Year to all of you. Today we have presented in front of you the annual horoscope for the year 2023 for Gemini people. Mercury is your Rashi Swami and in your Kundli, Mercury is also your Rashi Swami and also your Sukhesh. Your Lagnesh and Mercury and your Karmesh and Saptamesh are your four Kendra place, in which Guru means the lord of the four Kendra place is only two. They are Jupiter and Mercury. Now first of all come to the horoscope of the beginning of the year and know about it whether the planets in the beginning of the year. The situation will remain. So in your Kundli, Rahu will sit in your benefic house and Ketu will sit in your fifth house. Mars will remain seated in your twelfth house i.e. the house of expenses. On the other hand, Budhaditya Yoga of Sun and Mercury will be formed in your relationship i.e. in the seventh house. The combination of Venus and Saturn will be seen in your eighth house and a great man named Guru Hans will be sitting in your house of work, creating yoga. So this is the horoscope of the beginning of the year.

Now first of all let’s talk about your lord because on any zodiac the first effect of its lord is seen and the maximum effect. Get to see And anyway, for your zodiac sign, Mercury is your lord of the ascendant and lord of the ascendant. That means both these places will be affected. So Mercury will transit from Sagittarius to Scorpio till the end of the year. From March 16 to March 31, Mercury will be seen transiting in its debilitated sign Pisces, that is, it will remain seated there. At that time you will not see the results of Mercury so good. Because they will also fluctuate your happiness and try to confuse your intellect a little bit. You will forget the small things in it. Means things will not be remembered. Any important file or important document, you put it somewhere and then you forgot. You will definitely see such a situation because they will be lowly in their actions and will look at their home being lowly. Means we will put vision in place of happiness. So this time will not be so good for you. Then from June 24 to July 8, Mercury will be in your zodiac sign i.e. Gemini, and at this time it will create a great man named Bhadra Yoga. This time will give you the best results of Mercury. Personality will be very powerful. Discussions of intelligence will be all around you. People will consider your IQ level. If you are a very good debater or a big politician, then your fame will be seen increasing in this. There will be a rise in fame. For those who are associated with the field of banking, sector accounting, CA, CS or finance, this time will be very good and very fruitful.

Same if you are associated with any art field. Writers are associated with the field of writing or if you are a great mathematician, then this time will increase your fame. Since he is also in your happiness and will sit self-possessed in the Ascendant, a great man named Bhadra will also create yoga, then the obstacles coming in the works related to property will be removed at this time. Such works will be completed at a fast pace. The relationship with the mother will be more intense and you will get to see her support a lot. You will get to see the same from October 1 to October 19. Because at this time Mercury being exalted will sit in its zodiac sign Virgo i.e. in your place of happiness. In both these situations, you will get to see very wonderful results of Mercury. If you have a dream of buying a property or any of your properties are not being sold. If you want to sell it, then these works will be completed at your fastest pace. Apart from this, the dream of own house will be fulfilled. Want to change house. If you want to renovate it then that dream will come true. The economic condition will be very good and strong. You will try to complete your tasks in a management manner. You will get to see a lot of support and cooperation of the officers. This time will provide special beneficial conditions to the people associated with the field. Will be seen increasing progress and progress. So, Mercury is going to give you very good results this year.

Zodiac Change Of Saturn

Now coming to those important planets which have a deep impact on your Kundli and they have a deep impact on every person’s Kundli because these planets stay at one place for a very long time. And give you the result according to that place. These planets are Shani, Guru and Rahu and this year there is going to be an important zodiac change of these three planets. First of all, let’s talk about the most influential planet, which every person is afraid of in today’s time and because of his fear, he also does good deeds, also walks on the right path, that planet is Shani and Shani. In the beginning of the year i.e. in the month of January, there is going to be a zodiac change on January 17. Till now you were under the shadow of Shani and Shani was affecting you. The people of Gemini were affected by the shadow of Shani, but now this year will be very relaxing for the people of Gemini because the shadow of Shani will be removed. At the beginning of the year, on January 17, as soon as Saturn transits from your eighth house to the house of fortune, Gemini people will feel very relaxed. Because somewhere or other suddenly we hurt someone’s heart. Shani is the bestower of karma, so Shani definitely punishes us for whatever mistakes we have committed unintentionally. So you will get freedom from the wrath of Shani. Since Shani is your eighth lord as well as your Bhagyesh and Shani will become self-aggressive in the place of fortune.

Till now he was correcting the eighth house by sitting in the eighth house. Because its causative planet Saturn would have given good results there too, but it was retrograde and when Saturn was retrograde, it would have been retrograde in his eyes. They give few negative results in retrograde state. But on January 17, when Shani will sit in your lucky house, then he will become wayward and Shani will give you very good results according to luck. Will increase your fortune. Employed people who are looking for jobs, those young men and women will be very happy. This year you will get a good job and you will be seen getting settled in that job. Will be filled with spiritual feelings at this time. Your interest in religious works will increase and you will be more involved in noble works. That is, you will get success in the works of social service, human service, religion, helping people. This will also increase your social respect. Mental peace will also increase. Self confidence will increase. Whatever tasks are lying incomplete, they will be completed at a fast pace. You will get very good success in those works which are going on incomplete for a long time. As soon as Shani enters your lucky house, after that if you have a dream of traveling abroad, that too will be fulfilled and you will travel abroad a lot. That is, if you have more work related to foreign countries, you will get the opportunity to go there, then the results of Shani will be very good.

Now talking about the aspects of Saturn, we told you that the aspect of Saturn is not good. Every person knows that when Shani will come in the place of fortune, then the third vision of Shani will fall on your profit house and will fall on Rahu. Then the seventh aspect of Saturn will fall on your third house i.e. the house of might. And the tenth aspect of Saturn will fall on your disease and since Saturn’s aspect is not good, the circumstances will sometimes be seen fluctuating according to benefits. You will see fluctuations in profit and since Rahu is also being aspected by Saturn, that’s why you have to be careful while investing. Since Rahu is sitting in your benefic house, Rahu will inspire you to invest in risky activities like gambling, speculation, lottery, trading crypto. But at this time you do not have to show haste because the work can get spoiled in a hurry. Saturn’s vision can harm you, so invest. Avoid short term investments and invest wisely. Don’t take any decision in haste. Then the seventh vision of Saturn is falling on your might, which can take your might a little in the opposite direction. That is, if you walk on the right path, you will be inspired towards the wrong path. Keeping the mind straight can lead to wrong actions. At this time, if there is a dispute with siblings or any dispute related to ancestral property, then it should emerge. You can see such situations. You have to be careful in these circumstances.

Respect your wishes. Do what you like. Your work can get stuck in politics or if there is a big file, it can get stuck in politics. That’s why the more you stay away from such things i.e. politics or else you will be careful. That much will be fine for you. The tenth vision of Saturn will fall on your disease. Although the sixth house is not so good, if it is aspected by Saturn, it will correct that house a little. But at this time there may be bone related problems. There may be some muscle related problem. Muscle pain may increase. Be careful while lifting any heavy items. Be careful while driving. There is a possibility of surgery. Blood disorders can happen. Blood can be a blood clot. Situations of bleeding may arise, so you have to be a little careful in such problems, rest are some big diseases. If there are vices, then you will get a little rest in those vices. So be a little careful. You will not know that your opponent is behind you, what is he against you, and from among the people around you, that enemy can arise, who is jealous of your work and tries to obstruct your work. One has to be careful from such enemies as well. You will have to be a little cautious and careful about the health of maternal grandparents at this time. So if you walk with a little caution then you will definitely get good results and we told you that Shani is the giver of karma. Keep moving forward with the truth. Do your work honestly. Follow your duties and relationships honestly. Shani will give you the best results.

Zodiac Change Of Guru

Now we come to Guru. Those who are going to change zodiac sign on 21st April. And at present, the Guru was sitting in your house of action and you got to see the best results of the Guru in the house of work. Here he is going to make a Mahapurush Yog named Hans till 21st April. But after April 21, the Guru will go and sit in your benefic house and wherever the Guru sits, he definitely harms the place. However, there are exceptions for Gurus for central places. You always get good results from the Guru in the centre. But when Jupiter will sit in benefic house, then Chandal Yoga will be formed with Rahu as well and this Chandal Yoga will remain till 30th October. Means you will get to see the same situation in six months. Sitting in the house of profit, Jupiter will sometimes fluctuate a little in the conditions of profit. Some decisions went wrong. You made many investments and that money got stuck with you. Guru can bring such situations.

Love Relationship

Now Guru is your central place, we told you earlier that out of the four central places, only two are lords, so Guru is your Saptamesh as well as your Karmesh. And the Guru will go and sit in profit. The lord of the seventh house will sit in the fifth house from himself. Will give very good results. Means sweetness will increase with life partner. You will get marriage relations of unmarried people and you will also get desired life partner.

This year you will be tied in the culmination of marriage. Will get full happiness of married life. At the same time, in the love relationship, those who can convert their love into marriage, that is, can deepen the love relationship or if you want someone, then you can propose him. At the same time, this time will also give good benefits to the people associated with the field of management. This time is also very good for those who are working in the teaching profession. But even if the lord of Karma Bhava is one house ahead of himself, it will give good results. But since Guru has sat with Rahu. If Saturn’s third sight falls on Guru and Rahu, then whatever good could have been there will be a little less for you. The batter will remain. Because if the Guru sits ahead of himself, then the results will be good, but the results of the Guru will not be as good as you expect. So, at this time, you have a little bit of Guru Rahu’s Chandal Yoga. So difficulties will come but you have to stay strong. You have to keep your intentions strong. You have to maintain your confidence level. You do not have to be afraid or confused anywhere because Rahu is with you who will scare you. Will confuse Sometimes you will feel nervousness and sometimes you will become more confident. Sometimes it will seem that everyone will say that you do not want to go here, but you will walk on the same path. Because you think that path is right for you but later you may have to repent. Such situations can also arise, so be a little careful and move forward.

Now the vision of the Guru is very good. So the fifth vision of the Guru will fall on your bravery. The seventh aspect of Jupiter will fall on your fifth house and the ninth aspect of Jupiter will fall on your seventh aspect i.e. Jupiter’s own place. And this process will give very good results. Your might will increase. There will be disputes related to ancestral property in this, but it will be settled equally soon. Why? Because Saturn is having an aspect which will create these controversies. But Guru’s vision is balancing it. So such difficulties will come, but you will find their solutions very soon. Difficulties will not be big that bother you, you could not find solutions for them. Such a situation will not come.


Now since the Guru will look at the fifth house, then the student class will get the best results in education. Those youths who want to take some special education special degree for their career, their dreams will be fulfilled at this time. This year will give you special degrees and special abilities. Wherein there are planets that give knowledge, then literature, art, spirituality will connect you with Guru and you will be engaged in such works and you will also get fame in such works. Since the vision of the Guru will fall on the seventh house, then the obstacles coming in your marriage will definitely be removed by the Guru. That means you have a desire for marriage. You are not able to find a good life partner. There have been difficulties but eventually your efforts will pay off and you will enjoy married life to the fullest. You will also get good news from even children. Children will also make you feel proud. You will do well in business. A good progress in your business will decide the way. In your business, if you want to open a new branch, that is, if you want to expand your business, then this year you will be able to expand your business. Even after getting a little stuck, even with some difficulties, your work will definitely be done.

Rahu’s zodiac change

Now come on 30 October. Because on October 30, this Chandal Yoga of very big planets is being formed, you will get freedom from it. Rahu’s zodiac sign is going to change, although Rahu is a shadow planet, but its effect is very deep on our lives. Till now Rahu was giving you very good results sitting in the eleventh house. The time till October 30 was very good for you. According to the result of Rahu. That is, if you were putting your hand in any risky work, then you were definitely getting success in it. Your sudden tasks were being completed. Circumstances of sudden profit were arising. You thought of doing some work in your mind, you did that and you got the benefit in it very quickly. Rahu was getting such situations. But on October 30, Rahu will enter your house of action. And the results of Rahu in Karma Bhav are not so good and will disturb your work. Means they will try to confuse you in one way or the other. And as we told you that Rahu scares, confuses a bit, confuses, makes underconfident. Sometimes it also makes overconfident. So you will see such mixed results. Bad dreams Things going on in a sub conscious mind is not peace, there will definitely be such a situation but you will definitely get an advantage. Rahu sitting in the tenth house definitely gives victory in the cases. But if there is any action against you or any false allegations have been made against you. A court case is going on and you have been waiting for its decision for a long time, so now its decision will go in your favor. So you will get to see these results very good and best. So somewhere Rahu will give you the results of both good and bad times. So this is the prediction of the people of Gemini zodiac that how this year 2023 will be for you and according to the position of the planets, the year 2023 will be very good and full of good results for Gemini people. But now we have given you this horoscope of the year. Accordingly, you should also take some measures which can make this year even more successful.

Some special measures for the year 2023 that you must do

  • To get rid of Chandal Yoga, you must get a good pundit to get rid of this yoga by law. Get the worship done.
  • At the same time, install Guru Rahu Chandal Yog Nivaran Yantra in your worship room and visit it regularly.
  • Chant the mantras of Guru and Rahu. You have to chant Guru’s mantra in the morning and you have to chant Rahu’s mantra after sunset.
  • Make sure to feed bread smeared with oil to the dog. Do not apply too much oil and if you use bitter oil i.e. mustard oil then it is better.
  • Apart from this, you should arrange food and water for the animals and birds.
  • Keedi Nagra should be irrigated, that means ants must be fed by mixing flour and sugar.
  • Your zodiac lord is Mercury. That’s why do worship Ganesh ji.
  • You should recite Ganesh Atharva daily. This will also strengthen your ascendant. Will increase happiness and also remove Rahu’s defects.
  • You have to do Shani’s donation because Shani’s vision is not good, then Shani’s donation will be very beneficial for you.
  • Every Saturday someone who is a sweeper has come to your door to beg, so don’t let him go empty handed. Do help them. Make them happy in some way or the other. Feed them, give them clothes or help them with money. Do help them in some way or the other.
  • Take time out of your daily routine to clean the public places around your home. Do take the responsibility of cleaning the temple and especially clean the temple of Shani Dev on Saturday.
  • Do offer Durva to Ganeshji.
  • Make sure to offer modak to Ganesha on Wednesday. If possible, you must wear Ganesh Rudraksh around your neck.

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