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Gemini Horoscope 2022 English Blog | Gemini Horoscope 2022 – Nidhi Shrimali


Gemini Horoscope 2022 English Blog

Year of good prospects


Your zodiac lord Mercury, which is transiting in Capricorn at the beginning of the year and in twelve signs, will enter Sagittarius at the end of the year. You will get to see very good results of Mercury throughout the year. This time the months that give your best results will be May, July, August, September and October, in which you will get the best results. At the beginning of the year, Jupiter is sitting in your place of fortune, which is increasing your fortune. The 7th house is its lord and being the lord of your tenth house, sitting in the place of luck will increase your karma. At this time, a very good opportunity will be seen for the job-professional people as well. This time will also give good results for the business class, while the fifth vision of Guru is falling on your ascendant, which will make your personality more powerful and more knowledgeable. People will try to complete their tasks after consulting you. The seventh sight of Jupiter will fall on your mighty spirit, which will be seen intensifying the relationship with siblings. At the same time, your relations will get stronger and the ninth vision of the Guru will fall on your fifth house, which will increase the happiness of children. Will end the problems related to your child. This time will be very good for the students and especially for those students who are studying management, the time has brought a very best period. Saturn is sitting in the eighth house, which will be seen reducing your problems while fixing your daily routine life. At this time your work will go on fast. If you invest in the stock market at this time, keep one thing in mind that that investment should be a long term investment. You have to avoid short term investments at this time. Gemini Horoscope 2022 English Blog


Now moving towards April which is the most important of this year because in this year which are the three biggest planets on which our daily routine our life depends a lot, if we talk about April, then in April these three Planetary zodiacs is going to change. Gemini Horoscope 2022 English Blog

Get best results

The first zodiac change is going to happen for Rahu, who is currently sitting in Taurus, and on April 12, he will enter Aries from the natal sign. Were sitting in your 12th house and now they will get very good results by sitting in your benefic house i.e. in the 11th house. At this time, if you do any liqueur work in the work of share market trading, if you wish to get a lottery in it, then you will get a very good benefit in it, that is, you will see the best results of Rahu after April.


Talking about Jupiter, Jupiter is also going to change its zodiac a day after Rahu i.e. on 13th April. Guru was sitting in Aquarius till now and on April 13, he will be sitting in his zodiac sign Pisces from Aquarius as a self. From your fateful place, they will come in the centre and sitting in the tenth house as a self will get very good results. In the tenth house, the guru gives the best results. Even earlier, the guru was getting you the best results by sitting in your fateful place and now in the tenth house, you will get to see even better results. Gemini Horoscope 2022 English Blog


If there is a problem with the government job then it will go away. For your employed people, if you were trying for the desired transfer for a very long time, then those wishes will be fulfilled, you will get the desired promotion, your relations with the officers will go on getting stronger. This period will be a golden opportunity for you. Because Jupiter is the lord of your two central places, in the seventh house and the tenth house towards the tenth house, you will get very good benefits in the business which is bringing very good results. If you are a gold trader, then this year is going to be a golden period for the gold traders and you will get the best results. Any work like Management Consultancy Service or any work of leadership related to religious activities, if you are a religious teacher or if you are a teacher or lecturer, then you have a coaching institute of your own, then in all these areas and if you research Whether you are a scientist or you have a research centre, then you will get good results in all these areas.


Marriage and love affair

You will also get very good results in your married life. If there was tension between husband and wife, there were quarrels and there were situations of estrangement till divorce had come and you wanted to fix your married life, then this time will be a good time for you. At this time all your misunderstandings will be cleared and you will get the best results of the Guru. Even in a love relationship, this will last the period of your relationship, this will be the most golden time of your life, at this time you will express your love, try to convert the culmination of your love into marriage and whatever you propose to your partner. Will not reject your proposal. Gemini Horoscope 2022 English Blog

The fifth sight of Jupiter is falling on your wealth. At this time, any work related to ancestral property was stuck for you, then you will get it, you will get a lot of benefit from your speech, that is if you do work related to speech. Be it a politician, actor or media person. If you are associated with the teaching line, whoever has a lot of speaking business, this time will bring good results for all those people who have more speaking work. Along with this, your respect will increase in the family, socially you will be considered in the categories of dignitaries and people will take advice from you and tell your problem and try to solve the problem of your life by taking advice from you. You will be seen as a source of inspiration for many people. Gemini Horoscope 2022 English Blog

The seventh sight of the Guru is falling on your place of happiness, which will increase your happiness. Happiness can be anyone. Can be of land, can be the vehicle, can also be of family. All these pleasures will increase. If you want to buy luxury items, then you will bring them to your home. Your money will be spent in making the house more furnished, but it will increase your status level because at this time Venus will also be sitting in an exalted position in conjunction with the Guru. On April 26, Venus will come in your karmic house and there they will be exalted, then you will get to see much better results of Venus, then both Jupiter and Venus will be found, then they will also spend on your travels. Your wishes will be fulfilled. Your money will be spent on the purchase of new luxury goods in the decoration programs in your home. If you have a house and you want to buy a bigger house than this, then your dream will also be fulfilled and if you dream of your own house, then that dream will also be fulfilled, that is, this time will be very beneficial for you. You will also be seen doing foreign trips at this time.

Achieving the best results in health

Now if we talk about the ninth vision of Jupiter, then from November onwards your disease will fall on you, which will bring a reduction in your diseases. You have been having some health-related problem for a very long time. Nowadays the problem of the thyroid has become common, then the problem of the thyroid will reduce your problem. The thyroid will become normal. On the other hand, if there is any problem related to skin, respiratory problems, if there is any problem of heart, then you get cold and cold again and again, then you will get relief from these problems, if you have asthma problem then it will also give you relief. If there is any problem like this, then those diseases will be eliminated i.e. health is good, then we are our first happiness, healthy body, we can move ahead by organizing our tasks very correctly and systematically, then the result of the guru this year. Will get you very good results. Gemini Horoscope 2022 English Blog

Students get the best results

Now the third zodiac change is going to happen. How much are the effect of Shani and Shani Dev on our life, Shani is a just God who gives good results to good and bad to bad? Shani was sitting in your Capricorn sign till now. They were sitting in your 8th house and on 29th April they will enter from Capricorn to Aquarius which is their zodiac sign, there they will become self-absorbed. Shani is sitting in your luck place and the house where Shani sits increases your fortune, increasing that house will increase your luck. At this time, whatever stuck work you have, will go on at a fast pace, the situations of stagnation in the works will end. You will be associated with the works of dharma karma. Your interest in religious work will be seen more and this time is going to be very good for those who want to join higher education. Whether you want to go out and study abroad or want to take admission in a big college, you have prepared for any entrance exam and wait for its result. If the result is coming now, then that result will be very favourable for you, as well as with the change in the zodiac sign of Saturn, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces will go through the half-sati of Saturn and your zodiac sign will end the half of Saturn, Cancer and Taurus. Shani’s dhaiya will be felt. That is, you will feel very relaxed because if Shani is there, then its effect falls somewhere in the life of the person. You take this thing in such a way that if you are driving fast and the handbrake is also pulled, then how will your car run, no speed will be able to hit, but now after the end of Shani’s lap, I will pick up the speed of your life’s car. Because the positions of the planets are very positive for you. This year the people of the Gemini zodiac have bat and bat, we can say that this year will be very beneficial for you in every respect. Now on 12th July, Saturn will re-enter Capricorn from Aquarius in retrograde state and even when Saturn sits in Capricorn i.e. in your eighth, it will give you good results. Because they will make the life of your daily routine. Any problems that come in your life which are your secret enemies who keep troubling you all the time, you will get rid of them, your concentration in your works will increase. Travels will be yours, but those journeys will be for your welfare, if it will be for your progress, then you will get good results of Shani even at that time. Just keep this thing in mind at this time, which you should note. Although the whole year is good for Gemini people, when Rahu’s zodiac changes, then Ketu along with Rahu also changes the zodiac, then Ketu will move to your fifth house, which can be a bit difficult for the students. Also, those who are trying for the happiness of children. When Ketu will move to the fifth, that is, after April, at that time you have to be a little careful because one way Ketu will sit in your fifth and increase the chances of miscarriage, while Saturn’s vision will also fall on Ketu, that is why at this time students should be more careful. You will have to take a lot of care in the work related to children, if you have children, then take special care of their education and writing. If any problem is going on in your life related to them, then at that time you should be very careful, then this month of April will be very beneficial for you. Gemini Horoscope 2022 English Blog

Golden time

Now coming to your zodiac lord, then from August 21 to October 26, the lord of the zodiac will be sitting exalted in Virgo. The exalted position of Mercury in Virgo will enable you to achieve wonderful results. Now whatever time it will be, this very good time can be called the best time for you this year or it can be called Golden time because at this time you have four centre places, the two lords of the four central places, one Mercury and one Guru. Both of them will face each other i.e. Mercury will have a vision on the Guru and the Guru will be placed on Mercury in the tenth house and Mercury will sit in your happy place and increase your happiness, you will get to see the wonderful results at this time and this August The graph of the month is so good for you that you will get many more favourable results. Sun is becoming ascendant, Saturn is sitting inside Capricorn sign as self-occupied, Jupiter is sitting as self-gracious, Mercury is getting exalted, Rahu is sitting in 11th house. This is the period, it will be the best time for you i.e. you will grow in a month equal to a whole year in August and you will progress in it. By tearing the roof, the blessings of Mother Lakshmi will shower upon you, your works will go on being done. Whatever work you put your hands in, that work will be completed without any problems. You will be seen reaching the height of some famous and people will consider your honour and respect more and your fame will increase. Your social honour and respect will also be seen increasing at this time. Personality will become very powerful. Discussions of your wisdom will be seen everywhere. At this time, if there is any debate with siblings, then that too will end and your brothers and sisters will appear to be very supportive of you on the contrary. Whatever work you do is related to intelligence, that is, if there is a business class and or you are working in the IT sector, in the banking sector, you are associated with the accounting sector or are studying CA CS or have done CA CS. So your name fame will remain at its peak at this time. That is, whatever you want, you will get this month. So you will get to see tremendous results of Mercury. When Mercury will be exalted in August, the time after that will be more good and successful for you, than for the people of Gemini, this whole year has brought happiness and happiness in every aspect, whether it is the field of education. Whether it is a matter of your financial condition, whether it is a matter of family status or child happiness, whether it is a matter of your career or business, this year is going to get very good results for every person. Gemini Horoscope 2022 English Blog

Now let us also look at some measures. Ketu which is sitting in your fifth and in April, when Ketu’s zodiac will change in the fifth, then there may be some obstacles from the side of students and children. Therefore, first of all, we must do some remedies for Ketu.

Special measures for the year 2022


  1. You must irrigate the kidi city, serve the animals and birds, there are street dogs, feed them bread with oil, feed the birds.
  2. Whenever you go to the temple, you will get a flag outside the temple or you buy that flag and you hoist it over the temple and as soon as that flag spreads you will get freedom from the ill effects of Ketu.
  3. You must worship Durga Maa. Worshipping Maa Durga eliminates the bad results of Ketu to a large extent.
  4. Your ascendant is Mercury, which you have to take care of. Always remember Ganesh ji before any auspicious work, but before leaving the house, worshipping Ganesh ji and chanting Om Ganapatiye Namah, you will see that all your works will go on getting done..
  5. You must also wear a good quality emerald and offer modak to Ganesh ji at that time on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi like Ganesh ji or whatever Chaturthi falls on Wednesday. Special worship of them, their rituals should be done specially.


The bat of the Gemini people is the bat. You will get success in every field. May the nine years be full of new possibilities for you, and may this year be very special for you.

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