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Gemini 12 April 2022 Rahu Zodiac Change English blog | Rahu Transit | Gemini Prediction


Gemini 12 April 2022 Rahu Zodiac Change English blog


Hello, today we have appeared in front of you with information about Rahu’s zodiac change. As we told during the annual that April is very important this year because in this month the three big planets Rahu, Jupiter and Saturn are going to change the zodiac and the first planet whose zodiac is going to change is that. This is Rahu, who will enter the Kritika constellation in Aries from Taurus at 10.36 am on 12th April and will remain in Aries for 18 months i.e. till October 30, 2023, Rahu will be seen transiting in Aries. Everyone knows about Rahu and Ketu that they are shadow planets. Within the nine planets, seven planets are known as direct planets and these two planets are known as shadow planets. The effect of Rahu is very deep and more visible in our life. Since Rahu is a shadow planet, that is why both Rahu and Ketu move retrograde, that is, they are seen changing the zodiac after being retrograde. Right now he is in Taurus and going in reverse, he is going to enter Aries on 12th April. Now when Rahu is in conjunction with Sun and Moon, it creates eclipse yoga. We get to see very good results of Rahu in third place, sixth place and eleventh place. Some Acharyas think that Rahu is exalted in Virgo sign and debilitated in Sagittarius, while some other Acharyas have some contradiction in this because according to some other opinion Rahu is exalted in Taurus and Scorpio. If we are considered to be debilitated in the zodiac, then we get to see this slight contradiction of Rahu’s high and low in many scriptures and among many astrologers. Mars was considered an enemy for Rahu. He maintains good relations with Shani and remains friendly with other planets. It is Rahu who gives the result to the person according to his deeds. According to the place where Rahu sits, we get to see its results. By the way, Rahu behaves equal to Shani i.e. Rahu Saturn and just as Saturn’s vision is not good, in the same way, the fifth, seventh and ninth sight of Rahu is not considered auspicious. Gemini 12 April 2022 Rahu Zodiac Change English blog

What results of Rahu will we see this year. By the way, Rahu is entering Aries and Aries is considered inauspicious for Rahu, especially worries, obstacles and problems can come from the side of women and children. For Gemini, Rahu in the XI sitting in the XI house, we told you earlier that the results of Rahu in the eleventh house are very good, that is, for Gemini people, sitting in the XI of Rahu is very good and it is going to give pleasant results. The same Rahu’s fifth vision is falling on your third house, the seventh sight is falling on your fifth house and the ninth sight is falling on your seventh house. Till now, the sight of Rahu was falling on the sixth house and the eighth house for the people of Gemini, now that sight has been removed, then you will get to see very good results of these places i.e. till now the misunderstanding is going on with the mother. Was. There was some distance. There was an atmosphere of family fluctuation, the economic situation was reversing. You were getting very worried about your health. Health-related problems had to be faced in life in many ways or the other, while the enemy side was also conspiring against you and the number of enemies was increasing and the life of your daily routine was disturbed by staying away from home. had to complete the tasks. Now you will not get these results of Rahu. The removal of the sight of Rahu from these places will be a very auspicious sign for you, but the fifth sight of Rahu is falling on your third house, which will work in a slightly different way in your might, that is, the might will run more in the negative direction, more in the negative direction. will go Your power is very good, but along with the power, your mind should also be positive and you should know where to use that power. But at this time you will be putting your power in the wrong direction due to the confusional situations. That’s why you can get to see the negative in your frame and your fame. Your work-related to politics will be completed smoothly, but if you are in politics then you may have to face many challenges this year. Rahu’s 18-month zodiac change, so you may have to face problems with siblings too. If there is a dispute related to ancestral property or there is a dispute related to ancestral business, then that dispute may emerge, so you should proceed with great care and restraint in your relationship. Need to increase understanding a bit, too much elegance, too much diplomatic or having too much ego will not be right for you, so do not let ego take place in your relationships. Gemini 12 April 2022 Rahu Zodiac Change English blog

The seventh aspect of Rahu is falling on your fifth house, which can cause some problems for the students, as you remember everything, you feel that when you sit in the examination, you will not get anything and later you will have to regret that I Why was I overconfident or overconfidence was in me or because of which I could not do well in this exam, then this problem can create Rahu. can confuse. You should study individually and talk in groups. There will be fun and studies will be less so you should complete your tasks individually. Increase your concentration in studies a bit. At this time, the position of Brahma should not be in your life, otherwise negative results can be seen by the students. You will also have concerns from the side of the child. You will be seen worrying about his bad habits, he may be driven towards drugs. Be very careful towards him in this matter. This time is going to be a bit challenging for the parents. Pay full attention to your children and take special care of where they are going at this time and in which direction they are going and try to listen to their problems and solve them by being friendly. This time is going to take very mixed results for you, so at this time you have to be a little cautious and move forward in your life. Gemini 12 April 2022 Rahu Zodiac Change English blog

The ninth aspect of Rahu is falling on your seventh house, which can also bring turmoil in married life. You may get cheated in a love relationship or your tuning with your partner will not be able to sit. There is also the possibility of a breakup. You should understand the feelings of your life partner at this time. If the relationship is going bad for both of you, then it can worsen the relationship, even more, then take your relationship a little seriously and do not let the small things weigh you down. Pride is not right between each other and it is not right for any relationship, so do not let the ego come between each other in married life and keep the tendency to carry each other in your married life. Only then will you be able to move forward in a positive direction. Gemini 12 April 2022 Rahu Zodiac Change English blog

For the business class, this is the change of Rahu’s zodiac sign, that is, to take a little careful and accurate decision. Don’t get confused, don’t be deceived and someone sees you as a big company. So do not make many wrong investments. Take special note of this. Tuning with a partner can go awry. Therefore, if you are working in partnership, then move ahead in your partnership with a little care and want to start a new business, then you can start your work alone. The results of Rahu in the 11th house are very good. You will get very good profit in share market. If you do any work related to a stock exchange or trading, then there is a possibility of getting a very good profit in it. If you are willing to take the lottery, then the chances of opening the lottery will be visible to you. Profit conditions will be very good and sound. Because the results of Rahu in the eleventh house will be very good. So you can strengthen your Rahu more to increase your positive results.


  • You should wear a good quality onyx, but for that, you have to show your horoscope, then seeing the transit and horoscope, you will be able to tell whether you should wear Rahu stone or not.
  • You should chant Rahu. This will have a positive effect on Rahu in your life.
  • After sunset, you must feed roti with oil to the black dog.
  • You can also donate sesame oil.
  • Light a lamp of spleen oil under the Peepal tree, it will also be very beneficial for you.
  • You must do the donation to sapta daan on the new moon day.

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