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Dhanu Rashifal April 2021 | धनु राशि अप्रैल राशिफल – Sagittarius horoscope | April Rashifal in English – Nidhi Shrimali


Dhanu Rashifal April 2021 | धनु राशि अप्रैल राशिफल

Dhanu Rashifal April 2021 – Hello welcome. The coming year is a new possibility, new languages ​​and new expectations have always been brought into our lives, and this same wish from God to all of you because you are my family, all of your progress. Light is light in your life. If you succeed in achieving your goal by moving ahead by eliminating the economic problems in your life and realizing your life path, then you know how the planet transit position will be in this particular month in April. The positions of some planets will also be seen to generate special circumstances in this month and those conditions are definitely going to be positive for us, then first start with the planet Saturn, which is currently sitting in Capricorn. Even this whole month, they are seated in Capricorn and remain seated. At the same time, the Guru planets which were sitting in Capricorn till now were of Neecha and the Saturn dissolved Raja Yoga with Saturn was also being done for many zodiacs in many places, but now they will disturb their privacy and from Capricorn on April 6. Will be seen entering the Aquarius sign. Along with this, Sun, Mercury, and Venus are also these three planets, which are currently sitting in Pisces. First of all, the Sun planet, which enters Aries from Pisces on April 10, is also their friend. Right now Venus is sitting in Pisces ascendant. After that the Sun planets will enter Aries from Pisces on 14th April and become high, then the high of the Sun is also going to be a positive event in the month of April. On the 16th of April, Mercury planets will also enter into their zodiac sign from Pisces, which is the sign of Mars and Rahu till now, which we got to see in the zodiac sign Taurus and due to that many zodiac signs, almost all the zodiac signs Troubles and pains were being faced, becoming work, becoming strong in work, being strong in life, not being able to realize any work, if you were suffering from such problems, then now be sure because Mars is also with the sun on 14 April. From the Taurus zodiac sign, they will enter into Gemini sign, which will end Manga Rahu’s Angarak Yoga and Ketu planets will be seen traveling in Scorpio in the same zodiac sign this month as well, then the positions of some planets Which we will get to see this month.  – Dhanu Rashifal April 2021

Family status

This month will be very good for you as a family. First, we will talk about personality and will talk about Lagnesh. The ascendant guru of Sagittarius, who is changing the zodiac at the beginning of this month, is disturbing his privacy and is in your house and is seated in a mighty spirit. This time will make your personality very powerful. At this time, your decision will come out very accurately. Due to the right decision, you will appear to be achieving success in your field of work. The estrangement that you had gone will end. Now the family relationship will look more strengthened. Grandparents will bless you. You will also spend some time with them, understanding their feelings and talking to them, and living a life with them. With this, you will get the help of elders and this mother will be the solution to many of your curiosities. If I talk about family, then your relationship with family is going to be very good. But yes it is Lord Sun who is seated in your second house ie self-conscious. Saturn’s sitting in the second house as a self-occupied person will make your better tuning better with your relatives. If you have any estrangement with them, they will end this month. You can take part in a social function with your family members and relatives or you can go with them on a long trip, which will increase your honor. You will get a chance to know your social people by your relatives and by this you will move forward by forming a good bonding with each other. At this time, any ancestral property dispute will be resolved by the arbitration of someone. Your tuning with siblings is going to be good. You will see their full support, if your siblings are older then they will provide you with proper guidance in achieving your goal and if you have any work of your own then they will be seen helping you in your work. If your siblings are younger than you, they will get your company and many times we learn many things not only from our elders but also from our younger ones, which we cannot even imagine that they teach us and become your younger brothers in the field. So take their plan, their outline, if you walk by their strategy, then you will get to see a lot of cases against you at your work place. The relationship with the mother is going to be very good. You will not have to face any kind of estrangement with them, rather their bonding with you will be seen to be getting better. Their important role in raising social honor and dignity is going to be with you. Your relationship with the child will be very good, because the lord of the child’s house, who was still making angarka yoga with Rahu till now, will now finish yoga and enter Gemini, then your time after half March i.e. 14 April Will strengthen your bonding with children. You will get good news from children. They will try to live up to your expectations. From the maternal side, you will see little support, but you will have to take special care of their health. You are older With the parents of your mother and mother, you should also respect your grandparents. If they complain to you about anything, then understand their point. Try to address their complaint . Sagittarius will appear in the month of April by finishing their missunderstandings and strengthening their relationships further. Your bonding with your spouse is going to be very good. You will get a lot of married happiness from them, if you are unmarried, then the chances of getting married in the bond of marriage are becoming yours. You may occasionally get to see good tuning from the well-to-do people, but do not let this dominate the cycle of life, and it will not be better for you to bring negativity to anyone. At the same time, your bonding with your father will be very good. You will get good benefit from father. If you need financial help, then you will get the support of your father. The possibility of getting financial help from them remains this month, and if I talk about the family situation, then the family status will be seen to be much better and stronger for the Sagittarius people. – Dhanu Rashifal April 2021

Economic Condition

If I talk about the economic position, we will look at the profit rate, we will look at the dry place and we will look at the money price. From these three places, we will calculate the economic situation. Your financial condition is going to be very good this month because Venus, who are your benefactors, will first increase your happiness sitting in a place of happiness, after that they will be sitting in your fifth house which will help you in increasing your work. At this time, you will appear to be planning to extend your work. Your level will increase, your circle will increase. The stock market investment will prove beneficial for you. You will get a contingent benefit from someone. If you have lent someone, then they will repay your loan, which will generate a feeling of happiness and satisfaction in your mind and the financial situation will look more strengthened. At this time you will also get success in property transactions, if your dream of a new house remains yours, and if you are going through a difference of guru, then you definitely have good chances of profit. At this time, you will get good benefits in your field also. This month in depositing money in banks is very high. Whenever a person who deposits money in banks has money, then this month is very sound for you from the financial situation. Is going to stay You will be in a very strong position, you will come forward to help people and if the financial situation is disturbed by any of your family members, then you will come forward to help them, then this month will be very good for you as an economic position.  – Dhanu Rashifal April 2021

Education, Career, And Business

Within the first 13 14 days of the month, you may have to do a bit of straggling. You may have to work a little harder. You may face some difficulties in memorizing studies to complete some work. But the time after April 14 is going to do a lot for you. All your hard work at this time will bring color and you will get the results you want. Especially this time will be very good for the students of science class and those who are studying engineering in higher education, studying the head of the computer, the electronic head relationship of computer, if you want to progress in any study or career, then you are likely to get a lot of help in that. happened. This month will be very good for you in terms of your career. Sitting in a dry place will increase your luck. Even within the month of May, they will sit in your fifth house, that is, Bhagyesh’s sitting ninth by himself will bring very good progress in your work and will give you conditions of good profit. This time will increase your luck. At this time, the conditions of profit will also be strengthened because you will see the combination of these three planets and Bhagyesh Karmesh and these three planets at this time, then a situation like Raja Yoga is also being created, i.e. this time is very favorable for those who want to prepare for the government job. Going to do. If you have given any exam and its result is to come this month, then that result will go in your favor. But in the future, you could get a government job. This will prove to be extremely beneficial for people related to time jobs, especially. This time will be very good for those associated with the IT sector, who are associated with the technical field, you will get to see conditions of good profit in your respective fields. At this time, the promotion of transfer transfer increments remains the possibility of all these things. This month will also give you good profit status. Now if I talk about the merchant class, in business you will especially see the conditions of profit because the owner of the trading house, Mercury, who will go and sit in the farmer later. Mercury in the fifth house and sitting in your fifth house will increase quadruple in your business day and night. At this time, we will implement big schemes. You can get a big assignment right now. You may get a big project this time. You can be with a big company. At this time, you can plan to extend your work as a big issue and in connection with this, the sum of traveling abroad will also be seen in your co-operation with foreign companies that are being formed at this time and this month will be seen by your business class. Has brought very good and excellent conditions of good profit to – Dhanu Rashifal April 2021

Life Partner And Love Affair

This month, you will have to enjoy a lot of happiness along with your life partner, but at this time you will have to control your agitation and anger because Mars will make you auspicious in your seventh house and in the seventh house. Increases all the time, standing with a sword is correct. Listen, you are wrong. Such situations may arise between you and your life partner, so do not let your ego come in between you because if you come in between both of them then it can support your life. So keep this in mind and take care of your married life. Enjoy this life with plenty of happiness. If your chances of getting married in an unmarried marriage are becoming very good for you. This month will be very good for you in a love relationship too, so keep your anger under control. If you showed the advance with your partner. If you quarrel with him on the matter, your partnership ie a love relationship may be in danger. It can also create breakup situations between the two, so by keeping a little control over your anger and taking care of your partner’s feelings, if you go ahead, then there will be no problem of any kind. With the help of this mother your life partner, you will also get back your lost item, which will generate a feeling of happiness in your mind. – Dhanu Rashifal April 2021


As stated in our scriptures, we should take special care of our health. This is the time to avoid germs, microbes, viruses, infections, all these things. Since Rahu is sitting in your sick house, then you will be a little obsessed with these things, only then it will be better for you that you will not see any big problem, this time will solve health problems inside your life. If you have any major disease, then you will get good benefit in that disease too, but you should not ignore your health at all. Even if you see a problem in your health, consult a doctor immediately and take care of your health. Take medicines on time so that you can get the health benefits soon, then take care of your health by taking care of your health, keeping your regular routine, especially avoiding hygienic things and taking special care of your body hygiene. If you go ahead, then you will not have any kind of problem especially in health and you will see people making them health conscious. Sagittarius horoscopes are the monthly horoscope of April. – Dhanu Rashifal April 2021

Let’s look at Remedies:

Let’s know about the remedies if you want to improve your financial condition more. Have to take your life forward. To eliminate the problems coming in your life, Marital life disease, economic condition is to correct all of these, then you can use our specially designed black rhinestone shivling that Kapil lingam is of rhinestone and below is black stone. Is engaged in the watercourse. This Shivling is very miraculous and it will be available in the market very rarely. Especially in the auspicious time, it has been consecrated and proven by our pundits, so you can also contact us to get the benefit of this Shivling. Do not be healthy and always smile. Jai Shri Radhe Krishna. – Dhanu Rashifal April 2021


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