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Dhanu Rashi Sagittarius May 2022 Horoscope English blog | धनु राशि मई राशिफल | Nidhi Shrimali


Dhanu Rashi Sagittarius May 2022 Horoscope English blog


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Ups and downs come in the life of every person and it is possible to solve them with the right guidance, so let us solve your every problem. Namaskar. Regarding the special fasts and festivals coming in this month, the festival of Akshaya Tritiya will be celebrated on 3rd May and this festival is known as Abujh Save. That is, on this day we do not need to see the Muhurta do any auspicious work. Parshuram Jayanti is also coming on this day. Lord Parashurama is a symbol of valour and valour and is considered an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. On May 16, the festival of Vaishakh Purnima and Buddha Purnima will be celebrated with great pomp. People celebrate this day as a fast and this day also has special significance, so do charity on this day. Dhanu Rashi Sagittarius May 2022 Horoscope English blog 

Now let’s move ahead and know that the condition of this position of planetary transit in May is based on the monthly horoscope based on the position of the planets. First of all, let’s talk about the king of planets, Sun, which is currently sitting in its exalted sign Aries and on May 15, he will enter his even zodiac sign. The planet Mercury will remain in its very friendly sign Taurus for the whole month. Talking about Mars, he is currently sitting in his enemy sign Aquarius and on May 17 he will enter his even sign Pisces. On the other hand, the planet Jupiter, which is also the lord of your zodiac, will remain in the Pisces sign for the whole month. The planet Venus is currently sitting in its exalted sign Pisces and is in conjunction with Jupiter. At the same time, on 23 May, he will enter his friend’s zodiac sign Aries by changing the zodiac. The planet Saturn, being self-occupied in the sign of its original triangle i.e. Aquarius, will remain seated throughout this month. Rahu is going to be sitting in Aries and Ketu in Libra for this whole month which is their even zodiac sign. So this is the condition of the transit of planets this month. Dhanu Rashi Sagittarius May 2022 Horoscope English blog 

Now we know the monthly horoscope of the people of Sagittarius. First of all, let us tell you that this horoscope which we are telling you which is based on the lunar calculations and is equally effective according to both your zodiac and ascendant. Now let’s talk first. Your zodiac lord i.e. your Ascendant is Jupiter, who is sitting in your happiness and becoming self-gracious. If both the Ascendant and both the Guru and the Guru are self-gracious in your centre, then a great person named Hans is also making yoga, then this time is going to be very wonderful for the people of Sagittarius and this yoga of Guru will benefit you. At this time you will get success in research related work. Some planets impart knowledge. Guru is known as Brihaspati, the Guru of the gods. That’s why your knowledge will increase. Discussions of your knowledge will be everywhere and social honour and respect will increase. People will be impressed by you and try to do their work after taking advice from you. That is, you will be seen becoming an idol for many people. At this time your maturity level will increase in your knowledge of your power and the Guru will give you peace and confidence. Your relationship with Deendayal will also improve more because more Guru will strengthen your family relations and your change will see the blessings of grandparents and if your misunderstanding is going on with cousins ​​or with any person from your kind side. If so, she would be gone now. A love relationship will be seen being established and intensifying in it. May it be time for the teacher who is the lecturer who does the work of imparting knowledge. Leaders are actors whose work of speaking is more. This time has brought very good results for them. If the same Guru is also your happiness, then he will increase happiness. Will increase luxury. You will be seen increasing the means of comfort in your home. At this time you will get success in property related works. If no property will be sold and you are also going through the Mahadasha of Jupiter, then now that property can be sold to you or the property which you want to buy, your wish can be fulfilled. Your dream of a new home will be fulfilled. If you are seeing the dream of your own house, then that dream will come true for you. You will be seen shopping for a new vehicle at this time. The economic condition will appear to be good and strong and especially those who are teacher lecturers can be honoured for their work in their field. Your position and prestige will increase. Dhanu Rashi Sagittarius May 2022 Horoscope English blog 

Now let’s talk about the second house of the second house is your Saturn, which is also the mighty lord, that is, the third house is sitting in the third house as a self-gracious person. The origin is the sum of the triangles. Therefore, you will be seen getting the best results from Shani. Since Saturn’s half-century has been removed to Sagittarius people, then they will feel very relaxed and those who are employed, the time is very good for them. With the help and cooperation of the officers, a big responsibility can be entrusted to you by them, which you have been dreaming of for a very long time. The totals of your promotion increment will be visible. All the obstacles in the work will be removed and the work will be completed successfully. This time will be very good, especially for those people who are associated with government jobs. You will be seen captivating everyone with your speech. Respect will increase in the family and a plan of auspicious programs will be kept in the house. On the other hand, the conjunction of Venus and Mars is happening in your third house and since Venus is sitting with the Moolmantra open and the combination with Mars, the combination of Panchmesh and Parakramesh will be very good and beneficial for you. A revolutionary ideology is inside you and it will be distributed among you. With passion, you will try to bring resolution to the world and your ideology will have a huge impact on the people. People will follow you and follow your words. Therefore, at this time it is very important for you that you move forward with positive thinking because the effect of your thinking can affect many people. So keep thinking positive and spread positivity among people. Share positivity among people because negativity is everywhere in the world nowadays. Every person is suffering from some kind of problem in his work pressure negativity, so if your positive attitude can bring change in someone’s life then you must make these efforts worthwhile. This is not for your own sake but to bring some change in society. To bring some positive changes in the lives of the people. So be positive and move forward in your life. Your work related to politics will be completed smoothly and this time is very good for those who are politicians. Your impact on the public will see your image growing into a positive image. Dhanu Rashi Sagittarius May 2022 Horoscope English blog 

Now coming to the fifth house, the fifth house is in conjunction with Mars, so at this time the students associated with the technical field and those students who are studying Judiciary will get very good results. Science students will make very good gains during this time. Difficulties will arise because the eclipse yoga of Sun Rahu will also remain in your fifth house. Rahu will try to confuse the study a bit. I will try to confuse the students, but you should not be confused, your decisions matter a lot. If there is confusion in taking the decision, then you must take the advice of your teachers, principal parents or any experienced person. You will be worried about the habits of children and you may have concerns related to it. But children do not understand that they get angry because of punishment. So sit down and explain to them. Be friendly with them. Try to listen to their problems. Treat them psychologically. If you think about their age, then you will be able to understand their problems and surely your children will also get the benefit of your experience. Therefore, understand their problems and move forward in your life and give them the right guidance. They will understand your words. You will get attached to the works of Dharma Karma and your interest in the works of Dharma Karma will increase over time. At this time, you will try to do your introspection by taking all the time for yourself and the analysis you will do, you can get much better results in your life. Do your introspection. Take a lesson from your mistakes and try to rectify those mistakes. This should be the human tendency and the same person moves forward in his life, who is moving toward his self-reflection. So you too try the process of introspection. You will find positive life changes. You will find a positive personality change.

Now since Mars is also your fifth lord and also your twelfth house, so we will talk about the lord of the spending house. If the lord of the spending house is sitting fourth from himself, then he can increase the expenses. That is why move ahead in your life by controlling your expenses a little. There is no need to disturb the mind. Think neutral and spend as much as you need. Avoid investing a little in risky things and while investing, definitely take advice from an experienced person with the elders of your house. Circumstances will automatically adapt to you. At this time, if you are going through the Mahadasha of Mars, then you can make chances of traveling abroad or you can increase your work by going abroad. You can get rid of a debt at this time, so think about a little balance. Investing in savings schemes can give you benefits. Dhanu Rashi Sagittarius May 2022 Horoscope English blog 

Now coming to the sixth house, the sixth lord is Venus, who is sitting in your happiness and is sitting in conjunction with your ascendant. The union of the owner of the diseased house with the Guru in a place of happiness can be beneficial for you. You have to be a little careful with the problems related to the nine systems. Swelling of veins. If someone has the problem of brain tumour, then he has to be a little cautious. Mercury is sitting in the disease house. Along with this, the problem which is mostly in ladies, problem of the period, having problem of internal parts, the problem with urinary excretion, the problem of piles wart, problem of coriander, this problem is common. So both ladies and gents have to take care. You may suffer from these diseases. A little bit physically you may become weak and because of that, the enemies will get promoted. If you try to interfere in your work, if you do not want your enemies to prevail, then definitely you will have to be aware and pay little attention to health. Especially women can be surrounded by problems related to their weight. So keep your weight a little balance and walk. Because of that, there may be a problem with you. Now Venus, who is your benefic and is sitting in a happy place, will give you much better results according to the place of happiness. If you want to fulfil your desires for a very long time, then this time will be very suitable and supportive for you. Social honour and respect will increase. Bonding with the family will be even better. The outline of Manglik programs will be kept at home. All obstacles in marriage and marriage will be removed. You will get success in your desired work at this time. Similarly, if you put your hands in risky things in this, then you will get benefits in that too. You will get victory in all these works like share market, lottery, gambling betting. The owner of a big industry can give you benefits in this. You will stand by taking your work to a new identity at a brand level. You can see situations of sudden monetary gains. If you have given a loan to someone, then he will repay your loan, due to which your confidence level will also increase and your happiness will increase. You will also be seen considering any plans to increase your work at this time, but whatever decision you take, take it carefully. Dhanu Rashi Sagittarius May 2022 Horoscope English blog 

Now it comes to your seventh house that the seventh lord is Mercury, who is sitting 12th from himself. The disease is sitting in the house, which is also your Karmesh, especially for those who work in the IT field, banking sector, accounting, CA, CS, finance, etc. Time is not so good for those people. You may have to struggle with your work. The business class also has to move forward thoughtfully while investing. There may be problems in business. Some concern may arise in your mind regarding the health of your spouse or you may have to spend money on his health. That is, there is a health-related problem and because of that, you may incur unintentional expenses. Such problems can happen in your life. In the event of a recession in business, whatever work you are doing, proceed with it thoughtfully. Do not take any decision in haste. Keep tuning with your partner at this time. The partnership is likely to deteriorate. If you do not understand the feelings of your partner, then problems can increase. To understand your partner’s feelings and carry them. Since Mercury is also Karmesh, then even a little bit of people associated with the IT field have to be careful. There may be a loss during this time. You may get to hear the scolding of the boss or you may also face false allegations. So be a little careful. Dhanu Rashi Sagittarius May 2022 Horoscope English blog 

Now let’s talk about the daily routine life of the eighth house, there are still slight ups and downs. There is no need to disturb the mind with it. No need to be disappointed. Walk with some balance. Create a maturity level. It is not right to get distracted by every little thing. Lagnesh is strong supporting you a lot. So you have to maintain your maturity level at this time. Your presence of mind has to be balanced. Only then will you be able to balance your tasks. You have to give up laziness and do your work by standing by yourself. Do not trust anyone too much in sentimentality. Do not share your confidential things with anyone and keep confidential documents in a safe place. Journeys will be completed, but even in travel, you should not be careless, and take care of your belongings.

Now, if we talk about Bhagyesh at the place of fortune, then Sun is the lord of the place of fortune in the place of fortune and being exalted, is sitting in the ninth ie fifth house from himself. It is very good to sit in the fifth house with the Sun being exalted, but Rahu along with it sometimes stifles you a little. So don’t rely on luck and increase your karma. Be karma pradhan then luck will automatically support you. Medical students may have more problems, but you will also overcome these problems. That is, you will get the fruits of your hard work. Don’t be deceived by anyone’s words. Just follow the goal that you have set. Success will come when we are engaged in some work with dedication. Small difficulties come but they make us strong. We always speak so there is no need to be afraid of difficulties. face difficulties. And if you come out by becoming a storang, then when you come out of it, your confidence level will double. He will help you to achieve your goal. Get involved in the works of religion. You will be a part of religious rituals and you will make a special contribution to the work of social welfare. All the unfinished work. If you have made a challenge that I will complete the work or will do it, after that I will move forward or I will get success. So that’s a goal. Make a target of today’s work and follow it accordingly, you will achieve success. Even for those who are young, if you are unemployed. No need to be disappointed. With effort, you can get success. And if you have any idea of ​​your own going on in your mind that I should work. If I do this or that, then compare yourself a little bit in those tasks, whatever work you are thinking of, and in which you can be good. Considering every situation, then you have to make a decision. And if you face a problem in taking it, then you can take the advice of an experienced friend or an experienced person from the elders of your house. So this was the monthly horoscope for May for the people of Sagittarius. Dhanu Rashi Sagittarius May 2022 Horoscope English blog 


Auspicious dates: 1st to 6th, 10th to 15th, 18th to 24th and 27th to 30th.

Inauspicious dates:- 9th, 16th, 17th, 25th and 26th.

Lucky Colours:- Yellow, Saffron, Orange, Lemon, Yellow.




  •  Keep the Nivaran Yantra of Venus Rahu’s eclipse yoga in your worship room and have a daily darshan of its copy.
  • You must chant Rahu after sunset.
  • You must take out the bread from the oil to the black dog and after leaving the house every day, you must feed the roti to the black dog on any street.
  • You have to chant Om Ganapatiye Namah and if possible, do recite Ganesh Atharvashirsha daily.
  • Make sure to offer Durva to Ganesh ji and pray to him for the accomplishment of his work. Surely work will start getting done and all the problems in the works will also be removed.


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