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Dhanu Rashi Sagittarius June 2022 Horoscope English blog | धनु राशि जून राशिफल | Nidhi Shrimali


Dhanu Rashi Sagittarius June 2022 Horoscope English blog

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Ups and downs come in the life of every person and their solution is possible with the right guidance. So come we will solve you every problem have. Hello Welcome Welcome, today we have appeared in front of you with the monthly horoscope for June for the people of Sagittarius. Get to know first. Regarding some special fasts and festivals coming in this month, the festival of Ganga Dussehra will be celebrated on the 9th of June. Nirjala Ekadashi will be observed on 10th June. This Ekadashi is considered to be the most important of all Ekadashis. On this day fasting is done by staying waterless and Lord Vishnu is worshipped. On the second day with the sunrise, we break our fast. International Yoga Day will be celebrated on 21st June and on this day every person should take a pledge that for a healthy body, they will adopt Yoga Pranayama in their life and connect more and more people to it. Gupt Navratri is on 30th June and the sadhanas performed in Gupta Navratras have their special significance. Dhanu Rashi Sagittarius June 2022 Horoscope English blog

Now let’s move ahead and know about the position of planetary transits of this month, first of all, let’s talk about the planet Sun, which is also the king of the planets, he is currently sitting in his zodiac sign Taurus and on 15th June he will be his friend. The zodiac will enter Gemini. If we talk about the planet Mercury, then this whole month he will be sitting in his very friendly zodiac Taurus. Talking about Mars, he is currently sitting in his even sign Pisces and on 27th June he will be sitting in his zodiac sign, Aries. Since the planet Jupiter is also the lord of your zodiac, he will be sitting in the Pisces sign as a self-gracious person for the whole month. If we talk about the planet Venus, then he is currently sitting in his friend’s zodiac Aries and on June 18, he will be sitting in his zodiac sign Taurus. If we talk about the planet Saturn, then this whole month he will be sitting in his original triangle sign Aquarius as a self-gracious person. Rahu is going to be sitting in his even sign Aries and Ketu in his zodiac sign Libra this month. The inertia yoga of Venus Rahu will also be seen this month and Saturn’s third vision on it i.e. Venus and Saturn’s third vision on Rahu will also be there. So what will be the result of these visions? What will be the result of this yoga? What will be the result of the position of the planets? get to know about him.

Let’s start. First of all, let us tell you that the horoscope which we are telling you is based on lunar calculations and is equally effective according to both your zodiac and ascendant. First of all, we talk about your zodiac lord i.e. Ascendant, if we talk about the lord of the zodiac i.e. Ascendant, then both Sukhesh and Lagnesh are gurus and the guru is sitting in a happy place. Very wonderful this time is going to be for you. The conjunction of Ascendant and Panchmesh is happening in a happy place. This is also going to give you very good results. Sitting fourth of the Ascendant from himself in a happy place will increase his happiness. Your name and fame will increase. At this time the discussions about your maturity will be everywhere. You will be seen increasing your power. You will be seen becoming an enlightener, on the mistakes of people, you will connect them with knowledge through education and try to rectify their mistakes. You will be seen this month as a social reformer. Your relationships will also remain strong because you will move forward in your life by balancing your relationships a lot. Will be full of spiritual feelings. Your interest in religious activities will increase. Your interest in teaching and studying religious texts will increase and these things you do. This will increase your honour and respect more. Your fame will appear to increase further. If you are in the teaching profession. If you do any research related work or if you have any management work, then you are going to get better results from Guru. Dhanu Rashi Sagittarius June 2022 Horoscope English blog

Now Guru Sukesh is also there and is sitting in a happy place as a self. Conjunction with Panchmesh. Be it any technical work, you will get mastery in it. That is, you will do management work in technical work. There is no technical company. Very big industrial companies and in that you will be in management and you will be seen doing management work very well. Your economic condition will increase in happiness. Your tuning with your siblings will seem to improve even more this time. At this time the relationship with the mother will become more intense. Their important role will be seen in increasing your social honour and respect. If you have any work in your mind, then you will get the full opportunity to complete that work this month. If any work related to the property has been stalled by you for a very long time, then that work will now go on at a fast pace. Your dream of the vehicle will come true. When will the dream of the luxury vehicle come true, May this time you will also be able to fulfil your dream of home. If you want to change your house, then your dream of a new house will also be seen to be fulfilled. Finance You will realize yourself and where to invest your money. Where to turn it back and in what way you have to bring profit positions, you will be seen deciding very well. That is, your decision power will be seen increasing at this time. Sukesh and Lagnesh will get very good results. Anyway, if the Guru is making a great man yoga named Hans in your place of happiness, then you will also get the full benefits of this yoga.

Now we come to the second place, the lord of the second house is your Shani, which is sitting in the third house as a self-gracious person. If you talk about the second house, then you will get respect in the family. Discussions of your honest hard work will be everywhere. People will look at you with great respect. You will be seen captivating everyone with your speech. You will never accept the wrong thing. If there is a wrong thing, by opposing it, you will also try your best to rectify it. At this time your hard work will be appreciated at the workplace as well. Officers will be happy with you. Disputes related to ancestral property will be resolved with the help of the elders of the house and the decision of this dispute will also be in your favour you can also buy gold jewellery for the women of the house at this time. Some will be seen cheering them up while shopping for gifts. Now Saturn is the lord of your third house. Sitting as the third house lord in his own house will further enhance your powerful personality. Your impudence will further increase your sphere of influence. You will become dear to people. If there are leaders associated with politics, then definitely your image will be more influential and you will also have a good rapport with the high command leaders and you will be seen becoming popular with the public. At this time, you will do the work of a social reformer by following the path of honesty and you will also show initiative to eliminate many kinds of evils in society. Brothers and sisters will get very good support and cooperation. With the help of elder siblings, you will overcome the problems in your business. At this time, iron traders will also get to see situations of special profit. Your frame, your company’s name will be seen increasing your status, then you will get very good results of Shani according to the third house also. Dhanu Rashi Sagittarius June 2022 Horoscope English blog

Now we come to the fifth house, the lord of the fifth house is Mars, which is sitting 12th from itself. If you are also the lord of the twelfth place, then this time will increase your little hard work more. If you are a little careless during this time, you will miss out on the results. That is why you do not have to be careless at all, the student of science will have to put in a little more effort. Engineering students will have to put in some hard work. But based on hard work in your field, you will earn your goal. Financial conditions will remain strong. Your children may be disappointed in a little play, but do not give up trying, disappointed disappointment gives the person the courage to move forward. Failure is never bad for us. A person can learn from failure if he wants and can improve it and convert it into success. But if we get frustrated, frustrated and fail, we sit in one place, then we will never be able to move forward and our skills will remain with us. Our hard work so far will be wasted. So even if you are getting the taste of failure, it will make you stronger. Mentally make yourself stronger and harder. If not today, then tomorrow you will get to see the fruits of hard work in your life. For those who are doing work related to literature, this time may be full of difficulties. No. Children at this time can create obstacles, so if you wish to have children, then move ahead in your life by being very careful. Now along with Panchmesh, Mars is the lord of your twelfth place i.e. the place of expenditure. Sitting in a happy place along with the Lagna of the owner of the children of expenses will manage your expenses. Finance will strengthen you. At this time you will be able to manage your expenses systematically and even if some extra expenditure is incurred, then you will not have to bear the loss of this expenditure because the conditions of profit will also be good. That’s why you should know how to manage your expenses. Be a little careful and go by giving your budget, then you will not have to face any kind of problem and this time will get you foreign currency. If you do business or you do a job. If any member of your family is working outside or doing business, then on their behalf you will get a chance to increase foreign currency in your home and this will make your financial condition more strong. Salaried people have to keep a little rapport with their colleagues from their officers and especially you have to control their anger because anger can spoil the work that you have made. Therefore, you have to control your anger and take your decisions wisely with restraint.

Now let’s go ahead and know about the sixth house, the lord of the sixth house is Venus, who is sitting 12th from himself, while the lord Venus is sitting in the fifth house, then it is the lord of the sixth house, Venus is sitting 12th from himself. It can give you diseases related to Venus. That is the problem of the internal parts that have left your hair spring. Having bleeding problems, women struggling with the problem of menstruation, having problems with piles. This time can also affect your memory. Boils, pimples, problems related to it, itching, herpes scabies, itching. If such problems can bring, then you need to be a little aware of them. At this time you have to be careful of your enemies because they will take you in their smooth talk and they will dent your work. So don’t get emotional. Don’t get emotionally attached to anyone. Be a little practical in professional life and don’t trust anyone excessively. Only then will you get success in your life. Dhanu Rashi Sagittarius June 2022 Horoscope English blog

Now let’s come to the house of profit but the lord of the house of profit is Venus, who is sitting in the fifth. Looking at your home, in that sense and that point of view is very good. If Ketu is sitting in a benefic house, then it is giving very good results, but Venus is also forming the inertia yoga of Rahu. That is why if you want to save profit situations, then you will have to make your decision strong. If you have any confusion, ask someone for advice, whether he is an experienced person, whether experienced friends or any elders of the family should proceed only after taking advice from him. Do not take any decision in haste by deciding on yourself. If you show haste, then even good decisions can turn against you. If it can be negative for you, then a little decision making should strengthen you and after that, you move forward in your life. You will not have to face any kind of difficulty and if the decisions are extra, then you will go on setting the dimensions of success in your life, then you have to do this work very correctly. Your level circle will increase. Some good and bad people will join the labour circle. You have to decide with whom you have to strengthen your relationship and keep a little distance from them and keep a formal relationship because in our life we ​​cannot run away from such people who are opposed to our nature, then you have to go against the opposite. Maintain a little distance from people of nature, but if we get to learn something from such people, then life is like this. Such is the cycle. We are sitting in society, so we meet many types of people. We learn something from them and we take the knowledge of life from them and this enhances our experience, so the same is going to happen with you this month. There will be a bit of struggling time for the artists who have proceeded with the decision with great care and thought. But Struggle will also give you good and positive results in the coming time.

Now we come to the seventh house, the lord of the seventh house and karma is your Mercury and Mercury is sitting in your sixth house. We would not say it so good for the lord of the seventh and tenth house to sit in the sixth house, anyway, if the lord of the seventh house is sitting 12th from himself, then do not argue with your life partner. Rise above any differences. Even if there is an angry quarrel from their side, then you should remain calm. Try to solve your issues by staying calm. Show maturity in your life. Do business, if you are from a technical field, then definitely your decisions can turn out to be wrong, then you have to proceed with a little thinking, haste can harm you in any work. It can ruin the relationship too. Therefore, at this time, you will have to be cautious and move forward in your professional life in your business, in your relationships. There is a possibility of a breakup in a love relationship also this month, so be careful. A good partner can go ahead of you. Therefore, you do not have to do your stupidity, your carelessness at all, due to which you lose a good partner, then even a little bit, in this matter, you will have to be cautious and proceed with great restraint and patience. Dhanu Rashi Sagittarius June 2022 Horoscope English blog

Talk about the karmic sense that Karmesh Mercury is making Budhaditya yoga with Sun, but if sitting in the sixth house, then a little will make you more karma-oriented. In the IT field, if you do accounting work related to the banking sector. Do finance work or do any technical work. Do you have a computer shop, do you have a cyber shop or do cyber support work. You have to be very careful. There will be more work at this time. You will feel tired and weak. If there is no profit as much as the work done, then there can be some disappointment. But you have to rise above this despair. Do not put the work of transactions related to money in the banking sector on anyone. It takes some time, but if you complete such tasks yourself, then you will not be harmed or else you may have to pay the loss from your pocket, that is why we are alerting you.

Now let’s go ahead and know about the eighth house, the lord of the eighth house is the moon and the moon brings a little fluctuation to the place where you sit, then your mind will not remain focused a little bit. Will be confused. Your journeys will be very prosperous. You will have to stay away from home and for whatever purpose your travels will be, you have to walk with increased concentration. You have to be a little careful this time. Take care of your belongings as things can get stolen. During the journey, you have to be careful with animals at this time because animals can also hurt you. At this time you can get secret money, but be careful while making the decision. Avoid wrong decisions. Avoid wrong investments and do not invest in shortcuts in wrong ways and wrong habits because shortcuts are always harmful to the individual. Shortcuts never give us long money. On the contrary, we bring difficulties into our life. Dhanu Rashi Sagittarius June 2022 Horoscope English blog

Now let’s go ahead and know about the place of fortune, if we talk about the Sun, then the Sun is the lord of the place of fortune and is sitting in the sixth house. This time will not be so good for you for half a month which will make you struggle. At this time your work may get stuck in the making. The list of pending tasks can grow. But the time after June 15 is going to be very good for you. Whatever the stalemate situation is, it will end. Your stuck work will end and you will get speed and success in that work and based on that success you will be able to complete that work smoothly. In that work, you will be seen setting new dimensions of success moving forward. For those young men and women, this time is going to be very good. You will get good progress and progress in work. Your job search will be over at this time and you will be seen getting a good job. At the same time, the sum of the desired transfer is being made for the government employees. Therefore, at this time you can intensify your efforts, but you have to make efforts after June 15. Pay special attention to this. There will be an increase in social honour and you will be ready for works like dharma karma as well as human service. Due to this your respect and self-satisfaction will increase more. Time will be very positive for those who are associated with higher education, especially those who are students associated with the medical field. After June 15, you can apply to any good college or whatever target you have set, you will be seen achieving that target. Dhanu Rashi Sagittarius June 2022 Horoscope English blog

Auspicious dates: 1st to 3rd 6th to 12th 15th to 20th and 23rd to 30th.

Inauspicious dates: – 4th, 5th, 13th, 14th, 21st and 22nd.

Lucky Colour: Light Green, Light Cardamom Colour, Light Yellow Colour, Light Colour.


  • Make sure to offer food to sages, saints and gurus at your home.
  • Respecting the family priest and guru in the family, definitely listen to them.
  • Never return home disappointed.
  • From time to time, the family members must visit the places of pilgrimage.
  • Worship the Peepal tree and respect the teachers.
  • Plant plants with yellow flowers and stores them continuously with water.

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