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Capricorn January 2022 Horoscope English Blog | मकर राशि जनवरी राशिफल | Nidhi Shrimali


Capricorn January 2022 Horoscope English Blog

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Wishing you all a very Happy New Year. Today we are presenting in front of you the monthly horoscope of the people of Capricorn for January. It is the first month of the year and the first month remains very curious for every person. So let us know how this month will be special for you, which fasts, festivals are going to come in this month. First of all, let’s talk about the beginning of the new year on January 1, but with it, the monthly Shivratri is also coming on this day, so worship Bhole Shankar so that the whole year is successful for you and his blessings remain with you always. . Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti will be celebrated on 9 January. Swami Vivekananda Jayanti is coming on 12th January. Makar Sankranti will be celebrated on 14 January. On this day, the Sun moves from Dakshinayan to Uttarayan, so this festival has a lot of importance. In Gujarat, it is also known as Uttarayan, as well as in many provinces, the festival of Pongal will be celebrated and the festival of Lodi also falls on this day. Republic Day on 26 January, our national festival, the whole nation together will celebrate this festival with great pomp. Now let us know about the position of planetary transits, how will the position of the planets be this month. The monthly horoscope depends on the position of the planets. Capricorn January 2022 Horoscope English Blog

First of all, let’s talk about the planet Sun, which is the king of the planets and is currently sitting in its very friendly zodiac, Sagittarius. On January 14, he will enter his very enemy zodiac, Capricorn and then there he will sit in conjunction with Saturn. The planet Mercury will remain in Capricorn for the whole month and till March 5, it will remain in its enemy sign Capricorn. The planet Mars is currently sitting in its zodiac sign i.e. Scorpio and on January 16, it will enter its very friendly zodiac sign Sagittarius from Scorpio. The planet Jupiter will remain in Aquarius, which is his friend’s zodiac sign, for the whole month. Venus will remain in its friendly sign Sagittarius. Saturn will be sitting in your own sign i.e. Capricorn, being self-gratuitous. Rahu is going to sit in Taurus and Ketu is going to sit in Scorpio, if we talk about the vision of Jupiter, then Jupiter will sit in your money house and his fifth vision will be on your disease house, seventh vision will be on your eighth place and ninth will be on your karmic house. Capricorn January 2022 Horoscope English Blog

First of all, talk about your zodiac lord, which is Shani Dev, the effect of Shani is most visible on all the zodiac signs anyway. If a person lives with a little fearful Shani Dev, then your zodiac lord is sitting in your own house. If you are sitting in your zodiac, then how would any person want bad luck in their house, that is why you will get to see very good results of Shani Dev at this time. With truth, loyalty, honesty, you will progress in your field of work. For all those who do any work related to Shani, they are going to get very good results i.e. Shani Dev will keep his blessings on you. Mercury is sitting together, which is your destiny, the combination of Bhagyesh and Ascendant is getting very good. Your luck will also support you at this time. Your karma will go on happening more quickly. There will be sweetness in Risto. Circumstances of special benefit will be seen from Radial. Grandparents’ blessings will remain in you. This time will also strengthen the relationship with your family because the lord of the house of the family is also Saturn, who is sitting in your zodiac sign, so this time will increase the respect in your family. Will bring in the category of dignitaries. If you do any work related to speech, then you will get success in it, but the Guru is sitting here, who can fluctuate a little by sitting in the money house, so it is good to speak by weighing at this time. Many times we say such things while speaking, which can make people kiss. So take special care of this thing. It can reduce your prestige and prestige. So be careful, use your words with a little caution. You will not have any other problem with family and you will get happy news from family. If you are an artist. If you are associated with the field of art, then at this time you will be seen achieving very good fame with your art. If there is any dispute related to ancestral property, then mediation of the elders of the house is very necessary. With their mediation, this dispute will also appear to be resolved. There may be some tension with siblings this month, but if this dispute is related to ancestral property or if you do any ancestral business together, then at this time you will have to take your siblings. A little tuning can go wrong with them. Capricorn January 2022 Horoscope English Blog

The master of the spirit of brothers and sisters, that is, the master is the master, who is sitting 12th from himself, then the 12th sitting of the guru will also bring your might in fluctuation, that is, you want to put your might in the right direction, trying to convince people. But people are not able to understand your words, such situations can be seen this month. We are warning you because if you will be able to know about yourself in advance, if you will know that such situations can come, then you will be prepared in advance, then you have to be a little careful at this time. In relationships with siblings, in relationships with cousins ​​and even while moving forward in your life today, turn your might a little in the right direction and even if you are going in the right direction, then you should make sure that this Whether the might is in the right direction in the eyes of the people or not. Because what can be positive in your eyes is negative for them, then keep in mind that you do not have to let negativity dominate your life. Stop making your image negative. Move forward in your life with a little patience and patience. Your relations with your mother will be good and you will also get to see the circumstances of financial benefits from them because the lord of the place of the mother is Mars, which is sitting in the house of beneficence and increasing their might. Ketu is sitting in a benefic house with Mars, so at this time you will get to see very good support of your mother and if you have any differences between siblings in the family, then the mother will try to explain them even in those differences. And will try to take your side. He will also make a special contribution to support your financial condition at this time. His important role in increasing social honour and respect will also be seen at this time. You can get very good success in any work related to property. If you want to buy a property or want to sell a property, then in both these situations, the time will generate very favorable and profitable results for you, so this is the time for you, this month is for you from the property. Very good in related works and is bringing positive results. You will get some worry from the side of the child. In which direction the children are moving, whether they are choosing the right career or not, but now be a little rest assured. Learn to trust your children because Venus, the lord of the fifth house, is sitting in the twelfth house, if your children will be able to go out and study, then disillusion them a little, the question of their future is if they are getting Opportunity outside. Very few people get it, so support them. If they want to do something, listen to them. If you think that otherwise you are going wrong or making the wrong choice in some career you have confusion for them, then you can clear it and that too with love because if you stop, by anger, by pressure If you want to get any work done, then in today’s time children will not do that work, they become rebellious and even if there is any problem with them tomorrow, they will not share with you, so guide your children calmly and lovingly. There is no need to get confused at this time, there is also a need to keep a silent eye on them because the wrong habit should not fall on them. You have to keep in mind that you do not become a victim of drug addiction. This time is going to be a bit confusing for the students as well, some situations of confusion will arise in studies, so there is no need to confuse your mind, remember what you are studying completely, after that you go ahead. If you do this then there will be no confusion and even if you sit in the exam, all your doubts will be clear, then you will move in the right direction and you will also be seen achieving positive results. Capricorn January 2022 Horoscope English Blog

Now let’s talk about the disease, the lord of the disease is Mercury, who is sitting in the ascendant, a little nervous system-related problem or if you have a BP problem, then there may be fluctuation of BP or some memory-related problem sometimes you face. You may have to do some other major problem, you will not see this month. This time will be very healthy for you. Today, you will join the health campaign and will try to keep yourself healthy too. We will try to make the people around us aware of the health of our family as well. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. This month is going to be in terms of health. At this time, there are situations of stagnation in any work related to money and money, then it will end. If you have taken any loan from banks, then that loan will also be repaid to you, ie this month you will also repay your loan, but at this time you have been careful from your enemy side, although your integrity is your dedication towards your work. Will go ahead. No matter how hard the enemy side may try to disturb your opponents in any work, but they will remain unsuccessful in their plans. So you don’t even need to be afraid of your enemies. Very good bonding with life partner and the very good attraction will be seen, if you are unmarried, then you will be seen receiving invitations like marriage engagement for the bond of marriage. If you want someone in your love relationship, then you can express your feelings to him. At this time, they will listen to you and will also happily move forward with you. So you can feel free to express your mind to them. Can express the feelings of the mind, but a little this month will make you a little emotional, being extra emotional is also not good for the person. You have to be practical at some point somewhere. For the business class, this time will be full of ups and downs. However, on January 6th and 7th, when Gajakesari Yoga of Guru Chandra will be formed in your money house, these two days will be very good for you. From the point of view of business, you will come in very good conditions and you will also get to see good profit situations in your business, but still, you have to concentrate so much and move forward. The state of confusion should not come to your mind. If you feel that you are not able to take any decision, then you can go ahead with the advice of an experienced person. You will move in the right direction and your decisions will also turn out to be very positive. Capricorn January 2022 Horoscope English Blog

Now if we talk about the eighth house of the eighth house, the Sun, on which the seventh aspect of the Guru is also being seen and the Sun is sitting, going and sitting in the spending house of the eighth house, very good Sun will get you the best results at this time. At this time, the life of your daily routine, the disturbances that were going on will appear to be getting better for you. There is no need to cast your work on any other side at this time. If you do your work yourself, then your work will be done quickly. If you are investing, then proceeding in it thoughtfully, the investment will support you. Your good tie-up with foreign companies will be seen happening at this time. The time after January 14 can be a bit difficult for you because at this time the Sun will come in your ascendant, which will make you a little angry, a little aggressive, so problems can arise in your life at this time. Your work can also get spoiled because of your speech, that is why you have to pay special attention to your speech over your words this month. We are telling you this, again and again, that’s why you have to move forward by being a little humble. It is good for you in every way from all around, whether it is a relationship, whether it is professional life, whether it is your work, whether it is your family, in all of these, you impress everyone with your speech, so keep your speech like this. Keep it so that someone’s mind is hurt because of your bid and your work does not get spoiled.

Let’s talk about Bhagyesh, anyway, we told you that Lagnesh and Bhagyesh’s combination is happening. Both Saturn and Mercury are sitting together in the Ascendant, luck will favour you who are going to try something different higher education, want to go to a new sector, want to get a special diploma or degree. His wish will come true this month. In that, you will see a very good direction in a positive direction and you will be seen doing good results at this time. Time will be very good for the students, while you will also be involved in works like public service, human welfare, which will increase your social value and respect more. Young girls who are looking for jobs. His search will appear to be ending this time. You will get a good job at this time. Capricorn January 2022 Horoscope English Blog

If we talk about the lord of karma, then Venus, which is your Karmesh, is sitting in the twelfth place, however, if any benign planet sits in the twelfth place, that is, it sits in expenditure, then its results are not so good. Gives negative results, but Venus gives very good results by sitting in the twelfth place as an exception. If the ninth vision of the Guru is also falling on your 10th house, then the Guru’s vision on the karmic house, sitting in the twelfth place of Kremesh will increase your IQ. At this time your decisions will turn out to be very correct and accurate. You will get very good guidance from the father. The obstacles coming in your work will be removed with his guidance. Obstacles coming in government work will be removed. Your work will be done instantly. If you want to open a new branch of yours. If you want to join the hotel business. Want to join food supply programs, want to open Tiffin service or do any such work as clothes work, you want to do imitation jewelry work. Want to spread your work abroad. You will get excellent results in all these areas. If you try, you will achieve success. That’s why to accelerate your efforts at this time. Father’s support and guidance are very important, so take his guidance and blessings and take advice from him and then proceed in your work. At this time you may also get a chance of collocation with a big company, you may get a chance to tie up and by working with them you will learn many things more deeply. Will try to spread our work more. There is a possibility of some big changes in you.

Mars, the lord of the benefic house, who is sitting in the house of benefic, the sitting of Mars with Ketu is increasing the power of Mars even more. Your profit conditions will be very good at this time. You will be financially prosperous. Your level and circle will increase. There will be some people in the level and circle who will show an important role in increasing your work in the coming time and increasing your respect in your life. If you do any work related to iron, machine or you have a big industry, then you plan to expand your work in that industry and you will appear in this month giving embodiment, but on January 16, when Mars changes the zodiac. If you sit in your twelfth house i.e. in spending, then only good results of Mars will be seen because there is a cruel planet and spending house, then if any cruel planet sits there, it gives positive results in reverse and any way of profit. The owner’s sitting one house ahead of himself will increase the overall conditions of your profit, at this time you will get very good benefits from foreign. The currency will be received from foreign. Your financial condition will continue to get stronger. You can get some big opportunities at this time, but how you have to use those opportunities depends on you, you will also have to take special care of not letting such opportunities go out of hand. The lord of spending house, who is sitting in your money house, can increase your expenses a bit. At this time you will have to control your expenses a bit. Expenditure on travel, expenditure on clothes, expenditure on jewellery, expenditure on electronic items, expenditure on purchase of luxury items of the house, expenditure on furnishing of the house will be such expenses but these expenses should not be excessive. You have to take special care that you do not go out of your budget, else you should spend comfortably. You are not going to face any problem with these expenses, but while spending, proceed with some caution. Everyone spends on their amenities, but whatever you are spending should be according to your budget. You just have to keep this thing in mind, if we talk about it overall, then this month of January is going to be very good for the people of Capricorn, you will be seen achieving good results. Capricorn January 2022 Horoscope English Blog

Now let’s talk about some auspicious dates which are going to be very auspicious for you this month. 1, 4, 5, 13, 14, 23, 24, 25, 26, 28 and 29 these dates will be very good for you and will be auspicious. Also, on the 6th and 7th, when the Gajakesari Yoga of Guru Chandra will be formed, then that day is also going to be very good for you. Now let’s talk about why lucky colour is important because it is going to do any auspicious work. If you are wearing lucky colour or you have worn a handkerchief of lucky colour, then that work can be done more quickly for you, so at this time you should make maximum use of blue and purple colour clothes. Capricorn January 2022 Horoscope English Blog

Capricorn  January 2022 Remedy

  1. You have to regularly light a mustard oil lamp under the Peepal tree in the evening. You have to do this anyway, your Saturn will be more powerful. will make you stronger
  2. Go to Shani temple on Saturday, offer oil on Saturday and recite Shani Chalisa sitting there.
  3. You must donate black sesame, black things and iron in front of the Shani temple or to needy people.
  4. You must wear a Shani ring and this period is for you, anyway, it gives complete progress.
  5. Can have darshan of Hanuman ji. If you have darshan of Hanuman ji on Saturday, then the grace of your Shani Dev will also be on you and at the same time, your Mars will become stronger and will be seen improving your financial condition further.
  6. Visit Shani temple on Saturday and offer vermilion to him.

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