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Capricorn Horoscope 2023 | Makar Rashifal 2023 | मकर राशिफल 2023 | Makar Rashi – 2023 – Nidhi Shrimali


Capricorn Horoscope 2023

May everyone have a moment of auspicious new year,
May the future be golden and happy, may it be bright for all.

Happy New Year to all of you. Today we have presented in front of you the annual horoscope of Capricorn for the year 2023. And may this new year bring new energy and new growth factor in you. This is my best wishes to all of you.

Saturn is the lord of Capricorn and who does not know the planet Saturn. In today’s Kalyuga, if any person is afraid of any planet or is walking on the right path due to the fear of Shani, then it is Shani Dev. Shani Dev has been known as the giver of karma and gives the result to a person according to his deeds. If you have done good deeds, then you will get very positive results of Shani even if Saturn’s Sade Sati, Dhaiya or Shani Mahadasha is going on and if you have not done good deeds then Shani Dev will also punish you. That is, if someone gives you the fruits of the deeds of this birth, then it is Shani Dev. A great man named Shani is forming yoga for your zodiac sign, which was giving strength to your zodiac sign and on January 17, Saturn will enter Aquarius from your zodiac sign, which is the zodiac sign of his original triangle. Shani will sit one house ahead of you and that too will give better results to your zodiac sign.

Shani will sit in your second house and Shani will increase the house where he sits. If we increase its strength, then at this time if there is any dispute in the family and your differences with any relative are going on, then they will go away. There is a situation of dispute related to ancestral property in your house and if its decision is to come then it will go in your favor. You will get to see a lot of support and blessings of elders. In the profit of routine, new sources of earning money will be seen opening and the profit of routine will increase. At this time, respect will be seen increasing in your family. Socially you will be placed in the list of dignitaries. Your works will be appreciated. At this time, whatever work you do with whatever good purpose, then definitely those works will be completed at a fast pace. Personality will be very powerful. People will know your personality. Your hard work will be appreciated. On the basis of your hard work, you will be seen achieving one personality, one direction, one status and many people will consider you ideal. At this time, on the basis of your hard work, you will also be able to acquire good profitable properties.

Now this Shani is also your Lagnesh and Shani is also the lord of your second house. According to that, we told you that Shani’s sight on the result is not so good, then if you know about Shani’s sight, then the third sight of Shani will fall on your happy place. Everyone’s seventh vision will be seen falling on your eighth house and Saturn’s vision will fall on your profit house. First of all, when Shani will aspect this place, it will affect the peace a little somewhere because Rahu is already sitting there, so Rahu will also be aspected. However, it will increase the strength of Rahu because on Shani of Rahu, Rahu confuses the person where he sits at this time. If you scare, there can be situations of a little confusion. In this affair, there can be a possibility of fraud going somewhere along with you. You need to be very careful in matters related to property. Don’t trust anyone too soon. First do any work related to property or if you want to buy or sell any property, then first know about the next party, investigate all the papers related to that property and then proceed further. You have to keep this vigilance, otherwise you will not get positive results and losses will continue to build up in your life. Relations with the mother may deteriorate at this time. Situations of estrangement may arise regarding something and the distance should not increase further. For this, you have to move forward in your life only by controlling your anger and restraint on your speech.

Now let’s talk about the seventh aspect of Saturn which is falling on the eighth house and Saturn is the causative planet of the eighth house, then Saturn’s aspect here will give you good results because at this time it will be seen correcting the eighth house. You will now get rid of the difficulties and obstacles that you were facing in small daily tasks. Secret money means chances of getting sudden profit will be visible. Opponents will also not be able to interfere in your work in any way. That is, if they want to do anything, they themselves will get trapped in their own conspiracy. At this time only your awareness will be useful for you. You should take some care while traveling. At this time, be a little careful with the animals so that you do not get hurt by the animals and if you drive yourself, then follow the traffic rules. This year is very important for you. This year can bring huge responsibilities for Capricorns. Can bring big achievements. That’s why you will move forward in your life with as much caution as you can. The more you will find success in your life.

Now if we talk about the tenth aspect of Saturn, then the tenth aspect will fall on the benefic house of Saturn. Sometimes there can be a little profit, that means you will earn a lot of profit. Suddenly out of nowhere some damage happened. Some expense came from somewhere and because of that you got profit. That is balance has been achieved. Situations of expenses and profit can definitely create such a situation. For this you should invest in savings schemes. Something like this you should take out part of your liquidity so that you can easily discharge the sudden expenses and it does not affect your profit. At this time if you want to open a new branch of your new work. That is, if the businessman is working on the expansion of his work, that is, if he works on those plans, then a little bit you will have to get away from the whole strategy and planning. Hasty work can harm you. Those plans can prove to be a hindrance in your progress. Circle and level will increase but you have to decide who is your friend? Who is the enemy and with whom should you be friends? The soul of every person definitely awakens that person now. If he is being inspired towards the wrong path, then it awakens him. It is just a matter of how much we listen to the voice of our soul or ignore it, then at this time you have to pay special attention to the company while listening to the voice of your soul, and if you keep these things in mind So definitely you will get to see very good results of Shani this year also.

Zodiac Change Of Guru

Now let’s look at the second major zodiac change of the year. There are three big planets in a year, if they change their zodiac sign like Shani, Guru and Rahu, they have a very deep impact on our life because they stay at one place for a long time. After that, their place changes, so they have a very deep impact on our lives as well. So now if we talk about Jupiter, then it is going to stay at one place for almost a year. Guru is going to change on 1st April. Till now, the Guru was sitting in your mighty house i.e. in the place of siblings and was giving you very good results. Now on April 21, the Guru will come and sit in your place of happiness, but if the results of the Guru are very good in the center, then the Guru will increase your happiness by sitting in your place of happiness. At this time you will get the happiness of the mother. At this time, disputes and circumstances related to your property will definitely be opposite. But you will soon get control over these situations. Work will definitely be done by efforts, but work will definitely be done by efforts. There should not be any kind of negligence in hard work. At this time, people associated with the field of art will be seen getting good fame and respect. Since Jupiter is the lord of your twelfth house and is the lord of your might, then the lord of might is sitting one house ahead of you. This brother and sister will give you situations of progressive benefits. Your stuck work in politics will be completed this year at your own pace.

At this time your ambitions will be fulfilled and with the fulfillment of desires, your happiness will also increase and your confidence level will also be seen increasing. This time will also be seen to give you good profits from foreign countries because it is the lord of foreign countries. But at this time Jupiter can also increase your expenses. That’s why try to control your expenses a little. That is, if you control your mind, then you will control your expenses as well, so at this time you have to invest wisely. You have to avoid being hasty in investing. Now talking about Guru’s vision, then Guru’s vision is very auspicious. Jupiter’s fifth vision will fall on your eighth house, which will make your eighth house better and better. Since Saturn is aspecting it, it was doing well on the eighth house and your eighth house will become even better with the aspect of Jupiter. The work that you have been thinking of doing for a long time and it is getting interrupted in one way or the other. Those works will be completed at your speed. At this time the obstacles coming in your work will be removed. Enemies will also try to befriend you. You will get freedom from debt situations.

Financially you will be seen fulfilling yourself. At this time the journeys will be more prosperous, but those journeys will be pleasant and auspicious for you and the expenditure on religious works will be high at this time. But that expenditure will be very good and auspicious for you, then according to this time and the fifth aspect of Jupiter, it will give excellent results in the eighth house. Now this year, the seventh vision of the Guru will fall on your work, which will give you good progress and progress in your work. Increase in work Confidence level will be seen to increase. At this time, if any differences were going on with your father, then they will appear to be ending. A cordial atmosphere will be created with them. You will also get to see their full support at this time. Employed people whose increment has stopped or promotion is getting obstructed or facing unwanted transfer, now you want to get back the desired transfer. If you want to go to the place which seems right to you, then definitely you will get good and pleasant results related to it because of the Guru.

Now coming to the ninth vision of Guru. The ninth sight is falling on your twelfth place, which is the place of Jupiter. At this time, circumstances of great benefits from abroad will be created for you. Your dream of traveling abroad will also be seen to be fulfilled. For those young men and women who want to go abroad to study or do jobs outside, this time will also provide excellent opportunities for them. At this time, any of your differences are going on in your professional life or you are not able to keep pace with any colleague. So now you will work as a team. An obstacle which was coming somewhere in your work, those obstacles will now be removed.

Guru Rahu’s Chandal Yoga

You will also get happiness from the officers and with their happiness you will see the path of your progress being fixed, then you will also get to see very good results of Roll Guru. But let us tell you here that Guru Rahu’s Chandal Yoga is also being formed, which can create a little bit of trouble somewhere. Can create conditions of stagnation, but this situation is going to remain till 30th October only. After that, in November and December, you will get even better and better results of Jupiter because Rahu is sitting in Bhagyasthan with Guru till now after changing the zodiac sign. They will sit in the mighty house and Rahu’s results are best seen in the mighty house, which way it is. Third, sixth and eleventh houses give very good results, so due to the excellent results of Rahu, you can put your hand in any risky investment at this time. That risky investment will definitely be positive and lucky for you. At this time, if any leader is struggling in politics, then his struggle will end. Your relations will be stronger. Some big responsibility can be entrusted to you. That means the doors of politics will be seen opening for you and you will get to see very positive results at this time. You will have to sit and get up with politicians and because of that many of your works will be done in a jiffy. At this time your differences with siblings will end. Through them you will get to see support everywhere. If you do ancestral business together, then because of their and your unity, you will be able to take your business to a new height, then you will see very good results of Rahu this year.

Some special measures of 2023

  • Saturn is your zodiac lord, it is very important to keep him happy. You must light a mustard oil lamp under the Peepal tree daily in the evening. Since Saturn’s half-and-a-half-and-a-half-and-a-half-and-a-half-and-a-half-and-a-half-and-a-half-and-a-half-and-a-half-and-a-half-and-a-half-sati are also going on for you, this remedy can be very important for you because it will please your zodiac lord and you will also get rid of the side effects of Saturn’s half-and-a-half sati.
  • The second solution: Whenever it is a new moon day or if you go to a pond on a Saturday, if there are fishes there, put black gram and an iron nail inside a black cloth, tie that cloth and put it in that pond. This will also be considered a very good remedy for Shani.
  • You must offer Imarti to Shani Dev on Saturday. This will also increase their happiness.
  • Also, if possible, you must donate black items.
  • Always respect the sweepers and outside your house door if any begging poor person needy person comes. So never let him go empty handed.
  • You should also chant Shani Beej Mantra.
  • You must feed the cow on Thursday by mixing turmeric inside the flour and kneading it and adding gram dal or roasted gram to it. You must do this from Thursday to Thursday.
  • Along with this, you should anoint Lord Vishnu with saffron mixed milk in Dakshinavarti conch shell. With this, Lord Vishnu’s happiness will remain on you and Guru will give you very good and pleasant results.
  • You should come out of your house only after taking the blessings of your teachers and ancestors of your house daily. With this, your work will be completed quickly.
  • You must install Guru Rahu Chandal Yog Nivaran Yantra in your worship room and visit it regularly. If possible, chant the Beej Mantra of Guru and Rahu.

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