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Capricorn February 2023 Horoscope English blog | मकर राशि फरवरी राशिफल | Nidhi Shrimali

Capricorn February 2023 Horoscope English blog

Namaskar Swagatam Welcome we have entered the year 2023 and a month has passed. We are moving towards the second month. Today we have brought in front of you the monthly horoscope for the second month of the year i.e. February of the people of Capricorn and we should know how to move with the time which person does not move with the time. Time slips out of his hands and after that the person has to repent. That’s why walk with time, don’t run, don’t be greedy. Your life is busy, but you should develop the habit of moving with the cycle of time. Keep moving forward on the path of your karma, time will automatically become supportive for you. Let’s move forward and know more. Regarding some special fasts and festivals coming in the month of February, Jaya Ekadashi fast will be observed on February 1. Pradosh Vrat is coming on February 2. Magh Purnima fast will be observed on February 5. Kumbh Sankranti will be celebrated on 13 February. Vijaya Ekadashi fast will be observed on 16th February. On February 18, Mahashivaratri, the biggest festival of Lord Bhole Shankar, will be celebrated. Falgun Amavasya is coming on 20 February. So these are some of the fasts and festivals that are making this month special. Capricorn February 2023 Horoscope English blog

Now let’s know about the position of planetary transits of this month, first of all let’s talk about the planet Sun which is currently sitting in its zodiac sign Capricorn and on February 13, it will enter its most enemy zodiac sign Aquarius. On the other hand, if we talk about the planet Mercury, then it is currently sitting in its friendly zodiac sign Sagittarius and will enter its friendly zodiac sign Capricorn on February 7 and will again enter Aquarius on February 27 after changing its zodiac sign. If we talk about Mars, then it will remain seated in its friendly sign Taurus this whole month. If we talk about the planet Jupiter, it will remain seated in its own sign Pisces this whole month. If we talk about the planet Venus, it is currently sitting in its even sign Aquarius and will enter its exalted sign Pisces on January 15. On the other hand, if we talk about the planet Saturn, then this whole month, it will be sitting in its own zodiac sign Aquarius, Rahu will be sitting in its even zodiac sign Aries and Ketu will be sitting in its even zodiac sign Libra this whole month. So this is the position of planetary transits for this month.

Now let’s start by knowing about the impact of the positions of these planets on Capricorns. The monthly horoscope of Capricorn people for this month i.e. February. First of all, let us tell you that the horoscope which we are telling you is based on lunar calculations and is equally effective according to both your zodiac sign and ascendant, then your zodiac lord comes on Shani, who recently i.e. on January 17 Has changed the amount only. Till now he was sitting in his own zodiac sign till January 17 and on January 17, after changing the zodiac sign, he sat in his original triangle zodiac sign Capricorn. But for you Shani sat one house ahead of you. Lagnesh sitting one house ahead of you is very good for you. The second house of wealth is also very good for the house of wealth because Shani will increase wealth by sitting there. Your personality will be made very powerful according to your ascendant. Will work very hard, will make justice dear, will always be seen to be ready to help people. Your social respect will increase this month. People will look at you with respect. You will get to see a different status and place of yours in the society. You will be seen filling a positive thinking in yourself and the people around you. At this time, you will achieve success on the basis of hard work and your success will be seen as permanent. In your relationships too, you will try to move forward by being very loyal. There will be a lot of loyalty in your relationships. Your relationship with the elders will be more intense and if you have grandparents then your relationship with them will be stronger. You will get very good guidance from them. Budhaditya Yoga of Sun and Mercury is being formed in your Ascendant. So this yoga will also give you a lot of benefits. Will get your works done successfully. Whatever work you take in hand, you will be able to do that work. Only by ensuring success in it. Will take and This will happen on the strength of your hard work and your passion. Shani is like a seed servant, he makes you work hard. Make your hard work come true if you follow the right path. Saturn’s results will be very good. Capricorn February 2023 Horoscope English blog

Now talking about the second place, then the owner of wealth should increase the place of wealth by sitting in his own house. Will continuously increase wealth. Will increase everyday profit. This time is going to be very good for the business class. Will be seen making great progress and progress in business. Travels will also be pleasant and auspicious for you. Officers will fully support you. For employed people, this time is going to be very wonderful. You will get the best results. Because the obstacles coming in the job will go away. You will get full guidance of the officers. You will get their support and support. At this time, you can also get some big and better opportunities, for which you were waiting for a long time. From July, the time is going to be wonderful for the people associated with the judicial process. Especially for those who are lawyers and practice law, this time is very good for them. They will gain good fame through advocacy. Will be seen continuously paving the way for progress with his untiring efforts. So this time will be very good and golden opportunity for Capricorn people. Capricorn February 2023 Horoscope English blog

Now we come to the third place, because the lord of the third house is Jupiter, who is also the lord of your 12th house, that is, the lord of the house of expenses. First of all, if we talk about the third house, then Jupiter is sitting in the third house as self-centered. Venus will also conjoin with Jupiter after February 15 and will conjoin by being exalted. So the conjunction of posited Jupiter and exalted Venus can give you great fame. Especially for those in politics, this time will be famous. Whatever work you do, its impression will be very good on the public. This impression will also be visible on your big leaders and high command. At this time, you will also give respect to your wishes and get fame from your hobby. Whatever you want to convert from hobby to profession, then this time is very good for you. If Venus enhances you in art and is of a high order, then time will be beneficial for artists. Jupiter takes you into politics, the provider of knowledge. He does the work of imparting knowledge. Religion makes a teacher. Connects with spirituality, makes an astrologer, then the Guru will also give very good results and by sitting with Venus, the results of the Guru will be seen to be even more. If we talk about bravery, then the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus is very good. Capricorn February 2023 Horoscope English blog

Now it comes to the point that his master is also the Guru who is sitting fourth from him. It is good for the Guru to go and sit fourth from himself. Sitting in the third place but son in his own house. So there will be a slight reduction in the expenses. Guru will balance your expenses. Correct the financial condition. Will keep So that you can take your financial condition to a more prosperous and better position day by day. You can have collaboration with big companies. Some can do their own work like consultancy work. Can work in teaching business. Whatever be the task of imparting knowledge, Any work related to research. Your participation in such works will increase. And if you engage in these activities then you will get money and status fame. Good offers will be received from foreign countries and if Capricorn people like you are running Mahadasha of Jupiter in their personal horoscope. So there will be chances of traveling abroad again. You will be able to settle down there. So you are getting to see very good results of Jupiter and Saturn. Capricorn February 2023 Horoscope English blog

Now coming to your dry place, both your dry house and your dry house are auspicious and the owner of dry house is sitting one house ahead of you, the owner of profit is sitting in its seventh house. However, there is a negative thing here that Rahu is sitting in the place of happiness, which would fructify your peace somewhere. Somewhere they work to push you back. But since Sukhesh Mangal is going one house ahead of you, then you will definitely get success with continuous efforts. You just have to keep in mind that Mars, the energetic planet, makes decisions very quickly. But sometimes that decision can also be wrong. Decisions made in haste can sometimes backfire. You have to take special care of this thing. If Rahu sits in a place of happiness, then it can confuse a little. You can get a slightly wrong decision or you can get harmed due to a hasty decision. That’s why don’t take any haste in the decision. At this time, take advice from your experienced friends, from the elders of the house or from an elderly person or from an experienced person and move forward. Taking 1 to 2 2 to 3 opinion is not bad. If this opinion sets your mind, you come to a decision, then these opinions will definitely bring positive results for you.

Now Rahu is sitting in the place of happiness, so there can be misunderstanding with the mother. And there is some danger to their health too. She may collapse due to some respiratory problems. So you have to take special care of their health. Make sure that you take special care of the health of both the parents. Now, since Mars is the lord of your benefic house, Labhesh is sitting in the seventh house from itself. Which will continuously increase the profit. If you are a big iron trader or do any big machinery work. If you are the owner of a big industry, then definitely you can get excellent results at this time. Your respect and fame can increase your orders. You can get big orders at this time. At this time you will take any work in hand. Will definitely get success. There will be profit later on. If you have given loan to someone, then he will repay your loan or if you have taken loan from someone, then you will also repay his loan. You will get freedom from this debt also. The circle and label will appear to grow. The social circle will increase and respect will be seen increasing in the society. Full support of elder brother and sister will be seen standing with you and you will definitely get their help in solving any big problem. So the results of Mars are also very good, so Guru Shani and Mars all three are giving you excellent results this month. Capricorn February 2023 Horoscope English blog

Now coming to your fifth house, the fifth house is very important. Because the lord of your fifth house and the lord of your action house are the same. Means in your horoscope Panchamesh and Karmesh are one. That’s why in your Kundli, the yoga karak planet is Venus, which is also your fifth lord and which is also your karma lord. And after the position of Venus came, I became very wonderful. Anyway, if we talk about the fifth house. Even according to the fifth house, Venus is sitting in the tenth house, sitting in the 2nd house is a very good place of wealth. Will get continuous increase in wealth. Those who are students of art stream, they will definitely get success. There will be only one time everyday for the artistes. If you have a dream of good trips, natural places of sightseeing or Chardham’s journey, then it will be fulfilled. Now on February 15, when Venus will enter your mighty house, even then it will sit 11th from itself. The lord of the fifth house is sitting eleventh from himself. And sat down being high. Which will be seen adding to your fame in education in your studies. This time is going to be very famous for the artists, it is certain. If you do any social work in cultural programs or in writing, then definitely time will be very good for you so that Mars is also sitting on it in 5th house. So, at this time, keep your anger and aggression low. It’s time for the players to move ahead thoughtfully. Don’t get into too much debate with anyone as it can affect your game. So it’s time to move forward by paying attention to the players, if you maintain your dedication and your focus, you will surely achieve success. And you will get unforgettable success. That’s why the players have to be very careful and have one focus and work towards their goal. Just focus on the game. Forget everything else. You will also get news from the children. If your child is related to the field of art, then it will definitely make you feel proud. The obstacles coming in getting a child will be removed. Now, since Venus is your fifth lord, it is also Karmesh. That’s why the master of actions will also be seen giving you the best results. Because Venus will go to fifth from itself and sit. Till February 15, if you Karmesh is sitting in the fifth house from you, then he will continuously increase your work. At this time you will not be able to be completely free. You will continue to get one after the other, the third job after the second. And it is good for you too because many people are unemployed and looking for work. You have work. People don’t have work, that’s why you should value your work now. You should give priority to your duties. And if you do this at this time, then definitely your officers will be pleased with you. All the routes of promotion and progress will be visible to you. The time after 15th February will be even better and some interesting things will happen. Karmesh being exalted and sitting in your mighty house will increase your power. At this time your sphere of influence will increase and everyone will like to listen to your words and will also follow you. There can be a problem regarding the health of the father. Because we told you that Rahu is with mother instead of father. That’s why there can be concern about the health of the parents. Take a little special care of their health and there should not be any kind of misunderstanding between you and your officers. Because here your officers are becoming good and dead smart, well it has become more ego accurate and you will feel that the officers are doing this then it should not be so. Create a harmonious balance and move forward. And in reality no one is like that. But he confuses. The number of enemies can also increase. Opponents can become envious of your progress at this time, who will not even be able to recognize them. Be careful with such opponents as well. Capricorn February 2023 Horoscope English blog

Now coming to your sixth house, if we talk about the sixth house, then Buddha is the master of disease, who is sitting inside the Ascendant. Budhaditya Yoga is also to be made with the Sun. This yoga is being formed in your ascendant till 13th February. It is not good for the lord of disease to sit in the eighth house from himself, but since Mercury is in the Ascendant, there is nothing to worry about. Just a little yoga meditation pranayama set your routine life a little. Do give yourself an hour in the morning. Success will lead to progress and progress. Rupee will maintain awareness in money related work, due to which the number of losses will be less. No matter how hard your opponents try, they cannot harm you in your work. You will achieve victory in your field by defeating your opponents by being very cautious. At this time you will get very good financial help from maternal side and maternal side. Now Mercury is the lord of your destiny. And Bhagyesh is sitting fifth from himself. So it will be very good for the lord of the house of fortune to sit in the fifth house from you, it will increase your fortune. The incomplete tasks will be completed immediately. If there is any obstacle in any work, then the obstacle will end. At this time the journey will be pleasant and auspicious for you. The company of friends will be very good. With them you will spend good quality time and with their help you will be able to overcome your problems. At the same time, your interest in religious works will be seen increasing. You will be filled with spirituality and will go on spiritual journeys, so these were the results of Mercury.

Now we come to the seventh house, the Moon is the lord of the seventh house, it is a little fickle. However, the attraction towards each other will remain in your married life. Since Venus is getting exalted which is fifth lord and seventh lord is Moon. When the moon will come in a good position, then the obstacles coming in marriage will be removed. You can propose your lovemate. He will not collide with your proposal. And the consent of the family will also be given for marriage, those who have become already in married life will be seen to be firmly with each other. Small squabbles keep happening, so you don’t have to take it further. Now if we talk about the business class, then you will see minor ups and downs in the business. But the over all situation will be under your control. And you will get very good results. You have to work hard this month, there is no negligence in that. And luck will automatically shine on you. The position of all the planets is being very good for Capricorn. Capricorn February 2023 Horoscope English blog

Now coming to your eighth house, the lord of the eighth house is Sun, who is sitting in the Ascendant. Wherever you sit, a little bit of sun runs that house a little bit. Not according to the Ascendant but according to the eighth house, the results of Sun will be seen correctly. If not very good, then not very bad, but take a little care while traveling. Take special care of your belongings. Do not try and complete the long distance journey yourself. You can hire a driver or go using the resources of the transport. A little wary of secret enemies. Secret enemies will definitely arise. So be a little careful of the secret enemies. At this time, the sources of getting secret money will also be seen opening. Sun will move away from you on February 13 and the time after that is going to be very good for you. You will see the best profitable circumstances in your life. The enemy side will end. With your alertness in actions, you will be able to reduce the situations of loss. Debt situation will be eradicated from your life. The loan vehicle will all be paid off. The journey will be pleasant and auspicious and in-laws relations will be more intense. So after February 13, you will also get good results of Suri, so this was the monthly horoscope for the month of February for Capricorns. Capricorn February 2023 Horoscope English blog

Auspicious dates :- 1st date, 4th to 6th date, 9th to 15th date, 18th to 23rd date, 26th to 28th date.

Inauspicious dates :- 2, 3, 7, 8, 16, 17, 24 and 25.

Lucky Colours: Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow.

Measure :-

  • Recite Shri Shani Chalisa every Saturday.
  • If you are troubled by financial problems, then do the work of cleaning the steps of the temple early in the morning.
  • If your health is not good, then on Saturday, urad dal pakoras, fried in mustard oil, must be fed to the poor.
  • Make sure to recite Shani Strotra composed by Dasaratha.
  • Pour flour to the ants.

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