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Cancer zodiac 12 April 2022 Rahu zodiac change English blog | – Rahu Transit | Cancer Prediction


Cancer zodiac 12 April 2022 Rahu zodiac change English blog

Hello today, while moving forward the series of Rahu’s zodiac change, since we have already given you information about Rahu’s zodiac change for the people of Aries, Taurus and Gemini, so let’s go ahead with this series and know that Rahu’s zodiac change going to happen How will it be for Cancer people? As we told you in our annual horoscope that April is going to be a very important year this year because three big planets are going to change their zodiac in April. Rahu Jupiter and Saturn and the first zodiac change is going to happen in it, which affects our daily routine a lot. On 12th April, Rahu will enter Kritika Nakshatra from Taurus to Aries and will remain in Aries for 18 months i.e. till October 30, 2023, he will remain in Aries. Rahu, being a shadow planet, has a very deep effect on our life because Rahu equal gives results like Saturn. Wherever Rahu is sitting in our horoscope. We get to see the results of Rahu according to that place. That is, if they sit in auspicious places then they will give auspicious results and if they are sitting in cruel places or they are sitting in inauspicious places then they give inauspicious results to us. Rahu is always seen moving in retrograde motion in the transiting signs. That is if you are going to enter Aries from the opposite of Taurus, then now let us know that this Rahu’s zodiac is changing, what will be its effect on the people of Cancer. Cancer zodiac 12 April 2022 Rahu zodiac change English blog

First of all, Rahu is sitting in the tenth house for Cancer people and we get to see the results of Rahu in the tenth house. If Rahu is sitting here, if you have any kind of court cases against you or if any cases are pending in the court and if their decision comes, then that decision will go in your favour. This most positive thing is going to happen for Taurus people due to this change of Rahu, but since Rahu is sitting in the tenth and the tenth house is the place of karma, hence this time will not be good for working people related to this house. . You will get to see some ups and downs. Unwanted transfers Do not keep pace with the officials every day, you want to say something else, he can miss you. You will get to see such situations. At the same time, you will also have to be aware of your father’s health as there may be some bad effects on the health of the father. They may have to face health-related problems, so Rahu will be seen giving you results with a lot of mixes while sitting on the 10th house. Cancer zodiac 12 April 2022 Rahu zodiac change English blog

Now if we talk about Rahu’s vision, then till now the fifth sight of Rahu was falling on your mighty house for the Cancer zodiac sign. The seventh vision was reading on your fifth house and the ninth sight was falling on your seventh house which is not good for you. These places were facing a lot of troubles but now this problem will go away from your life. Power will increase. The harmony and harmony that you were not able to sit with your brothers and sisters will now start sitting. Family situations will become very favourable for you. Social honour and respect will increase. People will see less of your negativity and more positivity will start showing. It will be a very relaxing time for the students as well because of the problem you were facing till now. You were studying but could not remember it, you are in a state of confusion. Were getting a little confused, there was a state of confusion, now you will get out of it, confidence will develop in you and definitely, you will see positive results in your life in the field of studies. The feelings of turmoil in married life will end now. Now you will get rid of the breakups you have repeatedly in love relationships. Now you will get a good partner love mate with whom you can dream of your life’s coming. This time. For the business class also, they will get freedom from the dilemma that was there and the time was changing. Since Rahu is sitting in the 10th house. Cancer zodiac 12 April 2022 Rahu zodiac change English blog

The fifth aspect of Rahu will fall on your second house. The seventh vision will fall on your happy place and the ninth vision will fall on your seventh house i.e. disease house, then this vision will affect you. If you are doing any work related to speech due to the fifth sight of Rahu falling on your 2nd house, then you may have to face some problems in it. There may be some controversy in your work. You have been speaking something else and that thing will be presented in front of people as a mole palm and this will make your image appear to be a little negative, that’s why at this time you should be very careful while choosing words and move forward in your life. Do not speak, so that your message goes negative towards you and your image gets spoiled. At this time, coordination with the family will also falter a bit. Your relation with a relative will appear to be a little collectorate, but I told you that instead of speaking false and extra, do not speak accurate and short and speak thoughtfully. This is the basic mantra of this time, which will get you success in your life and will take you forward, will be full of responsibilities for those who are working people. Work Your burden may increase a bit, but your daily profit will also be full of your situation at this time. Meaning, despite working hard, you will not get the result you want, because of that a little disappointment may arise in your mind. The seventh sight of Rahu is falling at a happy place, which will be seen affecting any work. Relationship with mother deteriorates a bit while being in pleasures like land building vehicle at this time, have bought a new vehicle, then that too will prove to be a bit inauspicious for you i.e. some problem will come in that vehicle. If you have done property related work, then some problems may have to be faced in it and if you are going to do any such work, do it very carefully. First, read those papers before signing any. After that sign on it. Go through the documents related to the property thoroughly. Show a good lawyer and then carry out such deals. With the same mother, you have to talk after weighing, mother never wants bad for children, keep this in mind and try to understand your mother’s feelings. So even if she tells you something in anger, then listen to her words by staying calm. Later, if you tell her your point, she will listen to your words and will believe that this time will go by looking at the budget to pay attention financially, then you will be able to reduce the problems in your life or else financially you will also have to take a loan from someone. Can be formed because the seventh house is also aspected by Rahu. That is why this time will be for you, it may be time to take a loan. Due to financial constraints, you may have to take a loan or borrow from someone. You can also get good news from the maternal side, so be a little careful. The enemy side will try to dominate you, but you will defeat your enemies with your intelligence and tact. But you will get the challenge in your life but you should take it from positive to positive. Because challenges will come, only then we will move forward in our life, if challenges will not come, then how will we move forward in our life, that’s why challenges should be faced and positively if you face them then surely new dimensions of success will also be set. Taking new experiences in your life, you will go ahead in life. At this time, be a little careful about health, you may have viral related problems if the problem of the corona is going on right now, then you may also face that problem. Apart from this, take special care of cleanliness around you malaria dengue chikungunya because diseases related to germs can catch you very quickly. Therefore, a little awareness towards your health, take care of your hygiene and especially you should take care of the cleanliness around you. At this time, you have to be careful even in the work related to money, otherwise, your money may be stolen or something in the account book. Objections and it will cost you a lot of time and the time spent will also cause problems of loss and you will appear to be a little upset. You should take special care of these things. If you keep this in mind then this year will be very good for you and you will get success in your life. Cancer zodiac 12 April 2022 Rahu zodiac change English blog


  • You must feed the black dog bread with oil. Every day you come out of the house, take out a roti for the dog and apply oil on it. Do not apply ghee, give it to that dog while applying oil, but if that dog is not your pet, then that dog should be your slumdog, then you must feed roti with that black oil to the street dogs.
  • You should also chant the Beej Mantra of Rahu, it removes the defects of Rahu.
  • One must worship Ganpati. Before going to an important meeting before doing any auspicious work, you must chant this mantra Om Gan Ganpataye Namah while offering Durva on Ganesha. You can also offer Modak to Ganesha on Wednesday.
  • This time will also be for charity. Make sure to donate things related to Rahu and if this donation is possible, on Chaturthi Navami Chaudas and Amavasya, then it will prove to be very beneficial for you.



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