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Cancer Rashifal June 2021 | कर्क राशि जून राशिफल – Cancer horoscope | June Rashifal in English – Nidhi Shrimali


Cancer Rashifal June 2021  कर्क राशि जून राशिफल

Hi. Today I have appeared in front of you with the monthly horoscope of the Cancer zodiac sign for the month of June, first of all there is a special festival in the month of June which is the festival of Nirjala Ekadashi. It is on 21 June and Nirjala Ekadashi has its own special significance. Also known as Ekadashi. On this day, by giving mangoes to their sisters and mothers, they receive the virtuous fruit and receive their blessings, as well as charity virtue also holds special importance on this day, donating on this day to donate charity to the needy people. With this, you will get equal results for many births on this Ekadashi, that is, if you do charity on this Ekadashi, if you fast on this Ekadashi, then the fruits of all Ekadashis of the year. This Ekadashi II can understand how important this Ekadashi is. So you will celebrate Nirjala Ekadashi with great pomp. The sisters and daughters of your house will be honored. Also, donations will definitely be done. Go ahead and find out. This month, the monthly horoscope depends on the position of the planets in relation to the position of the planet. Therefore, first of all it is important to know about the planetary system. First of all, they will start with the Sun, the king of the planets, who is currently sitting in Taurus and on June 15, they will enter the Gemini which is their friend, Mars is in Gemini, and on June 2, they will be with Gemini. Cancer which is the amount of their low will be seated in it and they will become inferior. The planet Mercury, which is currently sitting in Gemini, is retrograde from Gemini sign to Cancer on June 3, that is also retrograde in the west and friends will go and sit. This planet Jupiter, which is sitting in Aquarius in its zodiac sign, is sitting in Gemini, and on June 22, they will be sitting in their very enemy zodiac sign from Gemini. The planet Saturn will remain in Capricorn for the whole month. Rahu will be seen in this whole matter and Ketu will be seen sitting in each zodiac sign throughout this month. This is the position of the planets which will be seen throughout this month. Next and these planets know about the horoscope depends on the transiting business, but yes before that let me tell you that some yoga is going to be done this month. Sun which will remain in Taurus till June 14, then Sun will become eclipse yoga of Rahu, Sun will become Budhaditya yoga of Mercury and we will also get to see the sum of two Rahu in this whole month. Also, the good and positive vision of Jupiter will be on your 12th house, your second house and your fourth house. At the same time, the sight of Saturn is going to fall on both of these and on your happiness, Mars and Venus sitting in the ascendant at your ninth house of luck. So now let us see what will be the difference between these trustees of these women and the arrangement of the planets on your zodiac, then first of all start and talk about our monthly horoscope.  – Cancer Kark Rashi June 2021 Horoscope

Family Status

A family is important to an individual. They all know and your personality represents their own family to everyone. If the person does not himself, his entire family represents his values, then this month will be good for you overall. Lagnesh will make attractive personality inside your life. You will have more agility at this time. There will be a little instability. You will not mind one thing. Leaving work, leaving other works of others, such a tendency has gone, but you will be very emotional in relationships. You will remain emotional, you will be very careful about your relationships. You will be very concerned about your strong side this month. If you are Manglik, then you will definitely have to control a little bit of anger on the forward movement because Mars is sitting in your ascendant and Mars being debilitated, it can spoil your personality, so at this time you will have to walk a little cautiously. Do not do any such thing that will stop the mind of the elders of your house. This spoils the relationship. If you take care of small things a little, then you will not create any kind of problem with your mind and you will not have to face any kind of estrangement among friends. At the same time, this month the Sun is also sitting in Taurus, and after June 15, he was yours and came and sat in it. He is the lord of your family house, so for half a month your family relations will be very good, you will have a conversation with him in tuning. Your respect will increase in social honor. Your rapport with the partners will be good and will also be added to your list by some who will act as your guide in coming, it will be very less for you, you will be seen helping you at your workplace but after 15th June since I told you Told that the dear Surya will give you good results on the 12th vision demonetisation of Guru. The demonic Sun will control the expenses by sitting in the cruel planet and spending house. At this time, having the sight of the Guru will further enhance the relation with your family, you are also likely to get sudden benefits from your family. This time will also appear to improve your tuning with your siblings. A good relationship will be established with your siblings. This time will end any dispute related to ancestral property in your life with your siblings and this time along with your tuning with your siblings, your ancestral business will increase even more in it. It will not be an exaggeration to say this month that your business will do very well this month. If you listen to elder brothers and sisters, then you will get to see their love in full this month. I will also have good relations with your mother. Thank you, who is the lord of the house of the mother’s house, he should go and sit in it, that is, in the 12th house, you will get to see good results about Mars and Venus, you will get a lot of support from the mother, there is also a possibility of meeting them, while in men. Also, fully supporting you, you will appear forward with complete help and at this time Venus is looking forward to the Guru but after June 22, ie, the eight days which will be left behind this month, Venus will sit in your ascendant at that time. At this time the sight of Saturn will fall on Venus and this time is going to be very difficult for you. At this time, you will have to proceed very carefully in your relationship with your mother, otherwise the relationship may deteriorate. There may be some misunderstood with them and the fine tuning that has been made, your very fine tuning with your mother will go wrong, so will proceed with them very cautiously keeping in mind only a little time. This month will make you worry about the health of the child. You will look a little worried about his health. The sight of Saturn will come on Mars. Mars is heavy, the sight of Mars is also falling on Saturn, so Mars, the lord of the child’s house, is very much, but Ketu is sitting in the child’s house, he will give you some concern on behalf of your children, you will have to take care of their health a little bit. If you are looking for a newly married couple child at this time and if a pregnant woman of Cancer is pregnant then they will have to take special care as Ketka can get you a baby miscarriage sitting in the house at this time, so a lot of time will be careful. Do not do any negligence in your daily routine, do not do any work that celebrates yourself, and do not do any such work which the elderly do, then you do not have to do any work with any risk, otherwise the dream which you saw in your life. is. Your dream of having a child can break. You will definitely have to move a bit at this time. Your tuning will be much better with your spouse. Will take full care of you. Since Shani is the lord of the seventh house by being self-occupied, then this time is going to be very good for you. The effects of Saturn will be on you. Matter out of anger increases that house, but Mars sitting in your Ascendant has a vision of Mars, so time will be a bit street. A little misunderstanding will show a little bit of anger. Without clearing the matter, stay away from such situations as much as possible. It would be better to make such situations a place in your married life. Small things have to be ignored and small things have to be lived with each other. Small things, if there is a thing after each other, if your spouse has said something, then you will remain calm at that time and handle this relationship calmly. Your relationship with your in-laws will appear to be a little turbulent. But at this time only your awareness can reduce the differences of your in-laws, then your relationships will be handled wisely. This week. Since even with your father can strengthen the tuning more, but with the father, the lord of the father’s house is being debilitated, then at this time you will have to take care of the health of the father. There may also be a possibility of an argument with them, there may be a quarrel with them, so at this time you will also have to improve the relationship with your father and this is very important for you, so family situations should go ahead with mixed results for you this month. – Gemini Mithun Rashi June 2021 Horoscope

Economic Condition

Venus, the lord of the house of profit and happiness, who first sat down in the light, after that it is sitting in your ascendant and you will get to see something. When the sight of Saturn will fall on Venus. The last eight days of the month you will have to be careful about it. You may have to face some sudden loss, you may feel a sudden decrease in your happiness. But before that means that the whole month will earn very good profit for you. You will get sudden monetary benefits. If you are willing to invest in any kind of lottery in the paid stock market, then whatever you are trading or live in lottery at this time. If you want to invest in this, then you will definitely see the conditions of success and profit in all of them. This time, along with the increase in pleasures, you will have to concentrate on a little decision because this month can prove your decision wrong. Rani Yoga of Sun Rahu Ascending yoga postures and the help of Sun Mercury The three yoga poses of Sun Rahu formed in Colaba are livable and root yoga which can cause misconceptions of your decision. At this time, make the decision wisely and invest in the right place. If you don’t understand something. You can’t take the decision. Now seek the help of the elders of your household. Enlist the help of someone who acts as your guide. There is definitely a person in the life of every person whom he respects a lot, obeys his words. If you go ahead with the advice of such a person, then you will never get to see situations of loss. This time will improve your life. This will improve your life. Will bring economy in your expenses and less out-of-pocket expenses, then the mission automatically improves, then the profit conditions are going to be very good. Your financial situation will be seen to become good and strong. – Gemini Mithun Rashi June 2021 Horoscope

Education, Career, And Business

If I talk about education. The lord of the fifth house, which is the lord of the karmic house, Mars being the debilitating yoga karaka planet and yog karaka planet in your horoscope can create obstacles in education, together with the fifth house sitting in the fifth house, students will appear to confuse the class. Your inclination towards wrong things will be more at this time. Your study trends will be removed and due to this you may get the opposite result, so in this, as much as possible you concentrate on your studies, distention in more things can prove to be harmful for you. Don’t be confused at all. If you ask your teacher about the situation of Confusion and these students who remain students in overconfidence, many times we get a good job while studying, now you think we needed to know from someone, then avoid overconfidence as much as possible. Even if this comes in your mind sometimes, then you calm your mind. Think in your mind that you are nothing. You can take the help of your elders and move ahead with the help of elders. If you bring such thoughts in your mind, then any kind of problem will arise especially to the students in your studies. If you do not have any dreams from the college, you should still postpone it. Wait a little bit. Anyway, after waiting, you will get favorable conditions. If I talk about career, then the owner of the house which is favorable to the house of career is also of low Mars. These people who are associated with the technical moment, who have done any kind of engineering related to the IT sector or they have been associated with engineering or doing any risky work, they are also involved in such tasks as police policeman associated with administrative services. Time is your notoriety, demotion is the place of promotion in facing the conditions of loss of work, this time you will spoil your work with advancement. Haste and carelessness can prove fatal for you at this time. The boss can take action against you, you may have to lose your job and this time is going very opposite, so going to the job at this time means inviting troubles in every way. So do not do such a thing that you control your anger a little bit. Solve your issues very calmly, if there is any difficulty in the workplace, then your boss. Try to find a solution to the incident by telling itself. Also, work together with your colleagues about your calligues. I have power, this is an organization and when everyone works together, they reach the right decision, then tell in overconfidence that I alone am capable of doing my work completely. Don’t let such feelings enter your mind at all. This time is not right for you, hence daily work is going on with caution. If you go on doing your work with hard work, then you will not face any kind of problem, otherwise a big problem is standing for you. You may get false accusations, many programs like defamation may happen to you, social honor may be lacking in respect, you may have to lose your job. You can bring pangs of estrangement in relationships, therefore Mars, which is the best planet in your horoscope, is staying in yoga, so be careful. Now, if I talk about the business class but the merchant class, then sitting in the seventh house, the lord of the business house, Saturn, will move Mercury for the business class in the sense of business. The businessman used to stop till now. It was moving slowly, now it will catch pace and you will grow your business with great speed. You will also enter your field of work with good prospects. This time is going to be very good for any person who works related to grocery or farmers related to things that grow from the ground. Shani which if you do any work related to petroleum, you do any work from petrol pump or petrol pump or you do any kind of job. You are likely to get good success in whatever work you do related to Saturn. If you are the owner of a big industry, then you can also buy new machinery to increase your work, but traders will see the possibilities of good profit for you. That is, this time is going to be very good and advanced for the business class. – Gemini Mithun Rashi June 2021 Horoscope

Life Partner And Love Affair

You will have a very good relationship with your spouse, you will understand each other and support each other and move forward, but since the sight of Mars is on the sun, Mars is a little demanding in your ascendant. Let it come If you ignore small things, then married life will be happy. If you give importance to small things, then things will start looking very big and you are going to face a lot of difficulty in your married life. Therefore, at this time, be as work-friendly as possible so that you can move forward in your married life smoothly. This is the time to move forward with married life as well as support with your spouse. At this time you would like to carry on your work. You will not like the work done with anyone’s advice or in partnership, but you can definitely take the help of your life partner in completing your tasks. Even in love relationship, you should understand the feelings of your partner like this. It is also not right at this time to impose your relationship on each other too much because now you are understanding each other. If you have tried to impose a little bit on your relationship, then a good relation can spoil you. You may have a breakup and you will definitely regret it later. You lost such a good relationship with your hand. Therefore, be careful at this time and let the love relationship progress with each other and become the strength of each other. – Gemini Mithun Rashi June 2021 Horoscope


If we talk about health, then the lord of disease, who is sitting in the eighth house, but sitting in the friend’s sign, but the master is sitting in the eighth house. Eighth house is not good Guru 100 mg. Therefore, Thailand should take care of your throat for a bit at this time, do not let the cold cold come near you. Problems like cough and stomach pain can occur. They come under the jurisdiction of the Guru, so you should be especially careful about these diseases. Any problem related to skin can surround you at this time, so now you have to take special care of the school child of your taste, there should not be any kind of negligence in his health and children often become rebellious, they have to get out of the house. This problem is going on now and almost all the parents do what to do and they are bored in the house or run away a bit but this time is not appropriate. This time is not appropriate. The children will go out. If you children go out in the house, they may bring infection from somewhere from outside. Therefore, at this time you have to take special care of the health of your children. How much But you have to keep them at home. Do not let out of the house, then there may be a little worry in your mind regarding the health of your child. If you keep a little preparation and provide guidance to him, then you will not have to face any kind of problem. Yoga will definitely connect itself with meditation pranayama. So this was it. Monthly horoscope for the month of June for Cancer sign. – Gemini Mithun Rashi June 2021 Horoscope

Let’s look at Remedies:

Look, I have talked about the student class, in your horoscope, the yoga karaka planet is the lord of karma. If the lord of fifth house is of Mars, then at this time, the person must recite Hanuman Chalisa before doing every action. If you offer vermilion to Hanumanji while reciting Hanuman Chalisa or Bajrang Baan, and after offering vermilion, you should put the same ticket on your head. With this you will get less side effects of Mars. You will be able to concentrate in your work. You will be seen performing very well in student studies and inside the job because Mars is the lord of Karma Bhav, so if you don’t have gram lentils, then donate to Shani. Donate red things. If you donate the substance which is black on Tuesday, on Saturday, on Saturday, as well as what I told you, please do Hanuman ji, then there will not be any hindrance in the education of any kind of students and all those who are employed will have their own There will be no obstacle in career. Stay healthy and keep smiling always. Shree Radhe. – Gemini Mithun Rashi June 2021 Horoscope


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