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Cancer Horoscope September 2022 English blog | Kark September Rashifal | Nidhi Ji Shrimali |

Cancer Horoscope September 2022

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Namaskar Swagatam Welcome We have once again appeared in front of all of you with the monthly horoscope of Cancer for the month of September. First of all, if we know about some special fasts and festivals coming in the month of September, then on 1st September the festival of Rishi Panchami will be celebrated and we are feeling very happy to inform all of you that from 3rd September till We are going to do the rituals of Maa Lakshmi once again till 18th September. This research was done by us last year also and it is ritualized as a manifestation of Maa Lakshmi. That is, Mother Lakshmi was born during these days, so these days are more important than Deepawali, so if you want to be a part of this ritual, then contact our institute and get information in its details. . Also, if you want to know about this festival from my video, then you have been given its links in the description below. You can also watch its video by going there. Teacher’s Day Ramdev Jayanti and Teja Dashami will be celebrated on 5th September. On September 9, the festival of Anant Chaturdashi will be celebrated with great pomp. Shradh Paksha is starting on 10th September. Mahalakshmi Prakatyotsava will be celebrated on 17th September and on 25th September, Navratri Ghat Sthapana will be established on Sarvapitri Amavasya Ariya on 26th September. Cancer Horoscope September 2022 English blog

Now let’s go ahead and know what special planetary conditions are bringing for us in the month of September, so first of all, we will talk. The king of planets, the Sun, is presently becoming self-occupied in Leo, and on September 17, he will enter his enemy zodiac, Virgo. Talking about the planet Mercury, he will remain exalted in his zodiac sign Virgo for the whole month. The planet Mars will remain in its friendly sign Taurus for the whole month. This whole month, Jupiter will be sitting in his own zodiac sign Pisces as a self-gracious person. If we talk about the planet Venus, then at present he is sitting in his very enemy sign Leo and on September 24, he will be sitting in his debilitated sign Virgo with Mercury and will form a low Bhang Yoga. If we talk about the planet Saturn, then he will be sitting in his own zodiac sign Capricorn during this whole month in a retrograde state. Rahu is going to sit in his even sign Aries and Ketu in his even sign Libra. If we know about what is going to be special for the people of Cancer this month, then let’s start. Monthly Horoscope of Cancer for the month of September. Before starting the horoscope, let us tell you that the horoscope is given to you, it is based on lunar calculations and is equally effective according to both your zodiac and ascendant, so you can see this horoscope according to both of you.


First of all, your zodiac lord The owner of the sense of personality Moon | If we talk about him, he is the moon. The moon changes every two and a half days, but your gentle personality is pleasing to everyone. Your charming personality is full of art. There is a feeling of kindness, love and dedication towards every person in you and this only brings you forward to help people. At this time, if you move your mind a little hard, then you will be able to think a little practical in your life. Otherwise, many times it also happens that you help someone and that person hurts you instead of your help, then reduce the emotionality a little and it is very important to walk a little practical. In this, your anger forward can sometimes dominate you, so try to do your tasks with humility. When you put extra effort, you will definitely get success. At this time, you will get to see very good harmony and harmony in your relationships. All relationships will be seen supporting you completely.

Now let us come to the second house. Talking about the second house, the Sun is the lord of the second house. Surya is sitting in his own house as a self-gracious person till 17th September. The setting of Sun in the third house as a self-occupied person will solve your ancestral property-related disputes. You will get the support and blessings of your elders. Will give good success to the people associated with the medical field. He will be seen captivating everyone with his speech. At this time, you will come in the list of a dignitary, getting respect in your family. If you do any work related to art at this time, then you will definitely earn success in it. But after September 16, 17, he has to go and sit at a house ahead of himself. If it will give good results even further, but along with Mercury on enemy sign, Budhaditya Yoga will also be made. That is why this will be the time to increase your self-confidence by removing the obstacles coming in the work. Proceed with some confidence. The officer will automatically be seen helping you in your work and if you decide the path of progress in your work, then you will get to see the results of the Sun very well this month. Cancer Horoscope September 2022 English blog

Now come in third place. Talking about the third house, he is the lord of the third house Mercury | Which is the lord of your twelfth house and Mercury is sitting in the third house by being self-occupied and exalted. This time will increase your might and intelligence more. At this time, your sixth sense will develop very well. You will come to know the difference between good and bad. Many decision-making will become strong, due to which people will be impressed by you. Many people will become your followers. That is, you will be considered ideal and for many people, you will also be seen solving problems with your intelligence with your actions. In the field of politics, your hold in politics will be stronger at this time. Your dominance will be seen increasing. With siblings, your tuning will appear to be improving, even more, then according to the results of Mercury, you will get very good results because see Venus which will become debilitated. On September 24, despite being debilitated, by sitting with Mercury and creating a situation of low-bhanga yoga, then this time period will remain in your life. Will spend a good time with my brother to encourage art. Along with this, you will also have to move forward in your duties. Your high-end toys will control your spending a bit. You will be able to decide very well where to spend the expenses and because of that, your financial condition will also be better and more improved. At this time your debt-free debt problem will end and you will see getting rid of your debt. Good profit will be received from abroad at this time. The business class will get a chance to work with foreign companies in the business. With this, you will be seen giving a tangible form to your business and this time will bring you very wonderful results of Mercury.

Now we come to the place of happiness. If we talk about the place of happiness, then he is the owner of the place of happiness. Venus and Venus are the lords of your beneficial house. If we see the economic anomalies in the situations of our profit from both happiness and profit, then Venus will sit in your second house till September 24, which is called the home of the family. If the ancestral property is the house of daily work, then at this time your happiness will increase progressively because Venus will sit in a house ahead of you, then this time will bring good conditions of good progress for you. You will gain social respect and with their help, you will be seen stabilizing yourself as a strong personality while further strengthening your image. At this time all the obstacles in all the work related to the property will be removed. The dream of the property will come true. The dream of a new home will come true. If you want to buy a new vehicle, then yours will also appear to be completed at this time. But sometimes due to your overconfidence, you can also take wrong decisions. That’s why put a little pause on your confidence and keep as much as the confidence is needed and then see when a person gets proud in his mind, then that person ends there. Because slowly it starts to decline. So never be proud. In your life, you have got a position, money, knowledge and whatever experience you have gained through your hard work. If you keep increasing it. If you do not share pride among people, then you will go on learning continuously in life. Your personality will go on becoming more and more influential and where you thought that I am full of all virtues because no person is endowed with all qualities, then it ensures the path of the downfall of the person. That is why keep yourself down to earth, help people and also spread your knowledge.

Now, Since Venus is the lord of your beneficial house, then he will progressively increase the situations of your benefit. The merchant class will be seen opening new branches of their business. At this time, you will get to see favorable conditions. Especially in the travel business, restaurant business and hotel business. The level and circle will increase and your work will also appear to increase. VIPs will join your circle. At this time, you will invest in new tasks and will also try to give more detail to your work. But invest wisely. You have to be careful while investing. Don’t have to hurry. Tie you this thing too, and take special care. Cancer Horoscope September 2022 English blog

Now let’s talk about the fifth house. Talking about the fifth house, Mars is the lord of the fifth house and the lord of the fifth house is also the lord of Mars and Karma Bhava i.e. a centre and triangle. Mars will be in your Kundli, Yogakaraka Yoga Karak Mars will sit in its friend’s zodiac sign for the whole month and it will increase the conditions of profit. will increase it progressively. You will get good results in the field of education. Your confidence level will appear to increase due to the desired results. Your hard work will pay off. At this time if you do any preparation for engineering. If you are going to give an engineering entrance exam, then those exams will be very good for you. Your interest in religious activities will increase and if your children are good at sports then surely they will make you feel proud through sports. At this time, people associated with the literary world will get respect and if your journey is completed for some special purpose, then that journey will be pleasant and auspicious for you.

Now since Mars is also your Karmesh, then those who are involved in technical field in IT field or in any daring job like IPS or Police, Army Navy, then your chances of promotion increment will be seen increasing in all these jobs. You will get the cooperation of the officials. You will win the heart of your officer by performing well in the job. At this time, your colleagues will try to learn from you and do their work. Like teamwork, you will continue to strive and move forward with your colleagues to achieve your goal and this thing will be liked by your officers. At this time you will definitely get the support of your father and with his guidance, you will be able to overcome your problems too. There may be a movement of guests in the house, but the atmosphere of the house will appear to be very healthy, so since Mars is very good for you, then Mars will also bring good results in your life and if you are doing some work related to Mars. So definitely this time will be very good for you.

Now let us come to the sense of disease. He is the master of disease. The Guru who is becoming self-occupied in the place of fate, the owner of the disease house being self-occupied in the place of fate may invite some breathing problems. Take special care of your health. Make yoga, meditation, pranayama, and morning walk, jogging a part of your life whatever you want to do. Anything extra is bad for everything, so avoid extra exercise, but you must do as much exercise daily as the body needs. You will also be filled with spiritual feelings at this time. Opponents will automatically fail in their tasks. At the same time, you will get victory in every work. Your alertness in work related to money will be worth seeing. Cancer Horoscope September 2022 English blog

Now, since Mars is sitting in the place of destiny in its own house, being self-occupied, then it will make luck more powerful. Share Market Lottery You Digital Currency You will see good profit in such works. If you have invested first then you will get profit and if you have not invested then you will invest. You will see far-reaching results in the future. You will definitely get success in whatever work you take up at this time. At the same time, you will also feel full in devotion to God in the works of religion and you will always be filled with spiritual feelings, due to which you will also get the blessings of God.

Now go ahead and find out. About the seventh house If we talk about the seventh house, then the seventh lord is Shani, which is good to sit in the seventh house after being retrograde and sitting in the seventh house in the retrograde state. Because they are sitting in their own house, but Shani’s vision is not good. The third sight of Saturn is falling on Jupiter. If the seventh sight of Saturn is falling on your twelfth place and the tenth vision is on Mercury, Venus, Sun and mighty house, then this and Saturn’s vision is falling on Ketu at the place of your happiness, then Saturn’s vision is not good. That’s why you have to be a little careful and the curved vision gets worse, that’s why you must donate Shani. In this, you will definitely get yoga from your spouse. You have to avoid wrong actions. Try to do your work by following the path of honesty while walking on the right path. If you take the wrong path, you may have to pay for taking it. You may also have to go to jail. That is why you have to take special care of these things. The business class will implement some new schemes on the basis of their hard work and you will also get a lot of profit from it. In this, you will get back any of your lost items. Due to this a feeling of happiness will arise in your mind. If someone makes a false charge sheet, you will be acquitted of that charge. That is, you will get a clean chit in him and that person himself. will be caught in the charges. Your Shani is the lord of the eighth house. That is why you will see the sources of getting secret money. At the same time, keeping a lot of alertness in your work, you will complete your tasks by standing on your own, due to which the conditions of your profit will be seen very good and you will get the best. At this time, do not trust anyone more than you need, rely on your self-confidence. Keep your confidential things to yourself and confidential documents in a safe place. So this was the horoscope for the month of September for Cancer people. Cancer Horoscope September 2022 English blog

Auspicious dates – 3 to 8, 11 to 17, 21 to 27 and 30.

Noteworthy dates – 1, 2, 9, 10, 18 to 20, 28 and 29.

Auspicious colours – White, cream, light, yellow light, blue light, peach light, pink means light and pastel colors will be very good and lucky.

Special Measures


  • Feed Brahmins and get their blessings.
  • Worship Lord Shri Vishnu in full.
  • Donate yellow things on Thursday.
  • Keep Mukhi Rudraksha in your house and donate sweet things and useful things to the poor and lame people.


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