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Cancer Horoscope January 2022 English Blog | Nidhi Shrimali


Cancer Horoscope January 2022 English Blog

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Wishing you all a very Happy New Year. Today we are presenting in front of you the monthly horoscope for January for the people of the Cancer zodiac. It is the first month of the year and this first month is very important for us, so let us know what are the special festivals in this month which are going to come, then on 1st January the new year is starting but along with the monthly Shivratri also comes. Therefore, worship Lord Bhole Shankar on this day so that your whole year goes very well. Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti will be celebrated on 9 January. Swami Vivekananda Jayanti is coming on 12th January. On January 14, the festival of Makar Sankranti will be celebrated with great pomp. On this day, the Sun moves from Dakshinayan to Uttarayan, so in many provinces, the festival of Pongal and Lohri is also celebrated on this day, so this day remains very special. Our national festival i.e. Republic Day is coming on 26th January, which the whole nation will celebrate with great pomp. These are some fasts and festivals which are going to come in this month and are making this month special. Cancer Horoscope January 2022 English Blog

The beginning of the year is the first month, so it is very important to know about the position of the planets because the monthly horoscope depends on it, so first of all let’s talk about the Sun, the king of the planets, which is currently sitting in its very friendly zodiac, Sagittarius. And on January 14, he will be sitting in his enemy sign Capricorn from Sagittarius. The planet Mercury will remain in Capricorn for the whole month and till March 5, it will remain in its enemy sign. At present, Mars will be sitting in Scorpio, which is his zodiac sign, being self-occupied and on January 16, he will enter his very friendly zodiac, Sagittarius. The planet Jupiter will remain in its friendly zodiac sign Aquarius for the whole month. Venus will remain in its friendly sign Sagittarius for the whole month. Saturn will remain in its sign i.e. Capricorn. If Rahu, Taurus and Ketu will be sitting in Scorpio, then this is the position of planetary transit which we will get to see this month. Also, the fifth vision of the Guru will be on your twelfth house, the seventh sight will be on your second house and the ninth will fall on your happy place, then what effect of the position of the transit of this planet will be seen on your this month. Let us tell you that these monthly horoscopes are telling you that it is equally effective according to both your zodiac and ascendant.

First of all, your zodiac lord talks about the Moon, which will bind your relationships in bonding, will establish an atmosphere of good harmony in your relationships, that is, your personality will be very attractive. You are a very kind person, so you tend to help people by going out of the way and standing for the family and this month also you will have a similar situation with your family. Your relation with Dadiyal will be seen to be very good and strong. You will continue to receive the blessings of grandparents, while the Sun, the lord of the family house, who is sitting in your disease house, will bring little ups and downs in your life. Cancer Horoscope January 2022 English Blog

Sitting in the fifth house of the owner of the second house will strengthen your relationship with your family more. You will be seen captivating everyone with your speech, your influence will increase in your radiance. Your reconciliation programs with relatives from the family will see an increase this month. You will be seen getting social respect, you will help a relative by going out of the way, which will make your relationship appear stronger and your image will emerge in front of a positive society so that you will come in the category of dignitaries in the society. If you have any stuck work at this time, then because of your influence, because of your personality, that work will also be completed at a faster pace. Cancer Horoscope January 2022 English Blog

Now let’s talk about your mighty house, then sitting in the seventh house of mighty Mercury and sitting in the centre will increase your might. Discussions of your intelligence will be everywhere. Your sphere of influence in politics will increase and dominance will be seen increasing. You will become dear to the public, your wishes will be fulfilled in time, your relations with your brothers and sisters will be seen getting stronger. If the misunderstood was going on with the cousin till now, then that misunderstood will now be clear, that is, your relationship with them will also be seen getting stronger. You will get success in whatever work you do during this time. If Parakramesh is sitting in the seventh house with Shani and Saturn is currently sitting in your seventh house forming a Mahapurush Yoga named Shash, then this combination will also be very beneficial for you. At this time the obstacles coming in your government work will be removed. The chances of getting promotion and increment will be seen increasing more and more for the employed people. Sukhesh Shukra, who is sitting third from himself and is sitting in a diseased house, can bring ups and downs in your happiness, although the ninth vision of Jupiter is falling on your happiness, then the problem will not take a very big and formidable form. Still, you have to be aware at this time. Be a little cautious in terms of your expenses as the financial situation may be full of fluctuations. Some money may be spent on the decoration works in the maintenance works in the house, but you have to set your budget and walk because if you do not move ahead in your life after seeing the budget, then the problem may increase even more. Something related to mother’s health. Anxiety will arise in your mind. They may have some ladies problems and because of that, you may have to make trips to the hospital with them. They may have to be treated, but with your care, they will soon be able to see health benefits as well. At this time, you should also be a little aware of your relationships because the situations of ups and downs in relationships are also there for you. If there is any work related to property, then do it with a little caution because in such works you can get to see the situation of stagnation. This time will be a bit of a struggle for the farmer class. You will not be able to make the fruits of your hard work inside the farm, due to which a little disappointment may arise, but you will get the fruits of your hard work today or tomorrow, with the hope that you will go ahead in your deeds. For those who work related to milk dairy and animal husbandry, this time can also be full of ups and downs, so do not make any risky investment at this time.

Panchmesh Mars is sitting in the fifth house as a self-occupied person, Ketu is sitting together, which is increasing the power of Mars even more. This time is going to be very good for the student class. You will get good results in your studies. Especially science students. This time is going to be very good for them. If you have taken a project in hand or you are making a science model, then you will be seen achieving very good success in this too. On the other hand, the time will be very good for the students who want to make their future through sports. You will get medals according to your ability as per your wish. At this time you will have many opportunities to move forward. Do you know how much proficiency you get in that game? This time will give very good and best results to the people associated with engineering. If you are doing any IT related studies or are preparing for any engineering exam, then you will get success in that too. If it is going to happen now then you will get success in that exam. The exam will be very good for you and if the result is to come then the result is also going to be very positive for you. Cancer Horoscope January 2022 English Blog

On January 16, when Mars will sit in your sixth house from your fifth house i.e. disease house, then along with Venus, they will sit in your disease house, even then it is also good for Panchmesh to sit one house ahead of himself. Therefore, at this time also you will get very good results from Mars, but you will have to be aware of health because this month is not good for you in terms of health. The lord of the disease house, the Guru who is sitting in the eighth house, can increase your diseases. If any problem related to obesity is going on in your life, then some disease related to it can enter your life, so be a little careful about it. There may be a problem with blood disorders. Pimples on the face, Itching, Scabies, Itching problems, Some problem of internal parts i.e. related to the wart, related to piles, Having any problem, Ladies have problems with periods, you have to go through all these problems. may fall This month is not good for you in terms of health. You will have to take special care of your health a little bit because if you do a little carelessness then the problem can take a serious form and because of this, your other work will also go on getting interrupted. Taking advantage of your weakness, the enemy side will also try to interfere with your work, that is why it would be right that you take care of your health first. First, a happy and healthy body, if the person’s body is not healthy, then it cannot do any work consciously, that’s why you have to take special care of your health so that your other work cannot be interrupted. If there is any transaction related to money, then at this time you should stand by yourself and complete such tasks. Debt situations may arise. The financial situation can be full of ups and downs. You may have more debt. The loan can go up. You can fall into such problems. At this time you have to take special care of these things. The lord of the spouse’s house i.e. the seventh lord, Saturn is sitting in the seventh house. While making a Mahapurush Yoga named Shash, sitting in the centre of Shani, making a Mahapurush Yoga named Shash and also sitting with the lord of the seventh house will improve your seventh house very well. The seventh house is of married life, business, then there will be good progress in business, especially those who work related to grocery, animal husbandry or crops, work related to mineral substances and oil-related if you have any work. If you do any work related to petroleum products, then you will get very good success in all these areas. Your dream will come true this time. You can start your work at a brand level. If you want to open a mini-mall or a grocery store, then you can also get a loan for that at this time. At this time you can get help from many, you can start your work very well, but at this time you have to especially take care not to work in partnership. Work alone and you will get great success in whatever work you do independently. There will be feelings of sweetness in married life. You will get to see very good support and cooperation of life partner. You will get to see his important contribution in bringing new ideas into it to grow the business at this time. But the life of your daily routine can be disturbed at this time. IQ level can be bad. Sometimes you may have some wrong decisions in confusion, which can affect your life this month, so if you take any decision, then go ahead with that decision with the advice of your family members or with the advice of an experienced friend. At this time you do not have to share any confidential things with anyone in your sentimentality. Do not share your confidential documents with anyone, keep them in a safe place so that no one can take advantage of your sentimentality of these things, then you will have to be careful. With your awareness, you will be able to make your works because the eighth lord Shani is sitting in his twelfth house, making great men named Shash, but sitting in the eighth house, somewhere disturbing the life of your daily routine, then this problem can arise with you. So be a little aware of them. Travels can happen, but whatever you do, you will get very good and successful results. Bhagyesh Guru’s sitting in 12th from himself will fluctuate the luck a bit. At this time you should not make any risky investment. Do not invest in the lottery. Avoid investing in the stock market as well. If you have to make any investment, then invest long term, forget by putting money and then if money remains for a long time then it will give you profit. But you do not have to engage in any risky work. Stay away from such problems. You have gone to your workplace, two people are fighting, if you jump between colleagues, then both of them will end their fight by fighting and you will get stuck in the middle, then you should not allow such situation to come in your life. You have to rely only on your karma. Luck will not support you, so try to be karma-oriented. We always try to tell you that those who try never give up. If you try, you will get the fruits of your efforts. Keep this point in mind, however, the youth may be a little disappointed as the job search will remain a hunt. Stability will remain in life but keep trying, when the right time comes, the situation will become very favourable for you and you will get the fruits of your hard work. Karmesh Mars is sitting in your fifth house but Mars is also the yoga karaka planet in your horoscope. Because there is also Karmesh and Panchmesh in your horoscope and will sit in the fifth house for half a month, being self-occupied. By the time of Mars i.e. by January 16, you will get the results. The obstacles coming into the job will be removed. If you are employed in administrative posts i.e. IPS officer or even in police service, then at this time very good sums of increment of your promotion will be seen being made. But after January 16, when people from your fifth house will go out and sit in your seventh house, then some problems may come in your life. At that time you have to be a little aware, be honest about your work. Do not try to do any wrong thing i.e. take a bribe because at this time if you have done something like this then action can be taken against you and you may also have to face a jail trip, the job may be lost, so at this time you have to take a little You have to be aware that you will continue to receive the guidance of your father, so if you get stuck in any problem, then go ahead with the advice of your father, you will get very good benefits and you will be seen getting the right guidance in the right direction. Cancer Horoscope January 2022 English Blog

The lord of the benefic house is Venus, who is sitting in the disease house, and sitting in the disease house of the benefic and going eighth from yourself will fluctuate your profit too, but Rahu sitting in the 11th house will give you good results. Therefore, at this time you can do any risky work like share market, trading, lottery, you will benefit from it. But what is the benefit of your daily routine is the daily profit that you are earning by hard work, it will be full of fluctuations. At this time there is a possibility of a vehicle accident, so be careful while driving. There may be expenses on the maintenance of your house at this time. Some sudden you will get to see the situation of loss. A big expense will come up in front of you, due to which you will have to invest money in it and because of that your financial condition will be seen fluctuating, then at this time you will have to look at the position of your profit. To maximize profit, the spending conditions will also have to be controlled. So spend as much as you need so that your financial condition also does not get disturbed. Don’t have to run your business by borrowing from anyone.

If we talk about spending house, then Mercury is the lord of spending house, which is sitting in your seventh house i.e. in conjunction with Saturn in the centre, so at this time you have to walk a little bit with your intelligence. If you move ahead with your tact with your intelligence, then you will also be able to control the situations of expenditure and will also be able to move forward with your work. This month will continue as it is going on for the business class as usual. Employed people will have to work with little awareness. Don’t be deceived by anyone at this time. Somebody can even trap you. False allegations can be levelled against you, if you go ahead on your path of action honestly, then no one will be able to harm you. Keep this in mind, that’s why go on walking honestly and be a little aware of your co-workers also be a little aware of whom you should talk to. You have to evaluate whom you should trust and whom you should not, so this month you will have to be a little cautious. Cancer Horoscope January 2022 English Blog

Guru’s fifth vision is falling at your expense, which will support you somewhere. No matter where your expenses are getting very high, but if you are working in less, then such situations will also arise, so you should be tension free, just move ahead on your karmic path with confidence and do your tasks with honesty. You will not face any kind of problem. Cancer Horoscope January 2022 English Blog

Cancer Horoscope January 2022 REMEDY

  1.  Disease is the lord of the house and is sitting third from himself and is sitting in the eighth house and somewhere increases in your diseases, so you must donate yellow things on Thursday.
  2.  Feed the cow by adding turmeric inside the flour and then making its roti. It will be very good for you, if you can feed them with jaggery, then even better.
  3.  Recite Vishnu Sahasranama.
  4.  Worship the banana tree on Thursday, light a lamp of ghee under it and if you can listen to the story of Satyanarayana, then do that on Thursday.
  5.  On Monday, Bhole Shankar is to be anointed with Panchamrit. It will solve your problems in your life. Bholenath’s grace will be on you and at the same time, your personality will become more powerful, attractive and strong. The state of confusion will end in your life.
  6.  White things can be worn with silver things. If you can wear a silver bracelet, you can wear a silver chain. Use silver things.
  7.  You should have a darshan of the moon and offer Arghya to the moon.

May this year bring you happiness, good fortune and prosperity. May all your wishes come true.

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