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Cancer Horoscope August 2022


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Hello, welcome We have once again appeared before all of you. Taking the monthly horoscope of August and this month remains very special every year because many fasts and festivals come together in August. Let’s know about them. Firstly, on August 2, the festival of Nag Panchami will be celebrated with great pomp. After that Putrada Ekadashi is coming on 8th August. Putrada Ekadashi is going to be special for those couples who want to have children and are unable to get children. They must worship Lord Krishna on the day of Putrada Ekadashi. August 11 is the festival of Raksha Bandhan, which is a symbol of love between brothers and sisters. Shravan month will end on 12th August and Kajali Teej is coming on 14th August, the special festival of honeymooners. Independence Day is on 15th August, which is the biggest festival in our country. Krishna Janmashtami is coming on 18th August. The festival of Goga Navami will be celebrated on 20 August. August 23 will be the day to start Bach, Baras and Paryushan. In Bach Baras, mothers worship cows and calves for the long life of their children. On August 30, the festival of Hartalika Teej will be celebrated with great pomp and August 31 is the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, so we will get to see many of these festivals this time in August. Cancer Horoscope August 2022 English blog

Now let’s move ahead and know how this month is going to be important according to the transit of the planet and it is very important to see how. Talking about the Sun, the king of planets, he is currently sitting in his very friendly zodiac sign Cancer and on August 17, he will be sitting in his zodiac sign Leo Leo by becoming self-occupied, then the Sun, who is the king of the planets, will be in his zodiac. are about to come. Then talk about Mercury, which is currently sitting in its even sign Cancer. On August 1 i.e. on the first day of the month, they will enter their even zodiac sign Leo and on August 21, they will be exalted in Virgo, that is, in their zodiac, they are also exalted and self-gratified. Huh. Will sit there. Talking about Mars, he is currently sitting in his zodiac sign Aries and will enter his friend sign Taurus on 10th August. The planet Jupiter will be sitting in its zodiac sign Pisces as a self-gracious person for the whole month. Talking about Venus, he is currently sitting in his very friendly sign Gemini and on 7th August he will enter his even sign Cancer and on 31st August he will enter his Leo sign. Talking about Shani, he will remain in his zodiac sign Capricorn and will remain self-gratified for the whole month. Rahu will be sitting evenly and Ketu is going to be sitting in his equal sign Libra for this whole month, so this is the condition of this planetary transit in this month. Now the conditions of these planets are being created and the positions of the planets are very special because this month the Sun is becoming self-occupied. Mercury is getting exalted, and Jupiter is self-occupied. Saturn is self-occupied. Mars, which is still in its sign, is forming Angarak Yoga with Rahu. Sitting in your zodiac, your zodiac is the lord. If they come one house ahead of themselves, then this Angarak Yoga will be broken. We will get to see the Budhaditya Yoga of Sun and Mercury, but many situations are going to be very favourable this month. That is, this month is very important for all zodiac signs. Now how will the people of Aries get the benefit of this? If you know about it, then let’s start. Monthly Horoscope for August for Gemini people.

Let’s talk first. Your personality of your zodiac lord and ascendant Moon is very attractive, that is why the mind is also very fickle. Moon is fickle and whose zodiac lord or Lagna is Moon, that person is a little fickle and it makes points. There are many things going on inside your mind. Let these things settle down a bit. Calm your mind because the more fresh and calm you keep your mind, the calmer you will be able to take your decisions and those decisions will appear to be equally powerful. This is the time to add beauty to your personality. Your relationship with the mind will be very good. You will get to see the full pampering and caressing of Grandparents, Nana, Dada, Dadi and Dadihal’s family members. At this time, along with family relationships, you will also be seen creating a good image at your workplace. But there is always a stream you get to see in your work in your life. Work after a while your mind increases. Then do some other work. Then it seems that thirdly, you have to give up such a tendency. Complete a task. Do it with full concentration. After that, you should start the second work. You just have to keep this in mind so that there will not be any kind of problem in your life. Although there is a vision of Saturn, that is why a little bit you should be careful with the point of view of Saturn. Try to avoid little in situations of a dispute with your father. Cancer Horoscope August 2022 English blog

Now come to your second place. He is the owner of second place. The Sun is going to sit in the Ascendant and first he will sit 12th from himself till 17th August. After that, they will sit in your own place by becoming self-occupied, and then you will get to see the results of the Sun that Saturn also has a vision. There is enmity between father and son on the Sun. That is why the results of the Sun should not be so bad for you and till August 17, things related to money will go on running normally at this time. You should start new work after August 17. That time is going to be very perfect for you. At that time, you will take any work in hand and you will be able to do that work only after successfully completing it. The problems coming in your life at this time will also appear to be going away. If any work is stuck for you, then those work will also be completed at a fast pace, so take care of you a little and work with maturity. You don’t have to be hasty in your decisions at all. Haste can spoil the work, so do not bring haste in your life you need dedication in the work that you do. With that dedication, you will move forward in your life. Equally, you will be seen achieving success in your work as well. At this time, you will be seen captivating everyone with your speech and because of a little straightness, sometimes you can spoil the work, so reduce the stress a little. This time will be very good for the people associated with the medical field.

Now come. In third place. He is the owner of third place. Mercury will be sitting in your second house at the beginning of the month. You will sit in your own bar, but in the house of money, the results of Mercury are right. That is why at this time you do not have to put your power in a negative direction. Don’t get involved in anyone’s talk. Should not be in misunderstood. Take special care of this. The time after August 21 is going to be very good for you. In this time of 20 days, by being a little careful, you will have to walk in relationships and also walk in professional life. But after August 21, Mercury is being exalted and being exalted, it is going to sit in your own house, that is, going to the mighty house. The setting of Mercury in your mighty house will give you great results. Whatever pending work related to politics at this time will be completed very quickly. If you miss entering politics, then you will get entry into politics. On the other hand, if you are already in politics, then at this time you will see your status, respect and popularity of the public. Brothers and sisters will get support in might and you will be seen fulfilling all your wishes and desires at this time. Cancer Horoscope August 2022 English blog

Now we come in the place of Mercury since your fourth house is also lord of Mercury i.e. The lord of spending house is sitting one more ahead of your house. Tritiya will sit first before you. By 21st August and after that, if you sit in the fourth position than yourself, then there may be a slight fluctuation in expenses at this time. There may be some unexpected expenses. There may be some money-related problems. Debt problems may also arise. For a little while now, you will have to live in the beginning of the month thinking about finances. The time after August 21 will be very good for you. You will be financially secure and at this time you will make everyone your own. You will gain a lot of skills in getting your work done. That is, the work which is stuck for you till now is not being done, if that work will also start being done, then you will get mixed results from Mercury this month.

Now let’s move on. About the economic house i.e. the place of happiness, which is the owner of the feeling of happiness. Venus, which is sitting on its twelfth and on 7th August itself, at the beginning of the month, will sit in your zodiac sign. If Venus sits in your zodiac sign, that is, if the centre husband sits in the centre, if any of its lords sit in the centre, then it gives good results. Since Venus is dry and is sitting in the ascendant. Has a sense of the personality of great results. However, at this time you have to be a little careful. Laziness may be on top of you. You may be a bit temperamental at this point. That is, you have less tendency to work, to move around, to decorate, it will be more things in your mind and because of that, you will give your time in these things only this month. We are not saying that you should not do these things. Do these things, but set a time for it. If you will give full time to this, then when will you discharge your duty and because of that, see that the hobbies you enjoy or the desires you have will be fulfilled only when you earn, discharge the duty, and start your financial condition. If you do not do this, then how will you fulfil your dreams for your convenience? You have to be a little careful. Spend your money on resources. Give them time Give time to your hobbies, but not so much that it disturbs your life. Sources are reduced and there is an environment of financial fluctuation. Anyway, at a loss, he is the one who can do these things to confuse the person and motivate him toward the wrong path. There may also be a rift in your family relations. Especially with the mother, situations of dispute can arise. Saturn’s tenth sight is also falling on Ketu and your Venus, but you have to be a little careful and move forward in your life with patience. Give priority to your duty first. After that, you can do any work in your life. But first, give time to your work. Do your duty. After that fulfil the desires of your mind. Cancer Horoscope August 2022 English blog

Now, since Venus is the lord of your benefic house and the lord of your benefic sitting in the third and ascendant, it is very good that Venus being seated inside your zodiac will increase the profit of your third sitting. A little has to increase the tendency to work in your life because Venus makes you temperamental. If it makes you lazy, then you do not turn away from your duty at all and give priority to your work, then surely you will get to see the circumstances of the best benefits in your life.

Now coming to the fifth house. The lord of the fifth house is Mars, which is the lord of your karma and Mars is the yoga factor in your horoscope. Sitting in the karmic sense of the Yogakarak planet and sitting in one house ahead of you i.e. In the house of profit on 10th August will give great benefits. Only then will the sight of Mars remain in its place, and then the time is very good for those who are engineering students. Will get the best results. Very good for science students. If you are taking any technical education, then the time is very good for those students who do construction-related work related to contracting. Time is also good for those who do any work in the mining department or mines. For them too, this time is very wonderful or if you do any work related to minerals. This time is going to be very good for them because till now Mars gives you very good results by being self-occupied. But now, even in the profit house running in the house of Mars, their results will be very good because see that the lord of the fifth house is sitting on his feet and looking at his house and Mars, the lord of karma, is sitting one house ahead of him, then in both the circumstances You will get the best results of Mars. You will get good results. For the employed people, the time will be for incremental promotion. There will be more cooperation from the officials. Opportunity to lead a team. You will get the opportunity to work on a big project. If you do any business or business of your own, then the guidance of the father is necessary. Do not ignore their words and take their guidance that you should take any important decision in your life. Cancer Horoscope August 2022 English blog

Now go ahead and find out. About the sixth house, i.e. Disease house is the owner of disease house. The Guru who is sitting in the place of fortune as a self-occupied person will get great results by going to his fourth Guru and increasing his happiness. Efforts are being made to increase the resources of the amenities. At this time you can shop for luxury items in your home. Your fame may increase. The enemy side may also be compelled to praise you. At this time you can get success in money-related work, so this time is very good for you but not on possibilities. You have to act. Because if you do the work, then you will get the fruits. You have to do the work yourself. That is, why do not do any kind of carelessness in hard work, and you will get more results than the better your karma will be.

Now, since the Guru is the lord of your destiny, then the Guru will also be associated with the works of Dharma and Karma, but he is still full of spiritual feelings. If there is a planet, giving knowledge, then at this time you will show interest in teaching and studying religious texts. You will also gain proficiency in any religious text. Travelling to a religious place with family members or performing any rituals or taking interest in religious activities. Such a tendency is going to be very much in you at this time. This mother gives good results for your religious activities. At the same time, this time is also very good for the young girls who are looking for jobs. That search of yours will end and you will be seen getting a good job. He wants to do something new in his career. This time is very good for them. You can advance in your career. Surely this time will be positive for you.

Now we come to the seventh house i.e. Which is the house of married life. Is a place of business. If you know about it, then Shani, the lord of the house of the place of business, first of all, we will talk about business class people, then you will get to see a very good time in business now. The problem of ups and downs in your business will end. You will get the fruit of your hard work at this time. Cancer Horoscope August 2022 English blog

Do not work in partnership. Individuals who are doing business independently will get more profit conditions in it. If you are already in a partnership, then you will have to walk with the feelings of the partner. Do not hurt their feelings and it is not right for you to go ahead with any decision by discussing it only with yourself. You will get full happiness of married life at this time. You will be very loyal to your life partner and they will also know and accept your strengths. Your married life will be happy during this time. In a love relationship also you will try to understand each other and try to move forward with each other. This is the time, it will also be a source of progressive progress for you. But at the same time, how would you feel if you get any of your lost items back at this time? So this time will get you your lost things back, that too with the help of a life partner, no one can stop your progress, progress and happiness. On the other hand, Saturn is the lord of your eighth house, then it will run by balancing the daily routine tasks. You will come forward on the strength of hard work. Your secret enemies will be over. You can get the sources of getting secret money. There can be far-reaching journeys at this time, but the journey will be pleasant and auspicious, then if you see, you will get a very good result of Saturn and this month is going to be good for the people of Cancer. Cancer Horoscope August 2022 English blog

Auspicious dates – 1st to 3rd, 6th to 12th, 15th to 21st and 24th to 30th.
Noteworthy dates – 4th, 5th, 13th, 14th, 22nd, 23rd and 31st.
Lucky Color – Red, Maroon, Rani |

Special Measures

  • Wear Rudraksha. Apart from this, you should definitely donate to Shani.
  • Visit the Shani temple daily during this time.
  • Must light a mustard oil lamp in their temple in the evening and if you cannot do it daily, then definitely do it on Saturday.
  • This time is very good and auspicious for you. Mars removes the defects of Saturn.
  • You should make a rule of worship, worship of Hanuman ji.
  • Do recite Hanuman Chalisa every day and before reciting and at the end of the lesson, you must say Jai Shri Ram.

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