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Cancer Horoscope 2022 English Blog | Cancer Horoscope 2022 – Nidhi Shrimali


Cancer Horoscope 2022 English Blog


Year of good prospects


At the beginning of the year, your zodiac lord Mars and Ketu will be sitting in your fifth house i.e. Scorpio. Guru, who will be seen sitting in your eighth house, correcting your daily routine a little, along with the fifth sight of the Guru is falling on your twelfth place i.e. on the house of expenses, which will reduce your expenses. Your money will be spent on the works of religion, which will be auspicious work. Along with this, there will be possibilities of getting good profit from abroad. That is, this time will be very good for those people who work related to import-export. The seventh aspect of Jupiter will fall on your wealthy house, which will increase your ancestral property. You will be seen captivating everyone with your speech, which will increase the respect in the family, that is, you will be seen adding to your fame and the ninth vision of the Guru will fall on your happiness, which will increase your happiness i.e. there will be an increase in pleasures like land building vehicle. . To me your tuning will seem to get better and better. Sweetness and strength in family relationships will be seen at this time. If any visa-related problem was going on in your life, then that problem will also end at this time. Shani will form a great man named Shash in the Kendra place i.e. in the seventh house, whose seventh vision will fall on your ascendant, so you will be a little more emotional at this time. There will be more confusion in the work. This means a decision power will be a little weak, but at this time you will also get the support of your family and if you do any work after taking advice from them, then you will get success at this time but it is good to be emotional but extra Being emotional can affect both your professional and personal life. That’s why, while eliminating your extra sentimentality, move ahead in life by becoming a little practice, however, at this time your personality will be so attractive that people will try to befriend you, people will be attracted towards you. Your attraction towards the opposite sex and their attraction towards you will also increase at this time. Cancer Horoscope 2022 English Blog

Student body

This time of the student class will be full of distraction, it will take a little less mind in studies but more mind will be involved in other things. However, those who are students of science class will get very good results. Cancer Horoscope 2022 English Blog


The chances of increment and promotion can be made at this time for the employed people in their career. Since Mars is the yogic planet in your horoscope, he will also form revolutionary yoga with Saturn in your seventh house from 26 February to 6 April and will be sitting exalted. Anyone who is in a love relationship at this time will be tied in the bond of marriage. You will also get the approval of family members at this time. You will also be seen making good progress and progress in the business. Especially those who do work related to the products coming out of the land related to mineral substances, people associated with those areas will get the best results of very good results. Along with this, the employed people are occupying high administrative positions. For them, this time will be full of promotions, increments will be available. At this time, if you were trying for the desired transfer for a very long time, then you will also get that transfer. You will also get a lot of children’s happiness at this time and also if there is any obstacle related to children, then it will be redressed. Cancer Horoscope 2022 English Blog

The biggest zodiac change in the year is going to be of three planets and that month will be the month of April because in April the three big planets which affect our life a lot will have their zodiac changes. The first zodiac change is going to be that of Rahu which is currently sitting in Taurus and on April 12, Aries will enter Aries from Taurus. That is, till now they will sit in your Agave house and sit in profit house, they were giving you very good results and now if they sit in your karmic house from your profit house, then some problems will make many work a bit confusing. At this time, you may get to see problems at the workplace, but if there is a case against your father or you are facing any old cases or any court case is to be heard or when their decision comes, then definitely those decisions. You will see positive results in this. All these decisions will go in your favour. Even if you had any differences with your father for a long time, then those differences will also appear to be going away. This is the period when Rahu sits in 10th place, it gives you victory in court cases or any big family dispute. Cancer Horoscope 2022 English Blog

The second zodiac change is going to happen to the Guru, who is currently sitting in Aquarius, sitting in your eighth house, which was giving good results in your life, but On 13th April, i.e. a day after Rahu, while changing the zodiac sign from Aquarius to Pisces, ie in your destiny, you will sit as a self-gracious person. Now you will get to see the guru’s great results, but no person wants to do bad to his house by sitting in his house. By the way, wherever the guru sits, he causes loss of place, but here the guru is giving you very good benefits because he is now sitting in his own house, so at this time money will be spent in the works of religion. There will be religious trips. You will actively participate in religious ceremonies. You will try to dedicate your life more and more in devotion to God.

Students get the best results

Students who are associated with higher education and want to enrol in the desired college or go out for higher studies or want to do some studies or have taken any big project in your hands, you are doing any diploma course. You will get very good results in all these areas. Luck will support you completely. The work which was stuck for you till now, which could not be done, those works will be completed now. Cancer Horoscope 2022 English Blog

Good profit in stock market

As you do trading in the stock market, you will get very good profits in the lottery as well. Guru’s fifth sight will fall on your ascendant and will make your personality more powerful. You have an attractive personality. Cancerians are beautiful and kind, but at this time Jupiter will make you stronger. Gnani will make you increase your ability and your ability will increase so that people were attracted to you after seeing your beauty and external beauty. Now they will also be able to know about your internal competency and overall your social value, respect and fame will increase at this time. At the same time, you will also get very good benefits from the Dayal Paksha. Will get the support of grandparents. If there was any problem going on with the cousin, then that too will go away at this time. Cancer Horoscope 2022 English Blog

The seventh aspect of Jupiter is falling on your mighty spirit, which will be seen strengthening and strengthening the relationship with your brothers and sisters. At this time, the situation with siblings will be even stronger. You will also get to see good benefits from them, as well as if you can come into politics, then your sphere of influence in politics can increase. If any work related to politics is stuck for you, then at this time the situation of your stagnation will be seen on your end. Your wishes will get fulfilled at this time. Cancer Horoscope 2022 English Blog

The ninth vision of the Guru is reading on your fifth house, which is going to be very good for the students. At this time the obstacles coming into the life of the students will be removed. The work which till now did not feel like studying due to being stuck in your mind, the mind which was getting distracted by other things, now it will go away, your vision will become very clear and you will be moving towards your goal and achieving positive results. Will do.

If you were facing obstacles in getting a child, then your desire to get a child will also be seen being fulfilled while getting away at this time. If any obstacle is going on related to the child, then that obstacle will also go away for you at this time. Cancer Horoscope 2022 English Blog


Also, after Jupiter, Venus will be exalted on 27th April and will sit in conjunction with Jupiter and Venus will be exalted from 27th April to 23rd May and sit in your fateful place if you are doing any work related to the interior. You are doing work related to fashion designing, if you have any business of food supply, restaurant, you will get great success in all these areas, after that Saturn will move from Capricorn to Aquarius on 29th April i.e. from your seventh house to the eighth house. I am going to be seated after being Mulantrik. You will also get to see very good results of Saturn. Till now, the daily routine life was not going well for you, which was going on in this situation of stagnation in small tasks, you will get freedom from those situations. Will fall back on top of you, that is, the enemy side will not be able to harm you even if you want. Cancer Horoscope 2022 English Blog

The journeys that you will undertake at this time, you will get very good success in those purposes for which those journeys will be done. Saturn’s half-and-half will run for the people of Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. The same Shani’s dhaiya will remain for the Cancer and Scorpio zodiac signs, that is, your zodiac sign is also going to feel Shani’s dhaiya. There is a need to be a little careful, you do not need to be afraid of Shani’s dhaiya. Shani gives good results to good and bad to bad. On 12th July, Saturn will retrograde and again enter Capricorn from Aquarius. At this time, you will be seen to relax a bit because the problem which was still in your life with the change of Saturn’s zodiac, which was the effect of Shani’s dhaiya, will also get weakened and now you will find yourself back a little bit in the safe zone. Will find In this month, the planet Sun will also be exalted from April 14 to May 14 and will sit in your karmic house. At this time if you have a dream of a government job or if you want to go to electronic line or want to do any work related to medical then you will get success in it as well as there is any dispute related to the ancestral property then they will go away. . The benefit of your daily routine will be seen increasing, the graph of your progress will also increase at this time i.e. if we see for the people of Cancer, then this year has brought mixed results. Very positive results will also be seen from many planets, while due to many planets, you may also have to face some problems. That is, Rahu and Ketu can disturb a little. But the other planets like the Sun are sitting well and after the change in the zodiac sign of Jupiter in your horoscope, you will get very good results after April. Shani who will sit in your eighth and fix the life of your daily routine, then these will be two time periods, this year will bring very mixed results for you. Cancer Horoscope 2022 English Blog

Shani’s dhaiya is taking you for two and a half months because, on 22nd July, Saturn will again retrograde and sit in Capricorn from Aquarius and after that, he will remain in Capricorn for the whole year, so this is a gap of about two and a half months. Cancer Horoscope 2022 English Blog


Special measures for the year 2022

  1. Small Rudra should be recited.
  2. Recite the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra.
  3. Chant Om Namah Shivaya regularly and anyway your zodiac lord or the moon which Lord Bhole Shankar has worn in his hair. So if you worship Bhole Shankar. If you worship Lord Shiva, then it will be very beneficial for you.

Rahu and Ketu are also disturbing you in your horoscope this year. Many obstacles are coming in your way.

  1. First of all, you have to feed a black dog with oil-filled roti for a year.
  2. Donate seven paddy to the needy person.
  3. You have to raise the flag on the temple from the regulator. Whenever you go to the temple, offer the flag in the temple.
  4. Your zodiac lord is Moon, so you have to keep silver metal with you, if you want, wear a silver bracelet in your hand and use as many silver things as possible, that is, if you have a sliver glass of water, then you should drink water from a sliver glass or You put milk in a silver glass at night and then sleep after drinking it.
  5. you should also wear pearls because if your ascendant is Moon, then wearing pearls will be good for you in the smallest finger of a silver ring, if you wear pearls then it is also very beneficial for you.

Let me tell you the remedies of this john silver. All you have to do is make a gift from your mother. Now if you do not have a mother, then you can also ask your sister or aunt. You can take these gifts, but by taking a gift from them, whatever silver thing you wear on your body, you will get a very good result, so you must implement these measures in your life. This remedy can make a big difference in your life. Can increase your happiness, good fortune and prosperity, so this is what I have given you the annual horoscope for the year 2022 for Cancer people. Common is given to many Cancer people. If you want to know whether such good auspicious combinations are happening in your horoscope which will make your coming year even better or will brighten your future, then you can take advantage of our horoscope analysis. By analyzing your horoscope, we will tell you some surefire measures that will increase your future progress and make your new year more happy and prosperous. May the new year be full of happiness for you, may all your wishes be fulfilled. Cancer Horoscope 2022 English Blog

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