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Cancer February 2023 Horoscope English blog | कर्क राशि फरवरी राशिफल | Nidhi Shrimali

Cancer February 2023 Horoscope English blog

Namaskar Swagatam Welcome we have entered the year 2023 and a month has passed. We are moving towards the second month. Today, we have brought in front of you the monthly horoscope of the second month of the year i.e. February of Cancerians and we should know how to move with time, the person who does not move with time. Time slips out of his hands and after that the person has to repent. That’s why walk with time, don’t run, don’t be greedy. Your life is busy, but you should develop the habit of moving with the cycle of time. Keep moving forward on the path of your karma, time will automatically become supportive for you. Let’s move forward and know more. Regarding some special fasts and festivals coming in the month of February, Jaya Ekadashi fast will be observed on February 1. Pradosh Vrat is coming on February 2. Magh Purnima fast will be observed on February 5. Kumbh Sankranti will be celebrated on 13 February. Vijaya Ekadashi fast will be observed on 16th February. On February 18, Mahashivaratri, the biggest festival of Lord Bhole Shankar, will be celebrated. Falgun Amavasya is coming on 20 February. So here are some of the fasts and festivals that are making this month special Cancer February 2023 Horoscope English blog

,Now let’s go further and know how the position of the planets will be in this month. First of all, let’s talk about the king of the planets, Sun, who is currently sitting in his zodiac sign Capricorn and on February 13, he will enter his most enemy zodiac sign Aquarius. If we talk about the planet Mercury, then at present it is sitting in its friendly sign Sagittarius and on February 7, it will be seen entering its friendly sign Capricorn and again on February 27, it will enter Aquarius after changing its sign. Talking about Mars, it will be sitting in its friendly sign Scorpio this whole month. Jupiter will be sitting in its own zodiac sign Pisces this whole month and currently Venus is sitting in its own zodiac sign Aquarius and on February 15, it will enter its exaltation sign Pisces. If we talk about the planet Saturn, then at present it is sitting in its own zodiac sign Aquarius and this whole month it is going to remain sitting in its own zodiac sign Aquarius. If we talk about Rahu, then he is currently in his zodiac sign Aries and if we talk about Ketu, then he is currently sitting in his even zodiac sign Libra and will be sitting in these zodiac signs for the whole month. So this is the condition of this month’s planetary transit.

Now let’s go further and know that what will be the impact of these planetary positions on Cancerians this month, so let’s start with the monthly horoscope for the month of February for Cancerians. First of all, let us tell you that this horoscope, which we are telling you, is based on lunar calculations and is equally influential with both your zodiac sign and ascendant, so if we talk about Aquarius, then your zodiac lord is Moon. Those who keep the mind fickle. At this time you will bring a little playfulness in your actions. However, your behavior and your beauty will also increase. This month you will also get to see very good benefits from your loved ones. At this time your dreams will be seen to be fulfilled. Full support and cooperation of the members of the house will be with you. Your relations with the dear ones will improve and your relations with them will appear to be getting stronger. This time will increase your fame. Your respect will increase and your participation in social programs will increase. Will increase practicality. At this time, you will actively participate in social programs. You can also be honored there. So this is the condition of Cancer, that is, the condition of your marriage. कर्क राशि फरवरी 2023 राशिफल in Hindi

  Now let’s go further and know about the second house, the lord of the second house is Sun, which is going to sit in your seventh house and will remain here till February 13. Sun will enter your seventh house. You will be seen mesmerizing everyone with your speech. The effect of Sun will be seen on your life. There will be an increase in respect at this time. You will get to see a lot of love and respect in the family. At this time the obstacles coming at the work place will be removed. You will keep a lot of your decisions and you will also try to make amendments on it. At this time, whatever efforts you can make to move forward, you will be seen making continuous progress in those efforts. For employed people who are government servants, this time will be beneficial for increasing their respect and fame. At the same time, traveling will also be pleasant and auspicious for you. Whatever work you take in hand, you will also see good success in those works. When the Sun enters your eighth house on February 13, it will sit in the seventh house from itself, and the placement of the Sun in the seventh house from itself will give you double success in your work. Whatever work you have left incomplete, now you will complete those tasks at a fast pace. Good benefits will also be seen from the family. Although the seventh vision of Saturn, at this time the Sun will fall on your second house. But since Sun is aspecting its own house and is sitting with Saturn, this time will definitely give you unexpected success. कर्क राशि फरवरी 2023 राशिफल in Hindi

Now let’s go further and know about the third house. If we talk about the third house, then the lord of the third house is Mercury, which is sitting in the fifth house from itself. Sitting in the fifth house from Parakramesh will increase your might continuously and till February 13, Budhaditya Yoga along with Sun is also making you the master of might, then you will get to see good successes at your workplace. Especially those who are associated with the accounting and banking sector, you can get your stalled increments at this time. You will be seen getting stalled promotions and whatever decisions you take at this time, those decisions will work for you very much. So you will get to see the very best results of Mercury in terms of might. Your bonding with younger siblings will be better and with good bonding, you will be seen giving proper guidance to your siblings and supporting them as well. Now, since Mercury is also the lord of your 12th house and the lord of the house of expenses sitting in the eighth house from you, your expenses can increase. That’s why you move forward in your life by determining your budget a little bit. Don’t make any investment in haste that will harm you. If you are going to tie-up with foreign companies or do business abroad, then prepare a complete strategy and planning. So that you do not have to repent later and do not have to see the situations of loss. You have to avoid debt situations at this time, spend as much as you need and avoid taking loans. At the same time neither you borrow from anyone nor lend to anyone at this time. That is, this month you will have to move forward by doing a lot of planning financially, only then you will be able to ensure success and keep your financial condition strong. कर्क राशि फरवरी 2023 राशिफल in Hindi

Now coming to your place of happiness, if we talk about the place of happiness, then Sukhesh Shukra who is sitting in your triangle is sitting in the place of fortune. Sitting in the lucky place of the lord of happiness will continuously increase your fortune, but there should not be misunderstandings here, nor should situations of confusion arise. Keep this in mind. If a person comes and tells you that you should not do this work, then definitely consider his point, listen to everyone and then sit and do your analysis and then reach the decision. Don’t take any decision in haste and don’t be deaf to it. At this time you may be worried about the health of the mother. You may also have to visit hospitals for that. But soon you will get health benefits from this service. At the same time, you will have to move ahead cautiously in the work related to property. If you are a property dealer or do any work related to any property, then definitely proceed cautiously at this time. Now, since Venus is the lord of your benefic house, along with being your happiness, it will go and sit in the lucky house. If you sit in a high position, then there will be continuous increase in profit. Venus will sit on the eleventh from itself, but it will go on February 15. Before that Venus will move to your eighth house, but Labhesh’s sitting in 10th from itself will bring great benefits to those who do work related to Venus. You will get big orders at this time. You will get good success at your work place. There will be a rise in fame. Contingent orders and Contingent profit positions will continue to appear on the rise. At this time, if you want to make a big investment, invest in the stock market or do any work related to trading, then you can invest in cosmetic companies. This month will increase your social respect. Will increase your circle and level and there you will find such people who will be seen supporting you well in your business by helping you in your field of work. At this time you will also get financial benefits from elder siblings. You will get full support from them and due to this your morale will also be seen increasing. So the results of Venus will bring very good results for you this month. कर्क राशि फरवरी 2023 राशिफल in Hindi

Now let’s go ahead and know about the fifth house, fifth house lord Mars, which is sitting in the house of benefic, is sitting in its seventh house, then sitting in the seventh house of the fifth house lord of Mars will remove the obstacles coming in your education. Will get special benefits in technical education. Will achieve your goal. If you are giving any entrance exam like police, army, navy like training, job, exam like IPS IAS, then definitely this month will be supportive for you. Exams will be very good and if the result is coming then we will clear the exam. The result will be favorable for you. Student class who are studying engineering. Those connected with technical education, this time will create special beneficial conditions for them. The results that will come for you will be very good and perfect. Since Mars is a Yoga Karak planet in your Kundali and Karmesh is also there, then the Lord of Karma is sitting one house ahead of you. Will continuously increase your work. Will get the stalled increment. Will get desired transfer. Those who are in government job will get full cooperation from the officers. The full sum of promotion will be visible at this time. If there is a stuck promotion, then you will get it. At this time, if you are associated with any technical work in the IT field, then definitely this time will give you good benefits in that too. A big opportunity will be seen coming to you at this time and your relationship with it will become more intense. So you will get to see very wonderful results of Mars.

Now coming to the sixth house i.e. if we talk about disease on the house of disease, then the master of disease is the Guru, who is sitting fourth from himself and is sitting at home. You will get relief from health related problems. If you have stomach related problems. If you have a problem related to cold. If pneumonia occurs again and again, then to get rid of health related problems, you have to strengthen the Guru more. This time. You will get rid of these problems. You will get very good support from Nanihal. This time will get good news in work related to money. If any money is stuck or you are unable to get it, then this time will help you to get your money back. Enemies will decrease. Opponents will be defeated and will get success in every field. Now, since Jupiter is also Bhagyesh, you will see very good results this month according to the place of fortune. The list of unfinished tasks will get smaller. Luck will support you. And you will become more action oriented. Your investment time in new works will increase. At this time you will walk on the spiritual path and some big religious ritual can be performed at home. Any big religious journey or your wish of Chardham can be fulfilled this month. At this time you will get good benefits in travel. Your association with friends will be more supportive for you. So you will get to see the best results of Jupiter this month. कर्क राशि फरवरी 2023 राशिफल in Hindi

Now coming to the seventh house, Saturn is the lord of the seventh house, which is sitting in the eighth house as self-possessed. Budhaditya yoga of Sun-Mercury is also being formed in the seventh house for half a month. So this time period will open the way for good progress and progress for the business class, especially in business. In business, you will implement new schemes, for those who work in mega mall petroleum related products, time is going to be wonderful for them. For the people associated with it, this time will be very wonderful and give excellent results. Especially lawyers will increase in fame. At this time you will get very good support from your partner. Life partner will be seen supporting you in every task. At this time, any of your lost things will be recovered by you, due to which feelings of happiness will arise in your mind. Now since Shani is also your eighth lord. That’s why auspicious journeys will be more for you. However, at this time you have to avoid wrong and false allegations. Secret enemies who can be your friends, can also be neighbors. Can also be of circle. Beware of people who sweet your mouth too much and talk bad about you behind your back. Be a little careful with such people. To calm the curiosities of your mind, you can take guidance from your elders. You will get full support from your in-laws this month. And this month will be fruitful for you. So this is the monthly horoscope for the month of February for Cancerians. कर्क राशि फरवरी 2023 राशिफल in Hindi

Auspicious date :- 1st date, 4th to 11th date, 14th, 15th, 18th, 19th, 22nd, 23rd, 26th to 28th date.

Inauspicious dates :- 2, 3, 13, 16, 17, 20, 21, 24 and 25.

Lucky Colours:- Orange, Tomato, Yellow.

Measure :-

  • You should observe full moon fast.
  • The moon peak form of Lord Shiva should be worshiped on Monday.
  • Feed food to Brahmins and take their blessings.
  • Do feed the dogs.
  • Do donate to Shani this month. And also do recite Aditya Hridaya Strot.

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