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Cancer December Horoscope 2022 | कर्क राशि | Nidhi Shrimali |

Cancer horoscope 2022 december

Cancer December Horoscope 2022

Namaskar Welcome. Today we have come before you with the monthly horoscope for the last month of the year i.e. December for Cancer people. Now let’s go ahead and know which special days and festivals are coming in this month which are making the last month of this year special. Annapurna Jayanti will be celebrated on 7th December. Along with this, Lord Dattatreya Jayanti is also coming on this day. Christmas Day will be celebrated on December 25, the main festival of Christians. Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti will be celebrated on 29 December and on 31 December we will say goodbye to this year and get ready for the arrival of the new year. So these are some special days of the last month of this year. Now let us know further that what is the special position of the planets bringing for us in the last month of the year.

First of all, let’s talk about the king of the planets, Sun, who is currently sitting in his own zodiac sign Scorpio and on December 16, he will enter his best friend zodiac sign, Sagittarius. If we talk about the planet Mercury, then it is sitting in its enemy zodiac sign Scorpio and on December 3 itself it will enter its friendly zodiac sign Sagittarius. If we talk about Mars, then this whole month it will be sitting in its enemy sign Taurus in its retrograde state. If we talk about the owner of your zodiac sign, then he is going to sit in your own zodiac sign for the whole month. Venus is going to change zodiac sign twice this month. The first one will be on December 5 when they will enter from their enemy zodiac sign Scorpio to their friend zodiac sign Sagittarius and the second will happen on December 29 when they will be seen entering Capricorn from their friend zodiac sign Sagittarius. The planet Saturn will be sitting in its own zodiac sign Capricorn this whole month and Rahu and Ketu will be sitting in their own signs Aries and Libra this month, so this is the position of the planetary transit of this month. Now let’s start by knowing about the effect of this position of these planets on your zodiac sign this month. Monthly horoscope for the month of December for Cancer.

First of all, let’s talk about your zodiac lord, that is the moon, which changes every two and a half days, that means the moon keeps bringing ups and downs in life. Now you are rich in attractive personality, but there will be a possibility of being a little overconfident at times. Sometimes underconfident will also be seen and will be surrounded by situations of confusion. But your family members will not let you remain in this confusion. That is, you will get their special help to get you out of these confusing situations. Your relations with Dadihal will be more intense and strong. Your tuning will seem to get better with Cousins. Your social respect will increase and you will be known in many types of parties at functions. That is, you will be seen creating your own identity. You will impress everyone with your charming and gentle personality. You have a tendency to help people and you will always be ready to help people this month as well.

Now coming to your second house. If we talk about the second house, then he is the lord of the second house. Sun which is sitting in your fifth house. The owner of the sense of wealth sitting fourth from himself. And sitting in the place of education will give very good results to the medical students. However for all the students the time is very good for them. Students should work hard. Sun will support you in your hard work. On the other hand, if you are looking for a career in a job, or are preparing for an entrance exam, then this time will be very supportive for that too. If you have to have any exam in this month, then that exam will go very well. At the same time, your daily profit will also increase. Respect will increase in the family and your social respect will increase with relatives. The outline of Manglik programs will also be seen being made in the house. If your younger brothers and sisters have become marriageable in your house or your children have become marriageable, then you will be seen receiving invitations from many of its members. For the women of the house, you will be seen pleasing them by doing some shopping during the day of the year. This is the time for the arrival of Lakshmi. That’s why you will also try to please Maa Lakshmi with your continuous efforts.

Now coming to your third house. On Might, Mercury is the lord of the third house and Mercury is the lord of your house of expenses. First of all, if we talk about the third house, then Mercury is sitting in its fourth house, but Mercury is sitting in the disease house, that is, the sixth house is not so good for you. There the ruling planets definitely get suppressed and cannot give good results. That means there will be a slight decrease in might. Whatever you want to say, many times you will go on saying that thing. Means the matter came to the mouth but did not come out, got stuck. Such situations will arise in your life.

In the incident that will happen later, when I will not speak and it will be felt later or why I did not say this, it would have been better if I had spoken or it would have been better if I had spoken. That means, you will definitely have such times in this month. At this time, you will get full support of your siblings, but you should avoid any kind of dispute with them regarding ancestral property. Your self-confidence will remain, but you will be more interested in hobby-related works. At this time your work in politics can get stuck. Therefore, be very cautious at this time and try to complete your tasks by removing political contacts because there may be obstacles in them.

Now, since Mercury is the lord of your expenses, it is sitting in the seventh house from you and Mercury is also looking at its own house, so if you look at your house, then IT field technical software, if you make something, do some work related to software company. You are going to get wonderful results from Mercury. Your intelligence will be discussed everywhere. At this time, there will also be chances of people associated with IT field getting promotions. You will be appreciated by the authorities, your dream of a job abroad will be seen to be fulfilled at this time. At this time, if you have made up your mind to change the job, then you can also switch your job. This time is better for him too. At this time your expenses will be cut. Expenses will come down and you will know very well where to spend and where not to spend. Investment in savings schemes will be beneficial for you. At the same time, you will also have to avoid unrestrained expenses. Will get freedom from debt. So you are going to get very mixed results of all these Mercury this month.

Now coming to your happy place. Sukhesh and Labesh are. Venus, which is in conjunction with Mercury, is in your disease house. Now talking about Sukhesh, he has gone and sat on his third seat. It is good, but Venus is also a gentle planet like Mercury and if a gentle planet moves into the house, that is, the six house, it is not considered good. If he goes and sits there, then his results are suppressed a little. Ketu is also sitting inside the place of happiness, which definitely affects your happiness somewhere. However, one can get relief from the disputes related to the stuck land. Transactions related to property can be completed successfully, but along with this you are also likely to get cheated. If you are going to sign a paper, first read that paper and then sign it, only then you will move towards your right destination. Otherwise you may be cheated. Take care a little. Be a little cautious. You will get a lot of profit in farming for the farming class. On the other hand, for those who work related to milk, dairy and animal husbandry, this time has also brought favorable conditions for them.

Now, since Venus is also your lord and the lord of profit is sitting in the eighth house from you, then sitting in the eighth house of Venus is not so good for you. Can also slightly weigh the conditions of profit. Although with your intelligence you can balance the situations to your advantage, but at this time take a thoughtful decision. Don’t try to take any decision in haste. At this time, move forward in your life by taking advice from your family or an experienced person or an elder of the house. Whatever work you do, do it thoughtfully. At this time, while investing in risky works, you have to be very careful and you do not have to invest a huge amount of money in your risky works. For example, if you invest your money in share lottery and crypto, then invest your money thoughtfully at this time. Be careful while traveling during this time. One of your best friends can cheat you. That’s why be careful with such friends. If you move ahead with your self-confidence, then success will definitely kiss your feet. This is the time related to your technical field, because Mars is sitting in the house of profit, which will give you success in engineering construction, mining related work in technical field, then engage in such work or want to do such work, then definitely complete it. . This time will be very good for them.

Now coming to your fifth house. He is the lord of the fifth house. Mars and Mangal are also yoga karak planets in your horoscope because they are Karmesh and Panchamesh and that means they are the lord of a center and a triangle and are sitting in benefics. In both the circumstances, the results of Mars are very good. Huh. So first talking about fifth lord, sitting in his seventh house, Mars is looking at his own house. Mars is going to give excellent results. For those who are doing technical studies, this time will bring excellent and excellent results. We are talking about students. Medical students will definitely benefit because Sun is sitting in the fifth house. But at this time the students associated with the technical field will also get very good benefits. Along with this, the possibility of getting a good medal or medal in sports is also there for the students associated with the sports world. So whatever your children or any students who show interest in sports, they should put a little more effort in sports because you will definitely get very good and best results in sports this month. Good news related to children will be received and you will be filled with these feelings at this time this month. Since the Sun is in your fifth house, you can participate in any religious event or organize a religious event at your home. Now, since Mangal is also your Karmesh, Rahu is also sitting in the house of Karma, who confuses and makes you take wrong decisions. Karmesh is sitting one house ahead of you i.e. in the house of profit, so this time will increase your conditions of profit according to work.

But Rahu will confuse and he will try to get stuck somewhere. Will try to bring you situations of disorientation in your work. At this time neither do you have to take a decision by yourself. Sometimes you will feel that your decisions are absolutely right. People will say that you should not take this decision, but still you will take the decision and Rahu gets it done. That’s why you have to get out of the situations of confusion and think a little practically. Move forward with self confidence. After taking advice from a best friend or experienced person, move forward in your life. Take any decision. You have to keep pace with yourself at this time, because if there is a quarrel, there may be a shortage of staff and all the staff members may unite. Could be against you and you would never want that. Those who do government work at the work place i.e. those engaged in government jobs, may have to face the wrath of the officials. That’s why you have to bring absolute perfection in your work, otherwise you may have to face the displeasure of the officers. At this time, the full sum of your promotion and desired transfer is also there. are made. So you are definitely seeing the best results of Mars.

Now go ahead and find out. Regarding the eighth house i.e. disease, it is the lord of disease. The Guru, who is the master of the Bhagya sthan, is seated in the Bhagya sthan as self-centered. The lord of disease is sitting fourth from himself. That’s why at this time you will get the solution of whatever problems are related to cold, cold, cough, stomach skin. Every person should be aware of breathing problems and today’s routine life is becoming a bit hectic. Yoga, meditation, pranayam, gym, exercise is very important for you in this because food and drink is changing a lot and along with food and drink, stomach problem, cholesterol problem, BP sugar problem have become common. That’s why you have to be very aware of these diseases. Anyway, Jupiter is the lord of your disease and Jupiter is the lord of your disease, they definitely bring obesity. That’s why you always have to be conscious about your health. Because if your weight is ketone then definitely diseases will definitely come in your life. Will knock and can also take a fatal form. That’s why you should always be aware of your fitness. The enemy will not be able to harm you even if he wants to. You defeating your enemies with your intelligence and cleverness. Visible. Will give At this time, your memory problem may arise or there may be a blood clot, some system deterioration, nerve compression, muscular pain. You have to be very aware in these types of problems. You will get to see the conditions of best profit from Nanihal and full support from them will also be there in your life.

Now the Guru, who is also Bhagyesh, is sitting in the house of fortune, that is why he will increase your fortune. However, they disturb a little where the guru sits. The master of that house who is sitting in his own house, then why would he want bad for his own house? If you try to make your home stronger, luck will fully support you. At this time, you will have the courage to do any work and you will be able to complete that work. The unfinished tasks will be completed smoothly. Theism will come to you more and more. You will remain beyond the feelings of religion and karma. Can perform religious rituals at home. Religious travel with family is possible at this time. Those young men and women who are looking for jobs, their search will be seen to end this month.

Now coming to your seventh house. Talk about the seventh house. Saturn, the seventh lord, is seated in the seventh house as a self-obsessed person, making a yoga named Mahapurush. This is the time for grocery traders, for farmers, for those who work related to land, work related to petroleum products. Iron works. For them this time will bring your circumstances higher. Means such a businessman will get very good results this month. You should take great advantage of this month because the next tier Shani change is going to happen on January 17 and you will come in this order. That’s why you can take any big decision this month. Some major amendments can be done. You can change the way of working so that you can apply your plans in your life in a powerful way. Can apply in business and can get very good profit from it. Your relationship with your spouse will be more intense and strong. Your journeys will be completed here, but those journeys will be pleasant and auspicious for you. Your lost items, pending work will be completed at a faster pace and this will increase your confidence level and your happiness more.

Saturn is the 8th lord and the lord of the 8th house is sitting on the outside but is sitting in his own house. That’s why you will try to struggle with everyday routine life also from which you will move forward. Small problems and challenges make a person strong and by increasing your strength with this belief, you will go on setting some dimensions of success by taking some big decisions in your life. You will get to see the circumstances of good and sudden monetary gain this month. Secret enemies will be afraid of you. At this time, whatever work you take in one hand, you will be able to complete it. So you will get to see very good and positive results of Saturn this month. Overall, it is bringing very good and positive results for Cancerians.

Auspicious dates – 2nd to 8th, 12th to 18th, 21st to 26th and 29th to 31st.

Unlucky dates – 1, 9 to 11, 19, 20, 27 and 28.

Lucky Colours– Red, Orange, Pink and Rani and White.

Special Measures

  • Chant the mantra Om Shukray Namah.
  • You should donate rice, milk, curd.
  • For health related problems, you should offer silver moon to Lord Shiva.
  • Worship should be done wearing yellow clothes on Thursday.
  • You should wear Seven Mukhi Rudraksha.

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